How National Media Think About Pitt

We have a continuing argument on here about the impact of last year’s 31-26 bowl loss on Pitt’s national reputation after the 2016 season’s dust had settled.  More importantly perhaps is what impact all of last season’s games, won and lost, had on the national media’s perception of our program going into this 2017 season. 

But wait – let me backtrack a bit here.  This isn’t about Pitt’s football program per se – but is about how the national media viewed the Pitt football team at the end of 2016, then again now and how the team might be gauged going into battle in September.

The people on the Southside I had conversations with when attending spring practices three months ago sure felt… no, they sure knew… that the bowl loss cost us dearly in perceptions and in the actual standings.   By that I mean not only the final 2016 standings but our 2017 preseason rank (or lack thereof).

Here is the AP Final Top 25 list for last year:


I believe that had we won the bowl game combined with our big PSU rivalry win (which is a match-up of historical importance to the national media) and win over #3 ranked Clemson; both games nationally televised and both teams finishing high in the final rankings with one as champs, we would have been ranked between #13 and #17 at the end of the season.

What really made the media turn their backs on us was that not only did we, at 8-4 and  #23,  lose that game but we lost it to an average at best 6-6 Northwestern team.  If you remember NW was 5-4 in conference play and 6-6 overall when we met them.  They were 91st in rushing then gouged us for 250 on the ground… it just looked bad all around.

I spent a lot of that afternoon in conversation with some national writers up in the press box  and can say the opinion they had of our team over the course of the game was poor.  I state that because media opinions are part and parcel of what goes into the media perceptions of Pitt as a team at the end of the season.

Now  I, and every Pitt fan, understand we had a lot of key injuries that helped us lose that match but that means nothing to the pundits who look only at outcomes, records and rankings. And this article is all about how those three things support the perceptions the media hold.

Now let’s shift gears to this upcoming 2017 season.  Below is a partial preseason ranking list that is right along the lines of other preseason rankings I have found with some small differences here and there.  I modified it as you’ll see.

This is from Athlon and I believe it shows just how much that bowl game loss hurt us.  I haven’t listed all the 25 teams – just the ones who I think Pitt could have taken the place of had we ended up with that elusive 9 wins last year.


Look at that! 

Starting at #9 Auburn and progressing down through 11 teams to #23 Miami we can see many spots that Pitt may well have been voted into had we finished 9-4 (including those PSU & Clemson wins).

I highlighted in red the teams I know we would have jumped over had we had nine wins and in blue the ones I believe we would have replaced.  That is subjective on my part of course but in discussing this issue with others it is also very reasonable.

You may then ask:

Well, with wins over higher placed PSU and Clemson why didn’t Pitt sniff the rankings when the 8-5 (or worse) teams like Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Notre Dame and Oregon were listed?

I’ll say screw that and ask why the hell are teams like 4-8 Oregon, 4-8 Notre Dame and 5-7 Texas listed ahead of us?  Well, because the national media looks at us and thinks we had just a pretty good season in D1 play when the all the dust settled last year.

Here’s the truth though; you may look at those teams on the list and say they are on there because of the strong conference they play in (SEC) or because of the program’s history (ND) but that is only part of it.  The main reason is that six out of eight of those teams who played in bowls won their games.  Like in many facets of life the last thing to have happened looms largest.

Plain and simple.  Win a bowl game, get nine wins and you’ll get respect.  Don’t do that and you won’t.

Now then, what is the actual impact to our program because of that bowl loss? We just saw what it did in the ’16 and ’17 rankings, but how about more concrete impacts now?

I truly believe that being on the outside looking in (most polls have us ranked between #35 – #42 going into this season) has markedly hurt us in this year’s recruiting class.  Recruits and their parents – especially the blue chip recruits – want to play for a program that is progressing on the field, that has a shot at the better bowl games and finally, can get to the championship games.

We fans sure know that Pitt has progressed over the last two years, but recruits (and parents)  are also “What have you done lately” types just like the national media is.  So not ending up in the Top 25 in 2016, or being ranked going into ’17,  hurts us when it comes to pointing to real evidence of progression and growth. 

It sure isn’t a coincidence that the schools who end up with more wins and better rankings get the better (best) recruits.  That is the way of the world in college ball and so far that hasn’t been us… and our recruiting has shown it in this year especially, but last year also was impacted by ’15’s loss to Navy. 

We can say all we want about staffs recruiting for needs or hidden potentials or… you get the drift.  But the bold truth is that the best recruits want to play for the best teams and if that team is local to them then all the better.  When you have PSU with an 11-4 record, ranked 7th nationally and 7th going in now it makes it all that much harder for Pitt to get the local 4* and 5* guys.

Then when Pitt looks elsewhere for recruits we are looking at further recruiting grounds which have their own big and winning programs in the area.  Remember that Pitt’s  measure of success shouldn’t be us now compared to our past teams, but us now compared to the best Power Five programs of today.

In a lot of ways the national luster of Narduzzi’s hiring has worn off… as all new hires two years later tend to do unless they make a dramatic surge in the win column.  The media expected more wins from Pat Narduzzi in ’16 then he had in ’15.  When that didn’t happen, combined with the bowl loss when we were favored against a bland and mediocre NW team, it has had a real impact on how the media sees Pitt.

I think it rather strange that in our give and take discussions on here I’ve read that bowl losses don’t really matter or that the final season and preseason rankings don’t matter either.  I say that is just plain wrong and rationalization at its finest .

There are goals set for every aspect of the Pitt football program and our Athletic Department.  The AD is concerned with meeting the goal of having the football team best position itself by winning games, bowl games and thus making as much ticket money back to the program and the university.  That boosts outside income like apparel sales and other revenue sources like alumni donations also.

The football staff is concerned with winning as much as possible to ensure that the program continues to get the best student/athlete recruits as is possible to thus grow stronger and win even more games.

The players’ goal is to see the fruits of their long and hard efforts pay off in better bowls selections with a more desirable post-regular season vacation like experience and hopefully a championship at the end of it.  Win more and you have added individual national recognition which then may translate to a higher draft spot.

None of that happens unless the team puts itself in the best possible position to meet those goals – and that starts with the best preseason ranking it can get so that staying on the list and climbing upward is all that much easier.

But when you end the whole season with a bowl loss it is one step forward and two back for entering the next year.  I really don’t think we can afford to lose three bowl games in Narduzzi’s first three years.


168 thoughts on “How National Media Think About Pitt

  1. Perception is everything. The Pirates just swept the Brewers in BB. Not even a tidbit of news nationally. Always about NYY or LA or Boston in BB.

    We need to win 10 games or the Coastal to even be on the radar. Even with our kids on the radar for All American or NFL drafts we will never get there in media minds. We need at least a good publicist and our former stars to pitch in.


  2. We lost the bowl game after our key players exited the game. And I’m sorry to say any significant injury to Henderson may have Pitt playing from behind for most of our games this season.


    1. Actually PItt was behind nearly all game but actually (and briefly) pulled ahead after DiNucci replaced Peterrman late in the 3rd and early in the 4th. Conner was not a significant factor and was stuffed on a 4th and goal early in the game. I believe Johnson was also injured in the 3rd.

      I find it interesting that many who believe that injuries were a significant contributing factor in losing to Northwestern also seem to have a very sunny outlook for all of 2017 even though Peterman, Conner and Johnson have all moved on.

      Somebody should have told Northwestern that bowls don’t matter. I’ve seen enough replays on BTN to understand that the game meant a hell of a lot to one team. Jackson had like a 120 yards at halftime for crying out loud.


  3. @Reed…….

    Were you at Pitt fan in the long-lost ‘recent’ (???) past when Pitt was….


    7-5 in the WEAKEST BIG EAST EVER (Bye Coach Wannstedt 😦 😦 ) , urgh…… REMEMBER, DANGIT!!! —–> 6-6, 6-6, 6-6, 6-6 (IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!) …..

    ….. 8-4!!! now for 2 years with a 5th round ‘Guy’ at QB who probalby won’t ever be an NFL Starter (Do I usually ‘Sugar-Coat it???’).

    But I say Max Browne is an NFL STARTER…. I say it!!!#NarduzziQBSense —— Sense of urgency,GET A QUARTERBACK IN HERE, NOW!!!!!


