2017’s WRs & TEs; Upgrade, Downgrade or Draw

(This is the second of a longer series looking at our individual positions that need to be re-filled in 2017 and whether we will meet the PRODUCTION we had in those positions. We will not factor in true freshman at this point as we have no idea what they can and cannot do).

We have covered the other two skill positions on the offense in previous article; the QBs here and the RBs here.  To refresh memories based on the production lost in those positions and what I think we have in the replacements on the roster I awarded the QB position a “downgrade” and the RBs a “draw“.

The “draw” for losing James Conner needed some explaining but again, it is the production we may, and in my mind will, get from the rest that was the basis for that.

Let’s move onto the last of the skilled positions in the WRs unit. I always wonder if the offensive linemen take exception at that “skill player” label the passers, rushers and receivers get.  Any old OL guys out there care to chip in on that?

Our losses were not great in this unit by any means, mainly because our supposed primary receiver (coming out of fall camp) rsSR Dontez Ford broke his collar-bone in the game against North Carolina.  He returned later in the year and did surprisingly well in ending up our 4th leading receiver over-all.

ford 16.png

He will be missed, albeit not by much. But given his smaller role in the offense over the years he did produce exceedingly well for us with his career 46 catches for 843 yards and 5 TDs at a 18.3 YPC average.

The other departing WR was Zach Challingsworth who decided to leave after an injury riddled JR year.  He played in only three games and had zero catches – and I don’t remember him being in the actual offense at all last season.

That leaves us with the bulk of WRs having produced on the year as we see the below. Now to review, this is the returning WRs, not RBs catching balls out of the backfield or TEs getting catches either.

Jester Weah 36 870 24.2 75 10
Quadree Henderson 26 286 11.0 37 1
Tre Tipton 12 142 11.8 25 1
Aaron Mathews 6 51 8.5 24 0
Rafael Araujo-Lopes 3 36 12.0 22 0
Totals 83 1385 6.6 75 12

You know what?  As talented as we think that group is I’m not jumping up and down about it because I have no idea if the staff is going to try to get the ball to Henderson through the air more often or not. They only used him that way 26 times last year and there was a reason for that – his production as a runner was an astronomical 631 yards on 60 rushes for 10.5 ypc so they felt he was needed eslewhere.

I think he needs to get wrapped into the passing game big time because I’ve a feeling we are not going to see the longer passing plays this season like we did last year – and Henderson sure is a guy who can move with the ball if he is given a larger role in the short passing attack. He has to better that 11.5 yards per catch this season for us to get the most out of the WR corps though.

Then again – it all goes back to how well our running backs are handling their end of the offensive equation. Last season our WRs had 89 carries from scrimmage and that worked well but who knows what OC Sean Watson really envisions of his offensive players.

In his last work as an OC Watson in Louisville he didn’t use his WRs to carry the ball hardly at all. In 2011 they had zero carries by a WR, in 2012 one and in 2013 three. Three years running an offense and a total of four WR carries.  Are we sure he’s going to replicate Canada’s offense coming into his first year at Pitt or is he going to do what almost every new OC does when they piss around the perimeter of the practice field to announce it is now theirs to run?

We saw that writ large with Chaney then with Canada… I’ll wait to see what Watson does.

Even so with the returning WRs we have on roster and the fact that we have five with game experience – including the gazelle SR Jester Weah coming back I’ll say it is a …


Now let’s jump on over to the TEs and there we see it is a completely different story and it is a unit I have major concerns with.  Departed SR Scotty Orndoff was a great all-around TE for us. He could block well in pass protection; get to the 2nd level and take out LBs for Conner and Henderson to romp downfield and also he was quick enough to get deeper down the field and block for other ball catchers to help extend their yards after the catch.

Top that off with a sterling reception showing himself and that is one big set of shoes to fill.  Orndoff had 35 receptions for 579 at a 16.5 ypc clip with five TDs last year.  You have to go decades back to find a Pitt TE not named Dorin Dickerson to match what Orndoff did in passing game production.

And really – he did better than All-American Dickerson in some ways in that Dickerson had 49 catches for only 529 yards  at a lesser 10.8 ypc to go with his 10 TDs.  J. P. Holtz didn’t come that close to Orndoff really, nor did Nate Byham…Darrel Strong came nearest with his 2007 year of 29 catches for 338 yards (11.3 ypc) and three TDs.

