54 thoughts on “Spring Game Thread

  1. I’m thinking Reed may be tied up with the family (not in a hostage way) and I came across this. Hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes.

    Elijah Zeise and Jaryd Jones Smith were name the Ed Conway award winners this spring for the most improved players.


  2. TMac had rough series with a high snap on first down. Got sacked hard on 3 and long.

    Picket looking good.



  3. Max B – some decent passes and some poor passes. Should have been intercepted by Whitehead on a throw down the middle.

    At the half, Denucci and Picket have looked best at QB….

    No one standing out at RB…

    Flowers made a couple of catches near sidelines. Henderson looking good.

    Typical spring game…


  4. Henderson just dazzled the crowd with an end-around. Broke 3 tackles and juked out tacklers for about 50 yards…


  5. You guys are great…Thanks.

    Just got back from the Dr.’s office. Follow up Monday for tests and my wife wants me to apologize to all of you for my missing the spring game and the tailgate. I apologise also but needs must.

    I actually suggested my daughter drive her home and I’d fly back tonight but my daughter ripped me a new one as soon as I said it.

    Again…I wasn’t all that stoked about what I saw Brown do earlier… But he has all of summer and fall camp to get better.

    If anyone wants to write a quick article about their impressions of the players today I’ll post it right up…just send it email.

    I’ll have a post-golf one up by tonight. Am completely frazzled right now.


  6. Ike, we really need Zeise to come up big time at the linebacker spot this season.

    He brings speed and size and even though we haven’t really seen him play I think he’s going to be at the very least a competent replacement if not a star on defense. I actually picked him to be the defensive MVP this season.

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  7. Reed, I just jumped back on the POV for the sole purpose of ripping you a new one for not updating us all on the wife’s condition. Glad to hear she has stabilized somewhat?

    Seems like a lot of drama in the POV family lately. Hope everything can be resolved with good health to all. The POV will still be here after you take care of family first.

    BigB, still wishing you and your mom the best as well..


  8. Based on mid 3rd quarter results …. Dinucci will be starting QB; Henderson will remain at FL, and Moss will start at RB.
    Halftime stats: (from PSN)
    Passing: DiNucci 3-3, 50 yards; Browne 6-18, 48 yards; Pickett 3-5, 14 yards
    Rushing: Henderson 1 – 30, TD; Ollison 11 – 28; Pickett 3 – 19; Wood 1 – 9
    Receiving: Henderson 5 – 53; Tipton 1 – 24; Ffrench 3 – 12, Flowers 2 – 12; Mathews 1 -11
    Tackles: Stocker 6; Miller, Camp and Jackson 3; Weaver, Blair, Dorsey, Maddox 4
    Sacks: Weaver, Blair, Brightwell, Edwards
    PBU: Maddox 2, Whitehead TFL: Garner

    In 3rd quarter — more good runs by Henderson and Moss, and MacVittie scores on a 12 yard run


  9. Tipton’s catch for TS was highlight catch of the game.

    Now a nice 2 point completion to Lopes. Max is heating up late…


  10. Max Browne with beautiful TD pass to Tipto with over-the-shoulder catch; big play in drive was 32 yarder to Reuben Flowers

    Gold 23 Blue 12

    Pickett with some nifty runs; Kessman 3 for 3 not counting 60 yarder which actually took place after time expired in 1st half


  11. About Zeise. He’s weighing in at 238 lbs with his quickness and speed, he could have a MVP type year Reed. Narduzzi has said he’s hitting hard as well.

    Here is a point about Conklin. The reaction by the PITT defenders will be the key this coming year. By keeping Conklin, the team should have everyone on the same page defensively speaking. Hopefully the thinking part will be long gone.

    Nifty runs by a QB in spring ball may be well and good. It can also mean the QB is not seeing the field all that well…or the pass defense is shutting down PITT’s above average receivers?? The big picture. Love PITT football in the spring but PITT will lose one game today as well as win one. They will be 1-1. Could this be a precursor?


  12. Upitt, you’re embarrassing your fake father. How do you see the defense getting lit up? PITT’s defense held them to 14 pts. On the other hand, PITT’s defense held them to 23 pts. Not as good but much better than last season. Are you doing this on purpose to get back at your fake father?


  13. I thought Pickett looked very mature and poised, Max Browne got off to a shaky start and I was gone by the time he got going in the 4th quarter ..Q Henderson looked fantastic and I thought the new place kicker looked solid. I was so focused on the offense I couldn’t tell you how anyone looked on defense.I think A. Mathews made at least one nice catch . I heard Brian O’Neil left the game holding his arm. Any news on that?


  14. Thanks for the updates folks. From the sound of it Pickett may not be a Red Shirt candidate this year. He just may be our second best QB(or first best)
    and as such not a good RS candidate. If Narduzzi sticks with Browne and he’s productive and stays healthy then maybe the Pickett RS will play out.