  4. Reed,
    I’m not sure a 9-4 Pitt team would have been ranked ahead of a four-loss Miami team that destroyed Pitt in the final game of the season, nor a four-loss Virginia Tech team that beat Pitt at Heinz Field. It wasn’t like a 6-6 Northwestern team was a powerhouse by any means that would make Pitt jump that much in the polls had them defeated them. A close win wouldn’t have impacted Pitt moving up as much as the teams ranked ahead of Pitt that lost their bowl game falling in the polls.


  5. The bowl game was a Hugh blow to our team then and will follow us into this year. What Pitt must do is win and beat teams we should beat. Whose fault is it? I feel both bowl games in the last two years we were very poorly prepared and not “up for the game as players”. This is the responsibility of head coach and assistants. Now we reap what was sown. It’s a new season and hopefully those in charge learn from the past mistakes H2P BEAT PENN STATE


  6. If Pitt was at 9 wins going for 10, sure. Double digit wins are a milestone achievement. Especially for a program like Pitt. It’s a big deal and would be a major disappointment to see them lay an egg in that situation.

    Going from 8 wins to 9 wins, however, has no affect. It’s irrelevant unless you’re a Pitt fan. It may affect Pitt fan perception but to say it affected Pitt’s reputation on a national scale is overvaluing Pitt’s current standing within the CFB world in the first place. Seriously, no one cared that Pitt lost the Pinstripe Bowl. It didn’t affect recruiting. It didn’t affect pre-season standing. It didn’t affect reputation.

    Outside of the playoff and Rose Bowl there is a steep drop off in bowl elevance and they are becoming more and more de-emphasized for schools. It’s a real trend. The BCS started the trend and the playoff has accelerated it.


    1. ^^ Disagree

      Texas A&M in “Johnny Manziel’s” second year was 8-4 and played ACC Duke in the Bowl game and it was HUGE.

      It’s so much more DYNAMIC than that.


      1. Of course there are good games. That doesn’t have anything to do with bowl games being de-emphasized. The BCS and playoffs have relegated them to exhibition game status.


  7. This will be my last time telling my “Bowl Loss” story..

    I hated the fact that PITT didn’t score TD’s the first 3 times they drove down the field and stone cold stopped NW on their first two drives despite the fact, as the story goes, of PITT “NOT BEING READY” to play the game. pffftt…. <<< That has been my debate all along.

    Yes, I’m with you guys and was completely POed about the loss. I have never said I thought the game was mealiness in any way. …….. but again….. more discourse in opinions.

    imo, stubborn as always, I can see NO rock solid evidence that the bowl loss in anyway, shape, or form cost PITT a recruit, national perception, ranking or any disparaging remarks.

    I point to losing BIG pieces of the puzzle like… Peterman, Conner, Bisnowaty, Johnson, Orndof, Parish, Caprara, Jarrett, Soto, and Galambos among others for the lack of national perception. OH!!… and let’s not forget Canada!

    Aside from some of you that say, PITT didn’t look good on the sideline and their body language wasn’t all fired up and what not before the game. Who in their right mind can say that PITT didn’t completely dominate the first quarter of that Pinstripe Bowl Game? < This argument is very silly imo.

    It was a bad loss in a game that PITT should have won and I do get that….. Plus we know about the injuries and all but that didn’t play a factor at all??

    Peterman who is on someone’s All-Time PITT player list not playing the last quarter meant nothing? Two way street guys, two way street!


  8. Bowl games are nearly irrelevant and I am hopeful for changes going forward. Players on teams outside of the playoff, will continue to sit instead of risk injury and draft status. You all may not like it, but that is the reality. Would all or any of the Pitt injuries have kept the player out of the Clempson game? I don’t think so. I think we are going to see some changes in bowl participation as more and more draft eligible players sit out bowl games. I would expect that all redshirts will be eligible as the regular season redshirt year expires at the end of the last scheduled game, excluding bowl.

    Would it have been a benefit in final poll rankings had Pitt won, probably yes, but not by much. We can talk about perception versus reality. One is quantitative and one is not.

    If there are any Pitt folks that think the bowl result would have affected the pre-season rankings, I say hogwash. Nobody would rank Pitt in the top25 pre-season because we have so returning starters. In addition, we lost the most key positions to a football team in the nfl draft. Come on fellas, let’s have some reality. If we returned the same players as last year and won the bowl game, we would be top 15.

    The reason that ND, Texas and Oregon are in the pre-season rankings is because for the past 4 years their recruiting classes have been ranked in the top 15. This, more than anything shows that how you finish the year before, doesn’t necessarily impact the upcoming year. It is the totality of the circumstances and the circumstances say that Pitt’s major contributors are on nfl rosters this year and ND, TX and Oregon have many 4 and 5 star guys ready to play. We don’t have that luxury.

    It’s a nice article and all from a perception standpoint, but the reality is we are a good team, better than average, but not great, yet! Greatness comes.


    1. ^^^ OKAY…..

      Are you an Elite Level Agent trying to recruit NFL Draft Eligible players in this upcoming season????

      LOL you seem more like a GRANDPA saying, hahaha…. Well, players from Notre Dame, the great Texas (Austin isn’t what it was in 1960 haha it’s a “Movie Industry Town” now catch-up) …… Oregon! (Marcus Mariota is in the NFL catch-up)…..

      You sound like an insecure Pitt Fan pointing-out what YOU FEEL are “superior” programs…. a la 5 years ago hahahaha????


    2. ND has done less with more than any D1 program and yet they get the love every year from the fourth estate. It must be the ND mystique or the Rudy soundtrack that’s played on the NDTV network during games that has captured the media’s objectivity and tossed it in a dumpster.


  9. Maybe losing 19 seniors from the roster had something to do with
    Pitt’s preseason ranking.


  10. When every player on each team gives their best effort, the team with the most talent wins. When teams that play have equal talent, the team that consistently gives the best effort usually wins.


  11. I would argue against ‘perception is everything’ Last year, Penn State didn’t even receive a vote in the pre-season polls and was ranked in the Top 10 for the last 2 months. Just win baby.

    If we can reach 10 wins, we will get noticed. WVU was way overrated last season due to an easy schedule but they got to 10 wins despite getting.beat by Miami by 17.


      1. … and if you look at the final poll above …. WVU finished higher than Miami in the poll despite the fact that Miami was clearly the better team in the bowl. I guess because of the 10 wins .. and probably biased voting by the B12 voters


  12. I would be cautious about overrating the importance of a single game. I think this has more to do with Pitt’s recent mediocrity than what a single game says about the team and the coaching staff. Put another way: Virginia Tech can blow a meaningless bowl game to an inferior team and no one’s perspective on the team for the following season will be very much altered by that. Pitt having a much weaker track record than VT over the ten or so years doesn’t have that luxury.


  13. Thanks Jeff. The game was a bad bad loss. Nothing more and nothing less… Hello. It cost PITT nothing and not a thing. < Both of those.

    BTW, where is NW rated coming into this coming season?


  14. Regardless of bowl outcome, Pitt loses 5 key offensive starters. And returns a crappy D. They dont deserve to be ranked. It didnt matter if they won 62-0 against NW. Look at whos returning. Thats how they rank teams in pre-season. Are your key players (and coaches) back. Particularly QB


  15. Yes – where is NW rated. It works both ways.

    These games are meaningless. BCS and playoffs changed everything


  16. This stuff is getting tough to read..


    Your thoughts, opinions and information regarding Pitt football are great to read. That said.. any thoughts about disabling the comments section?

    I guess I could just stop reading at the conclusion of your articles but like a horrible crash, I can’t help but look. I search for signs of hope but see only tragedy.


  17. I believe we are talking about the wrong game. The one that cost us was the Heels. Make ONE play and we are 9-3, 6-2 in the ACC and tied for first on the Coastal (which we lose on the head-to-head with VA Tech).

    And for that matter, if HCPN and DCJC call a better game and keep VT’s Jerod Evans in check, we might’ve won the Coastal and gained the media attention as a program that has arrived.

    Would it have been nice to beat Northwestern? Absolutely. Would it have propelled us into a pre-season ranking? I’m not sure about that.


  18. We were at Longhorn restaurant the other day and my brother looked up at one of the TVs (ESPN I believe). The Pitt – NC game replay was on. Talk about ruining my steak.


  19. The media is politically biased towards teams in whichever way they feel will generate them the most income.

    Here are a few of the schools who have in some way cheated within the past 20 years:

    You can knowingly house a rapist for years (psu), give your players and recruits kickbacks, money, items to sell for profit (ohio st, auburn, alabama, north carolina, florida st, miami, usc) and/or use prostitutes with recruits and/or cheat with student athletes’ grades (too many publicly known to list here), and you still get to start the season in the top 25.

