POV Sunday Podcast; June 25th, 2017

4. Pittsburgh
Sept. 9 at Penn State, Sept. 16 vs. Oklahoma State, Sept. 23 at Georgia Tech

There won’t be any easing into the 2017 schedule for Pat Narduzzi and the Panthers. In Week 2, they hit the road to face No. 5 Penn State. You think the Nittany Lions will be motivated after losing at Pitt a year ago? Then comes a home game against No. 6 Oklahoma State, which throws the ball all over the park with the returning combo of quarterback Mason Rudolph and receiver James Washington, and the Panthers open ACC play a week later by going on the road and having to deal with Georgia Tech’s triple-option attack.

Name Pos Location Ht Wt Stars Rating
Matt Alaimo TE Montvale, NJ 6’5″ 235 3 5.7
Blake Zubovic OL Belle Vernon, PA 6’3″ 308 3 5.7
Chase Brown OL Scranton, PA 6’6″ 310 3 5.6
John Morgan DE Hyattsville, MD 6’3″ 235 3 5.7
Judson Tallandier DB Hyattsville, MD 6’2″ 180 3 5.7
Wendell Davis LB Richmond, VA 6’2″ 215 3 5.5
Jake Kradel OL Butler, PA 6’4″ 270 3 5.7
Noah Palmer DE Jefferson Hills, PA 6’4″ 225 3 5.6
Nick Patti QB Montvale, NJ 6’3″ 190 3 5.5
Jay Symonds TE Cambridge, MA 6’4″ 248 2 5.4

Steel Valley safety Paris Ford will not start classes on Monday with the rest of the incoming freshmen, multiple sources told Panther-Lair.com. Details of the situation are unclear, although it appears Ford could have an opportunity to qualify this summer and enroll closer to training camp.

If he doesn’t qualify this summer, Ford could spend one semester or a full school year at a prep institution like Milford Academy in New Berlin (NY) before enrolling at Pitt.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

The NCAA Eligibility Center was created to bring academic and amateurism certifications together under one roof. Its purpose is to ensure that college-bound student-athletes, as well as coaches and administrators, understand the requirements to participate in NCAA Divisions I and II athletics.

All incoming freshman who plan on attending any NCAA Division I or II university MUST register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, meet all academic and amateur requirements and be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

What are the NCAA Eligibility Center standards I must meet?

The standards issued by the NCAA Eligibility Center are slightly different for Division I and Division II but are based on the same four principles:

You must graduate from high school.

You must successfully complete all core courses.

You must have a minimum 2.000 GPA in core courses; and

You must have a minimum qualifying score on the ACT or SAT.

Military Bowl Presented By Northrup Grumman

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Navy-Marine Corps. Stadium, Annapolis, MD

ESPN, 1:30 pm

Pitt vs. Navy

39. Pitt Panthers

Relative Strengths: Passing Game, Special Teams
Relative Concerns: Pass Defense, Linebacker
Why Are They Here? Will the Panthers ever stop a passing game? USC transfer Max Browne will keep the offense going, but against so many good ACC QBs, all that matters is the beleaguered secondary.
2016 Final Season Ranking: 35 (8-5)
2016 CFN Preseason Ranking: 32

113 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; June 25th, 2017

  1. question to the board – does anyone have a break down of Heinz Field seating capacity by section?


  2. I hope everyone lets the Paris Ford situation play out respectfully and leaves the kid alone.


    1. That’s a good prediction.

      But I think Georgia Tech is going to run all over us. They haven’t been out of the top 10 in rushing in Last 5 Years I believe.


  3. Gasman… loved the Military Bowl up to the point where we got our ass kicked…5000 Pitt fans and a great atmosphere… has Duzz ever won a game after a break?


  4. (Last thread) PITTDOC… thanks for chirping in .. we have our team dentist- Dr Tom, anesthesiology-Gasman, a couple of PTs and gyno- UPitt!!

    Welcome aboard!!


  5. Allow me to rephrase that: i don’t want to lose again to Navy in a bowl game.
    And, if we have a banner year, i hope Heather secures a better landing spot for us than Herman did.


  6. Here’s some things::

    Didn’t Navy get beat by Army two years ago? I think so, so I’ll move on with my premise. Guess what? Navy was one of the top 15 teams in the country at that season’s end. Navy should never have been playing in that Military Bowl game, they were that good. The loss to Army didn’t hurt the perception of Navy’s football team but it did hurt which bowl game they would play in. Lucky PITT.

    I guess PITT could have very easily lost both the Clemson and psu games just like they could have won the OSU, VT, and especially the UNC games.

    What speaks more highly of PITT concerning the toughest schedule stretch ranking at #4 this coming year is the fact that psu is ranked #3 because PITT is on their schedule.

    PITT will beat a depleted YSU team while preparing for the psu game……easily. Although it may not look beautiful in PITT’s fans eyes.

