Pitt’s Pro-Timing Day

**** Some latest news on AD search*****

The Post-Gazette has a piece on some details of the on-going AD search headed, again, by Dr. Randy Juhl.

5cc07cf85b43053a93e8b16348d2dbb2_400x400Fifth-year Florida Atlantic athletic director Patrick Chun  and fourth-year Eastern Michigan athletic director Heather Lyke have been considered as candidates, Heather Lykeor are still in the discussion, according to a source.

Two other possibilities previously reported by Panther-Lair.com are fourth-year Northern Illinois athletic director Sean T. Frazier and Syracuse senior deputy director of athletics Herman Frazier.

Color me somewhat unimpressed and to me it smacks, again, as Pitt taking the cheapest financial approach possible to the most important position in Pitt athletics.

I’m not sure that we have the right guy at the helm for this given the semi-idiot they just hired and said goodbye to in just over 18 months or so.  Dr. Juhl’s team  swung and missed on the last try; what makes us Pitt fans think he’ll do any better on this one? Fingers crossed I guess.

It appears Pitt is certainly are putting a premium on hiring a minority candidate though and that isn’t a bad thing as long as they are also the best qualified for Pitt, and there is certainly no reason to believe they aren’t.  We have lacked hiring in the Diversity arena in high-visibility jobs in our athletic department and down through the head coaching staffs so that may well be a factor in this hire (although Pitt would never publicly admit to doing so).

My heartburn is that we are targeting so low overall in our shooting range. Eastern Michigan, FAU, Northern Illinois and Syracuse (an assistant AD).  Gee whiz!  Apparently Pitt can’t or won’t compete with the bigger programs when it comes to hiring key personnel. 

I’m not at all surprised by this.

If we do indeed have this mystical ‘Pot of Money’ to spend on Pitt Athletics that Pitt fans have been led to believe Gallagher has then why not open it up and grab an established and already successful Power Five AD and pay him the higher salary that would ensure he stays for more than a cup of coffee and a new paragraph on his resume’.

I’m tired of being told things are so much different yet we are spending about the same amounts as we always have given rates of inflation… maybe a tiny bit more but nothing like we were led to believe.

BTW – Oregon State is a Freedom of Information state thus it has to release any documents the University has… here is Scott Barnes’ Memorandum of Understanding with Oregon State (a written legal criteria agreed upon before a final contract is signed). 

Here is how OSU handles ‘contractual termination’ of the AD from their end…

sb mou 1

On the other hand if the AD bags out they are liable for…


If someone reads that document differently than I did, and that may be the case with legalese, then please correct me in the comments.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Pitt had to make its documents public also.  Somehow the State of PA forgets Pitt is also funded by taxpayer money.


֍ I had a nice long conversation with E. J. Borghetti after he called me Thursday night.  I’ll be driving up to Pittsburgh to cover the NFL Pro Timing Day for the Pitt players who are looking at a shot at the NFL next Wednesday. 

I figured I could go up for an actual practice and not see anything but 20 minutes of exercises and some small drills… or I could attend Pro Timing Day and give you guys a flavor of what goes on in the background of that.  I’ll try to talk with some NFL scouts if I can also.

I get into some conversations with those guys in the Press Box during games sometimes so maybe I’ll see someone I’ve already known and get him to open up on the ‘hidden’ criteria the NFL looks for..

֍ Please see below a schedule for Pitt’s Pro Timing Day at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on Wednesday, March 22. Media will have access to the weight room session for Pitt’s draft prospects beginning at 10:30 a.m. This includes the 225-pound bench press test.

Following weight room testing, media members can report to the indoor facility at approximately 11:30 a.m. and watch the following stations:

  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • 40-Yard Dash
  • Pro Shuttle
  • Three-Cone Drill
  • 60-Yard Shuttle
  • Individual Position Skill Work

 Players will be available for interviews only after they complete each of their scheduled testing stations.