    The cheaters get to keep their status quo, because the media has decided money means more to them than integrity.

    And the parents of recruits who allow their children to attend those aforementioned schools have very little integrity as well.

    As far as I know, Pitt isn’t doing any of that. For that I am thankful.

    If you are telling me that one loss at the end of the season means more to the media than a university cheating, in order to gain a competitive advantage, then I have to agree with you.


  20. Hey Darkie, if you would have read the story you would have seen the “red highlighted” teams referenced by the author to prove the perception slant. I used the same teams he did, but my slant was different. Mine took the same teams and focused on recruiting of 4 and 5 stars as to why they got ranked in pre-season despite a poor 2016-17 record. Throw all the stones you want cupcake. For your reference, words don’t “sound” unless they are spoken. Typed words are read.

    Too funny about possibly being an Agent or an insecure Pitt Fan. Can you be both?

    @smith – I agree. What were you trying to type?


  21. Carolina lined up with 5 in the backfield for the last play of the game… Tobacco Road homies missed the call.. make da call and we win…. dam if we had and average pass D last year we wouldn’t even be having this conversation

    Hey smithjh43.. start drinking- we might make better sense to you.


  22. Tough to read? Well we all know the answer to that, but stick around and maybe chime in with your two cents on PITT football and not so much on the POV. Just a thought but would hate to lose you..

    This is hard core PITT football stuff.. We all love each other but boy can some of the guys be so wrong!

    The idea of arguing perception is flawed right off the bat. Perception is opinion and there you go… There can never be a consensus there.

    If perception meant anything in this world psu would have had to close their doors a few years ago The big wheel keeps going round and round. Hope John Lennon is still watching them… ike


    1. Not a good way to speak to a (I believe a first time POV commenter) PITT fan. We should all welcome him & ask just why he wants to turn off the comment section? Are we too pessimistic/optimistic? Is Reed a god, all knowing and wise? We all have opinions.

      And before you ask who the F I am, if you watch any of the round tables you will at least have seen my face.

      I want this blog to be successful & long lasting. Wish Chas was still blogging at the Blather. Reed & Chas have different writing styles & perspectives but both are outstanding in their work.


  23. Excited to meet Savannah Panther tonight in Savannah.

    Side Note – Need some help.

    Just bought my little girl a puppy. Got a wellness check and he has a stage or grade 6 heart murmur and will need surgery. If not he lives a few months to a year. Anyone ever have this or experience it? Surgery is like 3k. I will do it because it is right just loooking for advice. Thanks!


  24. Reed, I agree 100%. We would have finished and started in the Top Twenty if we won that game.

    That being said, everything that could go wrong did, turnovers and injuries can happen at any time

    so I attribute the loss to bad luck which can (and with Pitt) does too frequently.

    Still very happy for a season with wins against the top team in the B1G and ACC.

    Besides, a good pre- season rating only lasts if you win games and Pitt will only get rated if we win 9 this year anyway.


  25. From the final ’16 AP poll, # 15 West Michigan, 17 Colorado, 18 WVCC, 23Utah & 25San Diego St. were not on the Athlon preseason top 25. Those 5 teams were replaced by #13 Texas, 15 Georgia 20Notre Dame, 21 Oregon, & 22 Kansas State

    Why Tx,? – hottest new HC-Tom Hermann replacing an underperforming Charlie Strong. Blue Blood that still has strong favorable perception but has had 5 years of bad coaching. They have lost the undisputied Tx recruiting title.

    Why Georgia – There is a need for a 3’rd SEC East team in any ranking. SEC demands at a minimum 6 ranked teams, preferably 7. Still had a 8-5 record last year & lost bowl to TCU.

    Why Oregon? – Willie Taggert new HC. Lead South Florida to a final #19 AP ranking. Offense fits in well with Mariota style. Besides, Oregon is the hot color uniform team. BTW – So. Fla. is Athlon’s ’17 #24.

    Why ND? – They could pay with a IM team after the roster dies in a (God forbid) tragic accident and the old time NE & MW writers would still vote for them to finish in the top 25.

    That leaves K State – ended ’16 with a 9-4 record. Everyone loves Bill Snyder. 78 years old & going strong. He is forgiven for blocking a K-state player from transferring to any one of the 50+ teams(including JUCO’s, FCS & D2 teams) the player provided.

    So winning 10 games & a divisional championship (Colorado – They did lose both conf. & bowl game) & 10 games (lost bowl) WVCC didn’t mean anything for ’17 preseason. Could it be that while voters vote on hype & wishful thinking they also look at who is lost from a team roster & their replacements. Especially when voting for #’s 21-25.

    PITT falls in the Colorado/WVCC camp, Even if PITT won the bowl, They (IMO) only would have finished #20 tops. To many top playmakers on offense & why to may starters off a bad defense gone.

    Does perceptions matter. Yes. What is a better way to perceive PITT. 2016 National Champions- Clemson or 14-1 2016 National Champions- Clemson. The “1 is PITT without the “1” no one thinks of PITT when discussing 2016 NC.

    Wel, to long typing & I am tired.


  26. Agree with gc I had a dog lived to 12 with a heart murmur , then again I didn’t know there were grades of murmurs. Certain breads have certain medical problems per genetics, google that and then get a second opinion. I’m no vet but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Good luck.
    i agree with Reed wholeheartedly. Pitt just did not play hard, We got punched. Ike failing to score could also be a lack of focus. NW was a 6-6 team and they took it to us and we stopped ourselves which is not a good thing.. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a Merry Christmas. We got punched period. One game means nothing? Sometimes. If we were 2-10 or 1-11 it doesn’t mean much. However we are trying to climb up and they do mean something especially when the others get bonus points for cheatiing etc – how about that Hugh Freeze? Another Pitino. The article was about national media perceptions and on that we crapped the bed. Did one recruit change their mind because of one game is like saying the Clemson and Ped STate games meant nothing to recruiting. The perception is based on the total season which is the sum of all games.
    New poster(s) welcome aboard. We all have different opinions, kind of a First Amendment thingy. I am a pessimist/cynic type, others are extreme optimists, others in between. All opinion should be read and valued for any insight you can gain.


  27. We all should respect ‘opinions’. They are like A-holes. Everyone has one. I dont like the disrespect shown by some poser I’ve never seen or heard with a holier than thou attitude. Me thinks a closet Nitter. If I was half the man as Frankcan, I’d challenge you to a fight. We carry guns in Texas just so you know. And the Live Oaks are good for hangin. In all good jest (cause I’m riled up right now fixin for a good ole fight), but I dont get how some first time poser who comments on comments can be so offended. What makes this blog so successful are the true heartfelt comments. We are very different in opinions and do not drink Koolaid…thats a very good thing. We can all learn from each other. We are here to support Pitt. I thank Reed for teeing the ball up for us. I will not be silenced.


  28. The team that was gashed by Marshall and Syracuse… and folks are somehow indignant that they lost to NW and therefore not ranked going into this season?!?

    Last year’s team had some nice players. Last year’s team also had some players that probably wouldn’t start for Marshall. You don’t go thru 5 coaches in 2years and somehow magically become some powerhouse 3 years later. It is quite obvious the fan base has not recovered, i.e. poor attendance in ACC vs Big East.

    I am excited because it seems the AD and chancellor realize this guy is for real and he will get things rolling. Probably not this year, tho.


  29. I agree with Reed only in the fact we would have been ranked in the top 20 last year at the end of the season if we had won our bowl game. I do not believe we would be ranked in the top 25 this year though even if we had won our bowl game. We lost our starting running back, our starting quarterback, and our best offensive lineman to graduation. The first two were also team leaders. We lost a heck of an offensive coordinator.

    If I were voting, I would not even put us in the top 50 for the coming season. I believe this is going to be a rough season especially with PSU and OSU right after the warmup with YSU. In the two years Narduzzi has been here we have been horrible on defense as Reed and others have pointed out many time. Last year was saved only by the fact that most of the time we could score faster than our defense gave up points. Everyone wants Pitt to take the next step but I will not be a believer until our defense improves a lot. What makes most of you think things will be any better this year.

    We still have the same defensive coordinator and it appears we are gong to go with the same defensive scheme that gave us the horrible results of the last two years. Even assuming Max Browne is half way decent I do not think we will be the offensive machine we were last year and that has me very worried.


