POV Bits & Pieces; 3/29

Just got back from the Campus of University of Virginia where we stayed when visiting Monticello yesterday. I forgot just how beautiful that campus is as it is mainly Thomas Jefferson’s designed buildings.  We stayed at a nice hotel called the Cavalier Inn.  Not super fancy, a bit tattered here and there but really pleasant and only $99 per night… with a good free breakfast.

We’ll be playing Virginia in their house in 2018 so keep this info in mind – will make for a great road trip destination.

On to football:

I posted in a comment with this info yesterday but want to include it for the readers who don’t follow the comments.

QB Nate Peterman is getting more and more publicity as the days draw nearer to the 2017 NFL draft on April 27th – 29th.  Now we see an article in the Buffalo News that lists why the Bills should draft him.


  1. He played in a pro-style passing attack. Peterman led the Panthers’ highest-scoring offense in program history as a senior in 2016, an attack that put up 40.9 points per game. He also led the ACC in passer efficiency (163.4 rating), starting all 13 games while completing 60.5 percent of his passes for 2,855 yards, 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions.
  2. He’s resilient. Peterman signed with Tennessee coming out of high school in Florida so that he could play SEC football. He didn’t get many chances, though, redshirting as a freshman in 2012. He broke his hand in his first start of 2013 and threw just 23 passes that season, then got benched after two series in 2014 in favor of Joshua Dobbs, who started the rest of the year. Peterman ended up throwing only 43 passes for Tennessee.
  3. He’s smart. In addition to the bachelor’s degree in communications he earned in three years at Tennessee, Peterman also has an MBA from Pitt’s Katz Graduate School of Business. He made the 2016 All-ACC Academic Football Team.

Here is his NFL draft profile… but wait there’s more.  Now the Giants are wondering about him.  Ron Jaworski, a NFL QB who did very well as a pro has this to say about our past QB:

I think Peterman at Pitt is a guy that I think is a project,” Jaworski told NJ Advance Media Tuesday following the NFL Draft in Philadelphia Chalk Talk at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. “And, he’s a good project. When you look at the quarterback position, you have to look at development. Certainly with Eli, you’re probably going to get a year or two more.

“I always believe that you should take a quarterback. Develop him. Get him onto the practice squad. You find out about him. That’s a position that takes time. You can run out a wide receiver, at tackle and they can contribute quickly. Very few Dak Prescott come along and play the way he played last year. Peterman is a guy that I would take a good, hard look at.” 

Speaking of NFL-worthy QBs I’d like to remind readers what I asked Pat Narduzzi in a face to face interview during the 2016 fall camp.  I asked “Now that you have been in the ACC for a full year what do you have to do differently on defense as opposed to the Big Ten?”

His answer?  ‘All offenses are pretty much alike, we’ll play them week to week. No difference between the Big Ten and the ACC really.’  I’m paraphrasing that but here is the video – my question is at the 24:10 mark.

Which strikes to the heart of our defensive problems last season I believe.  Here is the list of the Top Eight QBs entering the draft.  Please note how many are ACC and how many are Big Ten.

NFL QB Peterman

See that? Five of the eight are in the pass happy ACC and zip, none, nada in the Big Ten. This stubbornness in his defensive philosophy is what hurt us last year and pointed us to giving up 35.2 ppg.  He needs to have a mindset change.  One thing that might be a bright spot in his recognizing this is some personnel moves he’s making.

Most notably by moving Safety Jordan Whitehead from the Strong Safety spot to the Free Safety position.  Whitehead cut his teeth and made a name in his run defense support in 2015 from that Strong Safety position but we need his speed out in pass defense.

Rivals Chris Peak has a nice article about this move on Whitehead’s part.

It is pretty obvious that we need more pure speed in the defensive backfield. That’s one of the reason WR/DB Maurice Ffrench has been shuttling between offense and defense this spring also.

Of course this will be a main topic of conversation until we play PSU in September. That’s when we’ll face the first of a few really good QBs in Tracy McSorley.  He torched us last year (24 of 35, 332 yards 1 TD and 1 INT)  but I don’t think it will be as dramatic as that this year.

Thanks God for our Ryan Lewis in that game, eh?

Speaking of videos, remember this from before last year’s PSU game?  (Note: rude language).  I laugh my ass off every time I watch it… “I’ll bomb everything west of Altoona“.  Classic!!

