Pitt POV’s Roundtable Video; 7/20/17

Here is the video of the best Roundtable Call-In show yet.  it works very well when we have between 4-5 participants because everyone gets a shot at talking and we get some varied answers.

We had Richman, Pitt-Cocks Fan, Missing Wlat and Pittman4ever on last night and they were excellent.

Just to refresh reader’s minds about the Call-in topics for last night here they are:

* Replacement starters on O and D? Discuss article choices…

* Henderson’s 2017 role… What if he goes down early? Who then in his offensive role?

*QB2 battle? Do you believe there actually is a QB1 battle?

* Our record after three games?  Do the non-conference games matter?

* Which positions do we switch players if the season starters fail in the first three games?

* Discuss ACC Channel required infrastructure changes… Such as Pitt radio shows, radio booth, Pitt TV channel and new studio.

*Pitt picked 4th in Coastal division.

Pitt’s National Perception – good PSN article:

Pre-Season Awards Lists:

Posted Headline Category
7/19/2017 O’Neill, Henderson Represent Pitt on All-ACC Preseason Team Football
7/19/2017 Pitt’s Max Browne Named to Unitas Golden Arm Watch List Football
7/18/2017 Weah, O’Neill Named Candidates for Biletnikoff, Wuerffel Honors Football
7/17/2017 Henderson, Whitehead Selected to Hornung Award Watch List Football
7/14/2017 Pitt Highlights at #ACCKickoff Football
7/14/2017 Jordan Whitehead Named to Jim Thorpe Award Watch List Football

BTW – Eric (Missing Wlat) won the signed Tyler Boyd photo for the best answers from last evening.  All were good callers but he stood out a bit – and agreed with everything I said.

From the POV’s PIV:


65 thoughts on “Pitt POV’s Roundtable Video; 7/20/17

  1. Looks like Pitt offered a local place kicker “Preferred Walk-On” status to be on the 2018 roster.


    “Growing up a Pitt fan, Will Connelly dreamed about having a chance to play college football for his favorite school. Beginning next fall, the Beaver Area kicker will get a chance to live out his childhood fantasy and run out of the tunnel at Heinz Field.

    Yesterday Connelly made his verbal commitment to play football for the Panthers. He is just the latest recruit to commit to Pat Narduzzi’s Class of 2018. One of the top returning kickers in the WPIAL, Connelly was 47 of 49 extra points and 2 of 4 on field goals, helping Beaver Area ascend to the top of the Pennsylvania’s Class 3A.”

    Although this article is wrong as there is no “commitment” involved because there is no scholarship offered in this instance. For those who wonder what “Preferred Walk-On” means:


    Note that a school can house and feed the kid (on training table basis) but can’t pay for tuition, etc…


    1. Reed, I am also a devotee of Wysocki’s column in the CP.

      I doubt Benz will be writing a similar article about the men’s bball team. Preseason predictions, which I acknowledge aren’t typically all that reasoned or credible, have the team finishing at the bottom of the ACC this upcoming season. Yes, below even BC. It will truly astound me if they even approach last year’s win total. I feel badly for senior Ryan Luther from Hampton. He seems like a good guy who is apparently a successful student on a level approaching Cam Johnson. Had he been able to take a red shirt his freshman year his game (he’s shown stretch 4 glimpses) might have been allowed to develop like Cam’s. What might have been if Steven Adams had stayed just one more year…


    2. to nobody’s surprise, SI has already projected Pitt MBB to finish last this year in the ACC. (maybe the only surprise is how early these projections came out)


      1. Agreed. They start the nonsense right after the tourney.

        On the other hand it’s not likely much will change between now and November other than perhaps injury or academic or legal issues involving key players.


  2. I’m still not feeling comfortable about the linebacker situation this year. It’s a bit surprising that Duzz hasn’t placed a higher priority on graduate transfers for this position. The current group of announced recruits doesn’t seem to add much future depth here either. I predict that Kaezon Pugh will be moved back to middle linebacker.


    1. i think they can get through this year if they get 1 of their remaining targets (asamoah pls) but next year they really need to focus on loading up on LBs


  3. From an article in the Trib, this seems a bit self serving from Narduzzi:

    ““If Nathan Peterman (got hurt in 2015 or 2016), we would’ve been like, ‘Oh, my gosh. What are we doing?’ ” he said. “Now, you’re sitting there going, ‘We’re OK. We’re not in a fatal position because we’ve built some depth through recruiting.’ ”

    Really? In 2015 Voytik was returning and was Pitt’s incumbent starter at the beginning of the season. He had actually performed reasonably well as a starter in 2014 (RIP Emel) and had contributed to winning a bowl game the season before that.

