Get Your Fan Experience Committee Applications In!!! Yes – You!!


Our inaugural committee spent the past two years enhancing the game day experience for our fans. They have provided Pitt Athletics with valuable feedback and were instrumental in orchestrating the Football Fan Survey that led to new initiatives that were implemented during the 2016 season. We are very thankful for their time and dedication.

We’re looking for some new members to join our Panther Fans Experience Committee and encourage all Pitt alumni, friends, fans and students to apply. Members will serve a voluntary two-year term and convene quarterly to discuss the Pitt fan experience. The committee’s focus will include, but not be limited to:

  • The Pitt fan experience —before, during and after the game
  • Enhanced athletic department communications with fans
  • Customer service
  • Ticketing
  • Donor support

All fans are encouraged to apply by Friday, July 21st. The committee is expected to be formed later this month with the first meeting of the 2017-18 season taking place in August.

Here is the Link


Here is the link

I submitted my application but have grave doubts I’m what they are looking for – but you never know.  some of you readers would be great committee members though.

60 thoughts on “Get Your Fan Experience Committee Applications In!!! Yes – You!!

  1. I received this email as well and I asked the question, are these proposed meetings to be face to face? I may get involved if don’t have to actually attend meetings, which is total irony since a hot topic will be attendance. Maybe they can use me as a guinea pig example? ……ike


  2. Reed you would have the greatest chance.

    I agree that many POVerts would make excellent members, assuming the Pitt administration wanted constructive criticism and new ideas. I suspect that is the last thing they would want. I would actually pay an admission fee to see UPitt, Dr. Tom and Dark Knight on stage in a public meeting with Reed as the moderator. Heather of course would have to preside over the debate. What a fundraising idea 🙂

    I am available to think outside the box. How about the 150 acres available through the VA at the top of the hill just hundreds of yards away from old Pitt Stadium. An OCS in Hazelwood partnering with Uber, CMU, Pitt Engineering, maybe Uber developing driverless small buses to transport fans/students from Pitt to the games? Could even do that if Uber stadium was built at the VA site. Pat and Heather – too far to think ahead about? I can see my application being stamped DENIED as I type.

    ps If it helps Heather, Bill Dietrich (great guy) and I were grad students in Pol Sci at Pitt and spent many an evening drinking and smoking cigs together. You know Bill – Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. We young students laughed when Bill said he was going to donate all his money to education when he passed – he did, i eat crow. I see his daughter was on the committee. How about an old colleague. Yeah right.

    I hate to be cynical but I think we all know who they want on the fan committee. Plus ca change.

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  3. Ike,
    They may let you into the club if you submit stool and urine samples along with a colonoscopy.
    Good luck buddy!!!! :>)


  4. If you need a committee to fix glaring issues then Heather is even more of a puppet than I thought. We all know the problems. Go fix them Heather. Quit doing things that make you look like an inclusive dolt. These committees make me sick. 18 person committee to hire an AD from EMU. SMH.

    Turn on a tv and watch old games and look at what Pitt has done to its fans over 30 years. Easy fix if you have a brain and power. She obviously holds no power and is captain complianace.


  5. I applied. I told them I can give an outsider point of view as I am an Allegheny College grad, and was unafraid to give it to them straight.


  6. Focus groups are great if used properly and you get the right mix of people.

    I think if Heather would just read the last year of POV she would get what she needs.


  7. I just threw my hat into the ring, and for better or worse, mentioned my Pitt POV in my essay section. If any POVerts are selected, we should send Upitt in our place😎.


  8. Hey Upittsburghbaseball, now would be the time to put up or you know what. You can’t be in the air 24/7/365 can you? You can’t be critical when PITT is asking for your help or I guess YOU could. If you want changes, Reed and the whole POV can’t help you as much as yourself being your own mouth piece for what you believe in. Go for it…

    Pittman, again you disappear for a week. Are you C.I.A. , serial killer, PITT football recruiter, or just plain enjoying your retirement. Hope it’s the latter. Gonna be 62 and never a colonoscopy, that’s how big a baby I am… To me, down there has always been an exit not and no way an entrance…

    Richman and PittPT would make great committee members hope they pick you both. I find it necessary but it sounds odd to me they we have to apply. Imagine being turned down while trying to volunteer your services. ………….ike


  9. Definition of a committee:
    A group of the unfit, chosen from the unwilling, to do the unnecessary.


  10. Committees are a waste of time. Pitt already reads these boards and knows what fans think and what should be tried. Committees are just cover.