Interesting that we fans and the media went ga-ga over Dickerson at the time but Scott Orndoff’s quiet and wonderful work last season went almost unnoticed nationally.

We also lost rsSR Jaymar Parrish who, after being shifted from FB following the 2014 season to make room for George Aston (nice decision), was effective even if not too busy in his SR year.  Four catches for 78 yards  at a 19.5 ypc rate (!) didn’t show a ton but he used his 6’2″ / 260 lbs and became an excellent short yardage blocker also.

Who can forget this opening drive against Clemson that set the tone and told the Death Valley fans we were serious about winning that game:

    • (15:00 – 1st) Greg Huegel kickoff for 65 yds for a touchback
    • 1st and 10 at PITT 25

      (14:55 – 1st) Nathan Peterman pass incomplete to Aaron Mathews

    • 2nd and 10 at PITT 25

      (14:28 – 1st) Nathan Peterman pass complete to Jaymar Parrish for 44 yds to the Clem 31 for a 1ST down

    • 1st and 10 at CLEM 31

      (14:00 – 1st) Nathan Peterman pass complete to Scott Orndoff for 8 yds to the Clem 23

    • 2nd and 2 at CLEM 23

      (13:39 – 1st) James Conner run for 8 yds to the Clem 15 for a 1ST down

    • 1st and 10 at CLEM 15

      (13:08 – 1st) Nathan Peterman pass complete to George Aston for 15 yds for a TD, (Chris Blewitt KICK)

What jumps out there?  The work of our departed TEs.

Zach Poker, who was moved from DE to TE after the 2015 season also left the program but he wasn’t getting any playing time at all.

Onto 2017:

I said earlier I am very wary of who we have in the pipeline for the TE position this season. A year or two down the line I may be very satisfied – but that isn’t 2017.  Here is the current roster at that spot:

45 Devon Edwards 6-4/270 TE RS SR Columbus, Ohio/Eastmor Academy
81 Nathan Bossory 6-3/235 TE SR Chelsea, Mich./Air Force
87 Chris Clark 6-6/255 TE RS SO Ridgewood, N.J./UCLA
98 DeAndre Schifino 6-2/235 TE RS SO Penn Hills, Pa./Penn Hills

Lets look at them one by one.

rsSR Devon Edwards is player whose best work has been  spot duty in six games as a stop-gap DE last season. He’s done nothing at the TE position but has special teams experience.

JR Nathan Bossary is a converted QB who last play any real football was for the Air Force JV squad. Another guy with only three games special team experience.  I expect nothing out of those two in 2017.

So who does that leave us with? Again reminding ourselves that we are not talking about true freshman at this point, only returning roster players.  We have absolutely no idea how recruits Carrigan, Reeves and Sear will play or even if  they will or won’t redshirt (let’s hope one or two do because that means someone else came through at the position).

rsFR DeAndre Schifino is a converted HS LB who walked-on, is a non-scholarship player and has no game experience. I believe one of the three recruits coming in will get more time than he will.

We also have a transfer TE coming on board in rsSR Mike Flanagan.  He’s been a walk-on then a scholarship player at Rutgers but truth be told – and this is a great thing – his most notable collegiate achievements have been on the academic side.  A three-year Academic All-Big Ten is nothing to sneeze at.  But he has game experience and has caught passes – some for TDs…


Stranger things have happened then a seldom used player blossoming in a new situation – just ask Nate Peterman. So let’s hope this happens with Flanagan because we’ll need him and maybe not just for depth.

Which brings us to the kid staff and fan fingers are pointing toward to be the starter and main producer for us.  But – 

Well, ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
I say, trouble right here in River City.

We have rsSO Christopher Golightly Clark coming to the town nearest you to play the game of Football – and that spelled with a capital F and that stands for… 

I know I shouldn’t make too much fun of this young man, after all he did get off the train at Penn Station. Whether he knew exactly where he was is another story…

“Once upon a time a football player named Golightly Clark had just caught the North Eastern Railway Flyer on a one-way ticket eastbound when he woke up in…Well, he knew he wasn’t in Ann Arbor, Michigan because he committed to the Wolverines there earlier and then changed his mind…

Nor was he in Chapel Hill, North Carolina because he pledged his loyal commitment to the Tar Heels and then changed his mind again. He for sure knew he wasn’t in Los Angeles either because he just left there after playing one game for the UCLA Bruins.

