POV Sunday Podcast; Read The Text Below

Everyone – all posts that contain the more offensive swearwords are now being held in moderation by WordPress until I either approve or trash them.

Apparently we seem to be unable to understand that this blog, meaning me and a ton of readers, do not want any post with fck, sht, c*nt, or any other of the more egregious words in them.

I’ve asked you all before to please don’t make me work this hard. I have been pretty damn clear (that’s OK!) that I spend a lot of time in the evenings and in the mornings writing these articles for your reading and commenting enjoyment.

I seriously do not want to feel tethered to this blog 24 hours a day and truth be told I will not accept that. It is enough to create this blog and keep the beast fed with 5-7 articles a week plus a podcast and now a roundtable. Add to that the behind the scenes maintenance of the site and the research that goes into every article. To say nothing of the travel i do in support of the articles.

In addition I am now involved in a Golf Outing which, while I’m looking forward to it and it will be great, is also a heavy drain on my time and energy… and remember you all are the ones who asked that this happen.

Some of you also have disregarded the fact that I told you many times – that when you post on here your conversation isn’t just between two people or even just with the commenters on that thread – it is with literally thousands of readers across the globe every single day.

I have now received over 10 emails and two handwritten letters telling me that readers are leaving because the POV has become ‘just as bad as other blogs and message boards’. I believe more are doing so without getting in touch with me.

I won’t accept that on here.

It really pisses me off (again, that’s OK!) and my fuse is getting shorter by the day.

So, I’ll ask again – do not put me to a test with this blog. You all know me just on here and at Pitt games and having beers together. There is a complete different side of me that doesn’t take crap from anyone – from Admirals on down to the youngest Pitt fan.

And if anyone calls me a lapdog on here again I’ll ask you to say it to me in person when we next meet.  I’ve never once personally insulted a reader or commenter so what makes it OK for you to do that toward me?

UPitt – your last post is being held and I’ll approve it with edits. That will be the last time I do that. If it happens again it will go into the trash.

I don’t want to ‘suspend’ anyone or give them ‘timeouts’ like a 3rd grader. But I will suspend this blog if this keeps happening. Then if it gets to be more of a burden will shut it down and send all donations back to the donors.