    Now is the time for the young players to step up and play. PITT missing many starters and they need replaced and I expect that will come from the younger group and they will be very good. Just maybe not this year? Not saying they won’t win games but I don’t expect a completely smooth transition all the way around. There are 8 regular season win’s on this schedule if the football gaads are willing.

    I didn’t take the time (busy today with grand-kids) so I didn’t take the time to figure but if we add up all the recruits real scores you will find they average well over 3 star recruits. Somewhere around 5.5-5.6+ 3 stars.

    I understand that Ford played at 3 different high schools the past 3 years. Could this be a problem with Clearing House?

    Interesting that PITT’s pass defense gave up 28 TD passes compared to the nations high of 40. This was the hike and heave strategy that worked so well. Opponents didn’t chew PITT up with throws in stride so much but then again 28 is way way way too many..

    Blue Angels in town on a beeeuuutiful afternoon in downtown Latrobe. Have a great night everyone ….. ike



    1. Navy lost to Army in 2016 for the first time in 15 seasons, not 2015. Thus the Army loss was the season AFTER Navy kicked Pitt’s behind in the Military Bowl. Navy’s BIG win in the 2015 season was a lopsided road victory at Memphis (then ranked #15) in early November. Navy was subsequently pummeled on the road at #21 Houston 3 weeks later. Navy was ranked #16 or #15 (AP, Coaches) entering the Houston game. Their highest ranking all season. Navy finished #18 in the final AP and Coaches polls. No team that Navy beat during the 2015 season was ranked by the end of the year.

      Navy belonged in the Military Bowl. It would have been nice for Pitt to have been coached up ready to contain the option in the that game after having played GT earlier in the season and having nearly a month to have prepared for it.


  7. Friend I did mention that 28 TD’s were still way way way too many… There’s no way around the fact that the pass defense stunk to high heavens last year.

    You need to work out the audio problems for the round-table, just give me a heads up in some form.. I’ll be around.

    Hey forgot to mention the possible new author.. Great idea! Maybe he could go on the RTD. round-table discussions?

    Chase Brown has to be older than 17, right? Isn’t he a juco transfer? … and he’s a big man..


  8. Reed – That wasn’t directed at you. What you said is perfectly fine and worthwhile but I don’t think commenting on his situation past your post is worthwhile until we know if he’s eligible or not. There’s been negative comments about players in the past and their character questioned. Tyler Boyd comes to mind. I just don’t like it.

    BigB – Nope. Duzz has struggled out of every break … bye week and bowl games in both years. I’ve made my opinion on bowl game known (pointless) but it’s been my one concern with him. Duzz has to find a way to win coming out of non-routine breaks.

    Last year the VT and Miami games were a doozy (pun intended). 10 days off for VT, who was playing back to back Thur games, so VT was still in routine with a 7 day work week … and b/c it was a Thur game that lead to another 9 day break for Pitt to play Miami. Had the VT been a true bye and played on a Sat, I think Pitt would have come out better against Miami with a normal 7 day week.

    The defense hasn’t concerned me. The recruiting hasn’t bothered me. The in-game coaching hasn’t bothered me. The assistant coaches haven’t bothered me … The bye week preparation has bothered me … it needs to be fixed ASAP for Pitt to take the next step.


  9. I don’t want to play Navy again in bowl either … it will be more of the same … because bowl games are meaningless. Pitt will play super conservative with it’s DL. Pitt won’t let them engage the OL at the snap of the ball to protect them against chop blocks. They’ll also be wearing big braces again for the same reason. Navy will move the ball on the ground … with ease.


  10. New rumor and I stress rumor Paris Ford enrolling in a prep school as Reed suggested may happen. Still hoping he can get himself eligible this summer for fall camp. Crossing my fingers but until we know I guess we don’t know???


  11. I wanna add a bit of color to the bowl game situation. What Reed indicated was that Narduzzi can get the troops up for The Dairy High School and Clempson, but not for bowl games. This is not a new phenomenon across the NCAA. The issue is how to get the players to not sit out bowl games, or if they do decide to play, play with maximum effort. The subplot is money.

    The players do not want to risk injury and their potential to earn an nfl check. The NCAA needs to respect the players choice on that. Think about how many Pitt players were drafted and add the others that are on an nfl roster right this second. That was a lot of players participating in a meaningless game with only downside risk of injury for a player participant. There is no upside for the athlete to participate in a meaningless game. Either the bowl games are going to go away or the players will need to be incentivized or protected in exchange for playing. This of course does not include the 4 teams in the playoff.

    The feeling is that the players on those teams find meaning in the game and won’t sit it out. This is why there will be playoff game expansion. Nice topic and i would be interested personally in your thoughts on the subject.

    The player culture is changing.


