Pitt (not) in the 2017 NFL Draft

Well, our only real outside shot at a 1st round draft pick, QB Nate Peterman, was passed over in the opening day of the NFL draft.

The good thing though is that Pitt football stays in the nation media consciousness when, generating interest much like the effect we got by beating PSU and Clemson, the first two QBs taken had a combined  1,033 yards and 8 TDs passing against us.

That is about half of what an single average QB might get in a full 12 games of play elsewhere.

But wait!  There is more news.  This pundit thinks the Steelers will stick a sharp instrument into Pitt fan’s eyes by doing this:


Now that’s just hurtful.  In truth I don’t get too spun up about the NFL Draft or even where and when Pitt players get taken in it.  Or actually what the Pitt players themselves do in the NFL after they leave Pitt.

Oh, I want them to succeed, but my concern is how well they play in their time at Pitt.  I suppose there is the ‘more drafted, better recruiting’ theory and that may be true.  But then I wonder why we didn’t get a huge recruiting bump after we did this in sending kids to the draft:


Anyway – this year’s draft will probably pan out as predicted all along – Peterman in the late 2nd or 3rd round; Johnson in Rounds 3 or 4 and Bisnowaty sneaks in somewhere.

Note: I have about ten big car door magnets left.  I’ll send them out to POV’erts who drive their cars to Heinz for the games and promise to use them on gameday & at tailgates…


Let me know and I’ll get them out to you as soon as I can.

27 thoughts on “Pitt (not) in the 2017 NFL Draft

  1. It would have been nice for Nate or Dorian to go make the leap into the first round but that was a long shot to begin with. PITT’s chance to make a big impact on this years draft will hopefully come with numbers. Having 5 or 6 players taken in a particular draft sounds pretty good to potential recruits.

    The POV magnet looks cool Reed, My car will wear it with pride on game-days.

    Interesting draft note I found. Wisconsin now has 7 first round picks in the past 7 years. 2 of them were rated as 0 stars, 4 were 3 stars, and 1 was 4 stars. More proof on the star ranking.

    Not to be a rumor monger or gossip but has anyone heard about some possible trouble down on the south-side concerning the PITT football team? The rumor is at least a few days old about a player that could be leaving?? (involuntarily) Don’t shoot the messenger.


    1. Rumors are a current D-lineman didn’t take care of his classroom work. Sounds like it is a defensive tackle. We should know today.


  2. speaking of No.1 picks, check out WVU tweet (Obviously from before the draft since only one B12 player was drafted last night)



  3. Malik Hooker is only the 7th No. 1 pick from the WPIAL in the last 25 years … which only proves how Western PA has fallen from back in the day.



    tvax1 – You win the POV’ers Autographed Football auction (mainly because I forgot about it). $50 was your bid correct?

    Rest assured that your winning cost will cover postage for some other things I’m sending out, as well as the football.

    Send the moola however you want – my info is on the home page and I’ll get it out to you… after you send me your contact info (with phone if you would also please) to rkohberger@gmail.com.


  5. I think there is a full dismissal about to happen. Bad grades usually involve a suspension Austin_Tx? A couple days ago, Narduzzi was asked about attrition, he said that there is every year. It’s a shame


  6. Reed I drive to all the home games I would gladly display the magnet on my car at the games H2P


  7. If (more accurately, when) I have to go to State College for my mother-in-law’s funeral, I will ask to borrow a door magnet.



  8. I’d say he was the one guy we couldn’t really afford to lose on the DL. Big shortage there now.


  9. I’m going to bring the ball to the next home game I attend and use it for a little game of touch at the POV tailgate. I’m one team captain and Reed can be the other to pick sides. Let’s see who is more mobile in the pocket between me, Reed or Browne. LOL!!!

    Bringing back the days of sideline to sideline intramurals at old Pitt stadium. IIRC, made the finals one year.

    Get in shape boys, I will be firing them in hot!!!


  10. Pat Narduzzi Announces Disciplinary Action
    Defensive tackle Jeremiah Taleni dismissed from the program.

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi announced today that senior defensive tackle Jeremiah Taleni has been dismissed from the program for disciplinary reasons.

    Taleni played in 21 career games, including four starting assignments, during his three active seasons with the Panthers.

