POV Sunday Podcast; 5/14/17

A shorter Mother’s Day podcast today – reviewed the last two articles about the RBs and QBs and threw out other assorted ramblings.

76 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; 5/14/17

  1. It was nice to wake up to a Reed podcast this morning. I have some running to do today as well but I wanted some clarification and just what Reed suspended until after the Pens hockey play-offs?


  2. Reed, you are so prolific, it is hard to keep up.

    The big news today is that ND supposedly in talks to become a full ACC member.

    This would be huge, especially if they were on the schedule every year.

    ND becomes a big rivalry game for us, if not for them.

    Should also help add bowls to the list.

    Makes the ACC much stronger.

    Then the question is who for #16.

    I vote for UConn, it would open NYC back up for recruiting and give BC a natural rival, although they don’t want one. Great academics on the Atlantic Coast. Great for TV ratings. Another team to compete with Duke and Carolina in BBall.

    The ACC needs to get this done and with no special considerations for ND.


    1. Yup obvious UConn shill

      However I don’t think anyone outside of Chestnut Hill thinks BC is a better fit in the ACC than Uconn


  3. I get upset anytime ND gets mentioned. First the Big East and then the ACC panders to them. It should be all in or no basketball. Neither hoops league needed them. Granted they do have a football following, but I think some of the bloom is off that rose.
    ACC should give them an ultimatum, not a negotiation. If they don’t like it they can leave.


  4. Maryland would be natural rivalry for Pitt. It’s 4 hours away and visiting fans can come down here and hang out in Washington DC or Baltimore and it’s just a perfect school to have a rivalry with.

    But I would take a yearly series with WVU in a heartbeat. Some fans may not think this but it became the main rivalry for Pitt in the absence of the Penn State Games and we are not going to play Penn State very much in the future so I’d rather have the Backyard Brawl above anything else.


  5. When we get started on the WR’s and TE’s there shouldn’t be much of a problem. PITT loses Ford and Challingsworth @ WR and Orndoff and Parrish @ TE.

    Quick summary.

    WR’s will be an upgrade big time. Ford was hurt almost all of last year and Challingsworth left the team. Easy call.

    TE’s, will be a downgrade big time. Can’t replace Ordoff in one year and Parrish, believe it or not, will be a loss for his blocking ability. Another easy call.

    About this Notre Dame business. I’ve hated ND longer than any other team. Who was it on Sunday morning with ND replay highlight show, Lindsey Nelson? Now on to further action. They have always been treated like Gaad’s.

    Anyway, I would take them into the ACC as a full-time member as long as everything is equal which I doubt will ever happen.

    Why in the world would the ACC want UConn except for TV viewing market? I think the best chance to lure in ND is to bring along a rival of theirs that they want to play every year. This would save them one OCC game every season. Navy for example. Just some ideas.


    1. In addition to the TV market, UConn brings a large, wealthy, and passionate Alumni community, domination of the CT sports scene, very strong historic basketball program, solid academic programs, and good non-revenue sports.

      BC and Wake Forest don’t really belong. UConn fits much better. They’re not a perfect choice and would likely get power bottomed in football for a decade or so but they’re better than some current ACC schools


  6. Now the O-Line is somewhat of a convoluted question but I can wait till we get to them. Just wanted to drop some knowledge here. Did you know that PITT’s O-Lineman, John Guy had an invite for a tryout for a NFL team? hmm?


  7. Maryland would have been a good rival for Pitt
    Invite WVU
    UConn adds very little. Their football team is horrible and stadium is a joke. Basketball is a dumpster fire since Calhoun left. They are small with a small following.
    Other picks are Cincy and Central Florida
    Give the Domers an ultimatum


  8. I would take MD or PSU, but not going to happen WVU stinks academically as does Louisville, both don’t belong. WVU or Cinci add nothing for recruiting or TV sets. UConn adds all of NY and New England.
    Really could help BBall to get back in the NYC market. UConn won a National Championship after Calhoun left. I’d rather add Temple than Central Florida. We need another northern school.


  9. TV revenue is crucial, why did the B1G add Rutgers? It wasn’t for their athletic prowess.
    UConn’s football was getting stronger until the Big East blew up. BC should relish having a rival return.

    For us WVU adds a historic rival, but does nothing for TV revenue, recruiting or ACC academics.


  10. The ACC will do whats best for them not PITT. Although ND may have a say in it? They are going to want to continue playing Stanford, Texas, Oklahoma, USC and others. Sticking Navy in there would allow them to continue to do just that.


