POV Sunday Podcast; Read The Text Below

Everyone – all posts that contain the more offensive swearwords are now being held in moderation by WordPress until I either approve or trash them.

Apparently we seem to be unable to understand that this blog, meaning me and a ton of readers, do not want any post with fck, sht, c*nt, or any other of the more egregious words in them.

I’ve asked you all before to please don’t make me work this hard. I have been pretty damn clear (that’s OK!) that I spend a lot of time in the evenings and in the mornings writing these articles for your reading and commenting enjoyment.

I seriously do not want to feel tethered to this blog 24 hours a day and truth be told I will not accept that. It is enough to create this blog and keep the beast fed with 5-7 articles a week plus a podcast and now a roundtable. Add to that the behind the scenes maintenance of the site and the research that goes into every article. To say nothing of the travel i do in support of the articles.

In addition I am now involved in a Golf Outing which, while I’m looking forward to it and it will be great, is also a heavy drain on my time and energy… and remember you all are the ones who asked that this happen.

Some of you also have disregarded the fact that I told you many times – that when you post on here your conversation isn’t just between two people or even just with the commenters on that thread – it is with literally thousands of readers across the globe every single day.

I have now received over 10 emails and two handwritten letters telling me that readers are leaving because the POV has become ‘just as bad as other blogs and message boards’. I believe more are doing so without getting in touch with me.

I won’t accept that on here.

It really pisses me off (again, that’s OK!) and my fuse is getting shorter by the day.

So, I’ll ask again – do not put me to a test with this blog. You all know me just on here and at Pitt games and having beers together. There is a complete different side of me that doesn’t take crap from anyone – from Admirals on down to the youngest Pitt fan.

And if anyone calls me a lapdog on here again I’ll ask you to say it to me in person when we next meet.  I’ve never once personally insulted a reader or commenter so what makes it OK for you to do that toward me?

UPitt – your last post is being held and I’ll approve it with edits. That will be the last time I do that. If it happens again it will go into the trash.

I don’t want to ‘suspend’ anyone or give them ‘timeouts’ like a 3rd grader. But I will suspend this blog if this keeps happening. Then if it gets to be more of a burden will shut it down and send all donations back to the donors.


112 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; Read The Text Below

  1. C’mon people…..grow up. You should be able to get your point across without vulgarities. Reed….I am happy to take on a mod role if you would like. It’s not something I would prefer but this is a great blog and I would be happy to pull my weight.


  2. I haven’t said F or S in weeks.

    I will no longer swear or even fake swear but to anyone that writes a letter or email about a blog needs to go get a life. This country has become compised of a bunch of babies.


  3. —- Marcus Mariota was a 3 star, 6’3”, 200 pound recruit out of High School with D-1 offers from Hawaii (there’s you @Reed haha) and Oregon — Lanky, Quick, Good-Enough Armed kid who had that Thang .

    Started as a RS Freshman at Oregon where they went 10-2 (shoot, maybe 11-1???) then won the old-school, BCS Fiesta Bowl :). — That’s Thomas MacVittie this year 🙂 — only MacVitte may be even better.

    ……@ Reed???? On Chris Clarke??? Went from the Northeast to UCLA with West Coast Dreams only to realize he missed home and LA wasn’t the magic he dreamed it was??? Dunno you’ll See 🙂 .


  4. Lol @ Mr. Reed …. do you know what classification Kenny Pickett played in in New Jersey, and what his High School record’s team was this season???

    Gotta do your research, and more importantly, watch their actual High School tape vs. their competition! — You never even saw Kenny Pickett throw I bet he’s 4 inches shorter, 25 pounds lighters, slower, and weaker-armed than MacVittie My Goodness!!!!


  5. As I’ve said before, I’m known as a pain in the butt on a couple message board for my language and demeanor but that’s the way the game is played on those other sites. I can move and groove when, where and how the forum is setup and monitored. It’s not that hard to do if you have respect for who’s running the show. Here is where Reed and myself absolutely agree 100%. By blatantly continuing to not follow the guidelines set up on here is showing a total disrespect to Reed.

    I live by many rules I’ve set up for myself in life but one of the most important ones to me is the difference between Respect and Trust. People get confused with these two words. For me and the way I raised my 3 children it’s this way… Respect is given automatically.. You stick your hand out or greet everyone unconditionally with Respect. Trust absolutely needs to be earned. Never Trust anyone until they have earned it. I will now step down from my false pulpit… and get on with PITT football..


  6. About the bowl game additionally —- Pitt lost the worthless Bowl game against Navy in 2016 — who cares — recruit well, move on in the rebuilding….

    Everyone was so dissapointed about the worthless bowl game against Northwestern instead of going to go play Stanford in the Sun Bowl —- every fan ON HERE was so upset about that Bowl Decision — WHO CARES ….

    psu went 6-7 last year in year two of James Franklin and lost to Georgia —- then look how year 3 turned out!

    Pitt and Gallagher PAYS NARDUZZI 4+ mil a year after next season @Reed and Narduzzi stays, PERIOD.


