119 thoughts on “Just Received This at My Home

  1. First off, I was busy around the time you received that e-mail. Some may think (Dr Tom for one) that was me due to the grammar and spelling.

    Do you own cats?

    It was nice to see the sender (Josh) adhered to your language restrictions. How nice.

    So it’s official now, it’s Narduzzi’s fault.

    Did you send that e-mail to yourself?


  2. At first I thought it was Frankcan but then I saw punctuation and paragraphs with one having more than 1 sentence.. so that eliminates him!




  4. The guy will grab your pussy and clamp down his grip on it until the last bit of life has been drained from it.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not a political commentary.


  5. I miss Frankcan. And you’re right…most new posters would get into with him and the regulars (like a bar) would jump to his defense very quickly. We all realized he had good things to say (or, at least he was passionate) despite his syntactical shortcomings.


  6. No doubt this letter was written by Josh Conklin.
    Reed, you may need 24/7 security for you and your cats.
    Oh wait, Josh apparently doesn’t have a “killer instinct” or at least he doesn’t teach it to his D backs. So you should be as safe as our opponents wide receivers! (Which is quite safe).LOL


  7. Thanks Pittman for tipping me off. Didn’t connect the dots on who Josh is. Good one, Reed, but you’re pissing on your good fortune a bit…I mean Dokish had some run-ins, right?


  8. I’m pretty sure that Reed is still in his military mode and lights out at 0-900, does that mean = 9 o’clock?

    I hear that deep fried cats are very popular in Houston but north Texas prefers Chi Wow Wow’s.

    Where in the heck has rkb been. Is he on another big case? He needs to check in.

    Good luck to your son Tvax1 in his wresting endeavors. I wrassled a bit. Practices were a bugger I tell you. Got tired of that, the ladies were calling.

    Insomnia can be a be-otch!

    Is this thing on?

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  9. I wrestled a bit, but didn’t turn out to be much. It was all the up-downs with the wrestling team, ike. I much preferred the in-outs with the ladies.


  10. Panther94 … learned a new word ” Syntactical”.. I will use it and impress my old friends in Apollo when I head back home in a couple of weeks! Thanks for knowledge.


  11. Dr T wins for funniest comment of the year… and thanks again for that great article.

    A few guys take breaks from this blog so often, rkb is on a break and UPitt is very busy, but I miss Frankcan also.

    I miss their input but these are slow days with Pitt football still.


  12. …and yes we have two cats and have for 35 years of marriage. I figured after the first two cats kicked off I’d get a big Black Lab.

    Then I got stationed on a ship that was going to be away from homeport for at least 300 days a year for my three year tour (and it was…don’t let anyone tell you the Coast Guard never goes anywhere) and my wife told me to pound sand. We had a baby and were in Kodiak, Alaska so I kind of got her point.

    One cat is trying to kill me…seriously. It hides in the morning then runs around my feet when I am walking down the stairs. I’ve fallen twice and my wife refuses to believe we live with evil and says I’m just clumsy.

    I think the cat was playing at first but after I kicked her about 20 feet into a wall mirror she got very serious about murder. That bitch will find the highest spots to hide in then she watches until I’m nodding off and jumps on me. She’s like a barn owl…makes no noise at all, just death from above.


  13. For you former wrestlers. I took my younger boy all over the country to wrestle AAU tournaments years back. He was the AAU Texas runner up champ and an high school All State wrestler. Got D1 scholarship to Cal State Bakersfield. His C5 vertebrae (neck) shattered and he had to stop wrestling in college. He has a titanium plate in his neck between the C4 and C 6 to hold a cadaver bone at C5 in place. He’s fine but doesn’t take any chances with his neck area.
    BTW, Cal Bakerfields bb team plays Georgia Tech tonight in NIT final 4 @ MSG.

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  14. The sad thing is we are still analyzing last year instead of talking about what is going on at spring practice. The cloak of silence is too much. I guess Narduzzi does not care how much good will and positive PR he is missing. The fans need motivation even more than the players.

    Still need to get the bad taste of the bowl game out of my mouth. Dr Tom helps a little but some positive PR, Player Profiles and exciting videos from the South Side would help more.

    Sorry, not interested in Reed’s Cats. I have dealt with berserk and killer cats before, you better euthanize that one before you pay a steeper price. No Joke.

    Sorry for the cranky post.