  12. Huff … you are right on about bowl games becoming meaningless in the eyes of players focused on an NFL career….ESPN may have to cut back on the sheer number of games – we will see… kinda sad as many on here remember when it was ” college ball” but things change and there’s no turning back unless the NFL is forced to develop their own minor league system but that ain’t happening- they have the NCAA taking care of that for ’em at no cost to the NFL owners.


  13. I’m trying to catch up here … but pertaining to the Navy bowl game:

    1) Actually, Navy beat Army two years ago but it was a close game. It was this past season when Army finally beat Navy after 15 years, or maybe more

    2) People may forget that that Navy was ranked and favored against Pitt in the Military Bowl. In fact, the only two losses Navy had were to two teams that finished in the Top 10 in the final rankings … Notre Dame and Houston. (ND beat LSU and Houston beat FSU in their bowl games). Navy also beat a ranked Temple and Memphis.

    3) Navy played Army on the 2nd Saturday of Dec and the bowl was played in the last week of December, thus, they only had a 2 week layoff.

    4) Navy QB was Reynolds who finished in the Top 10 Heisman, and read more than one article stating that he should have been in New York (finishing in Top 3). He has almost all of the Navy all time offense records except for passing (assume Staubach has those) … and pretty sure he is at or near the top in altime NCAA records for offense, TDs, and rushing for QBs

    Having said all of this … Pitt should have done a better job on defense. I don’t blame them for losing, but the defense was way too porous … probably due to a lack of speed from sideline to sideline.


    1. sorry Barvo … missed you posting above. You pretty much stated what I did, only from a different perspective (MSNBC vs Fox)


  14. Hopefully, along with continued improvement in other facets (overall defense, recruiting, etc), we will the team better prepared for games following a break. This is another area Pitt needs to improve to take another step forward …


  15. Navy was good and playing at home, although with a great Pitt contingent. But Pitt just flat out stunk on both sides of the ball. Don’t buy the excuse that seniors didn’t want to play. There were very few seniors anyway. Our lines got hammered on both sides of the ball. I blame that one on coaching.

    I blame the Northwestern defeat on just plain bad luck, too many fumbles, an int, the slip on the goal line and then the injuries. That can happen to any team at any time.


  16. Narduzzi doesn’t seem to be able to close the number one guys on his list, but the number two guys aren’t too bad, and who knows which will be better in two to three years?

    I wasn’t as sold as most on Ford starting this year, but losing him altogether would be a huge blow. Hope he stays loyal if he has to go to prep school. He has all the tools to be a great one.


  17. Navy did beat Army in 2015. The game was very close. Navy was held to 199 rushing yards. Army beat them in time of possession. I watched the game and Army gave Pitt the blueprint to beat Navy.

    Pitt coaches blew it!


  18. Is there any word on George Hill’s life after football? Did he stay at Pitt? How is his health, mental outlook etc. Hoping for the best for the young man.


  19. Didn’t some sports reporter or radio host tweet something about Ford failing out of Pitt a while back. It was totally out of the blue. I forget who it was. Maybe it was about a different player.


  20. The loss of Chaney really hurt in that game. Navy was going to score on us, but didn’t expect the O to lay an egg.


  21. wbb – The defense was bad because Pitt’s D-Line were in knee braces and didn’t engage at the line of scrimmage. Pitt could not afford injuries on the D-Line going into next season.

    Huff – you’re 100% right but it’s more than just the kids with NFL aspirations. It’s a bonus game after the season. It’s a glorified exhibition game, thus coaches and players approach it that way. Pitt/NW winning the Pinstripe Bowl doesn’t improve either program.

    If the Bowl game doesn’t have national relevance, like the Rose Bowl, it’s not going to be taken overly seriously by players or coaches.

    I love the new playoff system and hope it expands (Ideally 10 teams) but it has hurt secondary bowl games and their relevance.


  22. Would gladly accept that loss for the offense we had with Canada. Hope the new guy maintains the greatness.


  23. I don’t buy that these kids don’t want to win bowl games. Tell that to Northwestern. You still put a trophy in the trophy case. It is the last statement a class makes. You can get hurt in practice or falling down the steps like DJ. I think these guys have more pride than that.

    I do think an eight team playoff, with one from each Power five and three at large would settle most disputes. Although a sixteen team playoff would be awesome. Four weeks of good games.With conference champs getting automatic berths, 5 weeks.


  24. @gc – You may not be buying the effort for potential draft picks, but that is the reality, sorry. It is a huge concern for the NCAA right now and they have put together a select group to study this phenomenon. It’s not your childhood bowl season any more. It is business and as the players continue to get smarter, more and more will sit and or not play full tilt for fear of injury.