  30. rkb and with all respect. Aston slipping down on third down while wide open to the end-zone was the product of hustle not from being unprepared or uninspired. Now PITT wasn’t exactly on the beam that game for sure but the beginning of the game was completely dominated by the PITT Panthers.

    I’m with you Tx_ Let’s roll mofo!! ike 🙂


  31. As many have already said, the game meant a little, but was not significant in the long run. And it certainly had nothing to do with this year’s preseason rankings. 5 of the 11 teams listed did not win a bowl game. There is clearly no relation between winning bowls and being ranked, according to that list.


    1. Three of those were obviously on the list due to their name and history.

      I guarantee Pitt would have been ranked at 9-4 and with beating Clemson and PSU. We would have ended the season on a four-game winning streak and with a bowl win and that means something to voters.

      Sorry but to think otherwise is excuse making imo.


  32. ……..”Other than the shot, Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?”

    (I just needed another perspective from all the opinions on here today!)


  33. ….My Uncle Elmer, the greatest sidewalk philosopher I ever sat under, use to say ( and I quote) “Kid, if you can’t impress them with intelligence, dazzle them with stupidity!
    I have found these words to be quite true thru the years. :>)


  34. ^^^ Sorry @ “Huff” (I know you don’t need any apologies lol but what I said was just ridiculous, and your point was strong so I obviously was way in the ‘wrong’! 🙂 ) — This happens each year it’s a natural phenomenon — because now the Football season is Really Here!

    Heck, NFL training camps are starting now. Pitt Football in a just a week’s time is gonna be in “Full Install” mode, getting all the real plays ready for Game One in only about a month + a week.

    And every season is so full of potential — Both maybe for unsuspecting GREATNESS that will excite everyone …… but also for a season due to injuries / whatever that disappoints 😦 and feels like a letdown — so that uncertainty just gets everyone Amped-Up right when the real season begins!



  35. @ John the Listener. Our stinky defense?

    It was the Jimmys & the Joes don’t you know? Newcomers & seldom played upperclassmen transform this defense come September.
    These are names that will make a difference THIS year on defense. And I mean that in a good way.

    Damar Hamlin, future star for sure. Nuff said.

    Henry Miller, a FL product that played both ways. A 6’3″ CB is hard to throw over. Malik Henderson, another FL guy who’s been here since Jan 2015. He’s now ready to contribute.

    Phil Campbell, a NJ multi award winning two way player for his 11-1 S. Brunswick HS. Rated as NJ’s #1 Safety by Scout in 2016. Another 6’1″ DB competing for playing time.

    Kam Carter, outed penn state player that ends up at Pitt via “Last Chance U” E. Miss. C.C.. He is our interior DL ringer this year.
    Dewayne Hendrix, just like Price, once he finally stays healthy, he makes his mark at DE. This year it is essential that he contributes to 100% of his potential.

    Keyshon Camp, rated as a top 30 DL recruit in the country by all recruiting services. Yet another FL product. He & Amir Watts are Pitt’s future stars on the interior DL.

    Kaezon Pugh, just an awesome athlete from Aliquippa. Football, basketball & track star in HS. Another player who played both ways in HS. Would have been a better LB for us but moved to DE to fill a future need there, where he’ll excel as he gains the needed weight and muscle. Another future Pitt star come 2018 & 19.

    Amir Watts, already played in 7 games as a true freshman before he was really ready. He’s ready now! He & Camp are going to become stalwarts in this DL.

    Patrick Jones II, rated as the #1 HS DE in VA 2015. Enrolled early and participated in 2016 Spring drills. Just needs to bulk up a bit more to compete for starting DE time across from Hendrix. He and Pugh are future bookend DEs that cause nightmares for opposing QBs come 2019.

    Enjoy watching the process.


  36. I can’t believe that the notion of Pitt being uninspired in the bowl by their alleged ‘body language’ is still being suggested here. Perception versus Reality — Pitt dominated the first 10 minutes of the game and only a slip by a reliable player prevented Pitt from going up 10-0.

    Further, if veterans players like Peterman, Aston, QH, Officer and Orndoff who made the mistakes were uninspired …. then clearly that’s on them, and the idea of blaming the coaches is simply just plain silly.

    Yes Pitt would have finished ranked if they won but many of its key players either made key mistakes or suffered key injuries. And still only lost by a TD!


  37. Okay guys great comments here thanks.

    One thing I’ll say is that you guys put too much emphasis on how much research 65 AP voters do into each team in D1 to get these rankings.

    I guarantee you they don’t look through the starting lineups of every single team and rank them.

    What they do is they go on big games won or lost the previous year and they go on last season’s performance. Then then they read some articles about different teams maybe and then they vote. This isn’t life or death for them or presidential elections… this is something they get in the mail from the Associated Press; they fill it out quickly and they send it back in.

    Ike, this article wasn’t about how we lost the bowl game, or if we didn’t handle the game pressure well or whatever we Pitt fans feel at all… It was about how others (media) watching the game saw and felt about it. You continually disregard the numerous conversations I had with others in the Press Box that day but those are 1st person accounts I’m sharing on here.

    That is what people up there in the Press Box do. We talk while watching the game. And the very next day I wrote a rather extensive article about what I heard and talked about with others up there while the game was going on. It was very negative and I can guarantee you that those national writers who had no affiliations with Pitt left there thinking it was not a very good team. That was what happened and some of those guys were AP voters also.

    I can say without hesitation that nobody who writes about college football spends too much time researching and reading about anything that doesn’t have to do directly with their team or their narrow avenue of interest that they might have when writing the next article.

    So I don’t believe at all that these guys sat there and went down thru the Pitt starting lineup and said ‘well they were good team; they weren’t a good team; they have this guy coming back; they don’t have this guy coming back’… not at all and especially with teams that they would have ranked between 15 and 25.

    We Pitt fans get into the weeds with stuff like that. The AP voters not so much.

    What they do is a look at the overall picture of each team – big games and national stat rankings, etc… and they think ‘Oh, this team beat Clemson and Penn State last year but then gave up 60+ to SYR and then Northwestern beat them in the bowl game’. Those two negatives helped to outweigh those two positives in the national media’s mind, which happened some at season’s end and certainly over the off season. Again it was a “what have you done lately” deal for them.

    To us fans those two wins stand on their own when thinking about the 2016 seasons, we love them. To others they are just part of the whole season of play.

    BTW again Ike – ask any football program affiliated person what the impact of that bowl loss was… They have a 180 degree difference of option from yours. I know that as a fact because I’ve talked to some people up at the Southside about just this subject during spring practices. They should, and I think will, put it behind them but don’t kid yourself in thinking that wasn’t a big loss for the Pitt program in their eyes.


  38. Anybody disagree with the notion that Pitt historically tends to play up to the level of there opposition?
    Plenty of examples of mediocre Pitt teams that have pulled off big wins over the likes of ND, Miami, VT, WVU, Clemson & our nonrival penn state.
    The NW bowl loss is old news that is forgotten by everybody already except for statisticians like Reed, or nonrival fans from creepy valley who like to rub our noses in our defeats.
    The game in September 9th, will define where this team is headed when we knock the Nitters off their self constructed ivory tower of college football elitism.
    This Panther squad is going to play up to the challenge at Beaver Stadium. Believe it.
    We start the 2017 campaign 2-0.


  39. Pittman, I’ve always heard the same quote but in a slightly different way.

    “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance then baffle them with your bullcrap” < except it wasn’t that exact word.


  40. Yes, the national media primarily ignores us, usually with good reason. However, I would like to comment on local media for a moment.
    I have been one of the most vocal bashers of the coverage, but cudos to the PG and the articles they have put out over the last several days. I’m not sure who is responsible for this improved coverage, but it’s great to see a local rag talk about the program.
    For so long there was no coverage at all. They have done a great job!!! Now, is it increased interest which spurred this, a new editor, or Heather actually taking baby steps to get the message out?? Whatever, it is nice to be able to open the sports section and read about Pitt football.


  41. I believe the reason Pitt always seems to play up or down to its competition is that it reflects exactly what the program is

    1) there is no consistency of the course of the program from the Admin since it seems to change course every 5 years or so

    2) the fanbase is fickle as evidence by the attendance of last year’s Duke game

    3) the rooster always seems to be comprised of a handful of really good and a few great players combined with many mediocre ones

    And all 3 of the above feed off of each other


    1. This Pitt Rooster is about to crow!

      The overall quality of Pitt recruits has improved with Narduzzi. Not since Wanny’s days has the recruiting been so good. This is even magnified by the lack of highly ranked individuals during the Graham/Chryst years by comparison. As the replacement process continues, the metamorphosis will become self evident.