    On the depth chart this season we have a likely starter (Browne) that has played a total of 2 games and a likely backup (DiNucci) that has actually thrown some passes in 1 game. Not sure after that between MacVittie and Pickett, but that’s a 3* RS Freshman and a true Freshman.


    1. Should give Voytik his real due and say that he meaningfully contributed to the bowl victory with a huge pass to Boyd and a run for a TD.

      Also not sure how DiNucci has become a far more capable backup in Narduzzi’s mind based upon one more season on the bench and a quarter against Northwestern.


    1. it just goes to show how far the roster was from having depth at nearly every position outside the offensive line when narduzzi got here

      it was so bad that he’s almost had to do it unit by unit, focusing on some and leaving others for later by necessity. i’m sure he would have focused on LBs more in his first 2 full classes save for the fact that the secondary and the defensive line needed the attention just as much if not more so they got it. now it needs to be the LBs turn. and the situation on offense hasnt been much different.

      i think it will take at least 2 more classes, not including the current one, before there is quality depth everywhere and some units won’t receive focus at the expense of others


  4. Agreed, deepelemblues. But I’m looking at a relatively weak 2018 incoming class (so far), and don’t see much potential to beef up this area before 2019, which means 2020 or 2021 before they can contribute. This is a bit worrisome, and so they need to get some transfers or JCs in there pretty quick.


    1. i think it is relatively weak so far in the sense that i don’t see any players who have verbally committed to the 2018 class that will be able to contribute as starters in their first or second seasons. i see a bunch of redshirts who will be backups (or 3rd string) as redshirt freshmen and wont see the field much until their 3rd year in the program. which is fine as long as they develop well which i think most of the verbally committed players to this class will, but you dont want a class that is exclusively players like that.


  5. Hey guys, the round-table discussions last night was smooth and cool. Excellent!

    Is it only me or does Jim (Pittman) remind you guys of Gene Collier with his satirist humor? Jim, as Archie Bunker would say, you are a real pip! .. in a good way.

    Reed another great job as moderator, mediator and a cosmic creator. Eric, Rich and Richard the Rocket on the beam for sure.. Thanks guys for a good hour of real PITT talk!!

    Reed, I agree the bowl loss was BAD, my point of contention was, I did not and do not agree that PITT wasn’t ready to play that game, they were. and to poo poo the injuries considering the game went down to the last plays isn’t really fair. You are Peterman’s biggest fan and tell us how great he was so I guess him not playing in the fourth quarter was no big deal?

    That game is long over and it did not cost PITT a recruit, prestige, or any ranking bump. Not to mention, I prefer PITT gets the cold shoulder over unwarranted hype.

    About the QB depth, I think Narduzzi was talking more about last year than the year before??

    BTW, Why would anyone believe anything Narduzzi say’s? He’s crazier than our president. He’s not about to say anything of value to ears that are perked up trying to figure the little C.I.A. agent out. He’s a little wacky.
    Anything can happen this year as PITT is still a year away. I don’t think two years depending on injuries but the team is still real real young.

    Again a great round-table guys….. much appreciated ……………ike


    1. Reed, when someone talks, does the camera automatically switch to the speaker … or have you become that good of a director?


  6. Wwb – That is a joke or a misprint. No way no how unless this kid is a family member of a coach is he offered a scholarship as an 8th grader. It is stupid.

    So nepotism or mistake.

    Lastly, a Kid in Texas isn’t even aware of Pitt let alone they play baseball.


      1. UPitt – former MLB player and manager Ron Washington’s son signed with Pitt resently. He was projected as a low round draft pick out of HS as an OF. Hmmm…

        Did we get an impact player? Please don’t trash him –



  7. Steelers better sign juice. As in OJ. Bell will show up late and Connor won’t make it healthy in NFL. Knile Davis anyone?


  8. Hey Guys,nice job on the roundtable last night. Good group of hombre’s putting it out there. Thanks for all of that. At the end of the day, I think we all want a better team and we agree on that. We all tend to go different directions on how best to execute the athletic strategic plan. I for one, am not afraid of the NCAA Compliance arm at this point. The NCAA in its current state is barely hanging on. That is why you have not seen many enforcement actions.

