Pitt’s First Spring Practice

March 16, 2017  (here is the original)

Offensive Coordinator /Quarterbacks Coach Shawn Watson

On fitting into his role with the team:

“It’s going great. I’ve been really impressed with the job the coaching staff and Pat [Narduzzi] have done here and really it’s easy to come in and fall in love with the guys. There is not a selfish bone on this team, and the guys are into what the team is trying to do and that’s being ACC champions. We are getting on the same page. I have come in and not tried to change anything for the kids in terms of nomenclature of football, and I have needed them to teach me and they have been awesome.”

On his relationship with the quarterbacks:
“It’s really important. We spend so much time together just by the nature of the position and the need the position has. What you are trying to do as a quarterbacks coach is trying to develop another assistant coach on the field. That position makes, in this game, so many critical decisions for the entire team. We spend a lot of time together and I love them already because they want to be around football, so when they have free time, they spend it with me, which has been pretty cool. It’s been awesome, we have gotten to know each other really well and I really like that room.”

On his impressions of quarterback Max Browne:
“I think what I’ve grown most appreciative about him is how humble he is. He came in here and just really cared. He is very respectful of the team, very respectful of the job Nathan [Peterman] did a year ago, very respectful of everybody in the room. He wants to earn his way. That’s what’s really cool about him. He obviously is a very talented player. I remember him coming out of high school as a very, very talented kid. He is so humble and I think that everybody gravitates to him because of that. We are going to keep building and advancing and every day we are going to press him with more install and see what he’s got.”

On the running backs corps:
“Honestly, I’ll have a better opportunity to see when they put pads on, but watching them in the conditioning period, athletically they are very skilled guys, all of them. Seeing them out here today, they’ve got a real work ethic. In their assignments, they’re smart and are really detailed guys. Andre [Powell] does a tremendous job with them. They are very detailed players and it’s a highly competitive room too, which is really good, because those guys need to take a lot of pressure of the pass game by being effective in the run game.”

Defensive Coordinator Josh Conklin
On the biggest things that stood out looking at last year’s tape:
“For the most part it came down to guys making plays. I felt, to be candid with you, as we go through the season we are going to hang our hat on what we do. We’ve always said that. The thing we have to do a better job is finding ways to put guys in better positions, and then we have to coach to finish better than we have. It’s a two-way street, we understand that. The coaches have to coach it better and the players have to play better. When you look at some of the breakdowns we had, I told the guys this today before we came out, it’s one or two guys on any given play. The level of consistency we play at has to heighten. We did some things well. We defended the run well. But the big passes hurt us. I think the guys are eager to get out here and do some of the things we put into place. We haven’t wholesale changed, but we’ve done a few things to help ourselves out and put guys in better positions to finish on those plays.”

On how many major changes have there been to the defensive scheme:
“We started last season. When you struggle, your reaction as a coach is to make it right. You want to give your guys a chance to make plays. What happens is, when you start implementing things that you don’t do, you start to struggle in other areas and it opens up Pandora’s Box.  (edit: Who Do that Voodoo?  Which is what you need coach.) We need to stay consistent with what we do.”
On how he “coaches to finish”:
“When we evaluated, we looked at all of the deep balls [against us]. Here’s an example for you, we do a study every year and we look at how many fade balls were thrown. The last few years the number has always been under 100. This year was 144. It’s a good thing and it’s a bad thing. What I mean by that is offenses look at you and they can’t run the football, so what’s their other option?

Their option is the fade; it becomes their best viable option. The way we play, we know how people are going to go after us. When you get that, you have to bring that percentage down. This year was a 36% completion rate on the fades, which isn’t good enough.


There’s been years where opponents would throw 100 fade balls and have two or three completions. You’re seeing offenses that are willing to throw it up a lot more, so when we looked at those all those fades, you can start to see things we need to do better to finish.” 