OL Adam Bisnowaty

PK Chris Blewitt

LB Bam Bradley

RB James Conner

WR Dontez Ford

LB Matt Galambos

OL John Guy

DL Tyrique Jarrett

OL Dorian Johnson

DB Ryan Lewis

DB Reggie Mitchell

TE Scott Orndoff

TE Jaymar Parrish

QB Nathan Peterman

DL Ejuan Price

LS Pat Quirin

DL Shakir Soto

QB Manny Stocker

DB Terrish Webb

So let me know which players you all would like me to interview (along with the other sportswriters) and give me some good questions to ask them – not the non-standard media babble softball questions.

For example I would ask OL John Guy “Who are you?” or Jamar Parrish “Just exactly how pissed off were you when your RB coach told you that you “weren’t good enough” to play FB two years ago?“.

Actually, I already had that conversation with Parrish (a great young man BTW) and got a very straight answer from him during last season’s Fall Camp Media Day.  He made some clutch plays at TE last year though.  One thing is if you watch some highlights when he was in at TE you’ll see he did some great blocking, and some pretty far downfield, for our skill guys.

Anyway a ton of NFL stringers and the NFL Network will be covering the Timing Day. I would think the NFL Network is very interested in everything that pertains to James Conner.

֍ Some tidbits from my conversation with EJ as discussed above…  I invited him to attend the Golf Outing as my guest but as you would think that weekend is very busy for him. I’m also inviting Pat Bostick Jr to attend as my guest also. I hope they can make it.

֍ The Spring Game date wasn’t determined by Pat Narduzzi but was influenced by some external issue.  EJ reads the POV daily and thinks one of our posters might be insane.  He didn’t say that but I told him the poster in question was indeed insane and he didn’t disagree with that thought., but EJ would like to meet him sometime – along with some others of our ilk.

Your guess as to which poster that was… and it wasn’t Dr. Tom.

֍ Here is a kind of frightening graphic – it shows all of the returning Letterman on the roster.  The ***s show how many letters were earned so far.  Remember that just getting any type PT earns a letter and that this excludes the 2017 recruited class.

Returning Players

As we were saying on Tuesday’s POV Roundtable – this is the year we see if Narduzzi’s recruiting of high school players is as good as fans think it is. There are a lot of two-deep slots to fill this year and a lot of inexperienced players to fill them.

֍ Remember to get your checks into me as soon as possible for the Golf Outing.  here are the fees again.  We are having trophies made as we speak, prizes galore, first few drinks on me and a full lunch set-up also.  Can’t beat it.

This year’s event is scheduled for April 14th, at Quicksilver Golf Course near the Pittsburgh Airport, with a Shotgun start at noon. The format will be a scramble event.  We are seeking businesses and individuals to sponsor the event along with the Pitt POV.

As a sponsor of this event, your company could receive: (sponsor’s art files due by March 24th)

  • Advertisement in the form of a quality sign positioned at one of the 18 holes with your company’s logo and information and…
  • Distribution at the event of other advertisement materials that you supply such as business cards, flyers, etc.

Please consider a donation of the following:

  1. Majors Sponsor – $500.00     (4) golfers, (2) tee signs
  2. Jock Sponsor –     $250.00     (2) golfers, choice of hole for (1) tee sign
  3. Pub Sponsor – $140.00     (1) golfer, (1) sign at Pub Area
  4. Pop Sponsor –   $100.00    (1) tee sign
    1. Donations to be given away as prizes (Raffle prizes, Gift bag prizes , etc)
  5. No donation is too small

With each sponsorship you will receive a quality sign which will be posted at one of the golf holes.

Also, we invite you or your company to sponsor a team in the golf tournament. The cost of a four person team is $300 and includes green fees, carts, prizes, and a meal. What a thoughtful way of thanking your employees for a job well done!  Golfers – please provide each player’s handicap…

The Grassroots Crisis Center of Howard County, MD is a great street level organization that cares for the homeless and every dollar they receive is used wisely. I volunteer there and can attest to their good works.