So he must have been in Syracuse. He remembered talking with the Orangeman’s coaches –  but they surely must have been joking about pulling that scholarship offer  weren’t they because that would be going back on a promise. Oh well, he thought to himself, since I’m at Penn Station I’ll try Pitt.”

Look folks – a five-star ranking in HS for Chris Clarke means as much to me as I said it did for our QB Max Browne. Nothing.  But at least Browne has a track record of playing some games against decent competition and battling through three years of waiting and adversity.

I’ll say this about the young man – if Clark is as adamant as he says he is about his maturation since he’s been on the Southside from last fall until now then maybe he’ll produce and give us what we are certainly missing now at the position.

“My recruiting process, I’ll be the first to admit — (it was) not embarrassing — (but) I definitely wish I could change a couple of things that happened throughout it,” he said.

“I got known as one of those kids who was so indecisive with a lot of things. I’ve definitely grown up a lot since then. I’ve changed. I have a different mindset now than I did back in high school.

“It’s helped me grow so much as a person, as a man and, obviously, as a football player. I’m really happy that I found a place like Pitt I can call home.”

Lord knows we need him to do so and that is pressure he truly hasn’t felt anywhere else once that train started down the track.

If he handles it and is as good as advertised than great and good for him. I’ll say this, he may well be the star everyone is supposing he’s destined to be – he has size and speed and now some insight on what has to be done to be a good player but more importantly a good teammate.  Having seniors Orndoff and Parrish practice next to him every day must have been beneficial.

… but I ain’t counting chickens yet though.









52 thoughts on “2017’s WRs & TEs; Upgrade, Downgrade or Draw

  1. WR = draw (until Smith arrives on campus)

    TE = downgrade (until Reeves arrives on campus)

    Bookser disappoints mom, dad, coach Narduzzi and Pitt fans – just in time for Reed’s article on the OL.

    Timing – it’s everything…

    Next man up!

    Officer will slide into Bookser’s spot at RG – a position he has started at before. Bookser may never see the field again if the young lineman take advantage of the opportunity before them. Pitt may have to start a FR at the other guard position – not a good sign.

    First Taleni, now Bookser. It’s time to grow up young men and honor the school that gave you a free ride.


  2. To me this article is cut and dried so I’ll make a semi bold prediction. Schifino will have at least 10 receptions and at least one touchdown.


  3. If Reeves is in fact up to 290, I don’t know how he can play tight end.
    And while Orndoff had his moments, he had too many drops…as in dropping a touchdown that would have changed the bowl game’s outcome. Perhaps there was a reason he didn’t start until his senior year.
    And why does Flowers get lost in the wide-out conversation? But I do see Mathews, and not Jester, being our go-to guy.

    Oh, and way to make us proud, Alex Bookser.
    Thankfully, you didn’t kill anyone.


    1. Orndoff had too many drops? I think you’re still focused on that bowl game in which a chunk of our starters were out. Scott had excellent hands for a TE.


  4. So I disagree on the QB as a downgrade. We have no ability to draw a conclusion on that yet. Nobody has seen the new kid play yet. It’s a push.

    If the qb is a downgrade, the WR group must also be a downgrade.

    If the offensive playcalling is a downgrade, then all positions will be a downgrade.

    Canada opened up the field and made the offense difficult to guard. Watson needs to understand that success will come when spreading the field and using trickeration….a lot. Unlike TX, I enjoy scoring 70, even if we give up 60. It’s a new game offensively and if you ain’t scorin, your offense is snorin. I don’t like snorin.

    You upgrade as a team and downgrade as a team too. And, you coach as a team.


  5. Your starting o lineman Alex Bookster arrested for dui after hitting a couple of cars and running some stop signs.


  6. Anonymous posted: “Your starting o lineman Alex Bookster arrested for dui after hitting a couple of cars and running some stop signs.”

    Thanks for the breaking news. With information like that, you should really post your name.


    1. That news is on Sports Center now, on the rolling news at the base of all ESPN channels and the lips of psu cult fans.

      Pitt needs two things right now – Narduzzi to take this young man under his wing and guide him to a better place. And then we need a flurry of Pat Signals.