    The BoT is a committee and we see what wonderful decisions they have made on athletics over the past 30 years.

    Heather needs to take charge and start doing something. How is your fundraising coming along? What are your plans for improved game day attendance and experience? I dont know what you plan on learning that you shouldnt already know and have potential solutions to implement.


  11. Don’t look now but PITT wrestling just got another BIG transfer from Virginia. Former WPIAL Mickey Phillippi from Derry Pa and 3 time state champion has followed Gavin right back to his home area. This is the second WPIAL grad transferring back to PITT. Looks like Heather may have made a nice hire in Gavin… ike


  12. Ike,
    – Agree about Gavin and the wrestling program. Pittsburgh (WPIAL) is an absolute HOT BED for H.S. wrestling. We should dominate the ACC.
    – Yes, I am enjoying retirement, Ike! Also, I read our POV comments regularly but try not to over do my commenting. As you know, I enjoy seeing the humor in things and will comment accordingly – humor helps me keep my sanity (at least I think it does). :>)


  13. Oh you’re kidding Pittman and here I always take you so seriously. No, when I read you comments I picture like you look on the round-table smiling like a butchers dog, you DAAG! 🙂


  14. Sent them my 2 cents worth.. also suggested the read the POV mentioning the July 11 th post.. 164 comments mostly pertains to filling seats and creating atmosphere..
    I am with UPitt on the ” committee” total BS. Need a leader who knows the history who will act on solving problems…a good start for the committee would be to take notice of the POV
    REED.. have the “committee” write a POV thread requesting our IN-PUT….


  15. BigB, taking a break from grass cutting and weed whacking and I read your comment. Didn’t I have a post out of those 164 about my hemorrhoids outbreak? Or did I post that somewhere else? Oh never-mind, that must have been to my proctologist or Pittman, cause he’s a pain in the butt. 🙂 Just kidding Houston J…… ike


  16. If the AD must have this committee, she best have the Student Gov’t President always on it, as well as Greek Life representation and any other student group with the most influence and access to students. This should drive buy-in from students, in theory. The students must take ownership for their part.

    Secondly, she needs to include the faculty senate leaders, dean’s counsel and any other faculty group that has exposure to the faculty masses to start pulling in the same direction. Next, she needs to have the most senior leader of the alumni relations on that committee because they are critical to reaching the alumni base. The next key member is the research partner in charge of private corporate development. Pitt researchers are heavily involved with privatization and working with private companies. We need those private corporate partnerships to support Pitt athletics. Why isn’t Erie Insurance the preferred carrier for Pitt Athletics….at a sponsorship cost. The AD needs to understand that athletic success drives applications and a better student base.

    Finally, she needs central HR Leadership to help pull the employees to the games. Athletics is a strategic risk for the university. The reason companies and universities FAIL at executing their strategic plan is because they don’t know how to properly identify, assess and strategically handle risk.

    The biggest problem I have identified with the Pitt Administration including its Athletic Director is HUBRIS!

    I don’t want to be on any committee that has no power to make a change. That is a waste of my time. The AD and Chancellor fumbled, again.


  17. Don’t think having a great sports team matters?

    Boston College – a decrease of 28% in applications.
    Rutgers – decrease of 11%
    Missouri – decrease in over 20% – Extenuating circumstances plus poorly performing major sports programs.I just returned from 3 days there to study the phenomenon. Interesting to say the least. Racial issues too, but one exec i talked to personally indicated it was also tied to poor performance in athletics.

    Shocking to anyone that those schools are terrible athletically? Pitt is playing with fire here.


    1. Agree. Pitt’s poor attendance today can be traced back some to those students of the 1990s who were given a crappy product and probably don’t care about football. I can’t blame some of them.


  18. I confess, I don’t know much about all this committee stuff but when you don’t like the man or in this case the woman, people will find anything and everything to complain about. I’m talking through experience here, having been involved in upper union business.

    imo, I can’t find one reason to dislike Heather Lyke, just YET. They say the squeaky hinge gets the grease but not always. Sometimes they just say fudge it and throw the whole door away it’s such a pain in the bum. TOO much noise from the door will get you ignored!

    I absolutely recognize the workers I represented years ago with message board posters and bloggers and understand there is zero chance to satisfy their needs.