If you are interested in sponsoring our event, and we hope you are, please call the POC Point of Contact Rick Caldwell at (717) 838-4855 ext. 246 (W) or me at (410) 997-0388 (H) or 410-782-9981 (C) or email me at rkohberger@gmail.com with any questions.

Checks mailed to me please at: Reed Kohberger, 5551 Phelps Luck Dr., Columbia, MD  21045.



144 thoughts on “Pitt’s Pro-Timing Day

  1. Reed – I swear we can find better quality people at a nascar event in Charlestown, WV on a Sat night.

    Wang Chun ?????What a f ing joke this program is. Heather from Easter Michigan so Doris can have a girlfriend. Im embarrassed for Gallagher and for his 54 person search committee of puppets and HDR who is a f ing joke in the recruiting world. Zero talent there. I wouldnt hire wang chun at Carlow.


  2. Honestly how was the conversation not are we probably going to announce that this is the best we can get and/or choose to pay for because honestly this list wouldn’t surprise me if it was by Gannon CalU or Edinboro that’s how terrible these candidates are. Common Sense do you exist??? Again, If I’m EJ I tell Gallagher and cohorts peace out if you bring in either Wang Chun or Doris Jr. Hire the best candidate not all this PC BS Pitt.


    1. Maybe they already have someone in mind but have due diligence requirements which require PITT to look at some other candidates.


  3. Pitt Spring Football Drills: Day 2


    Scenes from the first day of spring practice


    Coach Pat Narduzzi

    On his thoughts through the first two practices:

    “We’ve had two good days. We’re still running around in shorts and jerseys, but I was happy with the enthusiasm, the way they’re running around and I think there’s good knowledge right now. Tomorrow will be a big day with the pads going on and we will see what they got.”

    On if the team will scrimmage tomorrow:

    “No. It’s too early for a scrimmage. Usually Saturday is our scrimmage day but not tomorrow. Next Saturday we will scrimmage for sure.”

    On if it’s easier to evaluate with pads on:

    “It’s not easier, it’s the only evaluation. It’s hard to evaluate [without pads]. On defense, everyone has a different personality. You watch some defensive lineman on how they play when you have two lineman coming at you—some guys are going to play reckless and don’t care about the bodies, some guys care and they look tentative. With pads, it is really the only way to evaluate the game of football.”

    On the improvement of running back Qadree Ollison:

    “He’s looked good. Again, it’s in shorts and we are letting them run through the line of scrimmage, so they all look good when no one is getting tackled. The good winter is going to transfer onto the field for sure.”

    On the anticipation of seeing the new offense come together over the next few weeks:

    “It’s always an interesting time. It doesn’t matter if it’s offense or defense, there are so many new spots open. It’s interesting to see what our long snapper is going to do, what our kicker is going to do. We have a new kicker, Alex Kessman, who is on scholarship now. Alex is a good kicker, he has a strong leg and we promised him when [Chris] Blewitt left that he’d have a scholarship. He earned it with a great fall, but he still has to go make the kicks.”

    On the thought process moving Brian O’Neill to left tackle:

    “The reason you think he can make the transition is because he’s very athletic. You watched him score touchdowns; he can run. You try and put your best athlete [on the offensive line] there. With Brian, he is a natural left tackle. It didn’t take much of a discussion; it was a natural move.”

    On the progression of Tony Pilato at right tackle:

    “Tony is doing better. He is still a baby, but I think he is doing better. We will found out more tomorrow. He blocked jerseys pretty good.”

    Running Back Qadree Ollison

    On the difference between this spring and last fall:

    “It’s a new year. I am focused on the 2017 season. New year, new team, new coaches, new players and everybody is different. Everyone is getting better. This is our third year with Coach Narduzzi and we have his system in place, how we run things. This is a new year and every year you have to bring a new you. Every year you’re either going to get better or worse, and everyone on the team is trying to get better.”

