Golf Day T-1 and Football Stuff

It always helps to get those star NFL Pitt players to come back and rub shoulders with the current team (and donors) for the Spring Game.  This year it will be Tyler Boyd and Jabaal Sheard as Honorary Coaches.

“Tyler and Jabaal are all-time Pitt greats who have continued to make us proud in the National Football League,” Narduzzi said. “We tell our guys that once you’re a Panther, you’re always a Panther. Our entire team is fired up that Tyler and Jabaal will be back with us this Saturday at Heinz.”

    The 2017 Blue-Gold Game will feature a true game format with the team being divided by position into two separate squads. Admission for the Blue-Gold Game is free for all fans. Doors at Heinz Field will open at 11:30 a.m. exclusively for Panther Club members showing their membership card. Gates will open to the general public at noon and the game will start at 1 p.m. All seating is general admission on the east sideline.

    Parking will be available in the Gold lots beginning at 10 a.m. For more information and a listing of the day’s various fan attractions, click here: Blue-Gold Game Fan Information.

Alan Saunders did up a very nice article and graphic covering the Blue and the Gold teams draft for the scrimmage on Saturday.  Remember – this is what Narduzzi said Ollison was picked last for by his peers in the spring of 2016. (I’ll have to look that up).

I especially like this quote from Maddox:

“I don’t know what they were thinking over there,” he said, laughing. “They were playing checkers and I was playing chess. I was thinking ahead of the game and they were playing the next move. That’s why we got 13 starters and they have two. But good to luck to them.”

The Post-Gazette covers it also. 

While O’Neill went first to Gold, Blue used the first second-round pick on versatile fullback George Aston.

“He’ll set the tone for us,” said Browne, the graduate transfer from Southern California. “We just felt that’s a good guy to have on the team. When you talk about pass game, run game, you’ve got to have him.”

We talk a lot on here about how the mainstream media sites have to walk a fine line when it comes to criticism of any sort towards Pitt football, and that is true.  But in the past one writer, and really the only writer to do so on a semi-regular basis, is Jerry DiPaola of the Tribune -Review.

Two days ago he put out another fine piece in his Pitt Locker Room blog about the comings and goings of the team and program.  In that article he wrote something that I had touched on last week, and what has been on every thinking man’s mind since the spring practices began when he said this:

Of particular interest, to me (at least), is how junior Phillipie Motley continues to hang on to one starting job at cornerback. 

Motley is older and more experienced than players such as Damar Hamlin and Therran Coleman. Sophomore Dane Jackson, though, started three games last season to Motley’s two and had double the pass breakups (4/2).

Of course I am referring to the first sentence.   When the first words out of the staff’s mouths are the returning DBs doing so well it makes Pitt fans scratch their collective heads.  By the way as we have also talked about on here – blogs are more editorializing and for putting opinions out than the regular media’s articles are and we just saw an example of that with DiPaola’s thoughts on Motley.

Not that his thought on Motley is all that critical but the thrust of the issue is that these new DBs were supposed to waltz in and take over… which won’t happen right away.

I urge readers to put Pitt Locker Room on their list of Pitt Sports links to look at during the day – it is always good stuff.  Here are some other articles on there that pertain…

Pitt building depth in secondary

Treading lightly around the I word at Pitt practice

Wirginis’ return to practice makes an athletic linebacker group even more athletic

On To the Golf Outing:

It looks like we are all firmed up for attendees for the 1st Annual Pitt POV / FRANKCAN Memorial Golf Classic.

At this writing we have 24 golfers for 18 holes, camaraderie drinks and dinner – it should be a very enjoyable afternoon. The rules are scramble and we posted up the starting times for the golfers early.  I’ll also check with Rick to see if that changed at all.  it does look like we’ll be able to move up dinner closer to when our last golfers finish their rounds.


It seems that we can’t take any late walk-ins for dinner (that count has been set with Quicksilver’s kitchen) but if you want to show up, have a few and sit around with your POV friends then please do by all means.