      OC Watson’s job just got a little bit more challenging.


  7. Does anyone on here know who Matt From Shaler is? He’s an infamous sports talk show caller. I swear Matt and Upitt are one and the same.


  8. Google matt from Shaler. Here is a taste.



  9. Ike – If I had to live in Shaler I’d probably sound like him. I seear you sound like a Jitney driver I know from carrick.


  10. Hard to argue with Reed’s grades on the receivers. WR may be our strongest position.; TEs a question mark at best. Clarke has loads of potential but appears to be injury-prone, and the others are serviceable or inexperienced.

    Looks like a lot of 3-receiver sets with a an H-back this year


  11. Huff, as fans we speculate. That is what we do, otherwise we’d just watch the games and check out during the off-season.

    Interesting about the timing of both Taleni and Bookser’s problems when both were poised to really show how they could play as full-time starters. Too bad really. However if Narduzzi was going to dismiss Bookser he’d have not talked publicly about.

    Now if blood tests come back with serious issues that will be a different story. Let’s hope that isn’t the case. I think suspension is in order it just depends how many games.


  12. BTW- our son is in surgery again…posting from OR waiting room, so good chance no article today.

    Any wound specialists out there I can talk with…?


  13. I get that Reed. I like to speculate in a way that is not definitive. Good luck to your boy. He will be in the thoughts and prayers from my clan. I have no expertise in the wound management field, sorry.

    Most interesting story to follow this week will be the interaction between head football coach and newly minted power5 AD in regards to Bookser.

    We can’t play woulda, coulda, shoulda. Yes, he shouldn’t have been driving whilst impaired.Yes, he coulda injured himself and a bunch of other people, but didn’t. His vehicle did come to a stop, which is good. He would have been better calling a uber.


  14. Someone previously posted Orndoff’s stats, and yes, he had a LOT of drops. This year’s team will be fun to watch to see if these 5 stars ever reach their potential. I recall that Henderson’s carries and run effectiveness seemed to go down as the year went on. Other teams saw the tape and began to defense the sweeps better. It would be a mistake to count on a significant contribution from sweeps this year. Maybe 3 WR sets are a better way to go given the depth at the WR position.


  15. Reed, Isn’t it ironic that Golightly Clarke will be playing at Heinz, next to the Confluence where the Ohio is formed … the same river which only about 15 miles upstream flows past Aliquippa where the composer of “Moon River” was raised?


  16. First Taleni and now Bookser. If Bookser’s suspension is more than one game it will cost us some victories.

    Wide receivers should be better with experience. Clark is the big mystery, if he wants to get drafted, he has to produce.

    A couple more self inflicted wounds or serious injuries at key positions and this could be a tough year.


  17. Thanks for the compliment Upitt. Yes I’ve been told I have a bit of a Pittsburgheese accent. I wasn’t referring to voice though as I have never heard you talk. It was more the negativism you both come from. (spew) You do admit you can be negative just every so often? (constantly) 🙂


  18. Prayers for your son Reed. Was this planned? Not sure what you mean by wound specialist and I’m certainly not a doctor but after 8 or more surgeries, I know rehab and caring for incisions.


  19. Ike – I’m just playing. I sound Southern Now. I’ve been here since 2002. Reed – Prayers – Let us know if we can do anything.


  20. LOL – Watch the video rocket then let me know what you think. Boyd didn’t stop completely. Bookser had 9 offenses and could of killed a few people especially in Oakland streets.


  21. I sit him the entire season or at least 6 games. If you don’t you show total lack of control and discipline. Everyone acts like we are better the Miami or UNC or Louisville well show it Narduzzi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the problem, people acting that way. Pitt isn’t better than those schools. The records the past 35 years prove it. Two of those three schools might be better than academically also. Why do Pitt fans act all superior? Because of the polio cure?

      A one-game suspension and getting this kid help is the best way to go about it. Also, this story will be a distant memory by summer camp anyway.


  22. I’ve lived in the south for 18 years people still pick up my Pittsburgh accent.

    Bookser should be kicked off the team, he put his life and others in very serious jeopardy, he is lucky he is alive.


  23. What is the Deep South? I would vote Mississippi or LA / AL. Haha. I’m in Texas, it is bascially like the Midwest, Northeast and California had a baby here with all the people coming here for work.