    On how the “new” Qadree is different from the “old” Qadree:

    “I’m smarter now. I am the oldest running back in the room going into my redshirt junior year. The new me is really trying to be a leader. Last year, we had James [Conner] and Rachid [Ibrahim] who were both older guys, leaders in the room. Now, I’m that older guy who is trying to be a leader for the younger guys in the room, not only for my position, but for the team as well.”

    On if there is a sense of needing to get back the level of success he had as a freshman:

    “Definitely. I do want to get back to that and be even better than that. My freshman year was two years ago, so I don’t really talk about it anymore, but even that season there was room for improvement. It isn’t like I rushed for 2,500 yards. I want to get better every year; even if I rushed for 2,000 yards, the next year I want 2,100 yards and so on. You’re never satisfied with yourself because once you go through a season and look at everything, you see there is so much room for improvement. Here, we strive for perfection. We chase perfection and settle for excellence. No one is perfect but you have to strive to be perfect.”

    Offensive Lineman Brian O’Neill

    On moving to left tackle for spring ball:

    “Position changes don’t seem to be too much of a setback so far, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn something new and stay out of my comfort zone. A good offseason project for me is staying out of my comfort zone and learning something new. I’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

    On the motivation to get out of his comfort zone:

    “Any time you’re in a competitive environment, as soon as you get comfortable, you lose the edge you might have had on someone else. I think switching over to the left side, whether it’s just for spring ball or for the whole season, is a way to become a better overall football player. That is something I need to focus on, becoming an overall well-rounded player, as opposed to just learning to play right tackle and master that. I am looking forward to the opportunity. Coach Peterson has done a great job with it, I’m rolling with it and I’m excited about it.”

    On the difference in technique between right and left tackle:

    “I’m a basketball player from high school, so I like to think of it as shooting a layup with your left hand if you usually do it with your right hand. It doesn’t take as much getting used to, but I’ll be good. In another week or two, I’ll feel really comfortable.”

    On the true test at left tackle coming once the team puts pads on:

    “Absolutely. You get impatient out here when the defense is able to tag off on someone and they blow the whistle right there. We know James [Conner] was getting eight or nine yards after contact last year and that made our line look at lot better. We are excited to hit, get back into it and play real football again.”


  4. Heard JC Penny will be closing all stores in Western PA soon … will be a lot of unemployed shoe salespersons out there for the AD search committee to chose from…


  5. Tommy – That is my favorite part. It is a joke at all levels. Gallagher are you insane? HDR is known as a chop shop in our world of recruiting and talent. I swear to God I would of done the search for free and scratched the 54 person search committee. That is so stupid alone and had a P5 guy/gal alreaady started by now and not charged Pitt.

    Here is your mush today Pitt fans. Eat it and like it because we are so smart. Big Headed Herman and Concubine who crossed the Mississippi River. Twice in his life. Joke.

    Might as well hire Bethel Park’s AD.


  6. Heather from who cares works at a school I didnt even know have sports.

    Juhl quick taking all the meds for Darkie you are making there Pharmacy Fred.

    So a Pharmacy School Guy and a 55 person Search committe and HDR walk into a bar.


  7. Reed — I thought you’d be inviting your buddy Coach Conklin to play in your foursome!

    Disappointing we don’t have any obvious “Pitt guy” candidates for the AD job…

    Hail to Pitt.


  8. 100 % agree with Upitt.

    Also making the same mistake over and over is insane by definition Tommymac. Hire a different search firm or shock have the Chancellor take responsibility. IMO the ultimate problem lies with a lousy BOT; they overview mistake after mistake after mistake. My source inside the department indicates they are poorly thought of by professional members of legal and athletic staffs.. If EJ thinks he cant do this job he ought to look at these jokes.

    The contract above sets damages for a lawsuit based on interference of a contract with the amount owed on the departing AD salary if he served his/her term and was paid. Why this wouldnt be in every contract is beyond me but we then get back to the BOT and Chancellor.