      Maybe not so much on the offense because Coach Chryst did an adequate job there recruiting, but defense, another story all together. The list I assembled above didn’t even include future stars like Chase Pine or Paris Ford.

      We will look back on this 2016 recruiting class in a year or two with a better appreciation of just how good Narduzzi did beating the bushes for the undervalued recruits that will build this team into a conference contender.

      It will become self evident this year, Pitt is ready to take the next step, beginning with this season.


  42. Tom, I strongly suggest you sit down and try to pump out an article a day that isn’t talking about the exact same things PSN or the P-G or the Trib or Rivals, etc are writing about…especially in the off-season.

    This is what we do on here; we try to find subjects that are both thought provoking and lead to discussions where readers can get on here and state their thoughts and opinions with civil give and take.

    You call me a “statistician” yet I just wrote a very lengthy article that had little or no stats in it at all. What exactly do you want here? If it is a two paragraph fluff piece like we see at other websites then go there and have fun.

    And remind me of one time in the last year on the POV or the previous five years I was on The Blather where I have taken personal cheap shots at others as you do on here with me (and other readers). It’s getting old Tom and while you may think it’s witty or insightful to do so it really is just snide and pretty insulting.

    I have zero problems with readers and commenters who totally disagree with me or think that I’m completely off base and tell me so. That is what this blog is all about. But I have a real problem with people who keep trying to assert their mythic and self-awarded superiority with little shity comments


    1. Aah Reed, did I hurt your feelings? So I guess you consider “statistician” to be a derogatory label? Sorry buddy, but when you spend 18 paragraphs delving into two tables listing top team rankings comparing wins, loses, ext, you earn the label. My suggestion, own it & wear it proudly.

      Regarding your defensive come back, I offer no apologies. The entire subject is old news already. As worthless as disecting the preseason bowl predictions for 2017. If you actually think that anybody at the national level would feel much different about Pitt at this point whether they were 9-4 rather than 8-5, I disagree. We are what what our record says we are, and this team right now is an above average also ran team in the ACC whether we beat NW or not. Now does that mean that the Pinstripe Bowl was meaningless? Absolutely not. It’s what that bowl win would have meant to this Panther team personally however that matters, not the impression left on some sportscaster out in LA California when he fills out his top 25 form.

      That’s all that I expressed. For example, tell me off the top of your head who the 11-2 South Florida Bulls played (& beat) in their bowl game. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Hint: it was a squad from our conference. So you see how even a really good team in 2016 when out of the limelight of a Power 5 Conference winner has trouble making ripples on the national scene right away. Does that mean that the NW loss is insignificant? Nope, because championship teams see every game as a must win in order to avoid tarnishing their elite image. Pitt needs to acquire that mindset to avoid those kinds of losses in the future. That is why THAT game was important, not because it might have resulted in a preseason ranking in the bottom of the top 25, rather it is about developing a Championship mindset for this team.

      Come the end of September, that preseason ranking would be meaningless if we are 2-2 anyhow. However, if we knockoff Penn State & GT & are sporting a 3-1 record, then we are in the discussion of a “relevant” ranking, THE CURRENT ONE. Just like you stated, “what have you done lately”.

      So get off your high horse accusing me of ruffling your feathers, grow a thicker skin or at least remove the “don’t hold back” moniker at the end of all of your articles. Can’t have it both ways.


  43. Pitt has a better rep nationally than locally. Too many nitters at the PG and PSU/Paterno lovers who are just blind to things. Junker/Savern of course with Cook lead that parade. Silence on the tragic cover up says it all. But the ACC and other areas consider Pitt a top quality University and certainly the NFL guys have added to that view. Pitt in all honesty stunk on defense and that takes it’s toll in a long season. When the offense failed to sizzle vs NW, it was inevitable that things went south. This year Narduzzi and staff better have a defense that actually stops offenses. I think the raw material is there for the first time since Graham who had a good defense. .Pitt Ol and RB and WR are good enough to win with a good QB.


  44. UPitt – if you got a pure bred dog go to the AKC website, find the breed. There should be on the internet one or more groups dedicated to those breed of dogs, Go to the website that officially is dedicated to that type of dog, talk to them about your dog and its health problems. They may be able to recommend a reputable vet that specializes in that breed. Worth a shot,


  45. Anyone have Netflix??

    “Last Chance U” season 2 on Netflix chronicles the 2016 Eastern Mississippi Community College Football Season —- Kamonte Carter is one the of the main characters of the whole show.

    Well —- physically he’s HUGE and he’s a 6’4”+ athlete carrying 300 pounds with an almost Aaron Donald like physique. Clearly though….Carter is kinda lazy — if he at Pitt goes all-in in the weight-room he could just be a physical Monster.

    But personality-wise he’s gonna need Narduzzi to really Encourage and Motivate him. 🙂 hahaha actually a big part of his story on the show, is that he did indeed get kicked-out of pswho’s football program due to failing 3 Marijuana tests lol — In the program, he goes around asking teammates for “Black ‘N Milds” but thankfully he’s kicked the (NCAA punished) weed habit haha so that’s good.


    1. But most-importantly in “Last Chance U” we see that Kam Carter is just a really Sweet kid, with NFL level talent too no doubt so I’m all-in rooting for him to have a great year at Tackle in 2017!!

      Funniest moment maybe of the whole show —- the coaching staff decides to room Kam Carter, with a Defensive End who was just kicked-off of the Georgia Bulldog team by Kirby Smart for the exact same reason — failing too many Marijuana tests.

      So, this ex-Georgia Bulldog in one moment notes that he always has so many snacks / goodies. Later in a “humorous” confrontation, the ex-Bulldog player (much smaller than Kam Carter maybe 50 pounds lighter) is in the Academic office surrounded by their (lovely) Academic Advisor and other players is confronting Kam Carter saying he eats all his food, and wears his clothes, and he’s pi$$ed off and he’s not gonna take it anymore!

      🙂 🙂 Kam Carter just kinda mocks his protests the entire time — and at the end of it all he says to his teammate in front of a bunch of other teammates: “You know what the moral of this story is??? You know what the moral of this story is??? …….. You’re a BI^CH!! I take your $h^t, and you don’t do Sh^t about it!” Then Kam Carter walks outta the room.

      I was like…. This dude is the MAN!! haha


  46. OK OK, I’m done with the bowl game loss and what it cost PITT. My last words about it are:

    There is zero tangible proof that it has had any effects moving forward, positive or negative.

    Perception is subjective and really can’t be argued. That’s why college football now has playoff.

    Perception = “the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses”

    PITT severely outplayed Northwestern in that first quarter and there is tangible proof of that.

    I don’t poo poo any PITT loss. I can’t stand to watch anymore football the day they lose a game. I turn the TV off and find something else to do. If I’m at the PITT game after a loss, I’ll have a beer or 3 so I can cry in them…


    1. I feel exactly the same way. After witnessing Pitt grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory at Chapel Hill against UNC in person last season, it left a sour taste in my mouth for the rest of the weekend. The flip side of those gut churning loses is it makes you appreciate the wins like Clemson @ Death Valley all the more.


  47. Agree with JoeKnew, the PG had a nice article this morning about Tipton. He was hurt jumping off his bicycle to avoid getting hit by a car. The real news seemed to be that the players are real impressed with Dontavius Butler-Jenkins, incoming freshman.O’Neill also mentioned Clark and Reeves. Should be plenty of options.


    1. Don’t sleep on Flowers. With some nurturing care & the right furtirlzer he could really bloom this season.


  48. From Tossing Thabeets: “It [going from 8 to 9 wins] may affect Pitt fan perception but to say it affected Pitt’s reputation on a national scale is overvaluing Pitt’s current standing within the CFB world in the first place.”

    That is most accurate comment I have ever read on the POV. Honesty is refreshing. Thank you, Tossing.