    If the Athletic Department has a Strategic Plan, than they should share it. Not only share the plan but measure its progress. That’s an interesting topic that isn’t often discussed in corporate world or higher education. Most Strategic Plans that I have reviewed tend to be written very broadly so that the writer can always point to some successes in order to get a raise. The Athletic Department needs a Strategic Plan that is specific and measurable. If Gallagher doesn’t require that, than the alumni and fan base need to hold him accountable.

    No broad statements such as “we will improve our sports teams” or “we will have a better graduation rate of our senior student athletes”. Those are bogus. How about we will win at least two ACC championships in the next five years. In order for team x to achieve it, this is what is needed from Administration. If Administration does not support it, please indicate the barrier in the Plan.

    You either want an “A” program or a “C” program. An “A” program requires the following. A “C” program requires the following. The Chancellor than has a decision to make. Remove the barriers to achieve the plan goals or just tell the alumni and fans that blank sport is just not important to the university plan.
    At that point everyone understands the expectations and can measure success. For years we have been left with we want to win, but no plan on how to execute it. Show everyone how to execute.


  9. Huff – You and I are very similar. I just wrote a new plan and it is measurable and doesn’t have embedded ezcuses in it. These fools never ran a business in their lives. They are compliance puppets.


  10. I wonder what Steve Pederson’s plan was… The man was clueless, and set Pitt back many years. How did he keep his job that long?


  11. If Pitt Athletics ever had a strategic plan, it was never adhered to as priorities seem to change every 5 years or so.


  12. From SBNation Football Study Hall = There review of Pitt.


    Good & easy read with a sprinkling of stats. Just about what we thought of Pitt for ’17, expected 7-5. In my opinion, they are saying 3’rd in coastal. Depending on how they review VT tomorrow, it could be second.

    This site will have reviewed all FBS teams by the time they are done. Just Clemson,FA St., Louisville, Miami, & VT (& the SEC) to go.

    If you want to reed the already reviewed ACC teams or any other FBS team, just click on the link “Bill Connelly’s 2017 CFB Previews” (underlined in red) above the PITT heading.


  13. Thanks to Reed for awarding me the Tyler Boyd signed photo for my efforts on the round table last night. It will be the perfect addition to my Pitt themed man cave. Either that or the perfect wedding gift for a certain somebody whose future bride is Estonian…


  14. Pitt has and forever will be a be a B- program. Pitt needs to abolish the BoT to impact real change. The BoT should have nothing to do with athletics. Separate 5 member board whom the AD reports. Chancellor is not involved.

    Nerdy and favoritism kept Cornhole around. The BoT was supportive. The real danger to Pitt athletics is the BoT. I’m not sure why people dont see this.

    Kind of like thinking that every discussion Putin has with Trump is a good thing.


  15. Upitt why recruit an 8th grader to play baseball at Pitt from Texas in 2021. #1 our esteem head coach won’t be or shouldn’t be here then. We should recruit starters today for this year and maybe crawl out of last st place in ACC. This is unreal but allowed to happen only at Pitt the class c program in sports H2P BEAT PENN STATE


  16. Port – just catching up on POV reading. Saw your invite to have a Savannah beer Fri nite. Sounds good. I’m in my office all Fri afternoon. Email me at blindquist@applied.com. Let me know where you are staying, and we can pick a spot. Is the DOCTOR In???


  17. I love everything Pat Narduzzi is saying about the Quarterbacks.

    It’s TRUE. Staight-Up, Truth, SERVED NEAT.

    Dunno what the confusion is?

    Voytik transfered to the Sun Belt because he couldn’t get on a team. Was a loser as starter, got replaced quickly, never played again — and the team started winning with the backup. Arkansas…Razobacks??!
    Haha no Arkansas State in the Sun Belt.

    Any ‘confusion’ of Narduzzi’s Spot-On, FAIR, and completely accurate analysis of the QB situation when he arrived, totally BEFUDDLES me.

    Trey Anderson forced out — becomes backup on 3-9 Florida….International??? Atlantic?? One of ’em — never plays, scout team, disappears.

    Adam Bertke — FORCED OUT ASAP , goes down to Ohio D-2not even a starter.

