Some Bits & Pieces

Note: We have to skip the Roundtable Call-in this week as my son and I are taking a two-day “Guys Break” in Philly. We will do it next week for sure.

Last week I mailed out oval Pitt POV car decals to everyone I had addresses for.  If you didn’t get one and you would like to then send me an email at with your home address in it and I’ll get one out to you. Please put “Decals” in the subject line if you would.pittpovlogo_hires-06

It isn’t a bad idea for me to have your address on file anyway because every so often I get something I would like to share with you all.  For example I got my hands on some rather scarce “Pitt Football Spring 2017” guides in hard-copy and just finished mailing them out.  They went out originally only to the working media.

Use them wisely – there is a ton of info in them and they basically are the info on hand until the freshmen report in August for fall camp.  After that a regular guide for the season comes out and I’ll see if I can’t get an extra or two of those…

So, in light of my financial transparency with your donations – I just dropped over $175 on postage.

Get those names and fees in for the golf outing as soon as possible please, and thanks to those who have already done so.  Remember that if you don’t want to golf but show up and eat and drink and talk Pitt football and POV stuff with your new friends – that’s only $25 dollars.

Here is an article from PSN on prospective starter at TE, Chris Clark.  This made me think maturity has set in a bit and how refreshing for a young man to be so honest about himself:

What did you learn through this process, transferring, sitting out and then the injury?

“Yeah, my recruiting process, I’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t embarrassing but I definitely wish that I could change couple things that happened throughout it. I was known as being a kid that was indecisive about everything. I’ve definitely grown up a lot since then and I’ve changed. I have a different mindset than I did a couple of years ago. I guess now looking back on it, it’s helped me so much as a person and a man. It has been crazy but I’m happy I finally found a place like Pitt to call home.”

I’m still not convinced he’ll be an equal replacement for either of our two last featured TEs but still – good for him!

Another good PSN piece is this interview with Pitt’s LB coach Rob Harley.  You truly do have to wonder just what in hell Harley is talking about with this riff on some sort of mythical standards set by the departing LBs…

“There’s obviously been a standard set and how lucky are we to have that standard that the older guys set the last 2 years. We’re lucky to have that standard to live up to and they just have to live up to it. They were here with those guys and they understand what those guys set.

Memo to Rob: Have you checked the defensive’s stats for the last two years?  We have sucked more each successive season after you got here.  Drop the declining standards and make up something new ASAP.  You are welcome, Reed.

Jerry DiPaola weights in on that unit also with this blog entry about the guys on the LOS and in front of the pass sieve.

Senior Quintin Wirginis will be a big part of Pitt’s group at linebacker, but juniors Elijah Zeise and Seun Idowu and sophomore Saleem Brightwell (still in the middle) were with the first team at the outset of the fifth day of spring drills Thursday morning.
Coach Pat Narduzzi was asked after practice where he would like to see Brightwell, who was an outside linebacker last year. He said he has no preference.
“The great thing, he’s learning both,” Narduzzi said. “I don’t think there’s anything better for a linebacker to say, `Hey, I can play anywhere, coach. Where do you want me to go?’ ”

Spring allows Narduzzi the time to use players at positions they may not play during the season. It gives coaches a dossier to fall back on if/when injuries occur. And it allows a contemplated position change to become reality in time for the season.

I think I added into my practice report that Wirginis is practicing with a large elbow brace on his right elbow – when I talked with him at pro Day he said he’s be 100% ready by fall camp.

BTW – there is some media talk about RB Ollison being ahead of Moss or Moss overtaking Ollison … don’t believe a word of it.  Unless there is an injury that will keep one of these kids out of fall camp anything can happen and that means that Darrin Hall, Todd Silby and A. Davis can come into play also.

Speaking again of Pro day – here is the best, by a very large margin, media coverage of the event there is.  It is the Pitt News and the photos were taken by a young lady I had the pleasure of having a nice conversation with in the dining area – Heather Sunners.

But this photo is from Steve Rothstein. Who is that handsome guy cut in half on the far left?



37 thoughts on “Some Bits & Pieces

  1. Here are the guys who have paid for the Golf Outing. It is getting close to the time for us to pay out to Quicksilver for the outing so – those who signed up yet didn’t send a check in yet please do.

    If I missed you on the list below let me know ASAP:

    Reed Kohberger
    Erie Express
    Dr. Tom
    Jack Clark – Friend of Dr. Tom
    Van Wilburn – Friend of Dr. Tom
    Mark Pasternick
    Theodore Mitch
    Richard Tencza (with friends)

    Again – we need the $$$ soon so please let us know if you are coming and then send in the fees.

    Thanks guys – I’m really looking forward to this…


  2. Disheartening that the starting outside linebackers are a converted wide-out and a walk-on.
    Neither I, nor anyone else, know what Zeise brings to the table. And, I was, and remain, underwhelmed with Idowu.
    Throw in the cornerbacks being, uh, basically the same as last year ( yes, I know Ryan Lewis and his blazing speed have moved on), but I’m not feeling optimistic about our record-setting defense.
    Unlike everyone else, I think the offense will be ok.

    A rebuttal, Dr. Tom?


    1. Gasman – it is Spring practice – don’t forget that Wirginis and Brightwell are very good LB’s.

      I agree with your assessment of Zeise and Idowu, but give Zeise a chance as he was hurt in the first series of the Nova game.

      The rest of our LB’s should produce at least one gem of a player, given Narduzzi’s track record.