(Edit: OMG!!!!!… 36%  Ha, ha, ha…)

On working with new defensive line coach Charlie Partridge:
“When I was down at FIU, whatever you hear about Charlie is he is a great recruiter. Charlie Partridge is an unbelievable football coach. He is a tremendous teacher. He brings great energy to those guys, a great focus to those guys. For us, that’s where it starts, when those guys walk on the field they have to have a certain swagger to them, a certain confidence about them. If they don’t, you’re going to have troubles defending the run and defending the pass. He is a great teacher, a great motivator and he makes a great connection with the guys. He’s a great addition to our staff.” (Edit: Get the news Coach – he’s your replacement.)
On if Saleem Brightwell can play the middle linebacker position:
“He is going to. He going to have to and he can. We will move him at Money and at Mike. (once I learn what those names mean…)  With injuries and guys moving around, we will get those guys into position. They all have to learn it.”  (Please, please learn it… I have children who depend on me…. why is everyone against me?)

Quarterback Max Browne
On developing a relationship with offensive coordinator Shawn Watson:
“It’s been great. We are both the new guys here, but we have both seen a lot of ball and been at different places. It’s been going getting to know each other on a personal level, so we can translate positively on a football level, but we are both learning the ways here–simple things like where to go on the field after each period. But I’m sure in a week or so we will get used to it.”
On developing a relationship with his new wide receivers:
“We have worked out together. We’ve also had some 7-on-7s after fourth-quarter workouts and the chemistry is going to come with time. That is the beauty of spring ball, you get a jump start on that and we have some weapons. Today was my first time seeing these guys in live action. We definitely have weapons, and my job at the quarterback position is to distribute.”
On if any specific receivers have stood out to him thus far:
“I knew all the names, but I never saw anything other than highlights. Aaron [Mathews] and Tre [Tipton] had a great day today. That corps is as solid as it gets. I’m coming from a place (USC) with a lot of weapons, and they are right up there. It’s fun to see guys that are big and physical. The ability to win one-on-one battles is crucial, and they definitely showed that ability today.”
On continuing to wear No. 4:
“I was thinking about switching it up, but I knew No. 4 was going to be open. I’ve been No. 4 since sophomore year of high school, so I decided to stick with. I didn’t want to step on [Nathan] Peterman’s toes by any means; but at the end of the day, it’s what I’ve been for a while. I was a big Brett Favre fan back in high school when I chose it. He is a good guy to look up to as a gunslinger.”
On learning a new offense:
“You just have to put the time in. This one is relatively easy to learn as a new guy because every word makes sense. There’s a reason to every little detail in the play, and I think huddling up in general makes it easier. I am coming from a no-huddle offense where you have to learn the offense and how to signal that, which is a whole other animal. Huddling has been helping me. The process is going to take time.”

Wide Receiver Quadree Henderson

On becoming acclimated to the new playbook:
“The process has been going well. Being a football player, you’ve got to come in and learn. If you’re willing to play, you’re willing to study. Just being in the film room with Coach Sherman and Coach Watson, just learning the playbook and learning conceptually. The process has been going well. I’m learning a lot of new things. The offense is pretty spread out. Similar to last year, somewhat different but pretty much spread out.”

On his impressions of new quarterback Max Browne:
“Our lockers are right next to each other so we bust it up every day, but the chemistry with Max is like me and Nate [Peterman]. We were out here throwing after workouts before spring ball even happened so the connection is like that already.  We were out here at least twice a week getting our timing down and working on routes. Max has a nice arm on him. He goes through all his reads well and makes sure the ball is there on time. I like Max a lot. He’s really laid back and we just laugh and make jokes a lot.”

Safety Jordan Whitehead

On how he spent his time recovery from injury:
“I came in after the season and just started weightlifting and I’ve been doing everything in the weight room. It’s a different perspective watching from the sideline, it’s almost like a coach’s perspective. So I could see things I might have missed and learned something different.”

On his 2016 season:
“I struggled. I missed more tackles than I did my freshman year. I need to take on this role and be a leader on defense, learn multiple positions and just get comfortable with every position because you never know the depth you have at a certain position. A couple of times I was thinking, `Just try to make a play,’ without really being focused on my assignment. Happens here and there to everybody but keying on my assignment will be better than trying to do too much.”

