POV Wednesday Night Roundtable

(Who are the two in the headline graphic?)

We’ll be doing the POV Roundtable Call-ins on Wednesday nights from now on.  Here how to get on tonight’s:


Alright guys – we’ll take the first 3 or 4 callers starting at 8:00 pm (make it about 5 minutes early to login.)

Here is the info to get into the Bluejeans Roundtable meeting  for 4/25/17; 07:50 pm – 09:00 pm…

Meeting URL

Meeting ID
?????????  (this changes for each meeting – I’ll have the real one in a posted comment around 7:45 tonight.)

Phone Call-in:

Enter audio code on your phone
XXXXXXX – (this changes for each meeting – I’ll have the real one in a comment around 7:45 tonight.)

SEE YOU AT AROUND 7:45 OR SO….  Here are some items we’ll discuss:

Some Round Table Questions

  1. MAIN Question: We’ll look at the graduated positions on offense, defense and special teams and ranked the individual position replacements for the 2017 season as a Plus (better than), an Even or a Loss (not as good as).
  2. Where did you grow up and what HS did you attend?
  3. How did you first become interested in Pitt Football?
  4. What is your strongest Pitt football memory – positive and negative.
  5. To me, I am Pitt’s target market…, those that did not attend the university, but reside in Pittsburgh. I think attendance would improve if they could reel in others like me. So how is this best done?   Well ,winning is one thing and possibly the only thing. What else?
  6. If the defense gets off to a real bad start, would you fire Conklin mid-season or before?
  7. How much do uniforms matter to you?
  8. Do you visit the Oakland campus at all and what changes would you make there?
  9. Do you miss PITT stadium at all?
  10. How would you improve the student participation?
  11. Who are your 5 or 3 all-time PITT favorite players?
  12. What three (3) BIG items of discussion will we be having after the season ends about what transpired during the 2017 season?
  13. Ask Callers to show off their best Pitt souvenirs and memorabilia.

57 thoughts on “POV Wednesday Night Roundtable

  1. Nick Patti had offers from BC, Cincinnati, and North Carolina among others. Pretty smart kid; also had offers from Yale, Dartmouth and Columbia.


  2. For those who have opined by Pitt’s historical decision making by committee, here’s a definition of a committee which should resonate:

    A committee is a group of the unwilling, chosen from the unfit, to do the unnecessary.


  3. According to rivals, the #5 player in the country has interest in both Pitt and Michigan St. but has not received an offer from either.
    He is a defensive end from Harrisburg.


  4. If that’s the case PittFan it’s hard to believe. We have so many offers out there now and to not have offered the #5 player seems unlikely. But maybe Pitt thought they had no chance on such a highly ranked player.


  5. Reed…it is the Penguins game 7 tonight…crap, I don’t think I can pull a Marty Feldman and have one eye on the call and one eye on the game. Sorry am out for tonight. I bet anyone under 30 has no idea who felman is. “Igor help me with the bags,..Ok you take the blonde and I’ll take the one in the turban..” young frankenstein


  6. The kid from Harrisburg is Micah Parsons. He’s an absolute physical beast- dominates on the D-line, lines up at TE and even ran the ball last year. I’ve seen him play since he started as a freshman at Central Dauphin HS. The problem? He’s got a HUGE ego, left CD for Harrisburg after a racial conflict and rumors are he’s not a hard worker. Personally, I don’t want him at Pitt. Let him go to FSU or the SEC, where he belongs.


  7. Patti highlight film looks very good IMO. He doesn’t look like a 2 star to me and my guess is his offer sheet will dramatically increase over his coming senior year.


  8. Great first question Reed on the graduating players and who will replace them and how well.

    Lots of Penguin hockey fans out there so Reed will need some of you other guys to step up and be a part of the round-table discussion tonight. I remind you guys that you can be a part as little or long as you like. Don’t let my good looks intimidate you all. Maybe wear a disguise if you would like? .. 🙂

                  ...............  ike


  9. PetePitt73 – you nailed it. That’s Pitt’s BOT

    These decision making committees need to go. Like I’ve said before, have a small group of 5 for academics and another group of 5 for athletics. Have the Chancellor report to academics and the AD to the athletics. Not the 37 voting members we have today and 62 full members.

    That would be progress.

    We need accountability and action. Plus checks and balances hence some council or committee.


  10. Parsons will be going to OSU and expect that commitment in the next few weeks as recently de-committed from the Farmers High School.