    Folks – that ain’t academics – sounds like a multiple failed drug tests or he beat the hell out of someone. That one hurts…


  11. Too much paki’lolo… and this may also be why Chryst hadn’t played him all that much.

    Bring back Ioneke Breckterfield to counsel him.

    My Golf outing prediction of giving up 32.5 ppg is looking even stronger. We may be in for a very rough year.


  12. 97 Deslin Alexandre 6-4/260 DL FR Pompano Beach, Fla./Deerfield Beach
    96 Allen Edwards 6-4/245 DL RS SR Miami, Fla./Dean (MA)
    95 Zack Gilbert 6-1/240 DL RS FR Charlotte, N.C./South Mecklenburg

    93 Shane Roy 6-4/280 DL RS JR Reading, Ohio/Reading
    92 Rori Blair 6-4/245 DL SR Pittsburgh, Pa./Upper St. Clair
    91 Patrick Jones II 6-5/250 DL RS FR Chesapeake, Va./Grassfield
    90 Rashad Wheeler 6-3/290 DL RS FR Pittsburgh, Pa./Pittsburgh Central Catholic
    86 Julian Desire’ 6-3/215 DL RS FR Uniondale, N.Y./Uniondale
    66 Mike Herndon 6-4/315 DL RS JR Greenville, Va./Riverheads
    50 Dom Cuono 6-2/235 DL RS JR Tampa, Fla./Carrollwood Day School
    40 James Folston Jr. 6-3/245 DL RS JR Cocoa, Fla./Cocoa
    34 Amir Watts 6-3/285 DL SO Chicago, Ill./Wendell Phillips Academy
    31 Kaezon Pugh 6-1/245 DL RS FR Aliquippa, Pa./Aliquippa
    17 Rashad Weaver 6-5/265 DL RS FR Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Cooper City
    10 Keyshon Camp 6-4/285 DL RS FR Lakeland, Fla./Lake Gibson

    08 Dewayne Hendrix 6-4/290 DL

    The interior DLs are in bold – no experience whatsoever. Narduzzi better get on the Grad Transfer phones ASAP.


  13. The hard part is at this time of the year you are limited in bringing a Graduate. This helps a walk on get a full year scholly so good for him following the rules but sucks for the field. If anything, another chance for the young D-Lineman we have to get experience which we all complain/worry about on the offensive line. Maybe Taleni can be the body guard for Upitt’s POV Bachelor party?


  14. Even the guys we have returning are light as hell – we are going to be manhandled up front. May have to look at moving Hendrix inside but he’s going to give up leverage at that height if we do.


  15. Cam Carter will be a big body at DT. Cam’s decision to go to Pitt is looking really good now.

    I think we will be fine at DT – Camp and Watts, and Carter, are some of the higher rated DTs that we’ve had in a long time.

    Usually July is the month when bad things happen – hope we get thru the summer without losing anyone else.

    Coach Duzz has to be boiling about this…

    Go Pitt.


  16. Devastating news, by all accounts he was in great physical shape and ready to go.

    I know this happens at all schools but it just seems like we always lose key components at the most inopportune times.


  17. Breaking this Taleni incident down in my own head a bit. We may never know the details and maybe we shouldn’t know. I would guess it’s not academic’s though. This is too bad for PITT and really too bad for Taleni. No winners here and I’m going to wait before I comment further on the young man.

    Now, I know I did, and others may have started speculating who the dismissed player may have been, the player you were hoping that wasn’t dismissed and the players you were confident that it couldn’t be the one who was dismissed. Taleni fell in the latter category for me. Shocking! The other two players I was sure that didn’t fall into trouble? Maddox and Whitehead.

    This is shout out to all the players that are keeping their noses clean and wishing you all well in keeping it that way!

    One player I want to give much credit too. Dewayne Hendrix. An All-American football player in high school who has seen very little playing time since 2014. (that’s a long time) From O’Fallon Tennessee, this young man comes up north and keeps waiting his time. I just feel that sometimes we don’t give these student athletes the credit they deserve.

    I realize there is an education to be gained but we know why most of these players sacrifice their young adult lives. Being a marginal student myself (obviously) I can’t imagine balancing the time between all that’s required to stay eligible.

    Kudos to all the PITT athlete’s that work so very hard for this fine University of Pittsburgh.


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