Other Notes:

Richman, Jay91, Huff and Jeff in PA – could you all send me an email about the Golf Outing.  I have your screen names listed as coming to the outing but that is all I have heard from you guys.  My email is rkohberger@gmail.com and I need the info for my records.

As for the Golf Outing – it is shaping up nicely.  If you still owe for the entrance fees please send it in to me at home (address on homepage).  Remember if you don’t want to golf but hang out, have a few drinks, eat and debate Pitt football then it is only $25.  It is only $75 if you do want to golf.

Plus it looks like UPitt is going to be there… tell me you don’t want to meet him in person.  He’ll take a punch to the gut for $20 to go to the POV Postage Fund.

I have a bunch of car decals left – send me an email if you want a couple.  Also – if you want to get things I will have to pass out in the future then again, send me your contact info and I’ll put you on my list.

I have been asked by the Library of Congress’ Veteran’s Oral History Project to do an hour long interview about my time in the service and then afterward.  I was submitted for this from one of the people who “checked me out” as a Human Book from the Human Library last weekend at our library.   If you remember I wrote a bit about that.

I’m also going to be the interviewer for two other Veterans that same evening.  Should be interesting and I’ll give you all details when it is all finished.   BTW – don’t let anyone tell you they will be bored in retirement – that is absolutely only if you want to be.

I have one big ass favor to ask.  Can anyone who has parking in one of the Heinz ground parking  lots be our “Tailgate Man”?  Basically that means lugging the Pitt POV flagpole and storing it at your house for the season… then bringing it to and from the tailgate.

I’ll provide food, sodas and booze, etc. of course but I can’t carry that flagpole around because of my lower back – and also because I own a Prius so it will stick out a window on my 450 mile round trips.  It is about 6.5′ long when closed.

I’ll slide some storage and gas money your way if anyone can chip in and help us POV’ers with this..  I will thank you forever if you can be so kind as to do this. 

First tailgate is on April 15th for the Spring Game.  I’ll be at the gold Lot at around 10:30 – 11:00 am for the 1:00 pm start.  See you all there – look for the above mentioned flag…

POV Flag 1


145 thoughts on “POV Bits & Pieces; 3/29

  1. Son graduated from UVA and we always stayed at the Cav Inn. Couldn’t agree more about that campus, it’s really special. And I have never seen a stadium that can empty out as quickly. Not just cause the team has been bad lately either. Charlottesville is a great place, and has the best gelato place that I have ever tried, Italy included. Place is called Splendora. I’ve often considered driving down with dry ice just to bring some back!


  2. Congrats on being selected for the Library of Congress’ Veterans Oral History interview. Sounds quite prestigious. I’m sure you will do very well.

    As usual you provided another blog full of interesting data … but I found what I mentioned above to be the most fascinating.


  3. Alright, I’ll bite. Could it be possible that the ACC was a pass happy league because they had 5 QB projected to go in the draft? Can we use the argument that Narduzzi was stubborn in his schemes and not accept the fact that PITT played against top QB’s and wide receivers last year? I do think this is all relative. Watch out for the PITT defense this coming year.

    I don’t think you guys want to count on me to carry the flag pole. I’m just not that reliable. I am looking into a gold lot parking pass though. Maybe if I can get a game or two and others do the same? My actual parking space will be in the Hyatt parking lot. Which actually is fairly big and a cool place to tailgate. Right cross from the Hyde Steak House and all the other juke joints.


    1. I’m also out as pole carrier. Not only will I miss a couple games … my usual itinerary is to drive 2 hrs to the Bottle Shop to meet my buddy, a Pitt alum, whose son, a Katz alum, has a free parking pass in a downtown garage, where we walk 2 blocks and catch the T going under the river into the parking lot.


  4. Congrats to you Reed….. Played in a Law School Softball Tournament at UVA almost 25 years ago. It is still my favorite Campus anywhere (U of Rochester pretty nice also). Great fans too. Very passionate.


  5. Reed, the human book idea is really intriguing to me. To think you have found a way to therapeutically help others while helping yourself at the same time is a novel idea to say the least.

    To not only find an audience that can benefit from your experiences AND wants to hear about them as you can benefit through talking about them. Lots of complex problems come with the brain. You deserve many props Reed.

    We have lots to talk about my friend.


  6. Reed, I have a pass in Red 5. Right next to the Red Garage (where the T station is located). Across the street from Gold lot 4. I have my own flagpole and can be the host for the tailgates. Let’s talk at the outing or the spring game if you don’t get a better offer or a lot closer to Gold 1. My M.O. is getting at the lot when the gates open 5 hours prior to kickoff. My wife has never been happy with this but my tailgate buddies love it. No matter what I can bring my flagpole to the spring game so you don’t need to worry about that.