I have put together some fun things to do and talk about and here is one I’ll be passing out hard copy to the attendees.  It is a “Very, Very Early Predictions” sheet.

THE Pitt POV Reader’s Predictions For 2017

֍ Name: ________________________________________________

 ֍  What will be Pitt’s 2017 regular season record be? 

֍  What will be Pitt’s 2017 final season record be? 

֍  Who will be the #2 QB?  Throw a regular season TD?

֍  Who will be the leading rusher? # yards & TDs?

֍  Who will be the leading receiver.  #yards & TDs?

֍  Who will be the leading tackler?  How Many?

֍  Who will be the leader in sacks?  How Many?

֍  Who will be the leader in interceptions?  How Many?

֍  What will be Pitt’s offensive points per game average? 

֍  What will be Pitt’s defensive points per game average? 

֍  How many passing yards will our opponents  average per game?

GOOD LUCK !!  &  HTP !!

Why don’t you readers print that out and send your picks to me via email – with “Predictions” in the subject line, and I’ll try to figure out who was closest at the end of the season.

I do have one extremely important request though – my wife and daughter are coming to PGH to visit with friends while this is going on and they will have the car. 

Can I ask someone to drop me off in downtown at the Omni William Penn after the festivities?  Pretty please!!  Otherwise the cab fare will put this blog out of business.

I’ll keep everyone up to date in the comments section if anything changes.


103 thoughts on “Golf Day T-1 and Football Stuff

  1. The Spring game draft was fun but I would much rather see the first team offense play the first team defense and the second team offense play the second team defense. Otherwise it is just a pick-up game, where you might see some individual skills, but not much cohesiveness.


    1. 2013- Tom Savage played only one series
      2014 – the defense played zone only with limited blitzing
      2015 – there was no game
      2016 – the game was slayed on a soccer field


  2. On the Golf – there is an influx of alumni players coming in and so Pat Bostick sent me an email that Friday is pretty much all tied up in that for him. So no modified “Pat signal” for Bostick, Jr.


  3. I could have guessed that would be your pick Reed. Taleni’s a great pick.

    Wirginis for me and he might be my top candidate in another category or two or more??


    1. I can see Whitehead rebounding with a real good year and Maddox having another good year .. but Taleni and Wirginis are certainly good candidates


    1. lol Mr Riggs. 🙂 …We all are entitled to our opinion. The ones that are most important to me are the coaches. Under two entirely different coaching staffs the young man was deemed to be good enough to start. This year will be his fourth straight year at starting at CB. The latest whipping boy that plays CB for PITT.

      BTW, Maddox is also a star baseball player and a really good basketball player. He’s thinking of playing baseball for PITT this year.


      1. all cornerbacks are under the scope. You remember the few times they were beaten but rarely see the times they are doing their job because the QB doesn’t throw to their man because he is covered. It’s the nature of the beast.

        Aaron Berry, who played 5 years in the NFL, and Lafayette Pitts, also in NFL (as is Kwuan Williams) were rapped constantly … heck, all they had to do was to cover the opposition’s best WR all over the field.


        1. You’ll know when the Pitt secondary has arrived when Maddox is relegated to nickel back, it may not happen before he graduates.


  4. Question. A player I had high hopes for is not listed on the roster for the blue-gold game on Saturday. Linebacker Elias Reynolds out of Brooklyn NY. Did I miss him? I had heard they really liked the young man as a middle linebacker.


  5. I see that Clark, Hendrix, Zeise and Hamlin are on the injured list for the game. Pitt is having a hell of a time getting those guys off the injured lists. Not a good sign if it stays the same come September.


  6. Erie, good news, looks like it will be JoeKnew plus two. Brother in law says little needle in lung will not prevent him from golfing! See you guys tommorrow.


