Just got back from the Campus of University of Virginia where we stayed when visiting Monticello yesterday. I forgot just how beautiful that campus is as it is mainly Thomas Jefferson’s designed buildings.  We stayed at a nice hotel called the Cavalier Inn.  Not super fancy, a bit tattered here and there but really pleasant and only $99 per night… with a good free breakfast.

We’ll be playing Virginia in their house in 2018 so keep this info in mind – will make for a great road trip destination.

On to football:

I posted in a comment with this info yesterday but want to include it for the readers who don’t follow the comments.

QB Nate Peterman is getting more and more publicity as the days draw nearer to the 2017 NFL draft on April 27th – 29th.  Now we see an article in the Buffalo News that lists why the Bills should draft him.


  1. He played in a pro-style passing attack. Peterman led the Panthers’ highest-scoring offense in program history as a senior in 2016, an attack that put up 40.9 points per game. He also led the ACC in passer efficiency (163.4 rating), starting all 13 games while completing 60.5 percent of his passes for 2,855 yards, 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions.
  2. He’s resilient. Peterman signed with Tennessee coming out of high school in Florida so that he could play SEC football. He didn’t get many chances, though, redshirting as a freshman in 2012. He broke his hand in his first start of 2013 and threw just 23 passes that season, then got benched after two series in 2014 in favor of Joshua Dobbs, who started the rest of the year. Peterman ended up throwing only 43 passes for Tennessee.
  3. He’s smart. In addition to the bachelor’s degree in communications he earned in three years at Tennessee, Peterman also has an MBA from Pitt’s Katz Graduate School of Business. He made the 2016 All-ACC Academic Football Team.

Here is his NFL draft profile… but wait there’s more.  Now the Giants are wondering about him.  Ron Jaworski, a NFL QB who did very well as a pro has this to say about our past QB:

I think Peterman at Pitt is a guy that I think is a project,” Jaworski told NJ Advance Media Tuesday following the NFL Draft in Philadelphia Chalk Talk at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. “And, he’s a good project. When you look at the quarterback position, you have to look at development. Certainly with Eli, you’re probably going to get a year or two more.

“I always believe that you should take a quarterback. Develop him. Get him onto the practice squad. You find out about him. That’s a position that takes time. You can run out a wide receiver, at tackle and they can contribute quickly. Very few Dak Prescott come along and play the way he played last year. Peterman is a guy that I would take a good, hard look at.” 

Speaking of NFL-worthy QBs I’d like to remind readers what I asked Pat Narduzzi in a face to face interview during the 2016 fall camp.  I asked “Now that you have been in the ACC for a full year what do you have to do differently on defense as opposed to the Big Ten?”

His answer?  ‘All offenses are pretty much alike, we’ll play them week to week. No difference between the Big Ten and the ACC really.’  I’m paraphrasing that but here is the video – my question is at the 24:10 mark.

Which strikes to the heart of our defensive problems last season I believe.  Here is the list of the Top Eight QBs entering the draft.  Please note how many are ACC and how many are Big Ten.

NFL QB Peterman

See that? Five of the eight are in the pass happy ACC and zip, none, nada in the Big Ten. This stubbornness in his defensive philosophy is what hurt us last year and pointed us to giving up 35.2 ppg.  He needs to have a mindset change.  One thing that might be a bright spot in his recognizing this is some personnel moves he’s making.

Most notably by moving Safety Jordan Whitehead from the Strong Safety spot to the Free Safety position.  Whitehead cut his teeth and made a name in his run defense support in 2015 from that Strong Safety position but we need his speed out in pass defense.

Rivals Chris Peak has a nice article about this move on Whitehead’s part.

It is pretty obvious that we need more pure speed in the defensive backfield. That’s one of the reason WR/DB Maurice Ffrench has been shuttling between offense and defense this spring also.

Of course this will be a main topic of conversation until we play PSU in September. That’s when we’ll face the first of a few really good QBs in Tracy McSorley.  He torched us last year (24 of 35, 332 yards 1 TD and 1 INT)  but I don’t think it will be as dramatic as that this year.

Thanks God for our Ryan Lewis in that game, eh?

Speaking of videos, remember this from before last year’s PSU game?  (Note: rude language).  I laugh my ass off every time I watch it… “I’ll bomb everything west of Altoona“.  Classic!!

Other Notes:

Richman, Jay91, Huff and Jeff in PA – could you all send me an email about the Golf Outing.  I have your screen names listed as coming to the outing but that is all I have heard from you guys.  My email is rkohberger@gmail.com and I need the info for my records.

As for the Golf Outing – it is shaping up nicely.  If you still owe for the entrance fees please send it in to me at home (address on homepage).  Remember if you don’t want to golf but hang out, have a few drinks, eat and debate Pitt football then it is only $25.  It is only $75 if you do want to golf.

Plus it looks like UPitt is going to be there… tell me you don’t want to meet him in person.  He’ll take a punch to the gut for $20 to go to the POV Postage Fund.

I have a bunch of car decals left – send me an email if you want a couple.  Also – if you want to get things I will have to pass out in the future then again, send me your contact info and I’ll put you on my list.