    If you don’t think so, look at the draft over the last two years and see how many kids got hurt playing in or practicing for their bowl game and the millions each lost. Jake Butts (UM) and Jaylen Smith from ND are the two latest casualties. And before responding that they bought insurance to cover, please look further and realize that both are in litigation trying to secure payouts….from insurance. Leonard Fournette and others are typical examples from last year of players that sat out. The borderliners are conflicted and as such, lack the effort at times because any slight injury and they are toast. A player will never admit it, but it is true.

    It might be a little too much inside baseball, but the player culture is changing…and quickly. The next step is the kids sitting out the playoff’s and when that happens, a sea change in the bowl set-up will hit the masses.


    1. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of players giving it their all in the Bowl Games — including the great majority (*and it will always be this way in the NFL numbers-game) of upperclass, NFL draft eligible age players —-

      Why O’ Why are people so hyper-sensationalizing that each year some certain players who may be very high draft picks will sit out?? That is fine!

      Some guys will sit-out, many will play.

      And when the big-time stars who are totally-out and gunning for the NFL draft a few-months away sit-out, each school will have hungry young players ready to go fight for that spot!

      Not most obviously, but some are seemingly terrified of transience here but with some players ready to become multi-multi millionaires in a few months it makes total and complete “Pure Economic” sense for them to “Pull a McCaffrey” (ps. Leonard Fournette was actually Legit-Injured still with a lingering, hobbling high ankle sprain — he need cortisone shots every game he played in all season in his ankle after his injury to even play. He insinuated strongly that he would have played vs. Louisville if fully-healthy.)


  25. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be with Paris Ford. Larry Fitzgerald and many other big time athletes went to a post high school ‘Prep’ school to get their eligiblity on-track.

    I for one never wanted Paris Ford to have to play this year at all anyways. For me the very-idea Pitt having not only Whitehead and 6’1” Damar Hamlin manning those two safety spots is exciting — with some tall young players like 6’2” RS Sophomore Jazzee ‘Jay’ Stocker and others who have been in the program in the mix for PT there.

    If Paris Ford either comes too late and Narduzzi Red-shirts him for the season (which Pitt fans want either-way) / or whether Ford has to deviate his route for the moment to become eligible, it’s all good — It’ll all work out in the end for both parties.

    And Pitt has North Carolina this season at HOME after the bye — Pitt is freagin’ 0-4 (!!!) against them since being the in the ACC — so my-goodness Pat Narduzzi getting his first post-bye win would be nice there.

    Pitt has come out totally lifeless against both Navy and Northwestern the last couple years for sure.

    Navy was whatever — and every in-the-know fan knew just to enjoy that game but not to expect a win. Ranked Navy team straight-up at HOME lol —– Keenan Reynolds (now with the Ravens as a WR) who by light-years was their best QB since Roger Staubach in his final ever game after an illustrious 4 year starting career and Navy was 10-2, only losing to Notre Dame (the same team that Humiliated Pitt way-worse at Heinz) and to Houston who went 12-1. Pitt was also not nearly as good as they were this past year —- Pitt losing that game was not the issue — they just came out of the gate so terribly lousy, flat, and low-energy before waking up that was the problem

    Last season against Northwestern was simply bizarre. James Conner got stuffed on 4th and 1 and he just didn’t look like he was really in that that game even before his injury.

    Nathan Peterman threw a crazy, crazy-bonehead interception outta nowhere in the red zone.

    The defense gives up 224 yards on 32 carries to Northwestern’s running-back Justin Jackson??? Plus he had some humilating runs on the defense including a 68 yarder….so much bad all-around.

    To be fair Pat Narduzzi didn’t fall over his feet instead of scoring a TD, let the air outta James Conner before the game, throw a terrible interception when a TD might have ended the game — and (displayed by the letting-go of Coach Sims and massively upgrading the D-line Coach spot) Narduzzi definitely was Livid about getting gashed for 224 yards by their running back.


  26. gc – NW didn’t play great either. I mean, there has to be a winner after all, so one team will play better than the other. You don’t have to buy it but that’s the reality of what has happened with bowl games. The BCS diminished them and the playoff has further marginalized them.

    Absolutely, coaches will approach the games differently so you may have some more urgency from some teams. For example, if you have a senior laden team without many pro prospects, they will probably play a little harder than a team with pro prospects or a young team without depth that you’re trying to keep healthy. Same for a team that hasn’t been to a bowl very often.

    Every team/coach will have their own motivation with the game … but it won’t be with the same intensity of a regular season game. Pitt has a team with a lack of depth and had some players with pro-aspirations. The last two bowls have been approached with that in mind. You can’t tell me it hasn’t.


  27. When you are on the way up, you need to learn how to win. You can’t take a game off. While I agree there are too many bowl games and most mean little nationally, a team has a winning attitude or they don’t.

    If I am a pro scout, I don’t pick a kid that sits out a bowl game. That kid is a loser and not a team player.