    Some guys need to go watch highlights of Jameis Winston / Marcus Marriota — heck, the dude who replaced Max Browne at Southern Cal Sam Darnold and see real studs play — because even ‘defending’ Chad Voytik as a Power 5 QB ironically is INDEFENSIBLE lol.

    I’ll just keep posting his horrible pick-6 against 4-8 Virginia in 2014 where he gets Body Slammed during the return over-and-over until the delusion he was even remotely decent is just squashed forever.


    Real Football soon — Fall Camp is right here, then all this “Depth Chart” non-sense is gonna get sorted out 🙂 .


  18. Anon – thanks for the link. I caught Reed’s comment regarding not wanting to see J.Whitehead carry the rock in 2017 for fear of injury. I thought to myself, really. That makes no sense…

    I’d be a very disappointed fan if that happened. You have one of the most talented athletes in college football. Why would you not play him both ways to help you win games?

    Now, an NFL website ranks Jordan as the number 1 dual threat player for 2017 and his teammate, QH as #8. Come on, let’s go win some football games. OC Watson has to be smiling with the “cards” he has been dealt. Browne, Clark, QH, QO, Weah, Whitehead, Mathews, AJ Davis, Sibley and a road grading OLine. Optimistic – you better believe it!


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  19. Jordan W ran the ball 12 times in 2015, and 9 times last year. Two years ago, the offense had no speed, unless you want to consider Weah. However, Pitt now has QH, Ffrench and Weah.although Weah has never run the ball.

    I surely can understand Reed’s concern, but on the other hand, it always good to have your playmakers on the field. I would not have an issue seeing Whitehead occasionally on offense but certainly wouldn’t overdo it


  20. for you oldtimers .. just read that King Crimson is at the Palace Theater in Greensburg this weekend. I know their original founder/guitarist Robert Fripp is part of the band but don’t know their make-up that well to know if any other original is included. I do recall that Greg Lake was a band member before he left for ELP, but of course, he died last year.

    Never saw them or was a big fan but it’s nice to see the senior citizens still rocking (maybe)


  21. Love King Crimson.

    Think Henderson and Ffrench made less need for Whitehead on offense. Also he was dinged up early and broke his arm later.

    A double reverse with him and Henderson might be a nice trick play.


  22. Let’s hope for no more injuries before camp. Florida was not so lucky, losing a starting Senior this week to “conditioning drills”. Let’s face it, the lack of depth on defense is potentially a game changer if there are any significant injuries, and could cost one or two wins this year. Pitt cannot afford to have Whitehead get injured on a trick offensive play. If they lose one starting linebacker, it could mean shifting several players around which is never good with young players.


  23. Whitehead, like Henderson, could be just as valuable as a decoy while never touching the ball. < Thus hopefully not getting injured.

    This PITT team is somewhat of an enigma. So many players missing from this years team yet so many highly skilled players coming back. One minute you say, oh my gosh too many holes but when you look at players like Weah, Henderson, Ffrench, Whitehead and maybe Browne, it makes the argument that PITT just might be fine?? I guess it’s the “maybe” before Browne’s name is what causes people to stop and pause?

    Bring in the glass half empty crowd at this point. I say turn that glass upside down and look closer..

    Aaron Matthews is the player I think who will have a break out season this year. He showed how hard he works and how he’s willing to put himself on the line out of the football field.

    I’ve read that the transfer QB for UNC is really not all that good. When he got playing time he didn’t step up as expected??

    Bottom line……………… PITT goes as far as Browne will take them << Very profound stuff huh? 🙂 …ike


    1. I expected an expanded role for Ffrench this year. I believe I saw a comment from HCPN last week saying that right now, French will be concentrating on offense (maybe Tipton’s injury had something to do with it)


    2. As the “Real Season” gets so close (Gettin’ Real!) I just feel ‘iffy’ about the whole QB situation now….

      As a huge Football Fan — That whole situation with Max Browne at USC DID HAPPEN, i.e. why he’s here…

      Huge thing is that clearly when a 6’4”, 220 pound Prodigy like Sam Darnold is ready-to-rock in your program like at Southern Cal last year, a head coach is going to be looking at the whole situation differently.