On becoming a leader for the team:
“I think that it won’t be too challenging. I kind of feel like I’m getting older and I am fitting into that role. I feel a difference from freshman year to now, coming out here and practicing and with game day, everything. I take ownership and responsibility that I need to do something and step up. I definitely see myself as a leader. Everybody, juniors and seniors, should take ownership and step up to fill that role.”

On the struggles of the defense last season:
“The mentality of the defense is definitely going to change. We were giving up big plays whether I was there or not. It wasn’t like we weren’t in position. We were in position, but we didn’t finish. (C’mon Jordan – the coaches can make excuses for themselves – you don’t have to.) Everybody has to come in with a different attitude to try to change the culture. You can’t just be okay with eight-win seasons. We can’t be thinking ahead.”

Defensive Lineman Jeremiah Taleni

On his role as a leader of the defensive line group:
“We have a group of guys on the defensive line who are inexperienced. We have a younger group. I feel like I need to step up and try and help teach. They’ve never been through the transition of getting a new position coach. I’ve been through it once so I just try and guide them through it.” (If not I ask them ‘You got a beef w’id me Bra!!”  at least that is what Inoke Brecterfield would say…)

On his first practice working with Coach Charlie Partridge:
“It was awesome. He breaks everything down, he’s good at teaching and he’s a really good person to begin with. He’s done a great job of preparing us for practices, drills and breaking down film.”
On the dynamic of the line with a few veterans and a lot of young talent:
“Reps will get the young guys where they need to be. I believe in every one of them. They all have talent. I’ve seen what they can do in terms of drills. The next step is to see them face an opponent and I’m excited to see that.”
On if the defensive line can still be a strength of this team despite losing three starters:
“Definitely. We have three [key players] coming back, and we have guys coming back from injury. Collectively I think we are very strong. We have some young, fresh guys who are excited to play and it is good to get them in there and see what they can do.”

88 thoughts on “Pitt’s First Spring Practice

  1. Year after year, same watered-down, nebulous tripe.
    Won’t someone show some balls and say: This is why we sucked donkeys on defense and this is what we’re goin to do to insure it doesn’t happen again.
    Also, Pitt football tickets are a tough sell, so to generate enthusiasm, we’re going to let Reed and the rest of the press watch more than offensive lineman doing toe touches and deep knee bends.
    And, I am tired of crapping the bed in crappy bowl games, so next year I will have a second string QB ready in case Max goes down
    And finally, haven’t we learned by now, through the atrocious hire of Herman, that this hire-by-committee shit just doesn’t work?


    1. Gasman I don’t think we had a second string QB on the roster to begin with. MacVittie was going to red shirt and so he wasn’t evan an option.


    1. www, you were right on the money with this prediction. However his offer sheet was devoid of any big named schools except for BC. And that’s if you still consider BC a big name football school today. With Princeton, Brown and Dartmouth on his offer sheet you have to believe learning the plays won’t be his problem.


      1. true, but the player this commit is pegged to replace is George Aston, a walk-on.

        I remind you that two years ago, Maurice Ffrench was non-rated and had no offers after his junior season. After his senior season, had a handful of D1 offers including PSU even though he had already committed to Pitt. James Conner didn’t receive any attractive offers when PC offered him after his workouts at Pitt camp in June before his senior season… as a DE.

        This is what Pitt has to do. OSU, Mich, Bama and even PSU have little problems in attracting 4-stars after their HS junior years. This is not the case for Pitt. They have to find undiscovered talent … diamonds in the rough, if you will. This is why Pitt is able to get such good talent in Dec and Jan (many of them late bloomers) … these guys haven’t been gobbled up the FB factories, in part, because their schollies are already used up


  2. I gotta say Reed, that was a whopper of an article and much appreciated.

    Just a few takes for now: Jordan Whitehead and Quadree Henderson, what two great young men to represent the University of Pittsburgh. JW is going places one way or another, a true champion.

    Thought Conklin represented as well. He is not going anywhere anytime soon. He bolstered my opinion of himself today by a lot. He’s young and smart with a handle on the defense. Relax about Conklin, don’t hate, congratulate!