I have been asked by the Library of Congress’ Veteran’s Oral History Project to do an hour long interview about my time in the service and then afterward.  I was submitted for this from one of the people who “checked me out” as a Human Book from the Human Library last weekend at our library.   If you remember I wrote a bit about that.

I’m also going to be the interviewer for two other Veterans that same evening.  Should be interesting and I’ll give you all details when it is all finished.   BTW – don’t let anyone tell you they will be bored in retirement – that is absolutely only if you want to be.

I have one big ass favor to ask.  Can anyone who has parking in one of the Heinz ground parking  lots be our “Tailgate Man”?  Basically that means lugging the Pitt POV flagpole and storing it at your house for the season… then bringing it to and from the tailgate.

I’ll provide food, sodas and booze, etc. of course but I can’t carry that flagpole around because of my lower back – and also because I own a Prius so it will stick out a window on my 450 mile round trips.  It is about 6.5′ long when closed.

I’ll slide some storage and gas money your way if anyone can chip in and help us POV’ers with this..  I will thank you forever if you can be so kind as to do this. 

First tailgate is on April 15th for the Spring Game.  I’ll be at the gold Lot at around 10:30 – 11:00 am for the 1:00 pm start.  See you all there – look for the above mentioned flag…

POV Flag 1


145 thoughts on “POV Bits & Pieces; 3/29

  1. The small forward position is Wilson-Frame’s now. He had some good offers, so hopefully he plays up to his JuCo ranking, same with Simons. Pretty scary to hope two JuCos pan out since they rarely do at Pitt. Need the Canadian, Iggy, in the worst way.

    It’s just incredible what is going on with the hoops program. It can sink in an instant. Anyone still impressed with Gallagher and Barnes and their great smiles? Barnes is total scum and sits all cozy up in Corvallis.

    Gallagher better F-ing make Narduzzi happy first and foremost and the new A.D. has to force Stallings to make a great hire to replace the assistant, Ballard. Go get a shady recruiter who can bring talent kids in.


    1. Please make it be an April Fool’s gag!

      Actually, there is a part of me that hopes Cam does leave and Pitt goes 0 and 30 next year. The biggest consistency in Pitt athletics seems to be its AD and coaching hirings. I don’t blame Gallagher, he was trying to do his best, and Herman was a committee decision


    2. Cam is off to greener academic pastures. That might sting to some hearing it, but it’s true.

      I’ve already moved on and have become the biggest Wilson-Frame fan around.


  2. It’s getting to the point that off season practices will be 1 on 1. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Cam go across the street to Duquesne. He would be an immediate starter but would struggle defensively. Luther too. He would fit and the Dukes could make a run in the A10.

    Reed, just saw your note. I will reach out brother!


  3. Shady recruiters, heck yeah! You need to understand the compliance and enforcement framework and make-up of the NCAA right now. Enforcement is non-existent because the NCAA as an institution has very limited power. A solid AD knows this and uses it appropriately. When was the last enforcement levied against a power 5 school for recruiting violations? Exactly! There are way too many loopholes in recruiting to get enforced against in the current environment. I am not promoting being Tony Gibson dirty, but the rules are so grey and enforcement so lacking that we need to find recruiters that push the envelope.

    There is a way to do it within the rules. Just need some smarts and some moxxy! You can’t be a chicken. Nothing is going to happen negatively to our academic reputation. Pitt executive leadership is foolish to lean on the preservation of academic excellence as the reason for not competing athletically. It is a sorry EXCUSE for mediocrity. Our administration and BOT is viewed as a complete failure outside of Pitt when it comes to athletics. Sorry, that is just the facts. When is the last time we played for ANY championship in ANY sport let alone a revenue producer? LAUGHINGSTOCK!

    Narduzzi is our best shot right now, but our old AD scheduled him a bad OOC that will hold the program back. I would rather be 11-1 playing a weaker OOC schedule and relying on the ACC to help strength of schedule than being 8-4 against a top 25 schedule. 8-4 gets you ZERO notoriety and never in a discussion. Would rather be set up for 11-1 and be mentioned in every poll in the top 5 and have people debate whether we deserve to be there every week. That will help recruiting more than anything.

    Dairy College did this to perfection. People debate that they are back right? Nobody looks at their weak, I mean weak out of conference schedule. Amazing that we got outsmarted by them. Bad Administration on us!


  4. couple things and good comments Huff:

    I’m not so sure that PITT doesn’t already have shady recruiters or not. Shady isn’t going to make that much of a difference when schools within a few hundred miles from Oakland are giving away Escalades and cold cash away to recruits. Just look to central Pa and see what they did to keep the football team winning, then look at them now. Right back in the top 5.

    About the OOC? PITT is caught up in a catch 22. You schedule softies and no one goes to the games. You schedule the bigger guns then at least you can see a jump in attendance but a better possibility of a loss.

    Speaking of psu, it’s just not their OOC schedule but the entire schedule is soft. OSU and Michigan are good opponents but so many weak teams in the Big 10 in general. This is proven every bowl season.

    PittMan4Ever. I agree with your comment about the only player PITT BB team will have lost this off season is Cam Johnson. The other players did everyone a favor by leaving, including themselves.


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