POV Roundtable Tonight – 7/12

trickRemember that we’ll be having a POV drinks & dinner get together on Saturday evening at 6:oo pm at The Porch in Oakland – smack in front of Hillman Library.  I’ll be there around 5:00 so that I’ll be drunk enough to deal with you all before you get there – wives, friends and families welcome also.

Wow – what a great discussion on stadiums, attendance, etc… in response to the last POV article.  We have at this time 148 comments and all mean something and are great views into other readers’ minds on those tender subjects.

BigB asked for Reed’s input there and I’ll say this.  After I write an article that gets so well discussed – especially if it is a subject that I, and you guys, feel the Pitt administration need to become aware of – I’ll send that along usually via emails.

If it is something truly very important then I draft a formal letter and send it to Pitt – original to the office that has responsibility over the subject with copies to others I think need to see the info.

Sometimes I get responses back and sometimes I tell them there is no need to write back.

But I am a big believer that if you want to ensure something gets read – and especially if you expect a response – the hard copy is the way to go.  Email lessens the impact of the message and can be too easily overlooked.

I highly suggest you all do the same… it is one thing to state our opinions on here – another thing altogether to send it to the source.  When doing so mention things like if you are an alumni; a season ticket holder and thus Panther Club donor, and if you donate to other areas of the University.

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher

University of Pittsburgh

4304 Wesley W. Posvar Hall

230 South Bouquet Street,  Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

Athletic Director Heather Lyke

Athletic Director’s Office

Petersen Events Center

Go get them!


We’ll have our weekly Roundtable Discussion again this evening starting at 8:00 pm.  I’ll be in the meeting around 7:45 or so if you want to join in a bit early.

Here is how to get in via internet:

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I went out and bought a good set of earphones so that my speakers won’t cause reverb like it has in the past. I suggest you all do the same.
Here is the info from Bluejeans on the subject:


Steps to help you reduce/eliminate echo from your computer include:

  1. Avoid dialing into the meeting from a telephone in the same room with your computer video endpoint (click here for description)
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34 thoughts on “POV Roundtable Tonight – 7/12

  1. From end of last thread.
    Haven’t noticed if above included this – Available 150 Acres of Land in Oakland. The mayor of Pittsburgh as I posted several months ago has indicated he plans to purchase the VA Hospital from the feds. This facility has several sports fields. Further Pittsburgh is in distressed status – gotta see where that money comes from, I smell private pockets being enriched. Finally, the City and County already have the facilities for training etc so this is a boondogle of some sort. There will not be this much land available in Oakland again. Calling Gallagher and Lyke.




    1. you may want to check the site of the VA that is up for sale …. Lincoln Lemmington may not be the optimal stadium site


      1. Anon is correct, the VA property in discussion is the old Highland Drive Campus in Lincoln-Lemmington. Just a few hundred yards from the Shuman Detention Center. The VA Hospital in Oakland is not moving anytime soon.


  2. Heather is Sleeping Beauty. It will take who or what to wake her. Maybe a frog from Panther Hollow.

    Pitt is constrained being an urban campus. The facilities at State schools far exceed Pitt. So Pitt must be innovative and think outside the box. A retractable domed stadium makes the most sense. More than 1 program can use it and it doesnt have to be just an athletics facility.

    Again, what will Pitt do in 15 years when the Stillers decide to move to Butler or Washington County. Heinz will be too expensive to renovate and well past its 25 year life (the architects and engineers built it for 25 years…thats public knowledge). And the game will be different from a playing and viewing standpoint in 15 years anyway which will provide greater impetus for implosion or out right move to the Burbs.

    Pitt better be proactive but reacting in nonsensical ways is Pitts historical approach. Never an once of genius, innovation or forward thinking.

    You want to become a respected school across all programs? It will take facilities before coaches. Build it and they will come….


    1. The Pete is more than just an athletic arena. They hold other events there.

      The problem with an on campus stadium isn’t just real estate. Ingress and egress in Oakland is very painful for a full Pete. Same with parking.

      The Steelers will not leave Pittsburgh proper as long as Art Rooney II is alive. They also won’t inhabit a domed stadium. They refuse to dump the turf at Heinz for crying out loud.

      They also just pumped millions of dollars into Heinz improvements and the Steelers are looking for more. I doubt anybody believes it will only be a 10 year return.


  3. Whole riverfront is open up from Hot Metal. Heather is a puppet. Never did anytjing. Don’t tell me anything about EMU. I didnt even know they had athletics. She is a joke.


  4. Proactive. Innovative. Foreword-thinking.
    Let me add concerned, involved and passionate to the long list of adjectives the administration lacks with respect to sports.


  5. Talking about improving attendance, it’s repeatedly mentioned that you gotta win. For the past 15 years the Pitt basketball team has been the most consistently successful sports program on campus. Football would appear to have clearly surpassed Bball at this point. Any chance that a number of fans, students and/ or high rollers will trade their Bball seats for Football seats?


    1. Enjoyed – you make me a believer!

      Mad Max and his cast of offensive weapons are going to take down the Coastal Division in 2016.

      Shore up the D and winners Pitt will be…



  6. Pitt B ball is the only game in town. If Pitt played their cards right they could pack Consol for games and would not need an OCA for basketball. Pitt F ball competes against the Stillers and plays in their stadium. Pitt football will never be the draw in Pittsburgh. Pro football wins every time in a pro sports town. Pitt could have had something with basketball. But look at our leaders, past and present. Completely clueless and oblivious. We Pitt fans deserve better.