  7. Guys the more i look at it the more im worried about this schedule. The front half is brutal.

    Even if the defense improves from terrible to OK, they still are facing two of probably the top 5 offenses in the entire country to start the year including 4 real heisman contenders in that time frame. So even if PITT plays well in both of those games theres a real shot they could lose both.

    Then they have to go out to atlanta to play a triple option team that quietly won 9 games last year and PITT has yet to been able to stop.

    I see a real chance at 1-3 to start the year.

    Not to mention NC State is getting alot of hype and has been pegged by some as a top 25 team.


  8. JJ, The new coaches name is Keith Gavin. Wrestled at PITT as a 3 year starter and won the national championship in 2008.

    Assistant coach at Oklahoma recently and before that, an assistant coach at Virginia.


  9. I remember eating lunch at the Allegheny Sandwich Shop, Western Ave about 12 years ago. It would get packed around noon … and it seemed so odd to see Dan Rooney standing in line waiting for tables to open up. He didn’t seem disturbed, just was talking to the people next to him biding his time.


  10. Awww Man …. Gotta make some Retro-Active comments here……..

    Basically I feel it is a bizarre, insecure, strange ps-who “nerve spot” to keep saying, “We kept them out of the playoffs, yay!!” —– …BRO , lol, we played them in the beginning of the season not week 13 like #2 WVU in 2007 so it’s ‘Obtuse Thinking’ —– for all accounts maybe losing to Pitt INSPIRED ps-who to step it up. Maybe Franklin made them watch that tape over-and-over-and-over into the season to fire them up, especially after their Michigan-loss.

    NoPITT HANDLED ps-who with all Paul Chryst talent, yet still somehow did let them into the game….then luckily ps-who’s little cocky, delusions-of-granduer QB threw a bone-headed pick to Ryan Lewis to hand us the game just like he did to USC.

    Big 10 was WEAK this year, and ps-who won a gift-game against Ohio State off a freakin blocked short FG returned for a touchdown. ( ** WHO GOT SHUT-OUT AGAINST CLEMSON who PITT BEAT AWAY —- ZERO POINTS** )

    Okay I’m a “Young Guy” but I’m Embarrassed by even giving a FUDGE about ps-who. PITT IS IT. + BEAT WVU #REALRIVAL in a couple years.

    ANYWAYS —-

    Dang Spring game in a couple days…. Season is determined based on whether Max Browne has stopped being an Uber Slacker and wants to be an NFL Player or whether Thomas MacVittie is the Real Deal.

    We shall see — #HailToPitt!


  11. For IMMEDIATE Release
    April 13, 2017

    Statement from University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher:

    “Dan Rooney was an innovative leader who forever shaped the sport of football and the city of Pittsburgh. His knack for resolving conflict, championing diversity and pursuing excellence with integrity earned him not only Super Bowl rings, but our collective admiration and affection. On behalf of the University of Pittsburgh, I extend my deepest sympathies to the entire Rooney family and the Steelers franchise.”

    Statement from University of Pittsburgh Head Football Coach Pat Narduzzi:

    “A truly unforgettable and special moment for me was getting a personal visit from Dan Rooney after I had just accepted the head coaching job at Pitt. This is a man who built one of the most successful and famous sports organizations in the world, yet he was always so humble and accessible to everyone. Mr. Rooney represents the very best of the game of football and the very best of Pittsburgh. I don’t believe this unique collaboration between an NFL team and college program could exist anywhere else. The credit for that goes to Mr. Rooney and his passionate commitment to Pitt and Pittsburgh. Our hearts and prayers are with the Rooney family and Steelers organization.”

    Statement from University of Pittsburgh Director of Athletics Heather Lyke:

    “Growing up in Canton in the shadow of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I became educated very early on about ‘The Steeler Way’ and the incredible family tradition of this iconic NFL franchise. Since arriving in Pittsburgh last month, I have been able to experience firsthand the tremendous class and warmth of the Rooney family. Dan Rooney has an incredible legacy that goes well beyond the football field and we will all continue to be inspired by his example and memory. Our prayers and sympathies are with the Rooney family and all of Steelers Nation.”