    God what a joke of an alleged search.
    Darkie is on his meds EJ. That and he is a future Pitt student.


  9. I don’t like the direction this AD thing is taking at all – not at all. Fooling around with this low-level, Mickey Mouse crap is EXACTLY how you lose a Pat Narduzzi.


  10. I think we all kind of figured O’Neill would be moved to LT – wrote about that some time ago.

    Here is a good piece on Quadree Ollison by Jerry DiPaola of the Trib-Review.

    Sorry – Narduzzi can talk until he’s blue in the face about this issue but I’ll disagree. Ollison should have been given the opportunity in the first three games of the season to return to his previous year’s form. Instead he got 16 carries in the first two games and none in the third.

    Instead Conner had 63 carries – then burned out for a while averaging only 62 ypg for the next four games. In those four games Ollison had only… 6 carries.


  11. I say take the plunge and kick Kevin Stallings upstairs – already on the payroll and paying him big bucks and no buyout needed – and hire a new bb coach…how about King Rice – up and comer, former UNC/CH player; not a bad choice and he also is a KS protege – former assistant…

    There – Instead of $250,000 to the search firm I’ll only charge $50,000 for that advice – EJ I’ll let you know where to send the check…



  12. Don’t underestimate a candidate merely by their previous employment being a mid-level school. In fact, there are many of us here who thought, and still think, Pitt should have hired its basketball coach from such … and there was a list of them available, like who Vandy hired to replace KS and who NC St just hired … just to name a couple.

    Reed, obviously you had to do an awful lot of work to write the above …. thank you, I may not always agree with you but always appreciate your effort.

    To please rkb, I would like to “snidely” suggest you interview Manny Stocker for his take of being passed up for DiNucci in the Bowl game.


    1. I’m with you wwb, you can not tell if any candidate is worthy just because he or she is coming from a level beneath what you think is acceptable.—-As for Upitt’s comments I do believe if Jesus Christ was being interviewed for the job he’d find some fault with that.


  13. “We chase perfection and settle for excellence.”

    Love that quote from Ollison. Sounds like something Clint Hurdle would say…


  14. @ Reed – Matt Galambos strikes me as a potential coaching prospect in the future – would be interesting to see if he has any ambitions along those lines.


    1. Besides the quote, reading that wiki article it’s like he didn’t even exist at Pitt…must have been shy or ashamed and stayed on the back porch…


  15. Pat Narduzzi will be gone after two more years. And the reason is Pitt’s attendance. You can’t work as hard as Coach Duzz does and then lead your team out of the tunnel to a crowd of only 40K in a 65K stadium. Has to be a huge disappointment to Coach Duzz at nearly every home game.

    That is the number one job of the new Pitt AD – by hook or crook, find a way to fill that stadium. Otherwise say goodbye to the best coach we have and the best FB coach we are likely to get.

    Go Pitt.


    1. MajorMajors, Pitt doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell of filling the stadium on a regular basis. Unless that is they decide to give tickets away for free. And even then they might not fill the stadium.


  16. wbb – I will if I get a chance, hopefully he will feel free enough to actually talk about it.. Was thinking about that and discussed it with someone the other day.

    I did ask around if Stocker was injured between the end of the season and the bowl game and apparently he wasn’t.

    It is surprising what answers you can get in one-on-one conversations with the kids – if you preface it with “I won’t write anything negative but was wondering”.

    That was why I waited until the other day to actually write that Parrish was told by Coach Andre Powell that he “wasn’t good enough to play fullback”.

    Of course helping to lead the way for James Conner to get 1,765 yards and 26 TDs is apparently chopped liver. I agree with Aston playing last season but Parrish was kind of screwed in that deal.

    Something interesting: In 2014 & 2015 our FBs didn’t carry the ball at all. Last season Aston had 22 carries for 75 and 5 TDs (!)

