Pitt’s Pro-Timing Day

**** Some latest news on AD search*****

The Post-Gazette has a piece on some details of the on-going AD search headed, again, by Dr. Randy Juhl.

5cc07cf85b43053a93e8b16348d2dbb2_400x400Fifth-year Florida Atlantic athletic director Patrick Chun  and fourth-year Eastern Michigan athletic director Heather Lyke have been considered as candidates, Heather Lykeor are still in the discussion, according to a source.

Two other possibilities previously reported by Panther-Lair.com are fourth-year Northern Illinois athletic director Sean T. Frazier and Syracuse senior deputy director of athletics Herman Frazier.

Color me somewhat unimpressed and to me it smacks, again, as Pitt taking the cheapest financial approach possible to the most important position in Pitt athletics.

I’m not sure that we have the right guy at the helm for this given the semi-idiot they just hired and said goodbye to in just over 18 months or so.  Dr. Juhl’s team  swung and missed on the last try; what makes us Pitt fans think he’ll do any better on this one? Fingers crossed I guess.

It appears Pitt is certainly are putting a premium on hiring a minority candidate though and that isn’t a bad thing as long as they are also the best qualified for Pitt, and there is certainly no reason to believe they aren’t.  We have lacked hiring in the Diversity arena in high-visibility jobs in our athletic department and down through the head coaching staffs so that may well be a factor in this hire (although Pitt would never publicly admit to doing so).

My heartburn is that we are targeting so low overall in our shooting range. Eastern Michigan, FAU, Northern Illinois and Syracuse (an assistant AD).  Gee whiz!  Apparently Pitt can’t or won’t compete with the bigger programs when it comes to hiring key personnel. 

I’m not at all surprised by this.

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