  12. I already feel nervous for that first tee shot tomorrow!

    Go Pitt!

    Reed – I’d be happy to give you a ride into town – if you can fit your frame into a Forester (and if you can use your Coast Guard skills to navigate us thru the infamous Quicksilver detour)…


    1. MM – there may be a few hecklers on he 1st tee, but we can act like our former AD Barnes and ignore the “noise”.



  13. I’m proud of my fellow povites for this weekend activities!!!
    Hard sometimes living in Texas when great events like this are happening.
    So be careful out there tomorrow. Don’t blow out your back trying to get one of those birdie creatures!


  14. DK, Right now(i know it’s early) but it would appear that MacVittie has been passed by both DiNucci and Pickett for the backup QB position. You might have to start “pumping” another name to take reign at Pitt for the QB position.


    1. Doc – I was at the course yesterday and I was glad to be in long pants. Five degrees warmer today and I’m still erroring on the side of long pants.



  15. Great day for a golf game! I’ll be with you in spirit.

    Late to the party, but I am a fan of Maddox. Considering we rarely have a pass rush, he goes up against the best receivers and last year some formidable QB’s he has held his own. Always one of the leading tacklers on the team and a starter for three years, no one will take his job.

    It is hard for a corner to look good all the time, even on the best defenses. Considering he has played on one of the worst, and for a coordinator who puts him on an island and many say should be fired, he is far from a liability. If he was 6 foot tall he would have gone to Ohio St or Alabama, certainly not Pitt.

    So far even with the influx of so called talent, he is still the best we have. Hopefully he gets some help in the backfield and a better pass rush this year.


  16. I like Maddox too, but when a guy 5′ 7″ is up against VT Bucky who is 6’7″ and runs a 4.55 he has little chance of defending the fade route. The kid has a great heart tho and never stops trying.


  17. A beautiful day in the ‘burgh, it is. Ernie Banks would have said, “Such a nice day, let’s play thirty-six!”

    Way off-topic: Maverick Rowan leaving NC State.


  18. just read that Rowan isn’t transferring, he’s turning pro … Good luck with that! He looked like an All-America the two times he played vs Pitt, but appeared to be pretty mediocre otherwise.


  19. There must be a leaderboard somewhere. Reed should take his beer out to the tee box at 10 and update the scoring….

    Wagering is heavy. Doc T is the early on vegas odds favorite to shoot a bogey free round.

    Enjoy fellers. Wish I could have made the trip, but duty calls.


  20. Reed is the odd man out here.

    Everyone else is out on the golf course and I’m sitting here back in the club house drinking a beer and reading the novel about pirates (actual 1801 pirates) but that’s okay, when the troopers come in I’m going to be on stage.

    Many donated items including a signed Mike Ditka jersey!!! Above and beyond with that one!

    Four bottles of good booze, Pitt and POV flags, POV car magnets, Pitt and POV smaller magnets and many shirts, etc.

    Will have big article and photos on Sunday afternoon…

    Truly do wish you all were here…


  21. Ahhhh, I always golf in the 70’s. Eighties is a little too hot and sixties a bit too cold….lol

    Live feed would be great! Actually a live call in with the group would have also been great with guest golfer personalities as they finish the round….Notice how I give out work assignments for others to do!


  22. By the way, please keep BigB in your thoughts today. His mother suffered heart problems and he had to be bedside with her in the hospital today.

    I’m sure he’ll appreciate all good will sent his way.

    Of course Bernie dropped of lots of Pitt stuff for the golfers today… That’s the kind of man and POV’er he is.


  23. Thoughts and prayers for momma bigb. Hoping for a full recovery and an all clear asap.

    RKB, had I known you were golfing I would have taken a triple double top secret 1/3 vacation day and made the commute!


  24. Praying for your mom BigB.
    Also, I just hope they don’t have to close down the golf course for extensive divot and gouge repair after the POVers finish playing!!!


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