    The great players don’t have on/off switches, they want to beat you whether it is the Superbowl, ping pong or tiddleywinks. They hate losing. They have the killer instinct. They don’t take plays off, let alone games.

    I don’t think Pitt didn’t try or want to win their last bowl game. They just made too many mistakes and then lost Conner and Peterman to injuries. That’s football.


    1. wbb – It’s an exhibition game. A glorified spring game. It’s nothing more. It’s a game in late December with your next game 8 months away. You aren’t going to learn how to win in this situation, especially when you’ll have 12+ new starters in your lineup the next season like Pitt does. The real reward was the extra 2 weeks of practice Pitt had with those new starters going into next season … and coming out relatively healthy.


  28. It was like the five fumble game, sometimes you just can’t get out of your own way. It wasn’t that they weren’t trying.


  29. I’m guessing the loss of Tyrique Jarrett and one other major defensive player to injuries (can’t remember who) had a major impact on NW’s rushing surge in the bowl game..


    1. Both internal DL, Jarrett and Soto, played only a couple series between them. Whitehead did not play.

      these guys represent probably 3 of the best 5 or 6 defenders Pitt had last year.


  30. I want to be over the NW bowl game so bad but for the life of me I cannot understand how people can say PITT came out flat when they absolutely dominated the first quarter. Yes unusual mistakes, bad play calling (O’Neill’s reverse at the 8 yard line), Henderson had a bad fumble in there, Nate’s bad interception, the inexplicable slip and then the injuries. BOOM. PITT still throws a TD pass that was dropped late in the game from a backup QB to a great TE.

    That game was the furthermost game away from “not being ready to play” as I’ve ever watched. Just because some cranky dudes in the press box saw something that they conjured up in their minds certainly doesn’t mean I’m buying it. PITT kicked NW ass up and down the field first quarter. I watched the game….

    I will blame Narduzzi for not being ready for the run game though.

    Sorry I was wrong about the year Navy lost to Army. Navy was really good team that year and senior laden-ed as well against a young team with a new head coach and lousy OC. That was a bad match-up from the beginning for PITT and they got beat really bad all the way around!


    1. ike, your view about Narduzzi not planning for the run game is valid up to a point. NW continue to make 1st downs on 3rd and long via the run.

      On the other hand, the coach can only put the players into position, the players have to make the play. One of the lasting impressions I have are a handful of times when I thought the Pitt LBs or DBs would be able to tackle the NW short of the 1st down, but not completing the tackle. Another impression was Briggs completely whiffing on a tackle on the NW 40 yard TD run late in the 3rd quarter


  31. I just want to add. I realy don’t care what the PITT players demeanor looked like before the NW game was played. I’ll judge that game by how they played first quarter..


  32. Face facts, Pitt stunk on defense. lack of speed, depth, injuries and talent is not a recipe for success. But at the very least the elements needed to be a far better D is enrolled. D by committee on DL and adding Pine, Zeise and full time Wirginis and Brightwell is a big step in the right direction. Whitehead at free and Coleman, Miller and Hamlin provides needed athleticism and talent as well. Camp, Watts, Carter, Hendrix,Pugh, Wheeler as well.


  33. Okay, KS got a recruit over 6’6″. I’ll point it out before Upitt…He was really only recruited by mid-majors before.


  34. Based on his picture, he is weighing in at way more than 215. Hopefully they get the 7 footer also.


  35. When you rag on Stallings recruiting you’re also ragging on kids that you know very little about.. It’s really not fair. imo These young men want a chance and we don’t know things. KS has reformed the PITT roster as well as could be expected if not better..


    1. if he starts blaming the players this year like he did this past year, anyone supporting him is an idiot


  36. LOL – He makes 3M and we are praising him for bringing in a mediocre class.

    Ike – Please be my boss. 3M, I act like an ahole to everyone, blame kids and swear like a sailor and recruit terribly and I’m praised.

    13 games Ike – I have $100 bill says Stallings won’t win more than 13 games. You in?


  37. I’ve never posted a comment supporting Kevin Stallings. Instead I post in wonderment for the hate spewed without giving him a chance and the subsequent fallout indirectly including the recruits he signs. There is a difference here.


  38. Without giving him a chance?????? What was last year? Yes a Tourney Team that Dixon would of taking 1-2 rounds in the NCAA. This turd didn’t even smell it or ACC Playoffs.

    But hey we beat out Central Conn State and Quinpipiac and Monmouth for this stud. LOL

    Next year when Rockports wins 11 games and you want to fire him remember you were 2 years late.


  39. ike

    I am with you as far as the recruits. There is a good chance several of them will be fine players.


    You ripping KS for swearing like a sailor is hilarious. That should be the one thing you like about him, LOL.


