POV Podcast and a Quick Rebuttal

Wasn’t Dr T’s article great.  Thanks so much for that Tom. I disagree with 56.8 % of it though.

One thing a lot of Pitt aren’t really considering when discussing our problems with opponent’s passing games is that the defensive backfield talent level may go up this year … but the problem will still be the coaching.

Here’s the thing – Paul Chryst was as good a OC before coming to Pitt and Narduzzi was a DC and still our offense never came around to the level of his offenses at Wisconsin – they just didn’t.

For instance Chryst’s last three years as OC they scored: 31.8, 41.5 and 44.1 ppg.

Narduzzi’s defense gave up: 22.3, 18.3 and 16.3 ppg.

All very much Top 10 years in the NCAA respectively…

Now –Pitt fans point to Narduzzi’s first three years as the DC for a blueprint for what we’ll see at Pitt. He was giving up 26.6, 23.9 and 26.3 ppg for an average of 25.6 ppg.  A nice slim increase then back again but still pretty good…

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