  15. Maybe the POV should start a campaign aimed at the PITT administration concerning all the secrecy surrounding the PITT practices. One mouth with many voices. This idea should get Reed in nice and tight with coach Narduzzi. 🙂


  16. Cats and dogs can make great friends. We had none but I did have a white rabbit that my parents said could stay in the coal bin. My dad once brought home a pigeon with a broken wing. After he fixed it flew away. Same with my turtle and little green snake.


  17. I think a Penn State fan sent this. They want you to stop mentioning the issue of the secondary, hoping the Pitt staff doesn’t recall there were problems.

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  18. @Pittman4ever – this is how he finished 4th in States:

    This led to ambulance ride to trauma center – checked out, released and made it back to the podium.


  19. That other kid definitely didn’t get a knee down. Will will feel that everyday when he gets older.

    Pittman4, I have problems with my C-4, C5 and C-6 to this day. I woke up one morning, while in high school and couldn’t move my neck without it feeling like a bolt of lightning going through my body. Just another problem on a very long list. Don’t we all though?


  20. Tvax and Pittman – glad that your boys are alright after the injuries. Pittman – that sucks that his career was cut short. Both of my sons wrestle, so the tournament scene above is all too familiar. I’ve resisted the out of state travel so far. Many of our local wrestling families travel up to Wyoming or over to Oklahoma for tournaments. Good sport for sure.


  21. Thanks all for your comments.
    Nothing in life teaches you the disciplines you need to succeed like wrestling. You just hope and pray your kids injuries (which they will have) are not too severe.
    Rockymountain, we would love updates on how your boys wrestling careers do.


  22. Tvax,
    Just watched your son’s video. I’m glad the ref called the illegal slam on the other guy. Too often they don’t!!!
    There was no need to do that and I’m glad your boy is alright.


  23. Just got back from VA Beach NHSCA Freshman Nationals. Will had a bad 5th round match and went out partly due to bad referee(very questionable back points as first period time expired and definitely scored it wrong which I missed too until I looked back at the video). Should have gotten 3 or so rounds further.

    There were 173 kids in the feshman 106+3 weight class from all over the country. Reasonably should have gotten to the round b4 top 8.

    IMO, a great sport that may build character but moreso REVEALS it.


  24. Hilarious letter, Reed. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Dr. Tom – my favorite time at college was sophomore year, when we were all still creative, inquisitive and blessed with a modicum of wisdom – but not too much. We had much more fun than those who simply shook their heads and scoffed at our antics.


  25. Another reason to side with Dr Tom in this debate is because if Reed is correct, we are going to have another bad defense. That is a disgusting thought.


  26. tvax1,
    Thx for the update! My son wrestler was tall and lanky. In H.S. he went to state as a freshman (112lb), Sophmore was 130 lb., Junior 140lb, and Sr. year 162 lb. College at 165lb.


  27. @Pittman4ever – Pennsylvania? Definitely a much bigger accomplishment compared to here in Maryland.

    We have a kid going to Pitt next year who came out of the same program as Will in Jr League. Same program where Kyle Snyder wrestled b4 high school. Should be a very good #126 at Pitt. Wondering, are they still paying for entertainment for the wrestling team like they were up until the coach was axed?:-))

    Looking to add strength by lifting for the first time this off season, will be interesting to see where he gets to on weight.


  28. Since we are in a bit of a mire and slightly off topic.

    In a contract dispute between owner and player. Who said, “we finished last with you, we can finish last without you” and to who? Then promptly traded the player. Play along if you like but there are no prizes.


    1. I’m doing well my friend. Bought a new flagpole to improve the display of my Pitt script for the nice weather that is here! My PSU and WVU neighbors absolutely hate it.


  29. From the Scott Barnes office of temporary athletic direction?


    Or did the mail just lose the letter for a couple weeks and finally delivered it…


    Which naturally raises the question…



  30. I don’t think the secondary is going to be terrible.

    I just don’t know that they are going to be any better this year than last until we actually see them in action. I do not think that we are going to see this great leap on defense from year 2 to year 3 though.

    I think our offense is going to have to score 30 points a game to keep winning some games…woo if we can keep our opponents to 28 or below – in other words one TD LESS PER game we may better 8 wins.