    Kentucky is hard to pass up once they get you on campus. Personally, I don’t get it. Stoops will be gone within two years because he can’t beat the big teams. Weak out of conference is saving his job. Stoops is a closer however. KY just put up 130M for stadium improvements, on campus!!!

    I liked Doyle’s film and would suggest that Pitt might bring two into the fold under the premise that we will lose one to transfer after the playing time grab plays out.


  11. Wow Reed. Ed and Wendy King take me back to my childhood days…my mom listened every night. I recall Ed King having a segment (or a totally different show) called “the Book of Fate” I think. Really cool stories. Let’s go Pens.


  12. Had Pitt-Cocks on the line but we had a glitch in audio.

    I guess i better pay attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs because that is two weeks in a row only one guy called in.

    Would you all rather do this on Tuesdays? I can change my Tuesday night thing if so… I’ll write an article about the stuff I was going to talk about…


  13. Welcome to our newest recruit – QB Patti (3star/2star) out of Jersey. Rivals has him as a 2star and Scout & 247 has him as a 3star. The recruiting train is slowly moving down the track. June should be an active month for Pitt.

    In outhouse PA state football related news – The psu AD wants nothing more to do with Pitt.


    The “rivalry” could come to an end in creepy valley in 2019.

    Anybody going to this year’s game? I have two open invites from psu business associates that I very badly want to turn down. I’ve attended games there and it really is creepy.



  14. How many listened to Bogut in the Morning on KDKA? Helen and her garden hose … and suddenly the day got a little brighter


  15. Reed your timing for a couple of your recent Roundtables has been impeccable. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Capitals & the Penquins a conflict? Of course not. You’re good. NOT.

    It’s not like you fired James Comey last night! A move like that there, now that might be considered a poor timing decision. Yours by comparison, no worries.🤣🤣🤣


  16. PSU AD Sandy Barbour’s comments about the lack of respect in PSU-Pitt rivalry is so typical PSU pretentiousness. Facts are Ms Barbour, to get respect ….

    (1) you need to earn it …… and that cult up in Centre County, whether it be the admin, residents or the students, certainly doesn’t merit it

    (2) you also have to give it …and all we ever heard since 2001 is that PSU doesn’t need Pitt and Pitt doesn’t belong on the same field with them. It works both ways, Ms Barbour.


    1. The fact she mentioned how last year’s game was great for the fans except for the outcome is all you need to know about her and the mindset with all involved at that school. An athletic director cannot say those things out loud even if that’s how they feel.

      IMO, if Pitt wins in September then cancel the final two games and cut ties completely with those A-holes.


  17. I never quite understood the disrespect Pitt gets from PSU. I thought it was mostly JoePa that hated Pitt because Pitt wouldn’t kiss his butt, but it appears it is going beyond the JoePa era. They just seem to be living in a little cocoon up there. Maybe someone should have told them not to drink their cow’s milk without pasteurizing it first! Michigan and Michigan St may hate each other, but I think they at lease respect the other one on the field and BB court. They both have had good football and basketball programs, which can’t be said of PSU.


    1. I believe JoePa certainly stoked the disrespect fire. Since the late 70s when Pitt was beginning its run, he had several snide remarks about Pitt (and Sherill in particular), and of course, later on when the Pitt program began to falter and PSU joined the B10, his air of superiority became more apparent .. to the point where he blamed a couple on-the-field- scuffles that occurred during the 90s completely on Pitt, and then suggested that if the series were to continue, Pitt would have to consider playing 2 games at PSU vs 1 at Pitt. Guaranteed if he was still involved, there would be no current series.


  18. wwb, you’re bringing it all back to me.. Now I remember why I disliked them so much. I remember JoePa running across the field to break up a little skirmish he thought in his smug, self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude shouldn’t be happening with his team. The man was overbearing and simply an obnoxious pain in the butt. He may have thumbed his nose at the PSU president and AD when they tried to get rid of him, but I think they kept him on just to annoy the Pitt contingent.


    1. Correct, Also, how about Arrington’s predatory hit on Pitt’s punter? If the situation was reversed, he would have screamed holy hell. The best thing was our punter (forgot his name), got right up and went after Arrington, who was was much bigger


  19. Nick Lotz was the punter. How Arrington wasn’t tossed after 2 personal foul penalties was amazing .. but of course it was in Happy Valley. Hard to believe he would act like that being that he was under the guidance of a fine, upstanding DC coordinator.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I’m HCPN, I show the above clip right before the game this year … and tell the team this is what happened the last time we played on the field


  20. Not sure about the time our punter sustained a broken leg in PSU game and no penalty was accessed.

    PSU home games were known for their rediculous homer refs for years until instant replay stopped the blatant mess. Some refs at PSU were relatives of the PSU players.


