Here are Max Browne’s USC stats again, followed by Savage, Peterman and Stull’s also.  Take a look at their years as a regular player at Pitt. For comparison in NP’s case that would be 2015 and Bill Stull’s 2009.




Stull1.pngHere is a video I came across in my Internets travels with Chas Alecxih talking about Beelzebub Graham’s abrupt departure.  I include this for the readers who felt that SP never did a positive thing in all his time at Pitt.

We’ll be meeting at The Porch on the Pitt campus on Saturday evening... let’s say 6PM for drinks and dinner, but I’ll be there at 5 PM. I go there all the time when back in PGH and it is very pleasant – right on the Schenley Quad across from Hillman library and in the shadow of the CoL.


The menu is nice and inexpensive as are the drinks.  BTW – Pittsburgh prices are awesome if you live in any big city area of the US.

Please let’s make this a chance to meet as many POV’ers as we can.  First round (or two depending) is on me as always. We have a lot to talk about with the Fall Camp in just four weeks.

27 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; July 9th, 2017

  1. Bummer, I was hoping that the dinner was on Friday and planned to come. I have family coming in from out of town on Saturday and won’t be able to make unless their plans change.


  2. a possible issue for your scheduled get-together at Porch. The PGH Grand Prix is being run at Schenley Park next Saturday and Sunday. With Porch being located so close, there may be much traffic and the restaurant may be packed.


  3. Reed I’m unable to attend. My sons having a baby shower it’s my first grandchild and it’s a boy so I’ve gotten him decked out in Pitt clothes already H2P


  4. You do good work, Reed. I’m thankful for your efforts.

    My prediction for the 2017 season is 9-3 and Narduzzi winning his first bowl game. Losses to Penn State, Oklahoma State and Miami.


  5. I do like the tarping idea. Heck charge for advertising. Not sure about relocating the student section. Seems properly placed to me. Not sure how you get more students who are bused to the games to attend. Maybe free beer and condoms. In the end, not sure how you create a home field environment when your stadium is a pro stadium off campus.

    And Reed don’t let the bastards get you down by the jokers saying the last round table didn’t have fans who knew a lick about Pitt football. The A-holes who complain are those who would never join anyway.

    My greatest Pitt win memories were the Ohio State game back in 88 I believe (my frosh year), Pitts last game at Pitt stadium against the Domers, the 4 OT thriller in Morganhole (I remember very little of the OT though), and Pitts 13-0 win against Penn State back at 3 Rivers. Yes – certain other games were special like Clemson and Pedo State last year and of course 13-9.

    But I count memories based on the games I attended and didn’t watch on TV.


  6. You’re going to see the advent of domed stadiums taking advantage of viewing and interactive real time technology and the comforts of home. These damn Millennials are ruining the game but that’s the future.

    Seriously why go to a game where seating is cramped and uncomfortable, parking and traffic is difficult, you are exposed to the weather elements and surrounded by drunk/obnoxious fans, the food and drink is expensive and poor quality, you sit too far away and don’t see all the stats/commentary and other things you do viewing on the internet on your 70 inch flatscreen TV.

    What makes game day attendance better that sitting at home and having friends over? Well it would be better if you could tour campus and see the old stomping grounds and take part in pre and post game traditions with other fans and believe your voice has a chance to truly provide a 12th man.

    But this is Pitt….


    1. FWIW, I have never been to a domed stadium (of any sport) and don’t plan on ever going to one … unless you count the Civic Arena.

      Having said that, I believe you are correct Tx Panther.


    2. TX, you ever been to a game at Heinz Field? When I had my season tickets, I was on the 40 yard line, in the middle of the row. lower level. Great vantage point! The dreaded yellow seat is comfortable, had it’s own cup holder and since we were in the middle of the row, never bothered by fans needing us to stand up to get to their seats. Although we bothered others in our more often, when them tailgate beers needed to be evacuated during game time. And the replays on the big screen suit me just fine. back in the concourses, plenty of TV’s to keep track of the action in the process of hitting the restrooms, etc.

      The only major problems that I ever complained about was getting a sunburn during the early season being on the sunny side of the field and having to wait too long to get that over priced food you speak of during halftime. well now we even have overpriced beer to consume during the games, so what’s not to like?

      Heinz gets a bad rap way too often. I still remember the joys of getting splinters in my ass from the weathered old wood bleachers at our own Pitt Stadium, then dealing with the stench of the adjacent piss troughs while waiting in line at Pitt Stadium’s food concessions. Ah the memories.

      Me thinks that thou doust protest too much. Nothing beats game day, even at Heinz Field, if you’re a true college football fan.


  7. wwb – it is nice. i’m glad it wasn’t there as an undergrad though … I had enough between-classes-beers stops already. Having one outside of the library would not have been good.


    1. It looks like a nice place, a place I would go to. I’m planning to return to Pgh after retiring (next July), and will start catching up


  8. I watched 5 innings of a MLB baseball game in Seattle under a dome and left early – couldn’t stand the atmosphere (there was none).

    I think AD’s Pittsburgh Cafe’ might be closed… I’ll check but we’ll be at The Porch on Sat evening hell or high water.


  9. FWIW, the actual Grand Prix race is on Sunday, the qualifying heats are on Saturday. I would have no idea what, if any, traffic issues would be involved.


  10. Has anyone heard an update on Bookster? When is his hearing and has there been any official announcement on his punishment?


  11. I offered to fly him back from Madison for the festivities but he said he didn’t like to associate with a drunkard.

    Funny thing is that my wife’s brother looked just like both of them also.


  12. Bookser waived his prelim, formal arraignment 8/30 which is nothing. probably will go ARD for probation and no record. No word on team punishment.


  13. Reed,
    Speaking of Hawaii, a new Hawaiian restaurant opened by me and I ordered the traditional Loco Moco, which was FANTASTIC! Bed of rice, large chopped sirloin patty, brown gravy, and 2 sunny up eggs on top.
    My younger son (the wrestler), who lives in Vegas ( which is like Hawaiian central) suggested the dish.
    I’m sure Mrs. Reed makes an awesome loco moco!


  14. Having attended a Falcon’s game in the now defunct Georgia Dome, any domed stadium is not football. However I did support the dome on old Pitt Stadium because university athletic events comprise many different sports (track, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, etc.) especially in cold weather areas.. Indoor football is Arena football.


  15. Guys,
    Concerning indoor stadiums and ball parks. I would agree with you if I didn’t live in Houston.
    Their football stadium (NRG) absolutely rocks and is a fan favorite.
    And The Astro’s Minute Maid Park is also an incredible place to watch baseball in perfect 72 degree conditions, though neither stadium is considered a dome and both roofs open on good weather nights or day.


  16. rkb, thanks for the update on Bookster. Looks like he will be arraigned the week before the first game. Great timing. That might be the very day they teach blocking.. 🙂


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