    Why does the national media not value Pitt… a word, mediocrity over the past 25 years. We might call it “same old Pitt” but this what an objective college football fan sees when it comes to perception and Pitt football:

    1) The team never could win an outright conference championship in the lowly rated Big East;

    2) How about the stigma surrounding Pitt football coaching turnover following Dave Wannstedt – Haywood, Graham, Chryst, Narduzzi. That sends a message that either people don’t want to stick around, or the administration doesn’t have what it takes to retain coaches. A circus of instability inevitably leaves gaps in recruiting and hurts perception;

    3) In 4 years of ACC play, Pitt has averaged 3.5 losses per year in the Coastal Division, and has never finished higher than second in the lesser perceived Coastal Division. You have to at least win division titles and play in conference championship games to garner national respect;

    4) Pitt played in one major bowl game in the past 25 years…and got beat 35-7 by Utah;

    5) Pitt has 5 freaking bowl wins in 25 years against the following teams (NC St. (2001), Oregon St. (2002), North Carolina (2009), Kentucky (2010), and Bowling Green (2013). Nice resume if you are looking at basketball tournament wins. Not so hot in college football in the era that 70 teams make it to a bowl game annually;

    6) On a more recent note, Pitt lost 5 of its last 6 bowl games and surrendered one of the most epic bowl game collapses to Houston in January of 2015;

    7) Despite the Pat Narduzzi hype, Pitt’s last two bowl games ended in losses to a service academy and Northwestern. Northwestern had 2 bowl victories in the history of its program leading up to the Pinstripe. That might not get noticed if you play in the Big East, but Pitt is in a Power 5 conference now;

    8) The Clemson win was a great victory – in a conference game that in the end, had no significance. One major upset every 5 years will not be remembered by a sportswriter in Texas. The major victories have to come more regularly if Pitt wants to be top of mind;

    9) Not that many current media types were covering football in the Jackie Sherrill era. For Pitt to be nationally relevant again, it will take that level of success;

    10) Preseason ratings are based on 1) Last year’s trajectory; 2) Last 3 years of recruiting; 3) Returning starters; and 4) Schedule. Pitt has question marks/concerns in all 4 areas. 167 media credentials for ACC Media Day Kickoff, and Pitt was picked to finish 4th in the Coastal by the people that cover the conference. Could all these guys be conspiring against Pitt – NO! Beat Penn State, Oklahoma State, Miami, and get to the conference championship and maybe people will take notice. Otherwise, enjoy being a top 40-50 program in terms of national perception.


    1. dm, pretty good stuff. The only issue I have is that the current staff has only been here 2 years and I would hesitate to judge too harshly just yet. (also, that service academy was a ranked team, playing at home with a QB who broke many school and a few NCAA records ….and they were favored BTW)


  49. I agree with the notion of Pitt playing up/down to the level of the competition, which in the case of playing down, falls on the coaches. Hopefully this is one of the kinks the coaching staff works out in year 3, along with keeping the team motivated after a bye week/bowl break.


  50. I for one have no problem with statistics as a way of backing up your argument ….. maybe it’s my business training and my experience. But it can be used effectively to make your argument.

    Let’s say, for instance, that someone claims a team does not look like they are inspired as they take the field. Yet the first 4 series of the game are as follows:

    1) opponent receives kickoff, goes 3 down and punts

    2) said team drives > 40 yards and kicks FG

    3) opponent receives kickoff, goes 3 downs and punts

    4) said team drives > 60 yards to opponents goal and has an unfortunate slip on an apparent TD, and is stopped at the goal on 4th

    With the above data, my analysis would be that the team began the game in a proper frame of mind


  51. Dallas M – excellent summary. I would only add that ’25’ should be ’30’ or ’35’ years.

    I’m looking forward to this season more than most. So many unknowns on the two deep, the offensive scheme and play calling will likely be different, and we will have a different QB. IMO, It’s nice to start the season with a couple of tough teams to see how we measure up.


    1. Keys to a successful 2017 campaign: #1 Watson, it’s elementary. #2 He must MAXimize Browne’s potential at QB.


  52. I agree with Dallas great article you wrote. I get excited for college football season to start and can’t wait to get to my seats for the opening game to get the juices flowing. Good article in Press on Tipton and good to see how teammates respond and like next man up. Great anticipation on my part for the season to start. This years we will be young but we will get the breaks It’s a mental game also. H2P BEAT PENNSTATE


  53. @Darkie – no problem and thanks for the note. Each of us comes from different backgrounds which impact our points of view for sure. My optics into P5 programs is challenging to comment upon because of the balance between work and fandom(?).

    @Dallas Mike – Returning starters is a great measure of pre-season rankings, ask Vegas. Vegas tends to make the team with the most returning starters the favorite to win at an alarming rate for the first 4 games of the year. There are exceptions such as when an Alabama team returns 12 starters and they play a middle of the road team with 16 returning starters.

    @Perception – Pitt’s Administration is viewed as non-supportive and well below average for 30 years. You just don’t overcome that with a bowl win.Should we have won that game, sure. Would we have cracked the top 25 with a win, most probably. Pitt has a lot to overcome administratively and athletically from a results perspective.

    The football perception is that we were stupid to take a stadium and remove it from the campus. We have been a laughingstock administratively since that decision was made. Don’t believe me? Get to know a P5 AD personally and then ask. If you don’t know them personally, their answer will always be ” look, they are doing a great job with what they have and it shouldn’t determine outcomes or future giving”. What they are really saying is that the Pitt AD was stupid, nobody who wants to be a contender does that (except miami), the AD can’t get another P5 job, and that he screwed the university for years to come.


  54. Lot’s of good talk this morning.

    On the two deep and unknowns. Good point but I’m liking the fact PITT will have some young blood playing both offense and defense. Other than a crippling administration recently I think what could be holding PITT back a bit is not having units that are balanced. Which they did last year on offense.

    Here’s hoping Narduzzi plays more younger players this year while keeping focused on this season as well. Athletes are up and down the roster, only lacking experience on the college football level.

    PITT needs to move forward at this point with the thought in mind to start again. Start cultivating new inroads and renewing the old ones. PITT needs money! I believe there is plenty out there if they can knock on the right doors.

    Maybe PITT lacks respect out of the knowledge that PITT doesn’t have the money flow to compete at a higher level?

    Which I don’t think is completely true …ike


  55. On a “National Perception” Scale that’s a weird way to look.

    ‘Technically’ —- penn state has “Benefitied” huge-time from a “National Knowledge” scale after the Sandusky Stuff just a couple years ago and all the Joe Paterno ‘drama’ — like how Al Pacino is going to play Joe Paterno in an incredibly anticipated HBO Films Movie — while even when pswho was pretty decent in Paterno’s last few years NO ONE OUTSIDE OF STATE COLLEGE gave a hoot.

    If Pitt is .500 or over, they’ll get to a Bowl Game. If Pitt CRUSHES IT and wins the ACC, and is in the top-4 at the end of the season, Well then they’ll get in the Playoffs.


  56. LOL, not me fellows. So you’re saying I sound like a broken record? 🙂

    There must be another record with a scratch in it… ike


  57. Graham had a defense that was close to a shut down defense. Tino had his moments but inconsistent play and to many dumbfounding mistakes were too numerous to win. I am hoping this year is the turn in beginning a defensive standard that is the highmark of the program. By the GT game the D will have faced two offenses that certainly will prepare them for the ACC coastal.


  58. I hate the Pitt administration when it comes to sports. And hate is too much of a nice word. I swear (conspiracy theory alert) that the BoT has been created to ensure mediocrity in athletics. It’s comprised of closet Nitters.


  59. Had a REALLY enjoyable evening with UPitt last night in Savannah. My wife wanted to go along, so I brought her too – ignoring that little voice in the back of my brain!! (Kidding, UPitt!!)

    I have been reading this thread for the past hour or so, with all kind of potential responses popping up!

    Best thought is: last year is long gone, we are ranked where we are ranked. What cudda been doesn’t matter – we can’t change history. Time to quit looking out the back window. We’ve mowed the back yard (over and over again!). Time to spruce up the front yard -JUST WIN, BABY

    Great play by the DL and LBs (i.e. hurries, sacks, disruptions) will greatly improve pass defense (see Dr. Tom’s soliloquy above). Also, like how the D coaches have “coached up” the DB’s length and speed!!

    (A little safety help for the CBs, on occasion, could affect the opposing QBs’ confidence a little, as well.)


  60. UPitt is a great dinner companion. If I had taken a friend to meet him last night, and then showed him UPitt’s commentary from posts past, the friend would never believe it was the same guy! Just a total good guy!

    My wife had a great time. She’s from Greenville, SC, and a reformed Clemscum fan, turned Royal Blue and Mustard Script Pitt fan!! Loves football and football talk!