      Their Coach Clay Helton regardless was hoping to transition to that level of talent (a Cam Newton / Jameis Winston / Andrew Luck LEGIT level QB — that’s one-in-a-ton) into the starting QB spot. Max Browne again was a “pawn” in that game as Sam Darnold last year would have been the unanimous (not even close) #1 Overall NFL pick last year.

      What’s CRAZY!!! — Is that Clay Helton at USC KNEW that no matter what Browne was there for that year, and no matter how dirty he did him / whatever to transition into Darnold, Browne was gonna be gone after he served his purpose to take the heat against the early BEASTS Alabama most then Stanford, the Darnold could come in and face the mediocre at-BEST PAC 12 talent (look at how Alabama DOMINATED Washington in the Playoffs lol). —– Darnold, if thrown to the Wolves and starting game 1 —- He mighta been ruined and lost all confidence / got hurt by Alabama and Stanford early!

      Smart play by Clay Helton using his ‘pawns’ in the right sequence to sacrifice some pieces (Browne vs. Alabama and Stanford, by-far the best Defense in the Pac 12 last year) while keeping the bubble-wrap on his all-along “prized” piece (Sam Darnold! lol) — just Max Browne got Fu-ed over by Helton’s “maneuvering”.


      #HailToPitt —- #TrainingCampOneWeek 🙂


  24. Hey Ike (or should I say “Hey Meathead”- LOL)
    Thanks for the compliment, sarcasm is one of my gifts!!!


  25. Erie, If we had any sense of talent back in the defensive backfield this season then I would not mind Whitehead carrying the ball every so often. But we are coming off a year where our defensive backfield gave up so many yards & so many touchdowns that we were ranked 127th out of 128.

    That defensive backfield cost us two or three games that would have put us maybe in the playoffs with that amazing offense we had. We did not need Whitehead in the backfield last year; we do not need him in the backfield this year if at all possible. Running once or twice maybe even then I don’t like the idea.

    Again when he’s your number one player on a unit that desperately, desperately needs help I think you protect him at all costs.


  26. No one wants to hear it —

    But Matt Canada caught pure LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE last year at Pitt, with Pat Narduzzi.

    Canada ran the exact same stuff at NC State and without a Firebrand Head Coach giving him full control and passionate support (i.e. Narduzzi) and an incredibly high-character, and, HIGH FOOTBALL IQ! offense he did not succeed so much!

    Not one single NC State fan cared he was gone. And as Pat Narduzzi said — other teams are adapting so quickly to everything they perceive you’re going to try to do. How well did the screens and shuttles work against Northwestern?? Their starting eleven on defense might be the scout team at Clemson but once they had time to prep (like a team vs triple option) Pitt basically had to go to a totally “Traditional” attack.

    Jim Chaney’s offense that first year wasn’t chopped-liver either, and it got him a million dollar gig at Georgia under Pat Narduzzi!

    Pat Narduzzi empowers his coordinators and pushes them like a leader to be the absolute best they can be.

    Shawn Watson is gonna KILL IT. But he’s gonna love Pitt and working with Pat Narduzzi so dang much he’s gonna beg to stick around as long as possible. He’s gonna succeed at Pitt way more than he did at Louisville with Bridgewater 🙂 — (new saying for the upcoming season): BOOK IT, UPITT!


  27. ^^ See how Pittman4ever is??

    Actually it is a very high compliment friend, Gene Collier is the funniest sports writer/commentator in the biz. He goes on stage at the funny bone and various joints like Jergels <sp He cracks me up with his subtle humor.

    About Whitehead, He broke his arm last year year while playing defense, I don’t think Narduzzi can worry about players getting hurt while he’s trying his best to win games…… but he should be smart about it.

    You guys remember the kickoff when Narduzzi and PITT had NO ONE back to receive the ball?? That sort of dumb mistake sticks in the back of my mind….


  28. I agree with Reed. Take no chances with Whitehead in the offensive backfield. With potentially so many new faces in the defensive backfield,they need the steady influence of a healthy Whitehead at safety.


  29. I’ll be surprised if Duzz doesn’t continue to use Whitehead on special Offensive situations as he has in the past when it gives Pitt a strategic advantage.
    We will know soon enough!