    Parrish carried 4 times in 2013 then none after that. So 4 carries by our FBs in three years. Seems like a bit of a waste in that we could have shocked defenses here and there by doing it.


  17. Wwb – You sir don’t understand AD’s. Coaches come up from no name schools. AD’s do not. Not how that works. AD’s are at XXXXX schools because that is where they belong unless they are 28. There is no positive spin on Wang Chun and Doris Burke Lady-friend. None.

    Edited for language – UPitt, we just talked about this on the phone last night.


  18. Aim for the stars and u might hit one.
    Aim for a stump and u could hit the dirt.

    Can’t we st least aim high?
    Just one, that’s all I’m asking


  19. What a joke this search is heading. I’d rather have Jimbo Covert and I’m usually against hiring a someone because he’s a Pitt guy. Same old Mickey Mouse operation down there in Oakland.


  20. Still, hoping with the list of interviewed candidates Tressel gets the job by default. Reposting from last thread, if not Tressel I gotta pull for Herman Frazier just for the continued entertaining Herman posts from Upitt!


  21. On EJ, very early on I heard that he is really not interested in the AD position. I’ve asked Reed about this but never get an answer.

    Reed works very hard to pump out great articles almost every single day and I sure do appreciate that very much. Lots of great information is passed along on this forum, lots… but it’s also a bit of a gossip and assuming outlet. Well, along with venting and again assuming.

    Guys, we really don’t know everything that’s going on behind the scenes. How are we sure that Barnes wasn’t politely pointed to the front door and then was requested to use it ASAP? (remember Jamie) We really don’t know any of this stuff. Chun looks like he has decent experience and as someone pointed out.

    Many were begging PITT to hire a BB coach from one of these tiny little insignificant schools. No, I’m not scolding just pointing out that sometimes waiting can be difficult, more for some than others.. but maybe not a bad idea to wait until we know what we are talking about.

    Finally, Ollison is fine with the coaches not giving him the ball more last year. He’s taken ownership of the reason behind that decision. Again, maybe let that one go stretch. 🙂 … as always my pleasure … ike

    Ike – use the return button every so often 🙂



  22. Why don’t some of you guys send your resumes in for the AD job?

    I’m serious – at the very least it would make a point and show that Pitt fans are not happy with what is going on. Make your reasons clear in the cover letter.

    Again – not kidding.

    I truly would do it if I lived in PGH… Hell, I’ll do it anyway.


  23. Ike – where is the “gossip and assuming” in the above article? Please show me.

    It is a fact that Barnes was not shown the door, nudged out or made unwelcome at Pitt. I will say that with no reservations based on conversations with people at the university.

    His departure caught Pitt by surprise. You would think that if Pitt has wanted him gone they would have something planned in advance to replace him.

    Then again we are talking about Pitt.

    I have had conversations about the AD position with EJ Borghetti. Those were private conversations and as such I won’t breach his trust… just like I wouldn’t with you or anyone else I talk with.

    Had I interviewed him for an article that would be different. Then I’m almost sure he’d be non-committal.


  24. No not you Reed, I thought I made that clear. I’m talking about some of our more derisive commenters. You article was great.. .About Barnes? I was using that as an example of possibilities of things we may not know. Here was the point I did not get across very well. Let PITT do their job while we wait and give the person a reasonable chance before we string them up. AKA Stallings for the most part.


    1. you actually posted twice in response to my posts

      1) LOL Commander Koh

      2) I’m glad you understand and agree to what I posted about acknowledging sources. And btw, I thought there were a few times when I thought some of the blog owners actually took (stole) what I had posted on this site or Blather without acknowledging it


  25. We are all Charlie Brown,
    Expecting Lucy to place the ball for us to kick.

    Instead of a 52 person selection committee, let’s have a state-wide referendum. The wisdom of the masses. Better still, drop names into a hat. I am quite sure Mr. Shmoe from off-the-street would have out-performed Herman.

    And if Pitt wants a minority, ask Sean Gilbert. Wasn’t he head of the NFLPA?