  7. @ Upittbaseball —- COME MEET ME BRO, I’LL BE WAITING… —– @ A Pitt POV call-in!! 😉 😉 😉 haha for real.


  8. Upitt – I think it’s more about respecting Reed and some of the comments can de-legitimize what he’s trying to do here. That said, it’s pretty easy to not read someone’s comments and I’m not sure why anyone’s comments, other than Reed’s, would drive someone away. Aren’t you reading for Reed’s POV? Who cares what a poster says? So now you have posters and readers both giving Reed unneeded stress. Not only does he have to worry about what someone says he has to worry about who it offends. Good luck, Reed. I don’t envy you.


  9. Reed, this blog has taken off like you or anyone expected. A bump in the road however should not come as a surprise. The fact that you have asked all of us to take ownership is the right thing to do. I trust all will step in line commander. Now calm down.

    Clarke an unknown? Maybe, but because he’s coming off an injury more then anything else.

    On Dinucci, we have to let this one go. but….. No one thought BD will become the starting star QB for PITT but he could be a valuable QB off the bench, (due to injury or other) this coming year and the experience he garnered in the bowl game could become invaluable. Point again, we don’t know if Stocker wins that game??

    About that bowl game. I don’t blow it off as mealiness at all. I just don’t think it ruin the entire body of work Narduzzi and the PITT football team managed to accomplish last season.

    I like Mike Farrell, not a bid guy to check out for great information.

    I agree with Darkie, why the caution with McVittie and the high hopes for Pickett? I think T-mac is destined for stardom. BTW darkie, You and Upitt are in for Tuesday nite. Dr. Tom and everyone jump in. I can’t help Reed out this week. He’s right about this being a great novel idea around the blog world.. BE THERE!!


  10. If I were you, I would just block people that do this. It could be a one warning and out, or two warnings and out. Life is too short to put up with offensive people. Do the simple solution! Do not overthink it! You are allowing them to express themselves at your invitation. If they abuse the privilege, they should be removed. Would you allow a guest in your house to swear?

    What would really be a shame is if you quit writing this blog! You are doing this because of your passion about Pitt football. You have spent a lot of time setting this up and keeping it going. You have lots of engaged individuals. Why throw it away due to a small minority?


  11. @Reed the only prediction I stated that I “regret” lol (I “predicted” Jester Weah was gonna be a Monster, James Conner was gonna Kill-It, Nathan Peterman was gonna immediately take over for the horrific Voytik wayyyyy-back ‘in-the-day’, and than Peterman was gonna have “Bill Stull like success” at Pitt in that he had solid winning seasons as a “Place-Holder”, etc., etc., etc. 🙂 ) —- but I only got hype for Max Browne because I knew we’d find out exactly what he was Made-Of in the Spring….

    😦 …… Well, when Avonte Maddox laughs at you Mockingly and giggles at how Soft you throw, then we really know you ain’t the Quarterback for Pitt 😉 haha —- Thomas MacVittie time.

    @Reed please actually post on your next blog post how to call in, then we can finally speak in person! 🙂 I’m 1,000X more Charismatic in-person / speaking voice-to-voice I swear lol.


  12. Belaboring the point a bit. Reed, you proved a couple of points without even knowing. A bad word did slip out while podcasting in anger. You apologized and moved on. This will happen in real life. You can’t take back words when spoken. (but typed words can be revised) All one can do is apologize and ask for forgiveness and move on. Which you did and you were forgiven. Lesson is? We all need to go back and change wording accordingly and you need to forgive Rescke!!!


  13. @Reed for Dorian Johnson and Adam Bisnowatty — well, remember replacing T.J. Clemmings and Matt Rotheram after that 6-7 season where James Conner broke records??

    well,8-4 the next year where new guys stepped the heck up 😉 .


  14. @upitt

    Per last post I don’t drink kool aid, you understand what sarcasm is right? Or do you?


  15. I’m in the air 7-9pm Tuesday night. Ugh. My flight has Wi-Fi maybe I can post comments with clean language of course. I’m a lot of things but when someone called me a racist it pisses me off


  16. Go to your bookie. Bet all your can afford against NC and Duke. L vile getting toasted by Michigan!!

    ACC is an overrated bunch of pussies!


  17. We can all try to be civil but sometimes passions take control. I get more upset at demeaning another one’s opinion. Sometimes these swear words are over-used and taken over the top. But I do find a place for them if used in moderation. Like the BoT are a bunch of phuckin morons for getting involved in anything that has to do with athletics.

    Like I said, beak the BoT into 2 committees – 1 for athletics and 1 for academics. No Nitters or Pedo lovers or politicians allowed. Must have a connection to Pitt.

    Gallagher reports to academic committee.
    AD reports to athletic

    Members have 4 year terms rotating so theres always new blood and never a complete replacement or turnover.

    Otherwise it will be same old %&%&%&% Pitt.


  18. Dan72 – Sadly we were owned in Basketball in ACC. What does that really say about Stallings you know.

    Upitt is committing to cleaning his terminolgy up. This place is to enjoyable for me to not participate. Thanks Reed.