  30. Now my turn to DECLARE RECORDS —- 9-3, Plus a Bowl Game Resounding Victory VS. a Top 10 SEC Squad.

    I’ve said that at least 3 times now, but still 🙂 …. 🙂

    Lol Shawn Watson has NEVER been “Empowered” as an offensive coordinator lol…. at Pitt he’s not only been given the ability to let his AMBITION-LOOSE, but he’s empowered and excited by Pat Narduzzi’s energy! 🙂

    Max Browne is “Technically” a taller, stronger Matt Ryan —— @Dave Andrews??? You been gettin’ Max Browne ready??!!!

    #HailToPitt 🙂 Youngstown State game one coming soon! 🙂


  31. I enjoy watching the podcast almost every week. Sometime when I have the time it would be fun to call in. May never happen though.

    Anyhow I wanted to say that I agree with Missing Walt (Eric) that Whitehead needs to touch the ball in strategic games and times. Tony D would have been a great d back but Pitt would have never won the National Championship had he played. I feel the same about Whitehead.

    If I were an opposing team and had to worry about Q and JW on the field at the same time I would have couple of sleepiness nights before the game.

    If Whitehead must stay on defense I say move him to Linebacker (as he is the best tackler and most physical player returning on defense).

    Call me Crazy but I just had to get it off my chest.


    1. You’re crazy!

      Actually, it’s a good thought if he was big enough for a middle LB. But I believe he would do the team better at Safety than an OLB position.


  32. for Pitt fans who want to rationalize if Bookser only gets 1 game …. it was just reported that PacMan Jones is getting one game for this …

    On January 3, 2017, Jones was arrested in Cincinnati’s central district. According to court documents, Jones was arrested around 1 AM for obstructing official business, disorderly conduct, assault, and a felony charge of harassment with a bodily substance.[69] On May 15, 2017 Jones accepted a plea agreement, pleading guilty to one count of obstructing a police officer.[70] He received credit for time served – two days in jail.

    Initial reports stated that he threatened the officer but that apparently seemed to go away. Maybe 1 game wouldn’t be so bad but check out the attached … scroll down until you see “Legal Issues”, and if you have 15 minutes or so, you can read all about them




      Bookster drove his car into a wall and crashed it into parked cars PLEASE STOP lol.


      1. ^^Yes, THIS COUNTS — he’s a super-likeable guy and that helps in both the “Court of Public Opinion” and ‘IN COURT.

        “Pac-Man Jones” got into “arguable” scraps based on witness-testimony in strip clubs and whatever ( NOT MY SCENE LOL for what it’s worth lol)

        But Bookser drove an SUV vehicle at high speeds through streets and crashed it through parked vehicles and into a FUC8IN WALL STOPIT.


  33. wwb, there is not enough time in a day to read over that JO’s rap sheet….. but then again, we are The University of Pittsburgh or PITT or whatever is the flavor of the month to some ????

    If we want to hold PITT to a higher standard of some sort of fabricated idealism then there is NO reason to be upset at a bowl loss to NW!

    It doesn’t work that way in today’s college football BUSINESS! Before we ship an academic all American honor student down the turnpike for stupidity and BTW, he was by the grace of God dam lucky he didn’t hurt someone, we need to look ourselves in the mirror.

    It’s a two way street fellows. My own personal opinion is that PITT plays it pretty straight up and acceptable to me but to play the martyr role is completely antiquated and counter productive if we all want PITT to win at football and help young student athletes at the same time. ………..ike


  34. BTW Darkie, it was a police chase and Bookser was running to save his life (football season) from all you henchman. Which tells us a lot. Football can save his life if we help him..

    What was the reason for chasing Bookser again? Oh his moter was racing and sounded loud……

    He was a very very very bad young adult. He deserves what he gets. I suspect he’s been under professional supervision help ever since and lets give the young man a chance.

    This is 100% percent my opinion on this young man’s life and it has nothing to do with PITT football!! Swear to it.


  35. I agree, wwb. One game seems a little light to me, unless there are some mitigating circumstances. I don’t recall if he has any other blemishes on his record. If he has gotten into any on campus situations that were covered up or not found out by the media, it could mean a longer suspension. Some of you blog writers, and maybe Reed, should be able to find this out.


  36. Regarding, JW on offense I would use him on a few occasions as a decoy, unless the defensive alignment gives him a tremendous mismatch when we really need it. In that case go for it!


    1. Me either and I’m not holding my breath.

      Golf anyone?

      JW will average 10 ypc this season – how do you keep a player like that off the field.

      The DB’s will be way better than last year – and JW will be their leader.


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