    Watson? Another interview I thought hit the mark. Humble as pie and liked his responses.

    Maxy Browne, sounds like he’s taking the right approach with a respectful and cautious introduction with his new team.

    Exciting stuff that’s more then reinforced my high hopes for Head coach Pat Narduzzi and the PITT football program moving forward.


  3. C’mon Gasy, you’re a great PITT fan/poster but you’re sounding like a SOP PITT fan. Although I respect your opinion. We are moving forward upward and onward’s.

    One thing I’ve noticed since Naduzzi arrived at PITT. Expectations have risen at levels we haven’t dared to think of in a very long time. So…. that’s a good thing I suppose?


  4. Come on down Mr Symonds… we have a uni available in # 24 just for you… it come in either bright blue with yellow trim or you can go with the interpretive Cathedral- look numerals!!


  5. I’m a bit tired of the axiom”we have to be in better position “(players) or ( coaches) ” It’s our job to get them into better position to make a play. ”
    We need more disrupters in the DL and line- backing corps – when that happens this D will make a quantum leap forward…I think the offense will improve each week and I have not penciled in losses against PSU or OSU…not after being at Clemson and inhaling the smoke from Dr Tom’s VictoryCigar!! It’s about having the ponies.. the chemistry.. and the attitude… we beat the defending National Champs in their home in front of 88000 fans on National TV… this is ” The year of the Cat” and we are the baddest Cat in the East


  6. 33 years of mediocrity, no NCAA tournament, hoops team shredded, snow in March, no hooch in the house, and I can’t ride my bike outside because off the ice and salt. Pessimism is my only friend


    1. My dog died yesterday and left me all alone
      The finance company dropped by today, and repossessed my home
      But that’s just a drop in the bucket girl. compared to losing you
      And I’m down to seeds and stems again too


          1. it’s the last verse of “Seeds and Stems Blues” which was classic when I was in school

            Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen


    2. Jesus Christ Gasman get your ass out to the state store then Man, you need a change in latitude to improve your attitude!

      Seriously, you listen to Josh Conklin’s interview and you can’t decern from his comments that he is in no uncertain terms saying it ain’t the Xs & Os it’s the Jimmy & Joes. In so doing he throws himself under the bus right along with some of his past players because you do have to coach your charges up. But he basically demanded that better “finishing” is the difference maker between wins & losses.

      I’m in total agreement with this philosophy! Narduzzi & Conklin are installing a defense that needs 11 guys succeeding in their roles to create a shut down system. If you have 9 guys getting it right and the “fade pass” is still available, then you’re going to get victimized by that weakness.

      The answer, better performance by better players. Do we have better players available, on paper, we do. No experience is possessed by these newcomers but the potential is there.

      Can they be successful? Absolutely! Can they fail miserably? Absolutely! And that is why it is going to be another very exciting year to follow Pitt Football.


      1. No joke. A change in attitude tends to happen when a guy w/ 10x more experience was just hired to “coach dline”. This boy is gonna be coaching defense next year at RMU if he doesn’t get it together.


  7. Gasman, perhaps looking towards the future instead of looking back will turn that frown upside down?…. and a bottle of booze wouldn’t hurt either. Remember what has been written. You can never look back, you should never look back… PITT’s savior is upon us all…


  8. This is the program that this fall will have over half of it’s roster never having experienced a losing season at their University! This is a team that will be taking the field with recent memories of beating the eventual B1G Champion, the ACC Champion, & who BTW also just happened to beat Alabama for the National Championahip.

    This is a crew that is taking the next step in learning how to win. A team that has tasted the bitter flavor of defeat at the hands of UNC & Northwestern. Games that a better team would have won. But the lesson is not lost on this bunch. Have they taken to heart that every game must be prepared for like it’s against Clemson in their own Death Valley? Time will tell.

    Playing YSU at home, no different preparation than playing the eventual National Champions in Death Valley. You only get so many chances, which ones do you want to squander on mediocre effort? And isn’t that really the difference between just the good and the champions after all?