    How about getting on board and see what we can do? SOP = SOP fans! …imo…. ike


  19. BTW Huff, I totally agree with you. You start with football (bread winners) and go from there. When will the PITT BoT understand that putting money into their football program is an investment not a liability.

    Still think there has been some movement along this thinking.


  20. i’d apply but my only recommendation is the obvious one everyone already knows… spend the money to win enough games a year that people get excited. 8 wins a year isn’t gonna do it. 9 might, might not. 10+ will.


  21. for you oldtimers lime me …. Babe Parilli just died at 87. He played at Rochester High, and was old enough to play for Bear Bryant AT KENTUCKY in early 50s. I remember him QBing the Boston Patriots for most of the 60s

    He then played QB for the NY Jets in late 60s, backing up another Beaver Valley legend who also played for Bear Bryant in college


  22. Ike .. next time you see your proctologist have him or preferably HER stick 2 fingers up your butt- that way they can get a 2nd opinion while they are in there!!!


  23. Wwb …remember Babe well.. at age 12 got a youth football with his name on it.. 1st football suit with Kyle Rote shoulder pads… red pants and a white jersey with red and blue UCLA stripes were part of the surprise that I awoke to on December 25 1963 Christmas morn.. my helmet was red with 3 red stripes … I drew the # 12 on my jersey and the Ole Wilson red helmet- well it changed colors like a camelion


  24. I think I can pretty succinctly sum-up my main message I would make at a “fan committee” meeting to any high-ranking members of the Athletic Department:

    “Okay, #1 – Pay Pat Narduzzi….A lot. Okay, #2 – Pay all the assistant coaches, a lot too…. Now, one more point – Stop playing $chitty Music during the games — let’s fire that sad waste of life who is the “DJ” — and mic-up our marching band. — Pump those Pitt fight-songs through the stadium and let is soak into the bloodstreams of the wonderful Pitt fans.”

    I would then grab the microphone I’ve been carrying around out of my pocket, lift it up over my head, then drop it on the floor. Sums it all up right there. Athletic Director Lyke would rise up as I exit the room, and start a fiery slow-clap. Meeting adjourned.


  25. How about taking the money for the new hockey team and putting it toward a revenue-generating sport like, uh, football, instead of going cheap each and every time u make a decision.


  26. A committee with no power is a non-alcoholic tailgate. Smiling, happy people, that debate a bunch of topics and then go home. Nothing of real change or import, accomplished. Wanna make big changes, get big thinkers and then empower them.


  27. @Ike – I don’t know the AD but for a brief meeting while she was at another university several years ago. I do know that she used basically the same introductory speech at Pitt that she used at EMU. I thought that was very minor league-ish and Pitt deserved better.

    That’s the OSU, Dairy High School, Alabama and most others scheduling patterns. Watch out for Kelly getting canned this year.


  28. Lyke is a joke. Rookie. Amatuer hour. Look at people’s salary and last job and it tells you she isn’t worthy of an AD at Gannon.


  29. To analyze the ability and actual progress + positive-accomplishments of a University of Pittsburgh Athletic Director, one must have a future-focus in that Pitt has only 4 years ago arrived at the “Power 5 Big-Boy,
    Big-Money Table”
    and go from now forward.

    So what are the goals?? I think Number ONE, then a pretty closely trailing Number two — is making Pitt Football a top ACC program in talent and then coaching to go compete for ACC Coastal Titles and bring in as many fans + merchandise sales as possible. Then the number 2 is of course to build-up the Pitt Basketball program also to a true Contender that goes into NCAA tournaments really looking to make noise (I don’t consider it a rebuild — Big East days are memories I see it as Pitt has never been an ACC Contender at all yet).

    Football is looking really good, and a great aspect with Pat Narduzzi is that he’s just as passionate and thoughtful about ways to build the program as any AD could be —- so he constantly assesses the Pitt Program and goes to the Athletic Director with ideas. Then it’s just in the AD’s court to pay-up, or not pay-up. Lyke will give Pat Narduzzi everything he needs because any discerning Pitt fan can just clearly see, Dude GETS IT and wants to build Pitt into a Big-Time Winner.