  7. Hey Lastrow, that’s actually not a bad spot at all, it’s actually very good. Tailgated there for a few years (right under the underpass) and we were early to arrive as well. Probably have met you in the past.


  8. Add this guy to the top of my list of incoming recruits that I want to see hav immediate success on the field in 2017, Cam Carter.

    This is the mammoth DL recruit that is coming in from East Mississippi Community College. Funny thing is he used to be a penn state player. Read the entire article in the PG today by Brian Batko, it’s a good bio on the kids prior issues.

    But the last paragraph of that article sold me on this guy. Carter said with a laugh. “I can’t wait to get back in Beaver Stadium, beat Penn State, do what I’ve got to do on that field, contribute to that win.”

    That’s what I’m talkin bout!


  9. That’s right Doc, I called out his name during the round-table last week if you recall. He’s was a really athletic youngster that has grown into a large man. I expect him to be a main cog in PITT’s defense and another reason PITT’s D will be much improved. imo …. ike



  10. Reed, if you plan on staying the night of the game why don’t you stay on the north shore? I know you like to stay in downtown but parking is included and the stadium is a few blocks away from the Hyatt and Residence Inn. The Bettis Bar is 100 yards from the Hyatt and not expensive.


  11. Reed – Congrats on being selected for the Veteran’s Oral History Project. You will be immortalized – and I’m sure you’ll mention the POV, which will also be immortalized!

    And thanks for the copy of the Pitt Spring Guide and the decals.

    Hey Ike, who would you like better as our jumbo package fullback – Cam Carter or Jerry Drake? Here’s the beef!

    Go Pitt.


  12. I won’t get my hopes up on Carter just yet. I’ve seen some JuCos talk trash before and become absolute duds on the D-1 level. When I attended Ohio State, in 1997 it signed the top JuCo defensive tackle, Paul Breed, and he came in talking about being a top-5 NFL pick in the 1998 draft. Dude. Was. Awful!

    I do hope Carter backs up what he is saying. That would be fantastic and the D-tackle rotation would be amazingly deep.


  13. I kinda forgot about Carter. He could be just what the Dr. ordered for the middle of the line. Taleni looks solid and if Hendrix finally shows up, who knows. Certainly more depth this year with Watts, Camp, Blair, Edwards, Folston, Herndon all vying for playing time.


    1. Don’t leave Shane Roy out of that bunch that you just name dropped. Although an unheralded old HCPC recruit, last year Shane got an entire season of experience on the DL in a reserve role. The depth there now on the interior DL is better now than we’ve seen in a very long time. Imagine that, enough horses available to maybe actually do a complete two deep rotation during games without having to put up with any severe talent drop off in the process.


  14. There are two Edwards, Allen and Devon, Weaver and Wheeler,Pugh and Roy, so good depth, also good freshmen coming in to redshirt.

    It will be interesting to see which guys step up and can we get a consistent pass rush.

    I am encouraged, but the real question is will enough of these guys mature enough to have a big impact this year?

    Also, for Reed, will Conklin remain a dud, or turn into a stud?


    1. With this crew there will most definitely by a few youngsters that will have the combination of enough talent & big enough cojones to find success in the two deep of the roster, if not challenge for a starting spot.

      The more I study what our current roster is composed of, the more excited I get to see so many new faces on the field making contributions to this team.

      Young, talented and lots of them. Experience is all that is lacking for the majority of these kids. Who’s ready to step up to the plate? It will be fun to see how it all shakes out during the 2017 season.


    2. Pitt hasn’t had this kind of depth on the D-line since 2007:

      DEs — Clermond, McKillop, Romeus, Sheard
      DTs — Mick, Duncan, Duhart, Malecki

      It should be noted that Mustakas was injured in 2007 and Doug Fulmer suffered a career-ending injury the year prior.


  15. Reed, FWIW, you will now join my two favorite albums “Kind of Blue” (Miles Davis) and “The Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East” in the archives of LOC.


  16. Majors, that’s a great question. Who doesn’t love the Drake? He’s a big dude as well. Carter was a WR a long time ago who then went on to TE. It would seem that Carter would be more athletic.

    gc, pretty sure that Devon Edwards is running at tight end right now.