  26. My grandmother used to say you get what you pay for! Pitt goes cheap sets bar low and gets exactly that in return. Upitt baseball program is a disgrace. Padded with easy wins in spring to go 5fivehundred again who cares in athletic program as long as they say the correct things. Sad watching Nit and NCAA games knowing Pitt at home.

    Tough wearing Pitt gear. Take a lot of guff from WVU and Syracuse people let alone PSU fans who rule wrestling as well as football know. Tough will get worse with bad hire. Reed I as always enjoy your article.

    Let’s all hope Pitt gets the five visitors to practice today to commit especially boys from Pittsburgh area H2P


  27. Pitt should hire the best candidate period.
    Being a minority should not even be a consideration.
    The list , to me, reeks of mediocrity.


  28. At the risk of pissing everyone off I think Chun might be a good hire.

    Ohio State considered him one of the best fund raisers they ever had and he spent 15 years there in a major league AD office. Then he goes to FAU where he has learned how to be the main man for the last 5 years. He fired Carl Pelini in 2014 and hired Charlie Partridge. When things didn’t work out he replaced him with Lane Kiffin who has lots of baggage but has brought a lot of publicity to the program. Everyone on here bitches that we don’t have an AD with the balls to fire people, well it looks like this guy isn’t afraid to correct a mistake.

    Think about this – Narduzzi is on the search committee and he just hired Partridge and Wilbert. I have to believe if this guy was a loser Charlie and Graham would be in Narduzzi’s ear about that. The guy was born in Youngstown and got an advanced degree from Duquesne so he has a feel for the area. So if this guy is a great fundraiser, has experience in raising the profile of a program and isn’t afraid to get rid of underperforming employees he might be just what we need.

    Yes I would have liked to have seen Tressel come aboard as well but its obvious its not happening. Do we really even know if he wanted the job or is it another myth like Shawn Miller coming back. I’ll duck for cover now!


  29. Hasn’t PITT hired a decent head coach recently that many of us are fairly excited about?

    Barnes turns out to be a terrible hire who made another bad hire himself. I agree with that. I also have to say I hate the idea of that woman. Pretty sure she didn’t play much football. Chun maybe stretching it a bit as well. Prediction, Upitt will not love the hire regardless.


  30. This AD search is a perfect example of what is wrong in higher education in our country. Reed is right, it is apparent that Pitt wants to be politically correct and hire a minority. This is not productive for anybody (including minority’s).
    We need to stop this insanity and hire the BEST qualified candidate, regardless of color, gender, etc. What ever happened to striving for excellence instead of striving for manipulated social equality?
    And one more thing. If you hire the best, pay the best what they are worth.


  31. M&M, actually if not Tressel I too would leatoward Chun from the available candidates as his hiring of Kiffin does show balls and a gambler mentality which I would prefer to the “playing it safe” mantra usually put forth by Pitt administration . Thinking Stallings would have a short leash with this candidate .


  32. M&M – LMAO. FAU is a joke and Lane won’t last 2 years before banging a Boca Cheerleader. The guy is a joke. Wang Chun is at FAU for a reason. To those that don’t know FAU is as big as Pitt Johnstown.

    Who gives a rats dick if he is from that @#$%^& Youngstown and sucked hind tit at OSU.


    Ike – I would like a boniefied real AD not working at a half way house. Embarrassing. Blame Upitt


  33. The rooney rule is working so well in the nfl, NOT. The college kids presently in school must have a vastly different vision of the world than what I see. Dinosaur pov vs neophyte pov.


  34. Screw hiring for diversity … hire someone who will take this program to the next level… you want diversity put an illegal immigrant in charge .. be a trend setter… what idiots in charge knowing they will prick this up…..


  35. Rooney rule has worked great for the Steelers who average 9 wins and 7 losses over Tomlin’s 10 year tenure and always getting there asses handed to them by New England ( oops forgot about New England’s diverse receiving corps)


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