  24. You didn’t think I was being serious did you Matt or I mean Upitt? 🙂

    Also for the sake or arguing, Bookser had one misdemeanor and the rest were summary offenses. People will be moaning and groaning when some of these lesser charges are dropped. Blair was as high as a kite and was chased going over 90 miles and hour before stopping.

    Never did buy the whole Boyd story because I didn’t want to know the truth.

    Many people die from car wrecks caused by completely sober people. Bookser could cause a crash while coming home from church. Every time we get in our cars we can hurt people.

    These are just thoughts for argument. If he has to go than so be it. ike


  25. Ike – I was always told if you aunt had a d*ck she would be your uncle. Now Jenner meesed that up but you get the point. Bookser wasn’t leaving church unless his church gives whiskey. Haha.

    I bet you Narduzzi suspends him 2 games but should bare minimum be 6 but most will think 3.

    Sincerely – Matt


    1. Didn’t Drake work at left tackle in the spring? The Morgan kid from New Jersey would be in line is my guess to start in Bookser’s place.


  26. Thanks for the link Upitt. I hadn’t seen the video but it didn’t change my mind. One game.

    Suspending a player from games is for public relation reasons. He can be punished other ways.

    Pitt can get him the help he needs and teach him a lesson within the program without him missing more than one game.

    )(&)^*, make him hand wash everyone’s jock strap all summer in front of the team, LOL. You know he can be punished more harshly behind the scenes and learn a lesson, it is still a deterrent for others without potentially impacting the entire teams season.

    Reed, I am sure the Coast Guard handled their discipline without fanfare and it was quite effective.

    It was but watch the swearing please – had to edit this post.


  27. I’m guessing at least a 3 game suspension for Bookser. Pitt starts season 1 and 3 at best and at worst 0 and 4.


  28. Since Reed is tied up a couple of tidbits.

    Hamlin most likely moving to border safety to play next to Whitehead.

    PITT vs psu game time? 3:30 on ABC …………. I knew they would never play that game at 12:00 noon like they made PITT schedule it.


  29. Discipline has to be administered according to the institutions own rules, standards and regulations. The court cases and any civil actions should have nothing to do at all with the decisions by the football staff, the Athletic Director and if needed the Chancellor.

    Pitt has to award discipline independently in this action with Bookser as they did with the Blair and Boyd suspensions when they issued discipline before any civil actions were completed.


  30. OT: From PSN Bo Schneider QB has transferred out to Texas A&M. Did he even get on the field in the Spring game?


  31. So Reed, you’re good what ever the higher ups including Narduzzi decide on this particular case?


  32. When a kid transfers and has to sit a year, are they still on scholarship, or do they have to pay their own way for a year?


  33. A season? You guys are funny. Why is Bookser worse than Blair or Boyd? Because of video evidence. If you only had to hear about it, the offense would be just another bad decision by a 21 year old, or was he 20? You all need to lighten up here. It wasn’t that bad. He was as they say…..”lit”.

    Nobody got hurt. Had he not gotten on the ground stat, he may have been shot. That is the most chilling part of the video. How many people ever get to see video of police officers coming at you with guns pointed at you? That should be sobering enough for the kid. I would make him watch that video every day for a year as a reminder of cheating death. One twitchy finger and his life would have been over.

    Standards for a dui under this coach is one game plus whatever internal discipline is carried out. Call Bobbie Del Greco or Chaz Gallo for defense, Pay your 10k for ARD, and move on. See you in game 2. Morgan at 355 is a steamroller.


    1. I’d have to say anytime the police felt it was necessary to pull out their guns after the Bookser car came to a stop makes this case somewhat worse than the Blair and Boyd cases.


  34. This kid Drake may be overrated. If he blew up to 290 lb, he better get ready to play OL. Bookster may open up a spot..


  35. Going back to the topic at the beginning of this thread, I will rate WRs as an upgrade, as I expect Mathews to blossom like Weah did last year giving us twin towers and will be an optimist and call TE a draw, with Clarke + Reeves equalling the production of Orndoff..


  36. Huff Love you but this is way different than Boyd.Not sure the other kids deal. This dude has cops on his tail and he is driving fast on a sidewalk like it’s cool. He could of killed someone walking. We saw the very end, who knows how long the chase was. This is also his second arrest.