  40. Upitt: Sampson had offers from Oregon State, USC, VCU, Monmouth and 16 other schools. Let’s be honest now. Everyone gets it, you hate Stallings…

    Last year was certainly not giving KS a chance and that’s not even close to being true. He did act like a frustrated idiot which is par for his course. I’m not a fan but I do consider myself reasonable.


  41. … and btw… Upitt I have to laugh out loud. I’ve had bosses that didn’t make 3 mil a year but they had less respect for the employees than your rockport man. I take it you were born with a half silver spoon in your mouth…

    George Carlin once said ” calm down and have some dip” I must think you’re a great guy or else I wouldn’t care much what you say.. < That’s a compliment btw. your buddy ike


  42. If KS gets Chris Efretuei, who is being recruited by Georgetown, it will be a nice close to the 2017 recruiting.


  43. It will be interesting to see whether KS has recruited an ACC or a MAC caliber class for 2017 season. My guess is it is the latter.


  44. Is James Conner practicing with the Steelers or still having to sit out with a hamstring issue?



  45. Concerning Bowl games,

    WHEN the NCAA, AP, and all the national polling agencies STOP RECOGNIZING bowl game results in the FINAL RANKINGS – then I will consider the OPINION that bowl games in general are meaningless. That is simply NOT TRUE at this point.
    People can say bowl games are meaningless, day after day after day, after day…… – and like a political view, try to make it truth! But it’s simply not so – no matter how many times you repeat the propaganda. I respect all of our povite opinions, but please stop trying to make an opinion, fact by annoying, constant repetition.


  46. Pittman there is not a person commenting on this blog who’s opinion I respect more than yours and you do make a great point.

    I don’t say they are mealiness in total but there are some things to consider:

    The NCAA is so far behind the times it’s sad. As an example, psu is still violating sanctions considering vetting teachers and professors who could be potential child molesters and the Auditor General flatly states they are not doing that plain and simple. Let’s not rely on the NCAA to be on the beam unless it suits them.

    The AP? What’s in the games for them?

    This past year a couple big time players decided to sit out their teams bowl games. hmmm? Is it better than a player starting the game and then sitting out over a slight injury ( in fear of losing draft money)? The implications are limitless. It’s almost to a point of game fixing if we dig deep enough into what may happen in the very near future.

    Northwestern was a senior laden team yet a budding team of the future. Could it be they had more to lose than PITT? NO!! not saying that but it’s worth thinking about.

    My point about all this mumbo jumbo is that we simply don’t know what is going on in all these young men’s minds going into a game that can really do them any service. NONE!

    Next year could very well be the year Narduzzi feels the heat to win and the bowl game and the team they play may be missing a couple players sitting the game due to indiscretion and unwilling to take a chance of an injury.

    Bowl games will soon be abolished if they don’t make some sort of adjustment. Take that to the bank.

    $$$$$$ The gambling industry doesn’t like the direction this is headed.


  47. Gentlemen, I have no idea at all what the quality of Stallings recruits are. Maybe they will be a pleasant surprise, maybe not. What my problem with is ha coaching style. Last year was no different than when he was at Vy. His in Game moves, the use of time outs, the throwing kids under the bus, the it’s never my fault attitude, the screw you fans attitude. That, gentlemen, are things that had little to do with the team and more to do with his historical personality.
    You can stick up for him all you want, but he even managed to turn off the Zoo, and that’s a good trick. Sorry, but unless there is a major change in this coaches relationship with the fan base, I will agree with .Mark. Rockports !!


  48. Joeknew +10000. Grew up very meager Ike. I wish I had a silver spoon.If so I’d sell it and by Nat Gas Stocks.


  49. Let’s be literal, I did say half a silver spoon. You’re way too angry to have had a full silver spoon. I guess between you and I, we had pretty much bupkis. The old glass half full/glass half empty?

    I read a long time ago that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. I guess I’m just a lazy ass. 🙂


  50. Sitting out a “meaningless” bowl game? What’s next…..
    A “superstar”(s) on a team that is out of the conference championship run sitting out the last 2-3 games of the season so he doesn’t ruin his NFL chances??

    Where will this end? Will we have to pay them to finish the season – to keep people buying tickets?


  51. Do final rankings really matter???
    All that matters is who wins the NC and who has a chance to win next year a championship the next year
    One might argue that a good final ranking may provide a better starting position for the next season but that depends on the number of starters coming back particularly QB. And coaching stability.
    Bowl games are meaningless
    I’d rather watch Pitt in the ACC championship than some crap bowl in a crap town.


  52. Guys, i had to put to sleep the most empathetic dog I ever will own today, rescued from an Amish puppy mill. I am not looking for comments and at the risk of being political my wife and i adopt older dogs that are thrown on the heep. Please pay attention to whether the place you get dog is a puppy mill. God bless my Paula Sue.
    Real question: When these recruits are rated 3 with at 5.7 etc….Are these ratings based on physical skills ie 40 times etc ?; or are based on the old eye tests, reputations eic? I am not a recruiting guru I am just curious.. How are these determined with 5.6 vs 5,8. Thanks


  53. Reports show the ACC moving on its network by 2019.

    Cannot come soon enough with ND as well.