    Lots of unknown’s on defense but what we for sure is, the D will definitely be quicker, faster and more athletic… and hopefully more fun to watch. Zeise, Pine, Brightwell, and McKee should be flying around making plays we haven’t seen in a while at PITT.


  17. Off topic — in addition to most of the returning players, KS is also losing assistant coach Ballard, who is headed to VCU (per Rothstein, CBS)


  18. Glad I could help you there wwb with a morning chuckle. Sometimes when I get on a PITT football roll I can get a little over excited. I do believe that PITT is 2 years away from being a great defense but this coming season we should probably see a big improvement. A football is a funny shape though and can bounce a lot of different ways.. ike



    1. Glad to see the enthusiasm from you and others … but I may have to temper your enthusiasm a little bit (because that is what I often do.)

      At this time a year ago … we (me included) were most enthusiastic about newcomers Hamlin, Hill, Camp, Pugh and Flowers … and Ffrench and Matthews were barely mentioned. You never know.


  19. UVA is a beautiful campus. I really want my daughter to go there for college. James Monroe’s Highland is near Monticello. You can see two Presidents homes in the same day. Apparently they often visited each other as they were essentially neighbors. James Madison’s Montpelier is less than an hour away. Also, lots of wineries and breweries to quench your thirst. My friend’s family still own a farm outside of C’ville. Gorgeous scenery and Star Hill not far away.


  20. Narduzzi stating that the Big 10 and ACC offenses are the same, implies to me that if his defensive vision comes to fruitation, it will become irrelevant what kind of offense the opponent is running.


    1. they may be the same the same in design .. but not in caliber.

      I remind you that Wisconsin which finished 7th nationally in total defense and 4th in scoring defense, was torched to the tune of 38 points and 435 yards vs PSU. 384 of those yards were thru the air. Otherwise, they gave up an average of 187 yards per game passing, 291 total yards per game and 14 points per game …. quite a difference.


  21. If the Big Ten had Watkins, Kiser, Trubinski, Kayaa, Peterman along with the QB from VTech and Jackson from Louisville, the national media would be all over the claim that that is the best QB conference of all time., When is the last time Narduzzi saw that caliber of QB’s in addition to the OK ST QB. His defense was good in a conference where the QB play basically was average at best. This year Pitt will not see that listing but will see a couple good to very good QB’s.


    1. In bowl games …
      Clemson scored 35 vs 2nd ranked ALABAMA;
      UNC had 23 (but 398 yards passing) vs 12th ranked Stanford;
      Miami had 31 vs 18th ranked WVU;
      Va Tech had 35 vs Arkansas (all in 2nd half),
      Ok St scored 38 vs 15th ranked Colorado, and
      PSU scored 49 vs 3rd ranked USC

      final rankings listed


  22. One thing I’ve learned over the 50 + years of being a PITT fan is,… not only are PITT fans skeptical, cynical, borderline haters, complainers and pretty much negative beyond belief. (Kinda of like most other fans around the country) but the one thing that separates PITT fans from all the rest? In large part, PITT nation is a bunch of scared-y pants. You just don’t want to get hurt again by the love of your life. boo hoo

    You can tell me that you’re being realistic and giving me the facts. Facts schmacks, the best things we have all done our lives was to think with our hearts with a little bit of common sense thrown in there to keep us all alive. Your brain will keep you down guys..

    I can bring up the asshat AD PITT shoved out the door way too late but I won’t 🙂 Yes you want an AD to instill an attitude and a culture but it didn’t have to be all negative. That didn’t help with anything let alone the PITT fan-base.

    Now it’s up to the PITT nation to plow through all the negativity and look on the positive side more often. Dr Tom will be giving lessons on the round-table coming at you sometime soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Chet and wwb bring up valid points here. It may not totally be the answer of all questions but it certainly helps in the ongoing case between, the “PITT defense vs just the facts mam”, group.


  24. PSN has had a couple of interviews this past week with past Panthers. One was with Nate Byham who is doing well and is TE /Special Teams coach at Albany under Gattuso

    The other was with Jimbo Covert


  25. Gattuso should have been named defensive coordinator at Pitt. I’m sure he would be making more as the Pitt DC over the HC at Albany. I also believe he would have been a good recruiter for Pitt in western Pa. Not sure about he’s recruiting ability for Fla. however.


