POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Night; 4/25/17

First off, as promised, here is the donation of your golfing money to the Grassroots of Howard County Day Resource Center.


It was a check for $300, was well received and is needed – as you can see by the missing drywall in the ceiling of the rooms behind us.

I can’t thank you guys enough for chipping in the way you all did and I will say that I made sure your donated fees are being expressly used to support the homeless services in our county. Not only did we all have a great time – you probably put some new boots on, or food in the stomach of, someone living out in the woods.

I have to say that my original plan of splitting any ‘profits’ from the Golf Outing between Grassroots and the POV went by the wayside when the final financial tally was done.  I put 100% into the charity and took a small hit on the day.  But that was perfectly acceptable considering I’m the one who threw the credit card up on the bar (no POV donation money was used for booze).

I really can’t wait for next year’s outing guys… and let’s start thinking of a mid-season POV Dinner or something up in the PGH area before a home game.

Speaking of golf -I went out with my new clubs yesterday and hit two buckets.  I hurt.

Here is something Pitt Football related that two readers sent me yesterday – a listing of the school-best current NFL Players. Pitt NFL.pngThere is a lot more info on that site if you click onto the link… Like this:

Pitt All-Pros.png

Isn’t it interesting that of these 10 schools listed above for All-Pros none of them are considered the “Mega-Football” schools like Ohio State or Alabama, Penn State, etc…

However if you click on the “Pro Bowlers” box above (on the actual site) then Pitt is nowhere to be seen. Strange that.

Of course this strikes to the heart of Pitt fan’s frustration with our football program and its history.  We produce wonderful All-Americans and NFL stars yet we can’t win more than nine games a year in forever it seemed. 

Seven 10+ win seasons in all of our long history and only once (2009) since the 1981 season.  46 years and one double-digit win season and with all those All-American players we produce.  No wonder so many Pitt fans are institutionalized.

Now – this is interesting in that we may see a couple more of the newly departed Pitt players becoming NFL stars in Tyler Boyd, Conner, Bisnowaty, Dorian Johnson and maybe Peterman also.  Yet with the exception of Peterman they were recruited by Paul Chryst who fans say couldn’t recruit that well.

Throw Ejuan Price in there too as well as he might surprise at the next level…

I replied back to the guys saying that we may well see this trend of All-Pro players out of Pitt continue under Pat Narduzzi.  Two straight eight win seasons isn’t anything to sniff at and there is no reason, given his recruiting pans out, that we won’t see it happen again and soon.  At least we all hope so.


Alright guys – we’ll take the first 3 or 4 callers starting at 8:00 pm (make it about 5 minutes early to login.)

Here is the info to get into the Bluejeans Roundtable meeting  for 4/25/17; 07:50 pm – 09:00 pm…

Meeting URL

Meeting ID
?????????  (this changes for each meeting – I’ll have the real one in a posted comment around 7:45 tonight.)

Phone Call-in:

Enter audio code on your phone
XXXXXXX – (this changes for each meeting – I’ll have the real one in a comment around 7:45 tonight.)

SEE YOU AT AROUND 7:45 OR SO….  Here are some items we’ll discuss:

Some Round Table Questions

  1. Where did you grow up and what HS did you attend?
  2. How did you first become interested in Pitt Football?
  3. What is your strongest Pitt football memory – positive and negative.
  4. To me, I am Pitt’s target market…, those that did not attend the university, but reside in Pittsburgh. I think attendance would improve if they could reel in others like me. So how is this best done?   Well ,winning is one thing and possibly the only thing. What else?
  5. If the defense gets off to a real bad start, would you fire Conklin mid-season or before?
  6. How much do uniforms matter to you?
  7. Do you visit the Oakland campus at all and what changes would you make there?
  8. Do you miss PITT stadium at all?
  9. How would you improve the student participation?
  10. Who are your 5 or 3 all-time PITT favorite players?
  11. What three (3) BIG items of discussion will we be having after the season ends about what transpired during the 2017 season?
  12. Ask Callers to show off their best Pitt souvenirs and memorabilia…

For pmdH2P: Here is the sculpture I was talking about that my wife hates… I love it and call him “George”.  Anyone figure pout why I named him that?


37 thoughts on “POV Bits & Pieces and Roundtable Night; 4/25/17

  1. ….because he resembles George H. Bush?????
    (Who by the way is in Houston Methodist Hospital again with phenomena (age 91).


  2. Pinstripe bowl is on the Big Ten network channel 610 on satellite TV right now and watching Northwestern beat us again


  3. The donation is really great to see. I’m sure the POV golf outing will continue to grow throughout the coming years and tally more donations in the future. Great cause. I would like to be a part of some sort of benefit this coming PITT football season.