    Don’t think that OOC foe penn state has no bearing on this ACC Campaign in 2017. Rather it is a pivotal game. It has no bearing on Conference standings but it has enormous bearing on “confidence standings” concerning a young team finding out who they are and what they can accomplish in 2017.

    That’s what makes following college football so much fun to follow. Young men led by dedicated coaches figuring out their limits in order to determine their ultimate destiny. Not war but a reasonable facsimile, hopefully without anyone getting killed or permanently disfigured.

    A proving ground for both young and old, player & coach. A real life drama that pushes the exceptional individuals bwyond levels of performance that even they themselves can’t often imagine.

    Just being in thegame with a program that can actually compete with the big boys without getting routinely embarrassed is an accomplishment in itself. Pitt Football is now beyond that milestone. Where do we go from here. Well that is the ultimate question, isn’t it?

    Hail to Pitt!


  9. Gasman.. get laid … like the drugs you deliver -sex is a quick temporary fix or start tonight with a shot of Bushmills then switch to Jameson’s … that should cover the north n south
    of Ireland…


  10. Looking at Coach Conklin wearing a shirt with the Dinocat on it, I am reminded of the man behind the Dinocat: Steve Pedersen. Please, please, script only boys. When I think of Smug Steve, I want to vomit.


  11. Defensive speed, athleticism and developing the players will be key this year. I expect Pitt has much better Jimmy’s and Joes’ and in time will have a terrific defense. max will handle the O and Pitt can beat any team in the coastal. Oklahoma State to me is key to a 9 win season. Win that one and I see 9 wins this year.


    1. I’m with you and still hoping this transfer happens. The linebacking corps needs another OLB.

      It’s funny how the story and circumstances of Rescke leaving MSU are already forgotten. Duzz adds this kid later on only the Pittsburgh media will ask about it at the start of camp. Duzz could also rule no interviews for Rescke, which would be wise as the kid should be able to move on with his life.

      Funny how the anti-Rescke pretentious Pitt fans don’t account for this kid already graduating, which isn’t easy when you’er juggling football year round. But no, he should pay for his mistake until he’s in his 50s I suppose.


      1. That’s how I feel Austin and I’ve mentioned about him already completing his education at MSU. It is tough to do in four years. The kid shot his mouth/fingers off over a former girl friend. Dumb but hardly a crime.


  12. How bout if I dialyze out of Darkie and Dr. Tom whatever gives them this euphoric optimism, bottle it, then sell it (once it passes FDA scrutiny, of course). All proceeds go toward an on-campus stadium.

    No one more excited for Pitt football than I, but enough coaches speak.
    Coach Watson, your thoughts?

    “We got a QB who couldn’t cut the mustard at SC and our only TE can’t make up his mind about anything, including what team to call his own. Am I scared, especially after I tanked at Texas and was an assistant’s assistant last year? You betcha!”

    How are you seeing things, Coach Conklin?

    “Well, if you have a pulse you noticed last year that we couldn’t cover a corpse , even if we knew the route. In addition, Coach Narduzzi pulled in Charlie, who is breathing down my neck, trying to steal my job. So fellas, i need to either rise to the occasion or I will be asking Coach House for a job.”

    Coach Narduzzi, anything you’d like to add?

    “We beat PSUCKS and Clemson, so how in the hell did we lost to Northwestern remains a mystery to me. And, anyone else sick of losing to North Carolina year after year? To generate some publicity, we’re going to open up practices to the media a bit. And if we ever get an effective AD, maybe we can get some fannies in the stands.”

    There, doesn’t that sound better?


  13. ^^ There you go Gasy. Unfortunately it sounds like an oxymoron. That kind of truth will not put fans in the seats. In this case, the truth will not set the PITT football program free. Oh, and that’s not completely the truth, it sounds kind of like statistic’s.. the lying SOB’s… … .. ike



  14. Chris Peak‏ @PantherLair 2minutes ago

    The #Pitt coaches have a very specific plan in mind for new commit Jay Symonds: they want him to be the next George Aston.


