Tee Times and Other Golf Outing Info

Here is the rough draft for teams and start times:

NoonDr. Tom, Craig Richards, Van Wilburn, Jack Clark
12:15joeKnew and two or three guests
12:30Erie Express, Dan72 & MajorMajors (keeping one spot open for UPitt)
12:45Lastrow and three guests
13:00Richard Tencza and three guests
13:15Central80 & The Young Admiral, Jay91
13:30JoeL & guest, rkb & Lawrence Bolind

These times are subject to Quicksilver’s approval today, we will keep you updated to any changes.  We are also trying to get the mealtime bumped a bit earlier that 6:00 pm .

Who says the Pitt POV is a youngster on the scene…?

Take a look at the “FRANKCAN Memorial Cup” trophy Bernie B. has donated…  See if you can find the hidden “BigB” anywhere. 

Golf Trophy

Bernie – we can’t thank you enough. Seriously, above and beyond as usual.

In addition we have prizes for other golfers and I’ll be conducting a Pitt Trivia match where we have even more prizes. Goody-bags, bottles of booze, dancing girls, Pat Bostick,Jr (hopefully) and a good meal to finish it off.

As of right now the weather forecast is:

pgh weather 2

Freakin’ great, that’s what it is. We are going to have a good time.  For those who can’t make it we will be thinking about you and will send a toast your way…

Three days to go….

Here is a good article on Pitt’s offense from FOX Sports.

Look for a bounce-back season from junior RB Qadree Ollison. He went from being an 1,100-yard rusher as a freshman to just 127 in 2016. Yeah, having the great James Conner back impacted his carries, but the coaches weren’t thrilled with how the 6-2, 225-pounder had responded to his early success, saying Ollison came back “fat and happy” and should’ve received a message from teammates who picked him last in their player draft in 2016. “He’s been much better,” said Narduzzi. “He’s a big, athletic back who can burst and he can do it all.”

Fat shaming!!!!!


26 thoughts on “Tee Times and Other Golf Outing Info

  1. Somebody that none of us are talking about. Why because that part of Pitt’s offense is supercharged & firing on all eight cylinders!
    Love this kid, super exciting potential every time he touches the ball.


  2. I will Let you know soon!! Im a solid verbal At the moment.

    What use to have a weiner, won a gold medal and now prefers Loubatans over Nikes?


    1. Finding out if your a$$ actually shows up to play some golf on Friday is getting to be more suspenseful than waiting for Paris Ford’s letter to come in over the fax on LOI Signing Day!


  3. Ike – I’m not against kicking an old man’s a$$. Haha. You and Tom both fit that bill. Doc/Ike – I have the cigars.


  4. The FRANKCANCUP is leakproof and holds about a pitcher of beer 🍻.. My a$$ will be there Friday morning with my clubs


  5. Guys… I so badly wanted to make it in for the outing. It sounds like things are very well planned. Hope you all hit ’em straight and have great weather. See you all Saturday. Looking forward to meeting all you POVerts.


  6. I’m really excited for all the guys who will be at the golfing event!!!
    Really hoping you all have a great time!!!!


  7. FYI: FRANKCAN hasn’t posted on here since the Blog’s inception (current Frankcan imitator excluded of course).

    UPitt sent me an email wondering if FRANKCAN will show up at the Tourney and I said “I hope not, he may sue us!”


  8. Erie Express and Dan72 (and UPitt if you can make it) – be prepared to do some “major” lifting on Friday. I played a round last week and it wasn’t pretty – kept hitting the big ball before the little ball. Going to hit a bucket at the range tomorrow.

    Go Pitt.


  9. Hope you guys have agreat time Friday golfing and being great Pitt fans. Enjoy. My thoughts go out to you. H2P


  10. Here’s hoping many of you guy’s plan on joining Reed tonite on the round-table. I probably will not be able to make it. The local senior citizen center switched our sizzling bingo and chocolate chip cookie night to Tuesday’s. Go figure.

    Be there! At the round-table not the bingo night… ike


  11. Perhaps Bostick should ask a couple players if they need a tee time.

    Enjoy the day guys. I will be at work but wishing i was on the links. Quicksilver is one of my favorite courses. And some of you are alright,,,,for Pitt fans.


  12. Seeing Frankcan’s name on the cup has me wishing he’s resting peacefully wherever he is. We miss you, Frankcan. I remember on Pitt blather when the group realized he was gone.


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