    Pittman4ever, That’s great work. Now that you have uncovered that George Bush senior is suffering from phenomena, it explains why he always has that ghastly look on his face these days. 🙂


  4. Is George a name of another body part? Other than that, your wife is right, that thing would scare my dog.
    Reed, there are plenty of good places to gather, and maybe the evening after a game would be best or the friday night before. Prizes for bidding like the golf out would also help raise some cash for the site.


  5. Reed

    Thanks for the pic. The sculpture is great. Tell your wife that often masterpieces are not immediately embraced by everyone who sees them.

    The contribution to the non-profit is perfect. I serve as President of one and Treasurer of another. We do not waste money—but more is always needed. Kudos to all who attended the golf outing and made the $300 gift possible.



  6. Here is tonight’s Roundtable Call-in info:

    Meeting URL

    Meeting ID
    5713314009 (this changes for each meeting – I’ll have the real one in a posted comment around 7:45 tonight.)

    Phone Call-in:

    Enter audio code on your phone
    780036# (don’t forget the # sign)

    Also – use either a earpiece mic or your computer’s mic but don’t use both – it gives reverb….


  7. Grassroots is a great cause. For the grace of God I’m not homeless. Getting a chance to get an education at Pitt helps to keep me under a roof.

    Is it too far fetched to see the Steelers picking James Conner? Just like when Mr Rooney intervened to pick a character guy named Rocky Blier.


  8. Conner is more than character
    Rooneys have special kibosh for Pitt
    I swear they have a tough time sharing this town with a college team.


  9. ^^^ @ Reed …. What IS THAT???

    It looks like the strangest phallic symbol I have ever seen…… Personally I would burn it…but I guess you invested too much cheddar on it to take that loss. 🙂 hahahaha —> We all know “Art” is subjective…..clearly, very, very, VERY subjective 🙂 lol ….. so as long as you enjoy it!!! haha

    I want to know if possible from any people who attended the Spring Game, and really, reallllly paid attention to the players vs. just a casual-attendee —- what they thought of seeing Pitt’s ‘Great Transfer Hope’ Max Browne in-person on a live-field.

    Did he “look” the part, as in is he really the 6’5” , 220 he’s advertised at?? / Even though he started very poorly stat-wise (understandable, with the total mash-up of players, complete back-yard silly game setup), did it appear he had the Arm Talent to really be a solid ACC QB who can make strong downfield throws this NFL-design offense requires?

    So many questions about the Quarterback situation this year. Depth is filling out across the board at other positions and a ton of last year’s returning players are a full-offseason Stronger and Faster and more matured.

    But Pitt Football could be awesome this year if Max Browne plays like Pitt’s next NFL draft quality QB as the #1, with Thomas MacVittie serving in the “Tim Tebow role” as the running, read-option short yardage change-up.


    1. Hard to evaluate Max B. One thing I noticed was that his deep throws (with the exception of the flea-flicker, where he may not have gotten the proper grip) was that the passes were nice spirals and the tip of the ball turned down on the way down. No fluttering as the ball desended.

      On the negative side, he moved around like Tom Savage, i.e. he’s not very mobile. Looks like a candidate for get rid of the ball quick passes, or max protection when we are going deep…

      For what it’s worth…

      Go Pitt.


  10. DK, I didn’t see the last Max Browne drive when he seemed to be firing on all cylinders, but early in the game he didn’t look very sharp at all….FWIW .


  11. I have been reading about the recruit visits to Pitt at Pittsportsnow and they all seem to love their visits but no commits yet. Disappointing.


  12. I think we just found pitt’s next mascot design. Toss some cat ears on and we’re set. Alienmutantmonstercat!


  13. This is what came to mind when you said ” I love it and call him ‘George.'” Although it isn’t a bunny rabbit.


  14. well, with the Guttmans and now this, we are becoming aficionados of the arts. My sister (art degree from CMU) will approve.


    1. let me know if any of you find a velvet painting of Hugh Green … I’d be willing to spend up to $22


  15. Some more art items – here is a great painting that Lastrowofsection4’s Mother-in-law did for him because of his Pitt football fandom. He sent it ti me with this explanation…

    “Hi Reed…Here is the painting my mother in law made me. She did extensive research on the fur colors of the Western PA cats. It’s on the wall next to Hugh Green’s Sports Illustrated cover that has a black panther over his right shoulder…”The baddest cat in the game”


    1. ya think? Curious is that he brought someone with him (Dan Cage) from Vandy who is Dir of BB Operations, but didn’t promote him


  16. i object to their characterization as an ex-pitt WR, dontez will always be a pitt panther


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