  15. Here is a pleasant thought for all Pitt Faithful to consider for their bedtime contemplation. What will be the rationalization used by those Nitter minions after we they lose two straight, this time getting whacked right in their own Beaver,,,,,, Stadium by a he Panthers? Oooooooh that’s gone leave a mark.


  16. Sorry for the change in subject but, I had a thought last night…Pitt id’s interviewing AD candidates on the eve of the NCAA BBall tournament . Wouldn’t that potentially exclude some candidates working at successful BBall programs who would have a lot going on at this time. I’m not advocating waiting longer, more like they should have moved things along much faster. Just hoping that despite the flawed process the committee gets it right…we can’t afford to get Herman 2.0.


  17. Love the optimism.

    Before you guys start drinking.

    I think the two big questions are:

    How much better will the defense be?

    How much worse will the offense be?

    And of course how does this translate into wins and losses?

    When you have a terrible defense, it can’t help but get better, but how much?

    We will have more skilled guys, but with much less experience.

    When you have one of your best offenses ever and you lose key guys, impossible to be better.

    Two future Pro linemen, a solid experienced QB, the best power running back and touchdown machine,and a prolific Tight End.

    I think the offense should hold its own with pretty good replacements, won’t be as prolific but as long as Browne is not a turnover machine, it should be pretty solid. The wild Card is a new OC.

    I think the defense is still a mystery, but can’t be worse. Will we get a pass rush? Will we create turnovers? Will we get enough third and fourth down stops?

    As always, will we stay healthy? Last year the offense had few injuries, the defense, had some big ones starting with Hendrix and Zeise, then Whitehead and Jarrett. We do have more quality depth in a lot of places, but not everywhere.


    1. Looking at the schedule … Pitt plays the hardest OOC schedule in the nation but is the only ACC team that doesn’t play Clemson, FSU or Louisville.

      Too early prediction … 2 losses in September (PSU & GT) but will tie for first in ACC Coastal but lose the tiebreaker, thus, won’t play in ACC title game. Taxslayer Bowl or Sun Bowl


  18. That’s a great post gc and I’m not Irish, even on St Paddy’s day, so no green beers for me.. 😦 . I do sneak a few beers every now and then though.

    When a football team loses their QB, RB, TE, and two long time starters on their O-Line, that’s really devastating. Add in a new OC and you have a pending disaster. but.. not so fast my friend… PITT has one of the best receiving corps along with plenty RB’s to lighten the losses. The new QB and TE are former 5 stars at their positions. Sure, no one know right now how all this will turn out but imo, PITT will present a great offense with more ball control which could help their biggest problem, The defense. >

    I’ll be straight forward on this one. I think the biggest improvement here will be….the coaching! After a year of that crap, one, it has to be better, two, The competition won’t be as good (take that Reed) and three, the athleticism will be improved ten fold.

    Unfortunately the schedule will not allow for any kind of feeling their way around for the first several weeks. I can find zero reasons on how PITT can beat psu. Well one, they get hit for more transgressions committed. That’s a dirty operation up there.

    I don’t see a loss to GT though. This team will be built more for this type of offense.

    Pitt will come out 1-1 and then watch out. They beat OSU at home and take off from there. UNC, no problem. This will be the year. Really getting excited about what I’m seeing and hearing down on the south-side… ike



    1. This Pitt team has a chip on their shoulder for penn state. This will be the difference maker in 2017 Ike.

      This year is going to be another stunner for the cult members to the East.

      How does that happen? Pitt plays up to their competition. The Panthers just want this game more. Penn State still has the problem of looking down their noses at their little urban brothers to the west. MISTAKE. Big mistake, HUGE!

      In their opinion we are not worthy, got lucky last year. The “Wait till we get them in Beaver Stadium” attitude is going to be their Achille’s heel for them. They expect to win, cause everybody knows that they’re the better team. Doesn’t work that way. They haven’t learned yet. 2018 will be the game that penn state finally comes in to win that game at all costs, against their rival, because by then they’ll be 0-2 against the Panthers.

      Mark my words.
      12-0, 42-39, another one on road for Pitt before the Nitters wake up to the reality that we own the state. You’ll see, no hype, just a matter of who wants it more.