    H2P psux


    1. Mark, AKA Upittbaseball uses his alter ego Upitt to exorcise all of his demons via expelling them through the internet. It leaves him cleansed in real life, thus a nice guy results. Like Savannah Panther, this is the same opinion that I also had on my initial meeting with him.

      Also, the same reason that I give him $hit when he gets down on all things Pitt as he so often does, since I know that in most instances it’s just that alter ego that’s simply blowing smoke & pissing vinegar for the hell of it.


  61. Kind of like Pitt football. Better perception in person than what we see or read. Reality is pressing the flesh and looking at someone in the eye.


  62. I, for one, am not surprised Upitt was a class act in person.
    Everyone needs a place to blow off steam and The POV offers all of us (Reed included) to do just that.


  63. i have always heard UPitt is very nice in person. Ike I thought you have just been blowing off steam. You weren’t? 🙂 LOL


  64. Just got done watching UNC beating Florida St. Which was their game the week after UNC beat us. Switzer is a beast of a WR, and their QB was no sloth either.


  65. Given today’s comments, the POV is gonna be on fire when the season actually gets underway!


  66. ^^ ….and hey Doc… To think if the ref’s would have called the illegal formation last play in the PITT vs UNC game………….PITT wins.


  67. Any single male POVerts would die to become UPitts father-in-law if you saw a pic of his future, single mother-in-law.. what a looker!!!
    September 23rd the day of UPitts wedding ( his bride is a 5star- so he knows how to recruitem) we need to have a satellite celebration in Hotlanta at Bobby Dodd Stadium where our boys will be taking on the Yellowjackets….


  68. Let’s be clear here. You’ve seen the beautiful bride or a picture? Inquiring and suspicious minds want to know?

    I believe Upitt is a great man and has a great wife to be. God Bless you friend.


  69. It’s important that this upward trending Panthers team own their results. Sometimes you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.

    Often the most successful, in any field, have a history of failure as their legacy. In that regard however, such failure should not diminish the accomplishments that do sometimes result in victory, no matter how infrequent it presents itself.

    ESPN is rebroadcasting their list of the best 25 CFB football games of the 2016 season over the next few weeks. I just watched the UNC vs. FL ST. game yesterday. What a consecutive two game stretch for the Tarheels. Beating both Pitt & the Seminoles on last second come from behind heroics.

    The Pitt vs. Clemson game comes in as ESPN’s #4 best game pick for rebroadcasting on July 29th. We might not be a ranked team in the minds of sports writers across the Country at the moment, but on that night in Death Valley against the then #2 ranked team in the nation, the Pitt Panthers were the Victors when the clock read 00:00. Nobody can EVER take that away from our guys who played their hearts out on that day.

    Hail to Pitt! The Pursuit!


    1. Pitt vs UNC was #24

      Brutal game to re-watch. Pitt dominated and had a 13 point lead with under 9 minutes remaining in the 4th qtr.

      We all know how that game ended.


  70. Heading smack dab into Dairy Collegeville to meet with head honcho’s in Administration and BoT members. Wish I had a mustard and blue tie. Wish I had a 12 pack of mustard and blue ties that I could place all around their facilities.


  71. Huff someday I will tell you about the time I almost ran over Joe Ped in the NIttany Conference Center dressed all in Pitt gear. Good luck.


  72. wwb at 7?22 @ 8:24 pm. Given that every time I post you attack my position, that you once called for Reed to discipline UPitt and I for some imagined offense to you and wherein I characterized you as a warp bitter angry mean old man I take you “I am an SOB” in person as a direct physical threat to me. Rest assured when I have the displeasure of meeting you in person you can have the first two punches. I have had enough of your childish behavior. It has gone beyond wearing thin. Reed knows my feelings on your psychosis.


      1. and for that matter rkb … where do you come off thinking that my post above @ 7:22 was a response to you? For goodness sake … if you think that every time I expressed an opinion here that was contrary to yours was a personal attack, then you have real issues, pal!


  73. Reed, I hope you find the balance you are seeking. You seem like a good man and I understand where you are coming from…

    Liked by 1 person

  74. i’ve also learned a long time ago to not let the bastards get you down. i would love a scaled down weekly post from you and chaz. i understand that daily posts are nearly asking the impossible for someone who does this as a labor of love. i really appreciate the forum that allows for civil discussion and passionate opinions. i cant help but think blogs like these have an influence on the administration and more importantly acts as a vessel that brings Pitt fans together. Its a way to connect which the university has struggled to achieve for decades on the athletic side. i hope you come back. but i also hope you find enrichment in the other important things in live and that are passionate causes for you. thank you again for allowing me and others to use this forum to comment and be heard.

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  75. After listening to the whole podcast I just want to say I was looking forward to the Sat night dinner but it was my wife’s birthday and we just buried her mom. Under ordinary circumstances I would have been there.


  76. To my great friend Reed. This sabbatical comes as no surprise to me, it’s long overdue. The frenetic pace you’ve been rolling out article’s were bound to take it’s toll.

    Going back to our message board days I can understand how even the little things can start to build up and cause people to get a little frustrated. Trust me, I know how hard you work on the POV and how much you should walk away right now. The timing is perfect.

    Truth be told, I’m ready for a break myself.

    There was a man, the oldest man, in the State Penn. He killed his wife because she kept putting the butter in front of his milk in the fridge. We all know the toothe paste stories and what not.

    Take a break and reevaluate. Maybe come up with a more structured plan that allows yourself more freedoms.

    Have to say though. I’m still looking forward to some tailgates with all you guys.. Sue hope that still is going to happen.

    Take it easy and enjoy your new endeavors as I know that they will be as rewarding and much more.. Your PITT buddy and friend … ike…


  77. Thank you for your great efforts, Reed. I read you every day and have been amazed at the great effort you put into providing relevant facts and information before us readers. I did not comment very often mostly because I didn’t want the column to become absorbed simply by what I had to say. I remember listening to Jim Rome on sports radio and the home boy dialect and vocabulary he affected to use. There were regular callers who would also affect a home boy/hood dialect and vocabulary so as to, in my opinion, try to make listeners think they were as cool as what they thought Rome was. My personal opinion when reading the comments every day was that too many of your commenters were trying to do the same thing, whether they knew it or not. They seemed to be trying to overstay their welcome as commenters, almost in a desperate way. I know some, maybe even many of your readers will jump me for this, but, hey it will probably prove my point. I am an old guy who saw Pitt games with Joe Walton, Corny Salvaterra, Corky Cost, Dave Havern, the three C’s–Cunningham, Clemens, and Cox–and every home game of the 1970’s Dorsett teams. Also, unfortunately, every home game of the disastrous Hart teams when ND and PSU slaughtered Pitt and allegedly both head coaches agreed to let the clock run fast to keep the scores under 70. Be cool, Pitt football fans, and keep life in perspective. Reed, I am glad you are trying to do this too. Much good luck and success to you. When you return to your blog, I will be there to read you.


  78. Best of luck going forward Reed, You might just consider creating a headline or two each week on the site absent any commentary. And let any and all join in on the status of Pitt athletics at the time. There are plenty of opposing views on this forum to keep things interesting IMO. Thanks again for all you have done in the past on the POV.


  79. Heading to Phoenix and trying to catch up. What did I miss? Thanks for the kind words guys. Reed there are some folks that can write an article for you. Mike is very good and a close personal friend. Id love to write one on Rockports and our Athletic Dept. Take a few weeks and we will be here as this is a good group of people.


  80. Everybody get back on your proper med schedule and take several deep cleansing breaths while stepping away from the ledge. Camp starts in two weeks and we must become emotionally prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.


  81. Clear your head and take a breather. There are others out there that can contribute I know its your baby but I’m sure there are those willing to step up and help contribute. Even posting a weekly question will generate hundreds of good comments. Posting a new article every day is a huge accomplishment but it will lead to burn out unless you’ve got people to step up and help. I think forums like this are a great way for fans to connect and to be heard. As long as discussion is civil and opinions are respected. You’re not only doing a tremendous service to fans but also to the university. For all Gallaghers and Heathers talk about connecting, I’ve seen very little that actually engages fans in a positive way and gets them excited. Forums like these help create a school spirit thats been missing for so many years. Keep up the good fight.