  21. FYI, the Pens begin series with Ottawa on Saturday night which means they will play next Wednesday. All games are two days off with one exception they will have three days off. I think it’s between games 4 and 5?


  22. I think most of us are sport fans of all things Pittsburgh. Maybe less on some sports but certainly not Pitt.


  23. If I had emoticons I would have the blue head shaking disappointed guy who looks bewildered. I understand the Pens game and all but many of you guys aren’t Pen fans. Wake up and get the hell on the “Reed’s Round-Table” discussions. What the hell are you all afraid of? Like I said previously, wear a disguise if need be. 🙂

    Thought I would shake you all up a bit. ike


  24. FYI, the next time Notre Dame comes to Heinz Field is 2028. It doesn’t make sense to me since they have to play 5 ACC opponents each year … unless we have to play at least two times in a row at South Bend


  25. Dr Tom@7:36am,
    Fellow POVer, don’t you think it’s time to accept who the country voted for as their president last Nov? Time to move on good doctor, please.


  26. I still remember those press stories and drawings showing how the PSU field extends beyond the end zone and outside the 5 yard line when a PSU receiver is catching the ball out of bounds. The refs are total homers up there.


    1. even at Pitt stadium in /83. During PSU’s final drive, Pitt gets a sack and the time is running out, and then all of a sudden, the play was called dead due to an offside call against PSU. When does an offside penalty stop the play … like a false start? PSU gets to run a couple of plays and kicks a tying FG as time ran out.


  27. Didn’t Arrington also go after the PITT kicker after a kickoff? He lived up at state penn for only a few years and started acting like all the rest of them. It’s a horrible culture they developed. imo


    1. in 2000, the Browns draft PSU OT Courtney brown with 1st pick … complete bust. 2nd pick is Arrington by Redskins, who starts out with the Skins as gangbusters. Then all of a sudden, he becomes a prima donna and starts haggling with booth HC Joe Gibbs and DC Greg Williams. Long story short he retires after 6 years or so. 6 years is usually a decent NFL career but not for Arrington who was one of the best natural athletes Western PA ever produced.


  28. JoePa ruined many players up there with his attitude that he wouldn’t play Freshmen and that no one could be a star. Even Franco was held back. That man was a horrible excuse for a coach and a role model. So thankful that Pitt never caved and went into JoePa’s famous East all sports conference. I think I’m going to stop posting about JoePa now, I’m getting ready to puke..


  29. My favorite quote associated with Penn State is Lenny Moore’s reply to the question “What did you take at Penn State”?” His reply—“Showers.”



  30. I have really enjoyed talking to Reed the last two round tables (except last night where I only listened to Reed). The first night totally put me at ease & I asked Reed not to record. We cut our conversation short due to my laptop losing the connection to the internet at least twice. Last night, I used a different laptop but there was a problem with one of our computers where I could hear Reed but he couldn’t hear me.

    Give these talks a chance. A great way to talk informally to other PITT fans. If you live in an area without PITT fans (like me), there is no better way.

    I personally like Wednesday. But Tuesday may be ok as we move into rerun season on NCIS.

    I married a southern girl & she doesn’t know a slap shop from a Zamboni. Won’t watch hockey & I know what side my bread is buttered on.

    GO PITT, Pens, Steelers & Pirates. Make us expats proud of our home town.

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  31. This PSU frat pledge death has finally come to the forefront. A very ugly and unbelievable long timeline was exposed in court revealing a clear cover up and total lack of concern for this young pledger who lost his life needlessly at this Penn State frat house. Very sad!


  32. Pittman4ever… sad thing about PITT frats-according to my frat brother , there is hardly a frat house left in Oakland.. My frat Phi Delta Theta meets in Hillman library which is sad because it provided me with affordable place to live, academic help from some very smart brothers not to mention a place to have underage 🍻, an occasional fight with a hoodlum from Bloomfield trying to crash our ” rush” parties and meet pretty sorority babes and try to get #%¥*. I survived the hazing
    Frats are going the wayside by political correctness.
    BigWeekEnd for BigB.. heading to Savannah tomorrow to have a beer 🍻 with Dr Tom and his lovely bride on our way to Disney Wprld!


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