Tyler Boyd’s Free Camp Notes

Boyd Camp

Local NFL Star Tyler Boyd to Host Youth Football Camp in Clairton

 (Clairton, PA – June 30, 2017) Tyler Boyd of the Cincinnati Bengals will host a Football Camp, locally for the first time, on Saturday, July 15th.  The camp, will take place at Boyd’s alma mater, Clairton High School (501 Waddell Avenue – Clairton, PA 15025).    

The Football Camp will run from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Registration Begins at 9am), and is open to youth ages 8 to 15.  Youth athletes will participate in comprehensive speed and agility drills used by professional and college teams to improve player coordination and skills.  Registration for the one-day camp is free.

“It’s a special feeling to be able to come home to the community that molded me, and teach young athletes the necessary skills to be successful at a game I’m most passionate about,” said Boyd.  “Sharing my craft and talents to inspire the youth in Clairton and surrounding cities, and to excel at their dreams is what I want to do, like my mentors did for me.”

Boyd will bring along special NFL guests to assist as coaches for the day. 

Boyd’s camp will teach youth participants, important life lessons on becoming well-rounded individuals and giving back to the community.  All participants will receive a free t-shirt, lunch, and an autographed photo of Boyd.

15 thoughts on “Tyler Boyd’s Free Camp Notes

  1. @Huff from previous article —- 🙂 🙂 — haha no I of course am not trying to make a direct comparison (or, an “Academic peeing-contest” haha) between the reuptations of The University of Pittsburgh and the Stanford Cardinal!

    But — yes, I did strictly mean Football wise, most-especially with Pitt not having Andrew Luck (although I would say Nathan Peterman was an upgrade of Kevin Hogan overall). But David Shaw, similar to Pat Narduzzi keep fighting and pushing to bring-in Stud Quarterbacks because they comprehend what a Beating-Heart the QB is to the Entire Football Program —- last year Stanford was a Playoff level team with a Stud QB, instead they had a Wanny-level situation back there (albeit with 6’5”, high ranked QB’s — but they just were not that good.)

    @Reed —- Why so paranoid 🙂 haha did you think you were getting pranked???!!! Just like with you and Pitt’s DB’s and defense overall —- NO PATIENCE!!!!! LOL


  2. For the record, I was being sarcastic about the two knuckleheads from Cinsy. Aaron Donald on the other hand would be a real coo.


  3. Ike – you need to understand that it is WordPress’ new format that doesn’t allow editing – not by my choice. I’d do it if I could – at the very least it might stop these emails coming to me to edit swearwords out…


  4. FWIW, Bengals’ Coach Marvin Lewis is a local guy from McDonald, PA … same town as Marty Schottenheimer (not far from Quicksilver golf course). Still not likely to show.
    There is also an atricle in Post Gazette today about the capm


  5. tyler boyd of clairton pa. home of the bears continues to be just like Smuckers Jelly and Smuckers Peanut butter—HEY SIMPLY THE BEST!


  6. Somebody needs to tell the CINCY qb that if he throws 100 balls to SMUCKERS
    [BOYD} that Smuckers will catch at least 90 of them ! Flat out Factoid Folks !


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