  54. rkb, I understand that you’re not looking for it but sorry to hear of your loss of Paula Sue. What you and your wife do is very commendable to say the least. Bringing love into a dog’s life no matter how long, brings the pet happiness and joy as well as to the both of you.

    You know we just lost our last dog and it’s still stings a lot.

    Chris Peak had a podcast last week explaining Rivals methodology at near boredom (just me) and very detailed if anyone is interested in linking it?

    Being an ADA, I’m certain you know the difference between subjective and objective. Scouting services are subjective on steroids X 10………………

    again my sincere condolences.. ike


  55. Sorry RKB on your sweet Dog!! Sending you well wishing from Texas.

    Hey POV’ers I need a favor. I got everything set for wedding except……. I need a preacher! Any of you Preachers??? Or can do the service? Seriously. 9/23/17


  56. PittPT – You better get your ass there….. Mansions on Fifth in Shadyside.

    I’m Presbyterian but my current options from my Aunt is a Rabbi and a Lesbian Judge so I’m open haha.


  57. Haha, I’m not a minister, Mark . But I’ve had some patients who are ministers and could look into some options for you.


  58. Upitt,
    I was a seminary trained (Dallas Theological Seminary) Sr Pastor for 25 years. Had to retire due to several health issues. Would be glad to perform the wedding. However, if you recall I now reside in Houston. I could at the least recommend someone in the Burg or at the most happily perform the ceremony.


  59. I am not a preacher but I stayed in a holiday inn last night!

    @RKB – sorry for the loss of Paula Sue. Sometimes you come home beat up from work and the family just ain’t so happy to see your mug come through the door, except one. She wags her tail and greets you every night as if you just made her day. Little do they know that they have made your. Thank God for the dogs.

    Looks like Pitt bball has doled out 8 or nine schollies for the coming year. That is a great strategy actually. With any luck, you keep four of them after next year and have the talk about mutual split between player and team for the other five and open up even more schollies for 2018. At some point, you should field a solid team even if by attrition only.


  60. According to PPF, Brian O’Neill and Conor Williams (Texas) are two most efficient returning pass blocking OTs in college football.

    O’Neill was a 3-star TE when recruited by HCPC and staff. Either they or the new staff recognized his potential (at 6’5) to put on some pounds under supervision and with his nimble feet to make a heck of a pass blocker.

    This is an example of recognizing potential and developing 3-star talent, which is the way schools like Pitt has to get it done.


  61. U pitt – I think Rockports is very similar to a ship’s captain. He could probably perform the wedding, but it would have to be on court at The Pete!!

    Then, in a classic case of role reversal, you could blame HIM, for anything that doesn’t work out!

    BTW, let me know when you will be in Savannah. If I’m in town, I’d like to meet you!!


  62. Some bloggers here continue to undervalue the benefit of lower bowl games. For starters, there are the additional practice sessions where the coaches can get the younger players ready for the following season. With practices limited during Spring ball and during the season, the younger players don’t get enough reps to completely understand and get comfortable with the offense and defense. As wwb mentioned, schools like Pitt need to move players around and develop their potential by finding their best position. It takes many practice sessions for this.

    Also, the lower bowl games are a reward for the players and alums, and if used properly could present opportunities for fund raising during the buildup to the game. So you could make the case that programs such as Pitt need these games even more than the elite programs who will go to top bowls every year and maybe practice until early January.


  63. VOR: You are absolutely correct in what you state. I couldn’t agree more.

    Bowl game participants do get the extra15 practices which are invaluable for a team hoping to get the younger players some on the field experience. Now again, I’m not one to say the bowl games are meaningless but I do try and put them in perspective. Losing one is not the end of the world.

    I noticed you left out the part about how they could change a teams image win or lose. They don’t!

    Lastly, bowl games are in real danger with players just beginning to sit them out. This will soon become the norm and everything will become topsy turvy in the college football world unless rule changes are implemented.

    I think this phenomenon will help to increase the college playoffs to at least 8 or maybe even 16 teams… imo.



  64. On bowl games — I don’t care how crappy of a bowl it is, or how crappy the opponent is, if it’s another chance to see the Pitt Panthers play — I’m all for it…

    Go Pitt.


  65. ike, I think that winning a minor bowl game doesn’t help much, but losing one can hurt. Right now, when sizing up the relative strengths of different schools, or the ACC vs. Big 10, people may say that the ACC can’t be as strong this year or vs. the Big 10 because Pitt lost to NW. People may be saying that the NW program is further along right now than Pitt’s rebuilding effort is. At best, it leaves a bad taste around the program for not finishing strong.