  15. Gram is home… a great weekend otherwise … many POVerts were ” unmasked!” at the golf tournament.. can’t wait to meet Darkie to see how he matches up to my vision of him…


  16. Browne was affected by 4 drops early in game and never got a rhythm in first half. I did see some zip from him on one drop over the middle. One bad throw where whitehead should have picked it. It was windy which didnt help the long ball. The touch on the touchdown and conversion was great. Dinucci did impress. He ran well and conducted himself with confidence. Looked like a right-handed palko. Macvittie didn’t get enough time to make any judgements. A few browne deep balls are probably caught by weah. Tipton struggled to break press and seemed a little slow at times but his catch was highlight worthy. Pickett looked like a future starter. Great athleticism and amazingly mature for a guy who should be going to his prom next month.


  17. I would also like to say Morissey does not look like a walkon. If a scholarship is free at the start of the season he should be getting one.


  18. I’m assuming Zeise, Hendrix, Hamlin and Clark didn’t play as they were listed as injured when the draft was held.


    1. Dan, you might think differently if you had seen DiNucci today. He looked surprisingly polished and in control. I could see why he’s clearly running as the No. 2 QB right now…

      Pickett did have an impressive demeanor about him – for a true freshman – but something about DiNucci just gave me the feeling that he could move the team if called upon…


  19. Hey Dan, that’s a bold prediction with Pickett. The question on the heels of that proclamation. What would you expect PITT’s record to be to go to such an extreme at that time of the season? It wouldn’t be to good??


  20. Answering for Dan, if we lose to YSU, PSU and OSU and Browne is ineffective in all three games then maybe game 4 is when we see a change at QB. The problem is it may not turn out to be Pickett.


  21. PittPT,

    Brian Batko ✔ @BrianBatko
    Pat Narduzzi said it was just a little tweak for Brian O’Neill. Nothing to worry about.


  22. JRN, if PITT loses their first three games, I would most definitely think that Browne had been replaced a few times during a stretch like that. imo, Pickett will not play this coming year for any reason short of a disaster.

    In the case of starting off 0-3, that would certainly qualify. To me, that would signify Dinucci and Browne couldn’t get the job done. Unless, the defense is as bad or worse than last years.. Then all bets off.

    We All We Got
    We All We Need
    H2P! ……..ike


  23. I have foreseen Picket….Pitt loses to PSU in OT and Brown goes down for the season. It will be Pitt’s only loss of the year. McVitte goes down before halftime of the OSU game
    and Narduzzi plays his gut and goes with Pickett who runs the table!

    I have foreseen this as clearly as I saw peterman taking over from Chad by game a few years back.

    In private, the coaches are raving about Pickett!!


  24. I know it’s only spring, but Pickett isn’t going to go quietly into the night. He impressed me today. He’s got some pizzaz, and he throws a nice tight ball.


  25. Oh I don’t doubt that Pickett hasn’t raised many eyebrows at all. Yet he is a true freshman. I also can see PITT struggling early in the season as far as record with a tough schedule. That’s exactly how Browne was benched at USC. He took the lumps early on and Darnold came in with a weaker schedule ahead.

    That said, Dinucci had a decent game today while Pickett ran the ball well. To me sounds like a young QB not seeing the play develop in front of him, which is very normal.

    I would love to see Pickett emerge as the starter end of fall camp. What’s not to lyke?

    Think about this though. PITT is real interested in the young man they are recruiting in Doyle. Try recruiting a young high school QB who would come in behind a true freshman.


  26. For the record. Pickett’s numbers today:
    6-13 for 36 yards and a QB rating of 69.4

    Now, I don’t want to be labeled as a hater at all. If the young man can help PITT football then I’m all in. I hope he sets the college football world on fire. Same as I hope for all the QB’s for PITT

    We All We Got
    We All We Need

    H2P! …..ike


  27. Doyle knows of Pickett and that’s why I believe he will not sign with Pitt this year.—Narduzzi is clearly going to give Browne the chance to succeed or fail. Remember Peterman gave Pitt a skill(running at times) I’m not sure Browne can replicate with any great success. If that’s the case, the drop off in QB play from last season may be far greater than anyone of us would want to see with Browne behind center. Pickett it would seem has a feel for the running game from the QB slot. That in itself puts another degree of pressure for the opposition to have to deal with. They may not have to deal with that if Browne really never displays that option.


      1. Fantastic 75. It’s a little different setup over here but you’ll get to use to it fast. I’m still not use to no edit button but what the hey. Happy Easter buddy …ike/pappy


  28. Sounds like Henderson is still fast. Our defense a little slow around the edges. No talk of really big hits.
    A possible QB controversy. It is only a spring pick up game, never tells you that much.

    Not worried about the running game with a split O-line, hard to get any rhythm and timing.

    Best news nobody got really hurt.

    Five months till the real thing.

    What was the attendance?


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