  7. ^ But what will they do with “The Pete”? / taj mahal! Very over-rated. Who puts club seats behind the benches? No one!

    The round-table was a hoot tonight. I liked the jagging around with each other as we went along. …but you need to see the outtake as they call it. Reed, RichMan, PittCocks and the infamous Doctor were in the house. Great vibe all the way around.. ike


  8. PittPT, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. The son in law is from the Scranton area and promised the tickets to family, who btw, are PITT fans.


  9. Zack Gilbert, son of Pitt great Sean is no longer listed on the Pitt roster. I hope he is healthy enough to get his degree. Sad that we won’t get to enjoy his football talents.

    Here’s hoping Zack leads a prosperous and happy life.



  10. Bball success started by scheduling 12 cupcakes early so that we would start 12-0 and only need to go .500 the rest of the way to get into the big dance. Football needs to be the same. 3 wins and one difficult out of conference games. When things align, you go at worst 3-1 but at best 4-0. Go 6-2 in the ACC and you are now at 10-2 and highly ranked.

    @pittman – thought about you when i saw quote from Colonel Sanders outside the 1st kfc store in Corbin, Ky last week. “the easy way is efficacious and speedy-the hard way arduous and long. But as the clock ticks, the easy way becomes harder and the hard way becomes easier”. Cant make that up.


    1. This is a myth. Pitt bball success started by dominating Big East Conference play year in and year out with occasional early season tournament wins outside of conference (e.g. Duke 2007), particularly in NYC. This all happened while the Big East was arguably the best bball conference in the country.

      In 2001-2002 Pitt finished 13-3 in the Big East and won the western division. The 2001-2002 season commenced 10 years of dominance including four regular season titles. Pitt won two tournament titles and had multiple tournament finals appearances including 4 in 5 seasons. Pitt was ranked and seeded #1 multiple times. It had very little to do with early season cupcakes (which everybody does).

      This approach is foolish for football. People have posted multiple times about how the only OOC games for which Pitt football will ever really draw are PSU, WVU and ND. Yet you espouse scheduling 3 non-con games with cupcakes. This is the type of scheduling that people have complained about for years.


  11. Losing Tipton a big loss. Fortunately, WR is one of the deepest positions on the team. Ben DiNucci will still have plenty to throw to.


    1. You mean, — “Ben DiNucci will still have plenty to FLUTTER THE BALL to.”

      Unless DiNucci has added 10+ MPH to his ‘Fastball’ he’s gonna have to stay over on the sideline.

      “Everyone Loves the Back-Up QB”…… —– until you ‘SEE WHAT HE HAS’.

      DiNucci had a shot but that soft-arm is just not strong enough to be a QB at this Elite ACC level.


  12. according to PSN, Paris Ford has been assigned uniform No. 12. I have no idea of his eligibility status, but he indeed may still be part of the picture this fall.


    1. Here are the freshmen players and their nos. (pretty large group)

      QB Kenny Pickett #8
      WR Michael Smith #9
      DB Paris Ford #12
      DB Jason Pinnock #15
      DB Damarri Mathis #16
      TE Charles Reeves #19
      RB Todd Sibley #23
      RB A.J. Davis #29
      LB Albert Tucker #30
      LB Cam Bright #38
      LB Kyle Nunn #47
      DT Jaylen Twyman #55
      OL Gabe Houy #57
      OL Owen Drexel #60
      LS Cal Adomitis #61
      OL Carson Van Lynn #72
      OL Jerry Drake #74
      OL Carter Warren #77
      WR Dontavius Butler #80
      WR Darian Street #83
      TE Grant Carrigan #84
      TE Tyler Sear #86
      DE Deslin Alexandre #97
      P Kirk Christodoulou #98


  13. Dang is this a ‘Louisville’ Thread???

    Lol don’t desire “Yum-Yum” supporters here!

    But seriously —- create a nice “Group” of SEXY — AWESOME Pitt Script / Image (i.e. past greats) tarps that also set-up Heinz to be exactly 50,000 capacity.

    That would be one Sweet North End Zone Blue ‘N Yellow Pitt Script Tarp (that is the Big, ALWAYS EMPTY fat-top endzone section right??) and then just put-in two “Sliver” tarps just to help fill-in the upper sideline top decks.

    Just coordinate and create the tarps nice to make them —- in an AESTHETICALLY PLEASING FASHION slip-over the top deck seats that Heinz frankly doesn’t need for Pitt games, —- all in order to make Heinz a perfect 50,000 capacity (i.e. if you cover those specific upper-decks) and then sell tickets next season (or this season) that way.

    It’s too easy to do. Straight-Up, I’m busy but indendepent-contract hire me Athletic Department (PRO-BONO JUST GIVE ME A HOTEL ROOM LOL) and I’ll get this set-up at minimum-price and MAXIMUM-AWESOMENESS asap.


  14. Does anyone know the health status of Damar Hamlin? Is he 100% or will they ease him into workouts? He is a critical part of our defense going forward.


  15. Darkie, there was a pretty good QB from western PA that wasn’t very big and wasn’t known for his arm strength. I think his name was Montana or something like that. Good decision making and ball placement can make-up for a lack of proto-typical size. Just sayin’.


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