    As for players sitting out, maybe I’m old school, but it is the kid’s responsibility to the program and his teammates who might not be able to play in the NFL to play the last game. No team should ever play a game without trying it’s best to win. If a kid would get hurt in a meaningless game they are not trying to win, and it ends his career, that lack of integrity cannot be justified. No one should just lay down for an apponent. Sort of like the kid is expected to pay all of his on campus parking tickets before graduating, or guess what, no diploma!


  66. Once again I agree VOR. I’ve never even played a game of badminton or a silly board game without wanting to thrash my opponents, let alone a serious men’s game. … but it’s gonna be the new way with these bowl games. How can they make a kid play when when he already has one foot out the door.

    Didn’t the kid who now plays for Houston sit out a bunch of games his last year and start all this? Clowney or something like that?

    Losing is never good in my book as I just don’t see the point unless I’m playing with one of my grand-kids or wife. Wait a minute, I never let my wife win, (on purpose) The last bowl game loss hurt me two, I just watched a different game they some did.


  67. I think the public perception changing because of a bowl win/loss depends upon who the college is, and who they beat or lost to. Ohio State got completely manhandled in the playoff by Clemson last year, and yet they are picked this year in the Top 5. Pitt certainly has more at stake since its public perception is middle-of-the-road. But, I didn’t think its perception was elevated that much with its last bowl win over Bowling Green … however, it probably would have taken a hit if they lost.

    It would have been nice to finish ranked, and it can be a recruiting tool … but overall, I think too much is being made of the recent bowl loss (probably because its was the last game played.) To my recollection, the last time so much of the offseason was used to lament the bowl performance was after the 3-0 Sun Bowl loss to Oregon State after the 2008 season. Even to the degree that Stull was heartily booed in the opener versus YSU even though Pitt won 38-3. Stull went on to have a pretty good year as did the team.


  68. VOR – minor correction: It is some ‘commenters’ who underestimate the importance of bowl games on here. There is only one “Blogger” on here and that is me – Reed.

    Semantics I know, but there is a distinction – and I also agree that all bowls are important – some more than others of course.

    To All – new article being drafted now for later today… sorry i missed the lunch hour but have real-life things going on.


  69. wwb and that 3-0 loss in the Sun Bowl game was played in a 55 mph wind shear/gusts that very few PITT fans wanted to acknowledged. The weather was brutal that day. Although the bowl game officials did supply the Sun as advertised.

    Don’t forget Oregon State had a great offense that year and only scored 3 pts themselves.


    1. correct … (and they also had to use 3 back-up OL) .. but to a large handful, they didn’t want to acknowledge those excuses/reasons just like some doesn’t want to hear about the silly mistakes and all the injuries of this past bowl game


  70. Bowl games & the change in red shirt eligibility (ability to play in three or four games w/out losing red shirt) may be the answer to stars injury concerns. Who amongst us wouldn’t have loved some our true freshmen play in last years bowl.

    Clowney was one of the first collegiate athletes where the media discussed his sitting out the season due to injury concerns. Per Spurrier, Clowney was banged up during the year. Personally, I think he was concerned with injury & his play showed it.


  71. It obviously isn’t a high priority now for an OCS given Heinz has another 10-15 years left. But to say nobody has approached her is disingenuous when the Populous Study is out there regarding feasibility.


  72. Small tidbit:

    I couldn’t find it on the link wwb provided (thanks wwb) as she also alludes to the throwback uniforms. She feels they work well but the colors may not. Talking about going deeper into the archives for the original PITT script colors. Which would be cool.


  73. Ike,
    Hopefully Lyke will see the light and go back to our very own Big B’s gold that he used for our fridge magnets.
    That is the correct throw back gold! Thanks again Big B!


  74. http://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2017/06/27/five-takeaways-heather-lykes-presser/

    Excerpt: Pitt will wear their throwback uniforms again in 2017, Lyke revealed. They’ll again wear them two times, and while she didn’t reveal the dates, season ticket holders will get the news first. This year’s season tickets will have a player on each ticket wearing the uniform combination that Pitt will wear that week.

    As far going forward, Lyke seemed amenable to Pitt moving to one set of colors long-term, and if anything, seemed to lean toward the throwback look.

    “I’m not going to say the conversation has not not happened,” Lyke said in a non-denial denial that would make Sean Spicer blush.

    Basically, they’re talking about it. Lyke said that Nike is studying Pitt’s branding to identify some opportunities going forward that include a secondary Panther logo and colors. She expects that process to take 12 to 18 months.


  75. Reed, I plead ignorance to the terminology (just starting to figure out emails, let along all this other social media stuff!) I assumed you were the Head Honcho, King of the Hill, and we were the mere mortal bloggers, but I stand corrected. This commenter says “Hail to the Chief! (blogger that is).


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