  11. If you didn’t see the Q Ollison highlight film posted late on yesterday’s article it is ABSOLUTELY worth watching! Wow. He ran through everybody. Thanks to whoever put it up.


  12. Baseball getting smoked. Crickets from Lyke on Baseball or Basketball. I guess the wrestling coach hired proves she is a minor leaguer. WVU is our rival and fits.


  13. Whatever Ollison did to lose playing time, Reed acknowledged in his podcast, that QO confessed that it was his fault. I read the same thing a few weeks ago. Something like Reed said. He saw the errors of his way. I don’t know what else I can say to explain why he didn’t carry the ball last year but did play every game and many many snaps.


  14. Jordano’s baseball team is finishing with a thud. Unfortunately our previous AD gave him an extension that probably makes a termination too costly for a sport that already produces negative revenue.

    At 6’2″ 225lbs, QO will be the feature back and return to his 2015 form when he rushed for over 1,000 yards and was the ACC Freshman of the Year. Last year he made the mistake of assuming Conner would get most of the carries and did not compete well. Not a good look in Narduzzi’s system. He seems like a good character person who will learn from that mistake.



  15. Butgers was supposed to add the NYC market and it didnt. Butgers is 10x as large as UConn with alumni. UConn would be a mistake. It would be no better than BC and BC is a mistake. So much for Boston and New England. Maryland is my first choice. Central Florida. Cincy (adds OHIO). And then there is Texas. I would choice Texas over the Pedos any day. I agree that WVU doesnt add a strong market and academics are a poor fit but Hoopies are a great fit for Pitt.


  16. We can all have fun picking the “other” team to join the ACC along with Notre Dame. First off, I won’t believe they join until I see it. Secondly, I think ND will have a big say in who the “other ” team may be.

    Now Texas would absolutely be the best team for the ACC but lets be real here. ND and Texas could start there own league together. Just imo


  17. Guys, it’s not about tv sets despite what the talking heads believe. In a few short years, cable tv will be a la carte. The big catch for expansion in the southeast coast is population. Demographics for potential students and recruiting is more critical to universities then a few tv sets.

    The ACC was hedging and not moving too quickly on the ACC network because they are concerned with a la carte cable, not a per tv set charge. They are moving slowly on purpose because of technology changes. Problem is that they have missed out on some money. The good news is that there is a population increase for the majority of ACC regions. Ride the wave!

    I don’t ever say that we will not ever, double never, triple double secret never ever play a team any more. They said we would never play the farmers high school again and we did. Personally, I keep Morgantown community college out on their island. Every year that goes by with the big12 not being strong is terrible for them, which makes me smile. Academically inferior that grants masters level degrees to people who don’t attend can never be in the ACC. OOOOps, we kind of do that at UNC and Syracuse…..


  18. Don’t sleep on Navy as a 16th member as football only and Georgetown or Villanova as a basketball only. This was discussed the last go around before ND decided to stay with NBC.


    1. … delivers DC (UVA and VT don’t), ratings and, as a bonus, Navy/USMC alumni have $$$ advertisers like.


  19. I don’t see the ala carte TV happening in a big way. Would really limit choices and crush corporate revenue.It would also crush new program development. It already exists somewhat with kids opting for netflix, hulu, etc. to avoid the large cable bills. Corporations will find a way to make money and it is not in ala carte programming.

    TV revenue is the only way for the ACC to elevate football. Otherwise it can’t compete with size and strength of the SEC and B1G. I don’t like the idea of football or bball only schools. I prefer the concept of all-sports. Hopefully Pitt will get the idea and put more emphasis on all athletics on not just the big two.

    I also prefer regional conferences. If I were King I would add PSU, Maryland and Rutgers to the ACC and forget ND and Louisville, let them join a midwest conference.


  20. gc, regional conferences are over for good. I liked it better the old way myself. Loved the SWAC with all those old coaches but that long gone by now.

    Ala-carte is going to move forward slow but steady. ESPN laying off all those people gives us an indication.

    If the ACC can get ND I’m all for it but only if it’s on an equally shared basis. The SEC is making a move to become a super power conference. ND is the one team that can keep the ACC competitive with them.


  21. As has been said many times, including by several above, there are a few unfortunate realities that need to be accepted- ND is not joining ANY conference in the near future, regional and/or traditional considerations no longer apply and TV/media ($) will drive all future decisions. That said..