  19. Big ten rules! ACC gutless soft choking dogs. A finesse league at a time where physical play and grinding rules!

    If only our old Pitt teams could play in this tourney. Refs have made a conscious decision to let em play!!


  20. I have enjoyed this blog immensely and have deeply appreciated all the hard work Reed puts in.
    Reed is giving all of us plenty of freedom to express ourselves with great creativity!
    There is absolutely NO reason that there needs to be vulgarity with all the freedoms this blog offers us.
    To summarize : Just grow up and keep the potty mouth in the potty and out of the POV.


  21. Reed, you absolutely should kick guys off the blog if they break the rules. Why not? You don’t owe those guys anything. If they are ruining your enjoyment, kick them the heck out. I enjoy your articles and podcasts and don’t want you to stop.


  22. Could not agree more. I know i speak for alot of the lurkers out there; Reed please dont give up the blog we love it. If some jag is causing problems show them the door


  23. Reed,
    I appreciate your work and would be disappointed if it ended. Anyone who can’t control themselves should be shown the door.


  24. Enough of this wash-out-your-mouth crap.
    Time to talk spring ball:

    Why isn’t Anthony McKee on anyone’s two-deep?
    Can Brightwell succeed as middle linebacker if Wirginis doesn’t get over his injury?
    Is it Hamlins hernia that is keeping him out? Bad sign if it is.
    Is Dane Jackson and Avonte all we got for cornerbacks?
    What about Ffrenchie? If he has talent to play defense, why use him on offense with QH already an All-American?
    How’s Clark looking? Has he completed more practices at Pitt than he did at UCLA?


  25. Good stuff Gasman, also doesn’t sound good that Hendrix is not 100% after 6 months. What was his injury, don’t remember hearing about any surgery?

    Interesting that we are counting on transfers in three crucial positions, where we are also pretty thin. Really need them to come through. Six months till game time. Need to get and stay healthy and get the new guys ready.


  26. Reed, I agree with other posters, that to ban commenters would be my 1st action if you are dissatisfied with the swearing of some individuals.

    Please hang in there, because shutting down the blog while sending back all contributions over this seems to be a severe reaction to such a problem.

    Please, if you do decide to do this, at least wait until November. That would be perfect timing to get all of my donations back just in time to pay for December bills. Kinda like a POV Christmas Club account.

    Yeah I’m joking.


    1. FWIW, Hendrix is practicing but not participating in contact drills. Hamlin had another surgery after the season, and I believe the last thing they want to do is play him before he s 100%, especially since it appears that what happened in the fall. Btw, I haven’t read a thing about Wirginis getting hurt.


  27. Here’s an example why the POV round-table is so valuable. While Dr Tom was joking in a fun kind of sarcastic way, we can all picture his smiling face while we read his comment. Does Dr Tom look like that cooking dude (Chris Fennimore) on WQED with a PITT hat on? 🙂 …


  28. People just need to police themselves. More importantly, one must respect other opinions. And alternative facts should be cause for banishment. 🙂


  29. Ike, Dr. Tom is younger and better looking than Chris Fenimore . I saw Chris in a kitchen store in the Strip District and he could barely get around.


    1. lol PT, yeah I know. Fenimore is gimpy with some sort of bad foot. Dr Tom is a scratch golfer and much younger.

      Hey call into the round-table this Tuesday, I’ll be unavailable.


  30. Reed, I appreciate that you put a great deal of time and effort into this blog. Writing and researching takes time. As a die-hard Pitt fan I like the fact that this has been a friendly forum for discussion and disagreement – and hope to see it get back to that. Then the Tues night call-in is a bonus…

    On MacV, I’m anxious for you to see him throw and run in person. He looks pretty awesome in the video I’ve seen, but admittedly it’s quite a small sample.

    And yes, we have had a number of QBs come thru who looked promising and then disappeared – Kevin Smith certainly had all the physical tools, for example. But like Kevin Smith, MacV had somewhat limited HS playing experience.

    Which is why I’m glad we are not throwing him into the fire this season. But next season, I think he can be ready. And wouldn’t he still have 3 years to start if it all works out??

    Go Pitt.


  31. Hendrix re-injured his foot after healing. Just being cautious.with Hamlin as well. Drake is a highly rated recruit by offers but he needs to spend time reshaping his body. By fall he may be a backup at RT.


  32. Again, for the second time in a year I find myself saying,what the hell are they thinking??
    Reed, you might want to have a one time moratorium on the language ban for this one.


  33. I’ll be really upset if PITT hires Heather Lyke for a few reasons. Probably the biggest problem is the POV may lose Upitt forever. I think he will be totally inconsolable. Please Upitt, mind your P’s and Q’s….


  34. First off, I’d like to thank Reed for his efforts to maintain an upstanding blog. This has quickly become the best Pitt blog there is and it is all because of Reed and his efforts. Sure, he needs us posters to participate. I think that voluntary adherence to the guidelines is the way this must happen because it is impractical to ban someone–I won’t get into the reasons, but trust me. So, what I’m saying is, guys, let’s just follow Reed’s guidelines and keep going with what is the best community of Pitt folk interacting on the best Pitt blog around.



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