Some More POV Golf Shots

Here are some nice photos taken by some of our attendees:

Clockwise from upper left: The winning foursome led by Fran (Lastrowofsection4) and his three friends; Russ (rkb) in his golfing finery; Russ with his auctioned-off PITT Script flag donated by BigB; The whole group – 18 total showed up; Another group shot of the winners.


I’m about to have the four winner’s names engraved on the cup and will take a photo when finished.

We’ll do it again next year hopefully not on Easter weekend as that will allow more guys to get away from the families on the Friday before the Spring Game.

Thanks all – and it was an honor to meet and have that visit with you all.

Here are some quotes by the FRANKCAN Trophy’s namesake – culled from The Pitt Blather… Enjoy!!!

֍ What we have to say is closer to the truth then what the post or the trib have to say,and more heart felt.
iwish we were in the news paper then chryst and outhers might get some ideas like the pitt script and that the AD must go.

֍ I want us to win the game you want us to win the game.
but injury injury and to a all ready weakend LB
it i just to mutch to over come i think if we could have come into the game with every one healthly we might have won.

but to many players out to give us a real chance.
you have to be at your best to beat a really good team we have to many injurys.

֍ marcus schaumburg i dont really know but i have a thought when the RB from NJ commited to wisconsin
he said some thing that might give us a clue
he said he thought wisconsin really wanted him there .
i think and this is just a thought that maybe
after we get a kid to commit we stop giveing him love may be we dont call as offton or go to his games any more.

 i mean the RB decommits from pitt and commits to wisconsin and says wisnconsin really wants me does that meam pitt stoped showing it .

֍ What took place may have cost us OT dorian johnson it does not make a difference if they did it or not the damage is done. johnsons mom was worryed abought her boy at pitt with all the so called inter city chrime now what will she bet he goes to VT.

lets face it we know it is as safe as any were but if a mom does not want it and some thing like this is on the news we lose.

*TOSSING and TEEZY i know that and you know that the point i was makeing was his mom will use it as a reason not to have him go to pitt.which was part of the reason he went to penn state his mom thinks pitt is danger and i remmber the on school; shooting in VT but outhers dont.

֍ Hell years ago in cal they used to have basket weaveing corse for football players.

֍ Read dockish panther prey as he said chryst is not a game day coach just as wanny was not.he has done some things better but unless he lurns what to do after the kick off he is justa OC in a head coachs clothing.



27 thoughts on “Some More POV Golf Shots

  1. Hey BigB, you were great on the round-table. Upitt’s bachelor party will be held on an airplane headed to unknown origins.

    Told the wife no season tickets this year since we missed so many games last year but being a part of the POV family, I figured I had to buy them again. (didn’t want to miss a thing) This is what the POV does. I’ll be in section 213, hoping one of USE guys may be in the neighborhood. < (I did that on purpose)

    BTW, I bought parking as well. They are not that good, across the street from the SpringHill in the the parking garage. I usually stay at the Hyatt which has premo parking and I won’t be using the garage much at all. If anyone may need a parking space for any given game this coming season, let me know. .. ike


  2. Steven & Kathy Guttman desire a huge H2P! The Guttmans just made the largest donation ever targeted towards Pitt Football specifically. How big $2,000,000!


  3. Reed, I think you absolutely need to make up tee shirts that say..
    “I’m a POVert “.
    As in instead of pervert, we are POVerts. What do you think?


  4. Thank You to the Guttmans.

    Here I make a seat donation on the same day. Do you think I may have inspired them??

    BTW to all you dog lovers out there. I just have to share this with you guys. My chocolate lab is very near to the end. It sickens me. I just don’t want to let him go. His name is August, we call him Gus. The most famous chocolate lab named Gus in Latrobe.


  5. After seeing how well dressed the POV golfers were, especially the sartorially-splendored rkb, I am glad that I didn’t attend and embarrass myself. I am definitely a cut below.


  6. UPitt send us a pic of your future Estonian bride… those Eastern European babes are hot… there I go again getting my ass in trouble like OReilly..
    Guttmans .. Thank you!!! Hope you demanded athletic commitment to EXCELLENCE!


  7. Who knew this site would wind-up bringing people together like this??? 🙂 lol.

    @Reed I thought that was gonna be ‘anonymous’ lol — I’ll make sure to try and do my little-part lol — just finallly wanted to show a little appreciation — Epic Forum here, you definitely made it happen!

    ——– So much to say……..

    1) Heather Lyke, I genuinely believe, after really digging-deep with Kevin Stallings believes he’s the man right now to try and build Pitt B-Ball. No Bs-talk, she meant what she said. Dixon was hanging on these last few years and was a burned-out, lost-coach. Stallings I truly think in 3 years will get this program built-up into a top 5 ACC team a la Florida State this year / Virginia recently.

    I think Kevin Stallings out-does the Final-4 Rebound jobs of Dana Altman at Oregon this year, and Frank Martin at South Carolina, and reaches the Final Four (maybe more) in a few years at Pitt —– like he stated for why he wanted the job in the first place.

    —- Meanwhile, even though TCU fans are THRILLED to actually, somehow, someway, have a winning basketball record and win an NIT (TCU Bball reaction: #WeWonSomethingInBasketball???!!! ) — TCU will be overjoyed to make the tourney in the next couple years, but they will never, ever be ‘players’ with Dixon.