    My preferred pick would be MD. They are a reasonable drive for me, have a strong Pitt fan/alumni presence and are located in an area which is underrated in recruiting- the Pedos get a number of high-quality players from the Baltimore/Washington area. But, they already were in the ACC and are very unlikely to leave the Big 10.

    It would be great to have WVU back on the schedule but does ANYONE (outside of Louisville) believe they belong in the conference? Neither does Cincy.. or UConn.. or Rutgers. Who does that leave?

    I think IF ND joins.. they will have HUGE influence over the 16th member. I just don’t see anything happening for another 5-10 years, at the earliest.


    1. My guess is that Hamlin’s med redshirt won’t come until August or Sept, (if it comes) after they see how he is doing then.


  22. Jay: ND probably won’t be joining any conference for quite awhile but I’m thinking they will sign a contract in the next couple years locking them down to a conference.


  23. Pitt BB just picked up 6’5 scorer Monty Boykins, Lafayette grad transfer … good pick-up I guess but large bodies with experience are needed badly


  24. Here’s one for UPitt and I even notived this about our BB Panthers:

    “For Pitt, that search for an identity comes at the highest level of the sport. The Panthers thrived under Howland and Dixon as a quintessential Big East team, one defined by its rugged, physical and deliberate style. Since joining the ACC in 2013, however, their fortunes have waned, with a win percentage of .603 and just one season with at least 25 wins (it had nine such seasons in the previous 12 years).”



  25. Reed, thanks for the proof that the PITT basketball program began it’s plummet to the bottom of the league in 2013 under Jamie…….. because that’s what happened!


    1. There is no doubt that the program began to fall but it wasn’t because of style of play. UVa using the same exact style Pitt did under Howland and Dixon has won 2 of the past 3 ACC league titles, and have consistently been ranked, as high as 2nd two years ago.

      I thought that Pitt’s fall under Jamie was due to

      (1) failure to recruit along with the failure to hire assistants that can recruit

      (2) his lack of conviction to stay the course with his style of play. He seemed to think that it was necessary to play uptempo but couldn’t get the players he needed to do so and felt uncomfortable in coaching this style. It was a big learning curve to him.

      Still, he is a much better coach than KS as this past year has proven ;;;;;;

      — TCU improved greatly this past year, often using 3 freshmen on the court at the same time
      — Vandy improved this year despite losing two #1 NBA picks
      — Pitt fell below .500 despite returning 6 of 7 top scorers from an NCAA team


  26. You speak the truth wwb however I have to say, coaching a team with zero team chemistry won’t get anyone too far. Plenty blame to go around for last years basketball failures.


  27. If Stallings had a healthy Luther and Clark last season off the bench, I want to think Pitt goes 20-13 instead of 16-17. College hoops is so jump-shooting oriented these days a coach is rely so much on his team being hot, like Pitt was versus FSU and Syracuse; not so much versus Duquesne and others.


  28. Ike – Same team with 4 less Seniors made the tourney before Buster Brown took over. Here is the common theme. Dixon goes to TCU and wins NIT with 3 freshman and none of “his” players. Vandy goes further than it did with Buster Browns 2 NBA furst round. draft picks. Oh and Pitt won like 14 games. 11 they bought.


  29. —- Agree on Darrin Hall here — he’s just totally injury-prone, has truly ZERO wiggle, no-cuts, no jukes, just can’t slip-tackles period. —- Quadree Ollison just didn’t get carries because James Conner was #1, #2, and #3 priority from the staff. The staff was as committed to him succeeding (Pat Narduzzi most especially) as any Pitt fan could ever be.


    1. P.S. It’s running back coach +/ Special Teams Coach Andre Powell who is giving Qadree Ollison such a hard time.

      Since last year he’s constanstly been ragging-on Ollison for every possible reason. Sometimes, coaches just get that (lol — you know what I mean) Hard-On on a specific kid because maybe they just Clash with them.

      I think Powell just has this problem with Qadree Ollison frankly and butts-heads with him. Qadree is actually taller than James Conner, and thicker than him. And we all know that at least straight-line speed Ollison is much faster than Conner too. I say Qadree Ollsion takes the starting job with force this year and is a Power-House back for Pitt with Max Browne at QB —— and in a serious-down year after the MIRACLE 2016 for pswho, Pitt wins SOLIDLY in the cow-pasture in central PA.


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