    The Bball program is at the bottom now and we will see. Jamie Dixon hit his Ceiling and that’s it. Stallings has a much higher potential ceiling. People talking without comprehending the Big Picture about Stallings not doing great at Vandy???? Urgh, look how well James Franklin is recruiting and building penn state — he too in the Vanderbilt Football Program hit his absolute pinnacle there with 8 win seasons, scheduling multiple D-1AA every year, and insanely bad and weak out-of-conference to get there. Yet at pswho he is crushing it — proportionate / same level of how much more Stallings can do at Pitt vs. Vanderbilt in bball except at Pitt Dixon left NOTHING to work with to start.

    Stallings maxed-out what any basketball coach could do at Vandy, and at Pitt he’s got everything he needs to be Elite, so we shall see but I have hope.

    Pitt has only been in the ACC for 4 years now — but I think after a MONSTER top 15 Football season (that won’t be followed with Tiny Sunseri at QB the following year like 2010’s 10-3 top 15 season 🙂 lol) Pitt is going be looking in such a better position in a few months that it seems feels right now.


    1. @ those who complain about Kevin Stallings “throwing player under the bus” —- ( 🙂 🙂 hahaha 🙂 I thought “Millenials”, were supposed to be the, “Snowflakes”??? 🙂 hahaha jk jk) —- Ryan Luther has MANNED-UP LIKE A BOSS!!!!

      Ryan Luther got Hiroshima F-Bombed on National TV for not playing like he could + should by Pitt’s coach Kevin Stllings, and still that young man with guts is proudly staying at Pitt to Lead Pitt B-Ball ^^^ UP and he said he would never transfer out.

      HONESTLY —- Cam Johnson to me was always a total (AT BEST) MEH….EH dude and he clanked and air-balled so many open 3’s I had zero clue why anyone was upset he left ( Except on ‘PRINCIPLE’ / Character yeah of course lol ).

      Top 15 Football season — Max Browne essentially (as a top 2 round pick) saying, “Phook USC, Hail To Pitt!!!” as he gets drafted —- and Pitt Basketball looking exciting and with a bunch of players who are FIERCE and play their Hearts-Out onto the Peterson Floor…. Pitt is ^^^^^ taking it’s rightful-place on-Up. 🙂



      1. And if you can afford it or have insurance, I agree with @PittFan28 — please try and get a Colonoscopy! 🙂 🙂 lol #LongTermHealth


  30. You older guys who havnt had a colonoscpy yet, really need to.
    I’m 42 and had one and had three polyps removed. They could have eventually turned cancerous if they remained.
    Also, you don’t even know the doc was in there.
    I’d prefer to be able to talk to you guys in 20 yrs than to find out ya got some cancer.
    Wouldn’t post this if I didn’t want to nudge you towards potential life saving decisions.
    God bless.


  31. wwb senior scorecard since turning 50

    4 colonoscopies – 1st one resulted in removal of non-cancerous polyps
    3 endoscopies – diagnosis of hiatal hernia and acid reflux
    one cancerous bladder tumor removed — after several treatments and scope inspections, clean bill of health after 7 years and counting
    one slight medial-mcl tear in right knee …. after therapy, just occasional slight pain
    high cholesterol – but controlling it with meds just like ..
    high blood pressure (probably from being a Pitt fan)

    The point is is that it doesn’t get any better … yet I (1) still go to work every day, (2) feel relatively healthy, (3) walk or hike every day, and (4) looking forward to retirement next year (hopefully)


  32. Dark Knight – Comical. Stallings is a joke. Prop him up all you want. Take the O on my 13 Wins this year chief.

    The Pitt Basketball Program and Pitt Athletics Department needs a Colonoscopy.


  33. I don’t think we want to get into “who has the worst” medical history… But so far I’m winning– eerrr I mean losing… Yet I know there are many many people that have it far worse than any of us. < (that we know of and that’s the point) Thank God for that! …ike


  34. The real question is, when will we next be one of the 8 – 10 ACC BB teams (ACC has 15 teams) in the NCAA? 3 years, 5 years, 10 years? I am not hopeful.


  35. I believe good things are happening considering the BB team. Struggles for sure the next couple years but things will turn around eventually. I’m sure this comment will wake a few of the guys up… ike


  36. Looking forward to the biggest BB game of the year, us vs BC for last place in ACC. Sorry, you could give this guy NC last year and he barely win 20 games. Coaching style and philosophy hasn’t changed his whole career. Can any of you actually say you’re excited to watch him coach this team?? I’ll give you an over under, 2. Yep, that’s the over-under on TOs he’ll use per game.