    2) Pitt Football’s defense this year makes 🙂 Monstrous + BEASTLY Strides 🙂 . Scrappy, petite, but Cat-Quick Avonte Maddox is glue on opposing receivers this year, and ends up a National All American and has 5+ interceptions. Jordan Whitehead is a Force at Free Safety and solidifies himself as a First Round NFL pick coming out as a Junior…. And the Defensive front 7 is Ferocious. The front four especially just eats-alive opposing offensive-line Sacrifical Lambs all season.

    Pitt has 7+ Players drafted in next year’s NFL draft in the first 5 rounds, after 5 players are selected from Pitt in this year’s 2017 draft in the first 5 rounds (Dorian Johnson, Nathan Peterman, Adam Bisnowaty, James Conner, and even the ‘warrior-of-perseverance’ Ejuan Price — all with great NFL careers and proud Panthers).

    —-> Well, That’s all I KNOW so far.….

    #Uncertainty 😦 ——->

    Offense: ………** Max Browne** ??? “Security-wise” right now is as entrenched as a starter like Chad Voytik was in 2014 under Paul Chryst (6-7 where he started every game and James Conner won ACC POY) ……. urgh, and even maybe to the degree where Tino Sunseri was in his tenure. He’s the starter and that’s all Pat Narduzzi is gonna say about that.

    It would be much better for fans to have been able to hear or see something…ANYTHING about Spring Practices and the actual Real, full-team scrimmages to see how the QB’s played, but instead all fans got to garner any info from at all was some silly, backyard pick-up game scrimmage. It’s like a high school gym coach taking all the freshman-through-seniors, then randomly mixing them all up to form two teams to play a game. Whatever we’ll see.

    Work in progress!!!

    But I say, 9-3 regular season!! Hail To Pitt!! —- Biggest thing is I can Truly Feel every-single-Freakin’ One of these young men all have Heart and Passion and will all give 99.999% every game so they’ll be more-than-easy to root for. 🙂

    We’ll beat One / maybe both PSU and OSU but we ain’t going 0-2 vs these preseason top-10 teams, no-how. And Pitt Beats BOTH North Carolina and Miami this year finally as ACC Coastal Members.

    But I know our D-Line is gonna be Ferocious, and our 3 linebackers every down are gonna be super-quick and tough ——> Trace McSorley, Saquon Barkley, and that whole PSU O-line are all gonna be taking a lonnnng Ice bath after the game regardless if it’s a blow-out either way / or a tie game.

    Mannn — But I cannot draw any bead on how Max Browne is gonna be, even after I just blindly wanted to hype him up initially in silly-blind optimism…. —- Never saw him live, but I wanted to hear he had a Live Arm …. And in a knee-jerk and I’m pi$$ed he threw and underthrown, lame-duck flea-flicker in the Spring Game instead of making a statement to not only Pitt fans, but far more-importantly his Teammates with a big-time, rousing throw!


  8. wwb, that’s some letter and if all true some NFL team is going to get a hell of a very determined FB player in JC. Also I have to say that should have definitely used him much more ofter at defensive end.


  9. Ike. So sorry. Nothing worse than losing your best friend. I’ve lost actual relatives and not felt as depressed. Best solution is to get another asap!


  10. Ike… feeling for you brother…I hope when I close my eyes for for the final time I will be awakened in heaven by all my pets who have gone before me


  11. Thank You Big Guy Dan72. Gus has a tennis sized tumor on his upper front leg and another right above, had a vet visit the house because we just can’t move him any longer. It looks bleaker than bleak at this time. It’s kinda of why I combined my grief with buying season tickets. I can’t bare to even think about the next few days.

    Was it you that lost a wonderful pet friend recently? Thanks again. ike


  12. We have had cats put down but that’s more on my Wife’s grief than mine… I do love them though but I could see if I had a dog for years and years it would be painful.

    Ike – you’ll know when its time. I knew someone who just couldn’t bear to have her dog put down and it lived it’s last year in misery. Not good and as selfish as it gets.


  13. We had four and are now down to two. I cried like a five-year old girl when we had to put down the two. But, when the time comes, they let you know. My sympathy Ike.



  14. Thank you so much guys. This dear friend refuses to let us know. He just doesn’t know the word quit. I know this isn’t the place for this but between my wife and Gus, today has been ultra hard. I’m trying to get the hell away.. 😦


  15. Ike.. next time I come home
    I will meet you at the Tin Lizzy…we can talk about our dogs… they are our kids


  16. You gotta a deal Bernie. I use to live in Youngstown, 4 houses up from the Sacred Heart Church. Moved but still only a mile away. Do you know Bucky?

    I played softball for The Tin Lizzy

    Thanks BigB … ike


  17. Don’t know Bucky but have a couple of good friends in the area…I grew up in N. Apollo and did training at Latrobe Hospitsl when O was at Pitt… before that was over your way as a HS teenager hanging out at the Red Rooster.. was there the night
    We landed on the moon!
    I am thinking about you and your buddy… I know you are grieving but mans best friend was made to run free.. he was blessed to have you as his DAD


  18. Ike its tough but my wife and I have had at least 8 in the past 20 years, rescue old castoffs. You gave it a great time. My sympathies, Picture was Max, passed before script came back.


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