  26. I live 45 min east of Charlottesville.

    Everyone should see Monticello. Jefferson was a brilliant man and his home reflects it. On the way up rt. 53 to the property is Carter’s Mountain Orchard. If you have an extra 15-20 minutes, take the ride up to the top, have some cider and take in the breathtaking views of Afton Mountain and the Blue Ridge to the west and the Piedmont region to the east.

    I park in Blue 10 which is a parking garage near the Warhol Museum. I could take a rickshaw with the pole and flag up…riding down General Robinson St. as a beacon to loyal followers. Having said that, someone getting there 5 hours ahead is a better idea. 5 hours – thats pretty strong.

    Speaking of hotels for post-game, don’t the prices go up quite a bit on the Saturday nights before a Steeler home game?

    Reed – regarding the QB lineup in the ACC this past year, one never knows what the future holds but I doubt it was that strong during the HCPC years – at least those teams that Pitt played.


  27. Ike, you da Man! So often I want to state exactly what you expressed above about so many negative Nancys that populate our fan base but I try my best not to come across like that since IRONICALLY I don’t want to appear negative!😃

    You pretty much nailed the issue though with so many fans, a lot just want to protect their own emotions and it’s a lot easier to take the inevitable loses that come around when you’ve already discounted the home team’s potential, rather than to be so emotionally invested that it feels like you’ve had your heart ripped out of your chest yet again by your beloved Panther squad that should of, could of, would of but didn’t!

    Flip side of that however? The wins always feel the Bestest! The 1st beer after the game is the coolest, the victory dinner tastes the most delicious & the Sunday morning paper sports section is so much more pleasant to read. I’m still on a high from that Clemson game, that I decided to attend in person. The benefits of being an emotionally invested diehard fan, sometimes.

    That’s what “fan” is short for anyhow FANatic! It does help if you’ve gotta a little masochist tendency being a Pitt fan though.

    But buck up buttercup, Pitt’s football good fortunes seem to come in trends of about ever 40 years or so historically, so get ready for some real success soon.

    It’s going to be something to watch Pitt come out a bitch slap the Nitters in their own house in six months. I wonder what their excuses will be this year? Hail to Pitt!


    1. I think the headline pretty much says it all. The mindet at the Dairy School is all of the victims did were to stand in the way of PSU football success. Disgraceful


  28. Terrible cold.
    Feeling sub-human.
    And what arrives?
    Pitt Football Spring Prospectus.
    Brighter days ahead.
    Mucho grassyass, Reed


  29. I’ll never understand how they didn’t get the death penalty, let alone reduced sanctions. Biggest failure in NCAA history.


  30. Jim, the answer to your above question about the death penalty rhymes with Tim Morebutt. The former governor that was on the psu BOT!


  31. Penn state death penalty = less money for the big ten, espn, and ncaa.

    Penn state death penalty = insane cult going on a jihad that no one in the ncaa wanted to go through. They didn’t even want to go through the cult jihad they got by imposing their joke sanctions, that’s why they dropped them and bent over backwards to say how much penn state had “changed” (LOL).

    None of them had the testicular fortitude as vince mcmahon would say to stand up to the cult and endure the hellstorm of their insane rage.


  32. So disappointed my tax dollars go there. I wish the NCAA had the brains/balls to look at all the quotes and actions from there and reinstate some sanctions.


  33. Were the all tagged by Jerry or were some looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow .. what kind of evidence was given to prove ” I was molested” or was it Jerrys word against the accusers word .. I dunno.. but a lot of people are willing to lie if they think they can put a million bucks in there bank account… hell every day I am with patients playing the system for a ” disability check ” I ain’t workin .. that’s the way you do it and the checks for free.” Verse from a song I remember…kids on the PSU FB team did nothing wrong..crimes by administrators should be punished .. not kids going to play FB.. The PITT Panthers can deliver some Old Testsment retribution on the field of play 4 years in a row.. that would be a fitting punishment…quit whining about Penn State- you sound like a bunch of cry-babies… move on!!! Now – let’r rip


    1. Actually it’s the “chicks” for free, BigB.
      You’re slowly evolving into our new FRANKCAN version 1.1. Just stop using punctuation and you’re almost there.😏
      (Inside joke)


  34. Narduzzi also added that both players (Clark and Hamlin) are not a problem injury wise going forward. He expects them both back for fall. Take that for what it’s worth??


  35. Ike… Chicks not Checks..#%!$@.. shiver me timbers.. well, with crowd I’m talkin bout.. money for nuthin n the checks for free… works just fine… but thanks for sharing your knowledge… I learn something each day on the POV


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