      McKee RS SO @ 210lbs
      C.Pine RS FR @ 240lbs (I like this guy)
      Reynolds RS FR 225lbs
      Williams RS JR 215lbs

      C.Bright FR 210lbs (not even on campus yet – but I have a good feeling about his potential)
      Reuske (sp) MSU grad transfer (hasn’t made a decision yet)

      One thing is a fact, Pitt does not have much depth at the LB position.


      1. DB’s will not be the same as last year, besides Ryan Lewis sprinting away at a blazing 4.3 seconds for the 40 yard dash.

        T.Webb & Mitchell will graduate.

        Assume Whitehead starts at one of the safety positions.

        After that, I think there are three openings –

        Maddox SR (leading candidate to start at CB)

        P.Ford FR (not on campus but a good chance to start at one of the safety spots)

        Hamlin SO (needs to get healthy)
        Miller RS FR 6’3″ 205lbs (hybrid S/LB?)
        Coleman RS FR
        Garner RS FR
        Campbell RS FR
        Ffrench SO

        Jackson RS SO
        Henderson RS SO
        Stocker RS SO

        Briggs RS JR
        Motley RS JR

        You can see we have young talent. The competition in practice will produce a better set of starters this year and I believe our 2nd teamers will be better than tthe 2016 starters.


  3. I think we may all have to set aside an entire evening for reading Doc’s article. Although it may not beat your 3,000 plus word article just this week Reed, wow!

    I’ve already mentioned Kam Carter as a possible breakout player on the D and another player I like is Elias Reynolds down the road.


  4. Glad to hear that Wirginis’ injury is not to the legs…

    Reed – here’s a thought: When Pitt goes to the JUMBO backfield in short yardage situations, who might we see as the “fullback”? Dintino was used some in the past. How about this candidate: Jerry Drake! All 6-7 and 300 pounds of him. How awesome would that be…

    There’s an impressive photo of Drake pulling to block in the photos at the bottom of this link:

    Go Pitt.


  5. Reed, I too was dazed and confused when I read Rob Harley ‘s quotes praising the work of the departing senior LBs. The bar had better be raised or he could be looking for a job.


  6. Pitt PTL- last thread, my reference to putting Joe in his coffin face down was to celebrate the “Sandusky Position”, which he so willingly allowed to happen all those years!


    1. I’m sure there are plenty of burly men celebrating the Sandusky position with Jerry himself as we speak… Is that wrong to say that?


  7. Reed, its pretty obvious that the last group of linebackers was lacking athletically, however there is much to appreciate by all accounts, such as leadership, work ethic and learning the defense to pass down to the next group. No reason not to build on that foundation. I think he knows what he’s doing, more so than you and I.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Reed, OK if I send in for 3 but add a fourth if I get another? Can I pay for 4th at course? Brother in law awaiting medical results.


    1. Joe – yes to waiting on your brother-in-law for golf. We’ll make that work.

      But you already knew that…


  9. OK fellows, looks like a grad transfer may be coming to PITT?? Not real sure but keep your fingers crossed Reed. If you know what I mean. Hopefully Dr Tom may have to update his defense article??


  10. The Pat Signal is because Pitt laded a grad-transfer tight end from Rutgers, Matt Flanagan. He is 6’6″ 258 pounds and caught just five passes last season in Rutgers’ pathetic offense. This move allows an incoming tight end to redshirt, which is a plus. No harm in this move since the kid is here for just one season. Good to have more experience and size at the line of scrimmage.

    Now if Pitt can just land the Michigan State linebacker, Reshcke.


    1. Flanagan had 11 receptions the year before and if he can block at all, will be an asset. And Reed will be glad to know he is All-Academic B10.


  11. Flanagan was a walk on at Rutgers and eventually earned a scholarship. I’ll take a negative slant and say Pitt is none too pleased with Clark’s blocking ability and is desperate for a TE with some blocking ability. If this kid beats Clark out maybe he’ll consider transferring once again.


    1. IMO, you are getting a bit carried away here. Pitt has one TE on the roster right now and a few unused schollies. Getting an experienced grad transfer for back-up is the prudent thing to do. Further, for additional blocking on short yardage situations, you can always use an additional OT.

      And for that matter .. look for our esteemed BB coach to go after some experience grad transfers since the only experience on the roster now is Luther and Johnson


      1. Yeah, if Clark gets injured we are in real trouble at the TE position – the readiness of the frosh is a big unknown at this point.

        Another example of Coach Duzz taking action to solve a personnel problem.

        And he will be the TE on the roster with the most career catches against PSU. 🙂

        Go Pitt.


        1. I love how Duzz is proactive in fixing issues. I remember Chryst used to sit on his hands and some fans thought he was so damn meticulous and that he knew what he was doing so the joke was on us fans. I’m so happy to have Narduzzi over Chryst.


  12. There was a scrimmage yesterday, yes?
    At Heinz?
    Would have thought one of the Nit-biased rags in town would have reported on it.
    My bad, once again


  13. I agree, wwb. Hopefully the Rutgers TE was brought in for depth , plus maybe OC Watson wants to run some power formations with 2 TEs .


  14. What numbers are we replacing on the “D”.. like 7 new guys… should be fun. Get Hamlin healthy and there is a host of DB recruits to plug in..key will be more capable front 7 getting to the QB to disrupt the timing and knocking the opposing QB on his ass more frequently…that was. Or done with any regularity last season.
    Doltish tweet today” Good news coming out of spring ball- both MacBittoe and Pickett look good!”
    Good article Dr Tom


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