    1. I don’t think we’re going to see a great leap either this year… although going from what Pitt’s defense was last year back to what it was in 2015 kind of would be a great leap…

      Hoping to see a great leap from the defense in 2018, though. There should be experience and much more athletic experience at every position then.


  31. Now you guys have me wondering about a connection between Coach Duzz’s secrecy and our own Reed.

    After all, Reed did select the POV’s motto as “We’re Keeping Our Eyes of Pitt Football.” To Coach Duzz, this might sound pretty ominous… Why is this guy from Maryland so focused on Pitt football…

    Now comes the threatening letter from Coach Partridge masquerading as “Josh” to try to get Coach Conklin in trouble…. Hummm…

    Somehow I suspect that Coach Breckterfield is involved and working behind the scenes…

    Go Pitt.


  32. DB Coach Renaldo Hill…

    “On what stood out evaluating last season’s play:

    “The biggest thing is that I felt one of the things they did was that they kept coming back to the table. It was never a situation where we were in retreat mode. Each week, they were into the game plan. They were trying to go out and execute.

    With that being said, the things we could have done a lot better on, we were in position. There was no other time when there were guys who were running past us. We were in position to make plays.

    When I looked back, that was the thing that we needed to focus on–to finish. That’s what it comes down to. Everything we are focusing on here in the spring is about the finish. We just need to keep stressing it. Those guys need to keep demanding it from each other, and I’m going to keep demanding it from them that we finish on balls down the field. A lot of time, you look at the film, we are in great position, but it’s all about the finish.”

    In other words it was the player’s fault. Please…..


    1. that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you for months. My memory of our defense this past year was the opponent’s WRs constantly coming down with the ball with our DBs right there. Very seldom were they wide open. The same goes for defending the run when our LBs and Dbs just couldn’t get the proper angle even though they were there to make the plays.


      1. Only terribly blown coverage I remember was OSU and UNC games. The culprit was Webb.

        Somewhat ironic since Webb’s obvious strength was run support and he played FS. I think ACC FS needs to be a 3rd CB w/ somewhat more size and open field tackling skills.

        Of course having 3 stiffs at LB didn’t help. Nor did 5 NFL caliber QB’s as opposition.

        All these issues are somewhat addressed this year.


    2. If you listened to the interview he spoke about teaching finishing techniques better so he certainly did not blame the players. Come on


  33. Fram, ding ding ding. What a quote that is…

    PITT’s defense will have an upswing due to 4 reasons:
    1. better personnel
    2. better coaches (experience) and coaching who are aware of the disgrace of last season.
    3. the offense not scoring as quickly and playing more ball control
    4. competition being weaker.

    Majors, that was funny stuff. I also feel Narduzzi has his eyes on Reed as Reed told us himself, Narduzzi pulled EJ aside and questioned him about the large lurking man in the locker room a little too early.


  34. really it’s not the finish it’s the beginning. For all the press coverage pitt’s DBs didn’t disrupt routes at the snap consistently and there was no consistent pressure on the QB. Even if routes are disrupted good QBs adjust to that if they have time. And QBs facing pitt had all kinds of that.


  35. So can somebody explain to me how in gods green earth after 2 years watching T Webb got smoked we finally have a recruit coming in to play there in P Ford and now they move J Whithead there.


    1. pick your poison … T Webb or D Briggs? Did you see Briggs completely whiff on the Northwestern ball carrier on the long TD lated in the 3rd quarter? IMO, of all the poor defensive plays this season, that was the most embarrassing.


  36. Here Reed, read this – https://pittsburgh.rivals.com/news/pitt-hopes-to-make-deep-passes-fade-out

    Excerpts: (and note it’s from an experienced player and not a coach)

    “The coaches had us in the right spot,” senior cornerback Avonte Maddox said recently. “We just have to make the play. It’s their job to get us in the spot; it’s our job to make the play.”

    “We work on it every practice,” Maddox said. “That’s something we do every time: cut them off, get our heads around. If he’s 10 yards and he’s looking back, then we know the back shoulder is coming. So that’s something we have to work on and as we work on it, we’ll get used to seeing it in the game and it will become second nature to us.”

    “It’s on us,” Maddox said. “Some plays, we didn’t get our head around to compete with the ball and we didn’t finish at the end. Now we plan on competing and we plan on finishing at the end. Not saying we didn’t plan on competing last year, but we’re just getting better and we’re learning more.”


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