  37. lol Upitt, Bookser wasn’t driving on the sidewalk on purpose. You can see he went out of control and ran up on the sidewalk and crashed into the building. Not saying that’s any better. The gun was drawn when he got out of the car, when he should have stayed inside. He’s a large man and probably look a lot deranged. He wasn’t charging at the cops. Not saying that’s any better.


  38. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/Pitt/2017/05/15/Alex-Bookser-arrested-DUI-Pitt-Panthers-offensive-line/stories/201705150138

    What a mess.

    In the tape Bookster speeds into a turn, mounts the curb at high speed, then crashes in a building before finally stopping his SUV.

    He is 21 — a RS Junior this year.


    6-6 , 350 R.S. Freshman Justin Morgan will honestly fit right into that spot. Narduzzi already has raved about what a Beast Morgan has been.

    I say suspend Bookser for the first Four games — obviously contingent on Narduzzi also making him do community service / other ammends for this. It was really, really bad. Egregious — Bookster at high speed, obviously drunk / high / totally *Messed Up on whatever combination — crashes into parked cars, then zooms-up on sidewalk and smashes into a building…. wtf.

    P.S. this conversation isn’t going away — but some ex NFL greats discussing this about College Football Players getting paid / compensated directly and such made some amazing points recently.

    I as well always got a little irritated when people always say, “They get free education” — that’s silly. Half the football factories are state schools with very low in-state tuitions anyway. What college football — especially Division 1 and Power 5 — gives these athletes is a completely guided, Minor League Football career where they get Elite full-Medical Care (many players get thousands-upon-thousands of $ worth of surgeries and procedures during their careers), elite physical trainers / therapists, full and complete access to top-tier training facilities, and staffs of people who set them up to play essentially NFL ‘Minor League’ Football.

    I cringe everytime someone tries to act like a Power 5 Football Player “Getting a Free Degree” is something so special? Especially for an in-state kid at a lot of these schools? No — what Power 5 Football especially provides, with this argument that it is now essentially NFL “Minor Leagues” more likely could be shown to be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Training, Coaching, Total and complete Logistic Handling for everything, as well Meal plans + catered and supplied food, spending stipends, + all sorts of academic and career tutors etc.

    ***** Now, I am all for players and student athletes getting more support in certain ways from the NCAA no doubt — the NCAA needs to allow programs to give players all the free food and liquids they can. Football programs should be able to send their players home with all the gatoride, food to take home, and nutrition possible. The NCAA has fixed this last year, which they needed to. Players have great meal plans and get full meals at certain times at their facilities too — but these athletes should be able to take all sorts of Nutritional goodies home and should never, ever have to worry about ‘being hungry’ of course.

    If a young player had to pay their own way for the coaching, Logistics of medical, physical therapy, strength and skill training, travel, etc., gollee–just right-off, all the Medical procedures and physical training and rehab fees??? — it would absolutely, minimally cost them hundreds of thousands out of pocket over 3+ seasons. Yeesh, the “Academic Scholarship!!” — that’s a little tiny ‘side-dish’ in the equation for what is being supplied to these young players.

    Look at the astronomical fees these young players end up paying out of their first NFL contracts for all the training they do for the Combine, which they pay these trainers out-of-pocket!!

    NFL trainees, for only a couple months of training for the Combine (the tiniest-Fraction of time and resources they get from their School Programs during their careers), might have to pay tens of thousands to their Combine trainers just teaching them to do drills better, and try to run a slightly-faster 40 time!! Now, exponentially explode this cost for a player over their College Football careers for the Coaching (Football skills, drills, Strength Coaching + all Tutors and more) + Medical, trainers + all Logistics completely provided and set-up for them + $$$$$$$ .

    Always a good discussion about how to take the best care of these student atheletes — most especially in the big-time, Money Making Sports — but frankly, Unless we’re talking one of these $40,000+ yearly tuition Private Schools here, Power 5 Football teams actually paying these kids’ actual Academic Tuitions is just the garnish of the meal for what is being provided.

    Of course most Sports media people are just Mediocre, average Joes, with zero real insight whatsoever so you never hear this most obvious and logical view-point on this. They don’t think, they all just regurgitate the same myopic thing and never try to analyze any big picture. Bizarre.


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