  37. Sorry about getting off track. I’ve been in a crappy mood since I woke up. Had nightmare that we were loosing to YSU 26-13 with 1:36 left and we had blocked 2 of their fg attempts. So Ya, I’m a little cranky.


  38. Pitt football is on the right trajectory. Pitt basketball is a dumpster fire and no chance of extinguishing the flames anytime soon.

    Now Heather I know your minions read these boards so I dont get what you mean by setting up a committee to tell you the answers to Pitt’s problems (boards are an ongoing focus group along with what boosters whisper in your ear). Heres what I suggest. Start making your own decisions without worthless input because we know you dont value it. Start thinking big and outside the box. Start bringing in some money from boosters who you can convince you know what the Hell you’re talking about and have solutions.

    Pitt will NEVER fill Heinz so stop developing ways to bring 70k fans into a pro stadium. Winning will not bring fans into the stadium alone. This is the entertainment business. And with college, you need to connect and engage with alum. Show them how their attendance and donations can impact their degree, identity, and worth. Show alum how getting back to campus is a good thing from a spirit, economic and community standpoint.

    I see you Heather as rather meek and worthless. With Tressell, I would see us as light years ahead at this point and on the right path. With Heather we are wandering and clueless and seeking the input of committees which is a losers approach. Thats what I see branded on your jacket…a mustard gold L for Loser.

    All that talk about a front porch is pure BS from Gallagher. And the BoT has no desire to begin branding Pitt based on athletics.

    So why do Pitt fans care and think things will really change? I see fluffy talk and few if any actionable solutions from the leaders. If only the world could be filled with rainbows, unicorns and kittens…maybe then our Pitt leaders would finally get things right.


  39. It’s not answer’s it’s opinions. How would know what will be discussed unless you are there? Where was the hate when “the steve” was hired and changed the name, uniforms and cutoff long time PITT programs?

    This AD has done none of that.. but she might? … ike


  40. ike – there was real hate when Cornhole was re-hired and surely by the time he was forced out.

    We see how Stevie 2 went down. If Nebraska got rid of him with cause, it was a red flag for his buddy Nerdy to hire him back. Nerdy then gave him a golden parachute yet many think our former Chancellor did great things.

    Sure – created a monopolistic medical empire, destroyed the Pitt brand, and left us with mediocre academic standings…we actually dropped from his start to finish in many publications. Pitt was set back and harmed irreparably from that AD hire and total disregard to our front porch.

    And Pitt doesnt care about opinions quite frankly. Its facts that matter. If they want opinions go to this board, rivals and Blather. And listen to those you schmooze for money. Heather doesnt have what it takes to run a real P-5 program if she asking for input from a committee.

    This AD has a very low bar set for her. She wins right off if she doesnt alienate boosters and alums. But, She is not winning the war if she doesnt start making strategic decisions that drive revenue and relies on committees for cover.

    Pitt is pathetic when it comes to athletics. You want real change – the BoT should have nothing to do with athletics. Separate athletic board of 5 members whom the AD reports. Leave the Chancellor out.


  41. OK Tx_. but why the hate when she hasn’t been given a proper chance? It just goes against my grain.


  42. Increasing attendance is a long-term project, but Heather needs to get the ball rolling.

    Increase the number of Alums attending by winning and keeping Coach Duzz for stability.

    Increase attendance by non-alum Pittsburgh fans by connecting to the local communities. Do this by having the coaches go out into the neighborhoods and schools– give out Hail to Pitt t-shirts to the kids, have chalk-talks and clinics open to anyone.

    Going to take time and a consistent message and brand (colors), but will work, IMHO.

    No harm in soliciting ideas, just don’t let that keep you from acting.

    Go Pitt.


  43. No hate to Heather. I’m just not impressed by her actions. Amateurish at best. Pitt blew it when they didnt make overtures to Tressell.


  44. Its only my opinion about the front porch from what I’ve seen from our long time bureaucrat who is currently Chancellor and the previous 30 years history tells me that the BoT could care less about athletics. This branding talk is a bunch of bull. They are more interested in their medical empire, research grants and being published than creating an inviting porch or even the classrooms inside. I question why I continue to support my alma mater. I sure the Hell havent donated in a long time. Pitt again deserves what it gets. Start treating fans and alum right and then maybe you can expect some payback in terms or attendance and donations.


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