POV’s Tuesday Round Table; 3/21/17

We had a great hour long conversation again this evening with Dr. Tom, Ike, Missing Wlat as a newcomer, Pittman4ever and myself.  Since we had the latest news about the new AD hire we started off with that – after a tour of Missing Wlat’s man cave (we are all jealous).

Here is the recording.  I hope the audio side is clear – we could hear each other very well.

I will ask for a list of participants earlier in the week next time so that we can get some diversity in opinions out to our readers. 

Thanks guys – you all were great.

I’ll be leaving at around 4-5 am for the drive to Pittsburgh’s Southside for the Pro Timing and weight lifting day – I hope to get some good photos and some insight behind the scenes for you all.


Welcome Dr. Lyke. Now Get To Work!

Here is a news video bit that shows a little of Heather Lyke’s personality… full video at end

As any Pitt fan not living under a log somewhere already knows we hired a new Athletic Director yesterday… Ms Heather Lyke from Eastern Michigan University.  Her accomplishments there appear to be constructive in nature, both physically in facility building, and within the academic and competition arenas.

Her list of accomplishments is long and impressive and it is hard to read between the lines when you are looking at someone’s resume that they wrote themselves.  That isn’t to say it is ‘doctored’ or anything untoward, just that this info is what she herself released.

So one of the things to do is going to the ground level media and see what her university’s fans feel about the news that she’s leaving them.  Not surprisingly everything I could find was positive with one or two vague references to some sort of ‘problems’ in the department.

Here is an example of the ‘problem’ from the Detroit Free Press newspaper: Continue reading “Welcome Dr. Lyke. Now Get To Work!”