  82. Reed – thanks for doing what you do outside of the PPov. Best to you and your family.

    I like jrnpitt’s idea above (headline), and there are a fair number of folks on here who could provide brief articles and game summaries in order to give you a break. My writing skillz are poor, but hell, even I will pitch in with a article to keep things going.


  83. I may have the shakes and do some hot sweating the next few weeks … but I’m pretty sure I can get by without PittPov especially knowing that Reed is involved with a much more nobler cause. Best wishes, Sir!

    While it would be nice to see things back to normal here as the season nears, a break may well do us all good


  84. I enjoy reading all of the various Pitt athletic blogs but I only really identify with the Pitt POV as my/our blog. I’ve met a couple dozen other Pitt faithful fans through the POV only because of our common interest in Reed’s blog, and will continue to follow it into the future.

    As to you Reed feeling that you have to substantiate your need to take a break while you focus on other priorities in your life, IMO, totally unnecessary. You owe nobody anything in that regard.

    I enjoy following Chris Dokish too, but really??? You can determine the changing of the seasons by the number of articles that he publishes on an annual basis. So take a break, and in fact never feel self obligated that since you decided to begin this endeavor that it requires you to produce anything other than what you want to on your schedule with your opinions pulled no rank as you see fit.

    After all it is your frickin blog.


  85. Reed – I’m also retired and barely can find the time to just read the POV and all the comments, so I’ve been amazed at the number and length of articles you have produced.

    I suggest that two articles a week would be enough, and they can be brief – just enough to get the comments going.

    Anyway, you know best what will or will not work for you.

    Appreciate your work!

    Go Pitt!


  86. Reed, keep the faith. Do what you love and love what you do! Always your choice. Us goobers will survive, I do not have standing to ask you to continue to publish or push you towards, not. Thank you for giving us the forum to grow in our fandom and actually create friendships or be re-introduced to old friends. Much appreciated.

    “Endeavor to Perservere”. Lone Watie.


  87. Wow, what a shocker. Reed, I’ve often marveled at your time (and monetary) expenditure for the POV, but am sorry that it’s become more of a burden than joy to you. Thanks as always and I hope you are reenergized for camp and beyond. H2P

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  88. Thanks for everything Reed. Don’t blame you one bit for moving on.

    As a former moderator on Frank’s board in the 90s the number of moronic Pitt fans like upitt is mind boggling and just not worth dealing with.

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    1. C’mon John, we are family here. Reed worked very hard on this blog and made it a tremendous success. If Reed is just recharging his batteries or considering another great worthwhile way to live his life with what he feels in his heart is the best way to serve his community and he “himself” didn’t mention names than I think you shouldn’t either. (btw, Reed loves upitt)

      It was absolutely the time to pump the brakes on the POV.

      Reed has lived a large part of his life in charge of major decisions and people. I trust he knows what he’s doing.. Calling out individuals is not what Reed is all about. This is my opinion and don’t mean to speak for anyone…… and I listened to lots of frustration in the podcast but I realize he’s thinking of how he can serve his country as well. It’s in his DNA.


  89. Upitt is fine.
    If you don’t like what he writes don’t read it.
    Reed god speed my friend. Thank you for all the work you put into this.


  90. Sorry to see you go Reed. This blog, stemming back the the blather days, has been part of my daily Pitt football news items. I know we’ve butt heads before on some articles, but I actually enjoy the arguments as much as I like reading the comments section, as both were thought provoking. Hope things slow down for you out there and you find the time again to author more posts.

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  91. UPitt is A-OK…. in my book too…just like most of us imperfect people in an imperfect world.
    Reed, you have done so much to bring PITT FB fans together..maybe take Heather under your wing for some learnin’…Just kiddin’ … take a break!
    We have a couple of great writers in WLAT and Dr Tom who have both done solid well thought out articles(hint)
    Lastrow, need to get the
    POV flag and flagpole off of Reed for home games….In a few weeks we gotta start planning for some PITT Panther tailgatin’…time to meet more POVerts and have more join in…
    Thanks Reed… love you brother!


  92. Might I add – the Pitt blogosphere is really flailing at present. Dokish has scaled back his posts on Panther’s Prey, and both the Blather and POV are now dormant blogs. The pay sites will always be the most active, but you have to wonder if traffic and commenting on PSN will take a step up. Good luck to everyone who fiend for Pitt sports info


  93. Thank you so very much for all of your time which you generously allowed us to share.
    God bless!


  94. But, what will happen to your wonderfully endowed assistant?? If she will be out of a job, perhaps there might be a reader on this blog that can help out the poor girl with a job offer… or something similar.


    1. Ever since I first saw the lass busy at her desk, I’ve fantasized about one particular job I’d love to offer her. I’d pay double overtime too.


  95. Let me rephrase that John Ramella.You are a total Ahole* and I won’t respond every again to you because you are one of those people who just don’t have an ounce of class. I hope I see you at a Pitt game and tell you want scum you are.


  96. As an internet ignoramous, any chance, Reed, that given the venue you established, you could place an open thread i.e. Pitt squashes PSUCKS so we dysfunctionals can continue to banter about?
    Less time commitment from you, an avenue to vent for us.


  97. Reed – I admire the volunteer work that you do and have shared with us on this blog. Good works helps to make the world go round. And your works are broad ranging and many. My father-in-law is an Air Force vet and my nephew is currently in the Air Force on a mission in Afghanistan. Both great men – the vet shares his stories, but the enlisted one cannot, due to the confidential nature of his missions.

    Thank you very much for your service to our great country and for sharing your writing skills and UP knowledge with Pitt fans worldwide.

    Rest, relax, refresh and re-balance.


  98. @BigB. Hi Bernie. I have a flagpole and expect to make every game except possibly Rice. My parking pass is in Red 5A. Right next to the Red garage and T station on General Robinson. I think Reed said he was getting a pass for the Red Garage. If that works at least for the first game let me know.


  99. Lastrow..the only home game we will be is the Carolina game. Miami is a possibility. Road trips to Ga Tech, Duke and Va Tech.


  100. My preference—not that anyone asked for it—would be for Reed or someone to introduce a topic once a week for us to chew up and spit out. Reed, to his credit, tried to do something almost every day. That is a pace that cannot be maintained.

    So, Reed, if you are reading any of what has been written, please take a very well-deserved break. Maybe consider paying the baton of moderator to one of the regulators. It cannot be a single open thread forever.



  101. Reed, Thanks for all you do. Since most of us here seem to be somewhat obsessive compulsive when it comes to Pitt sports, I do think you will be back. You have tried to back off several times in the past.
    I would suggest a once a week short article to keep this wonderful project going. We need you Reed.

    You are our leader.

    I agree that your other volunteer work is more important and this project should be your hobby not your job.

    Whatever you decide, thank you for giving us a year of great Pitt analysis, content, and a forum for discussion, and opinion.


  102. What I’ll try to do is as suggested above – post some football links every couple of days then back off and let you guys at it.

    As i said I’ll re-evaluate the Blog in a couple or 3 weeks once all my training for my new volunteer work is finished and I get a routine down for that.

    But in all honesty it is hard for me to just do something on here once or twice a week because when i commit to something I’m usually all-in. Plus i love to write about Pitt football.

    Anyway, I’ll post something up soon, maybe today even, – nice and simple so you all still have a forum with each other.


  103. Thanks Reed for all you’ve done – mainly for our entertainment/scholarship! I don’t see how what you’ve been doing is anything but a full time job. Not many hours left in the week after POV to do “retirement” things!

    If you could post, once or twice a week, simply a subject matter, there are plenty of guys on here who love to post references and videos to stimulate our minds (A certain dark knight shall go unnamed !).

    Also, we seem to have the innate ability to take off down several rabbit holes, so we can spend several days discussing a topic and its several non-connected sub plots! And this would take almost none of your time.

    But first, by all means, do these things which you’ve rightly placed a priority on. AND take a lot of Reed Time!!

    (Sounds like a lot to accomplish before the first whistle of fall practice!)


  104. Reed, even if you back off some, don’t forget to comment from time to time. Your knowledge is irreplaceable.


  105. Reed, the podcasts, extensive commentary and plethora of statistics you provided would have worn anyone out. You don’t need to do that much to facilitate a lively and interesting debate among writers. We need this discussion to vent over the hayseeds, the hicks and assorted fools and outcasts associated with prior Pitt administrations and the college football/basketball world in general. You have been a doubter of Duzz and the administration even when some of the butt kissers on this site say everything is roses. We need your skeptical commentary.


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