POV Roundtable Call-in Tonight; 7/19/17

We’ll have our weekly Roundtable Discussion again this evening starting at 8:00 pm.  I’ll be in the meeting around 7:45 or so if you want to join in a bit early…

Here is how to get in via internet:

Meeting ID


 Meeting URL


Just want to dial in on your phone?

1) +1.408.740.7256   (United States)
2) Enter Meeting ID: 303520973
3) Press #
4) Enter Moderator Passcode: 2615#   (Remember the # sign at the end of the number)


Possible Topics for tonight:

* Replacement starters on O and D? Discuss article choices

* Henderson’s 2017 role… What if he goes down early?

*QB2 battle? Do you believe there actually is a QB1 battle?


* Our record after three games?  Do the non-conference games matter?

* Which positions do we switch players if the season starters fail in the first three games?

* Discuss ACC Channel required infrastructure changes… Such as Pitt radio shows, radio booth, Pitt TV channel and new studio.


*Pitt picked 4th in Coastal division.


Pitt’s National Perception – good PSN article:


Pre-Season Awards Lists:

Posted Headline Category
7/19/2017 O’Neill, Henderson Represent Pitt on All-ACC Preseason Team Football
7/19/2017 Pitt’s Max Browne Named to Unitas Golden Arm Watch List Football
7/18/2017 Weah, O’Neill Named Candidates for Biletnikoff, Wuerffel Honors Football
7/17/2017 Henderson, Whitehead Selected to Hornung Award Watch List Football
7/14/2017 Pitt Highlights at #ACCKickoff Football
7/14/2017 Jordan Whitehead Named to Jim Thorpe Award Watch List Football


9 thoughts on “POV Roundtable Call-in Tonight; 7/19/17

  1. Some of you regulars and tough guys need to step up again tonight. I’m out …. BUT!!!…. Looking forward to the new round-table article tomorrow.. Hey, you don’t have to be commenters to join in.. come on boys and girls, let’s get with it!!

    BTW, Stop with the excuses. Show us your mugs, we will only laugh a little while and listen to your expertise PITT talk!! < ( you can’t be as goofy as me) ……….ike


  2. I do have to laugh. When the Wednesday’s round-table article comes around, many posters seem to be really busy.. What’s the dileo guys? Let’s hear what you have to say… Seriously, PITT football season is almost upon us. Let’s talk PITT football!! ike

    Let’s get with it little “Queenie’s” Little Queenie by CHUCK BERRY…………


  3. I cannot make tonight but vow to be there next week (the groans are deafening), I need to buy a camera and mic which i will do this weekend. It looks like fun, just don’t be making fun of my lack of intelligence. Can I bring my dog Rich? 🙂 Warning Reed I am getting “mail” with questions for you I may want to read one on the show.


  4. I’ll be there because I think this round table discussion & broadcast is a good idea. I want it to succeed.

    It’s easy to join the discussion. Just click on the Blue jeans URL that Reed has high lilted in blue above. It will take less than a minute to download. It should setup a BlueJean app on your pc/laptop. Click on the new app & follow the on screen instructions, & viola your speaking to Reed. In the future, just click on your app & enter any new meeting ID # & viola there’s Reed again.

    Ike – for someone who is taking a break, your still posting as much as ever.


  5. I forgot to say that once you get in the meeting, close the POV website (browser). You won’t need it & will cut down on reverb & other interruptions.

    RKB – I have not bought a new camera or mic. I use what’s on my laptop. I turn down audio to 40%.

    Also, I turn off my TV.


  6. Some rational thoughts from Tim Benz…

    Pitt will have “somewhere between 7-9 wins, plus perhaps a Bowl victory. A really good quality win or two. A let down loss and a bad upset along the way… this perception of Pitt has also been its reality in recent years.”

    “We can all say in Pittsburgh that ‘Pat Narduzzi has Pitt pointed in the right direction’ until we are blue in the face. And he probably does. But that’s just another preseason perception. Just like the Panthers may have been overlooked by the ACC media. The Panthers now need to prove both in real life.”

    Amen, Mr. Benz. Amen.


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