      When that win gets posted, lookout! a potentially special season then materializes for the Panthers after their confidence goes through the roof. Hail to Pitt!


      1. Well what can I say? I feel much better now Dr Tom. I agree that anything is possible so I’ll go with your scenario, sounds a whole lot better than mine. … ike



  19. Nothing official and just speculation, but some onthe message boards are hearing Cam Johnson will graduate soon and look to grad transfer out of Pitt for his final two seasons. I hope it’s not true, but won’t shock me if it happens.

    If true, I’d guess Carr or Thompson at the point, Simons, Wilson-Frame and Luther are the starters with a JuCo or grad transfer at center. Lots of work to be done for this staff. Ballard isn’t getting the Morehead State job, so hopefully he has some recruiting magic in him.


  20. Nope, I’m saying one of the best. I’ll make a slight amendment by adding “in the ACC”

    “The Few” you were talking about are:
    Throw in Flowers and I doubt many teams wouldn’t trade for PITT WR’s for theirs…


    1. Not to get fully on gassey’s band wagon but that receiving group wouldn’t scare me. Tipton has a tough time staying healthy, Henderson is too small at the WO receiver position to do much good, Weah still has semi-questionable hands(once you have that disease you usually never fully recover, Mathews has potential but little experience, and both Lopes and French are slower mini versions of Henderson(too short for the outside but may be good on the slant).


    2. Reed just doesn’t want to recognise the fact that when teams like Pitt take a major step up in their program, that it is because of the “new” personal that come in to provide the impetus that propels the team to heights not previously experienced. That’s how average team’s excel, resulting in the “no one saw that coming” reaction. That might be appropriate for the casual observer but those who follow such a team closely should know better.

      Chris Peak understands about what Ike commented on above. Chris has the WR corps as Pitt’s strongest position going into 2017. I agree. Reed is going to deny the potential of this group until Max Browne comes in and rubs the passing statistics that will be produced in his face for analysis. It could be a rough start with both psu & OK ST. so early on the schedule but this WR corps will be a difference maker as the season progresses.

      Who knew? Chris Peak, Ike & me, that’s who. Reed will find out eventually as well.


  21. Why is the Pitt on Conklin’s hat off kilter? It looks like he just got punched in the head.
    I wish at this point I was as optimistic as Doc on the Pedders but they shredded MSU last year on the sideline fades; let’s see 200 fades by 36% = Partridge.


  22. The final Pitt recruit last year was Aaron Mathews who flipped from PSU when HCPN finally offered. How wise was that? And what took him (HCPN) so long?

    Not only did this natural freshman show maturity and guts making some catches in crowded spaces, he was the chief gunner on the punt team. I see this guy getting plenty of PT this year … and with Weah, Tripton, Henderson and maybe Flowers and Ffrench, there is certainly reason to believe it will be a damn good unit.


    1. He offered Mathews a scholarship for WR which he was not getting anywhere else (including here) before the JUCO kid or whatever flipped commitment to Colorado…. I think this is what happen, correct me anyone if I am wrong


      1. can’t recall the details, you may be right. The only thing I remember was that even though he was said to be really interested in Pitt, he didn’t commit until something like the day before LOI


  23. Let’s compare the coming years WR corp with last years. Last year I was happy with the way they played…. oh and BTW, everyone of them are back. Bigger, stronger, smarter with additions.. Flowers and Davis. How is this unit not going to be good??


  24. I’ve been off the grid but it is interesting that HCPN has hired a FIU Graham Wilbert to be the new director of player personnel. Look for even more Fla recruits. If this is redundant sorry, don’t ban me Reed. 🙂


  25. Here is something from Alan Saunders.

    PITTSBURGH — Coming off what could be considered the most prolific offensive season in the history of the program, Pitt will replace two key parts of the offense going into 2017.

    Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson and quarterback Max Browne each put in their first full day of work at Pitt’s South Side practice facility in Thursday. At least, on the practice field. The two have gotten to know the program and one another by spending the weeks since Browne has been on campus relentlessly preparing for these days, as the coach and quarterback together install a new offense for the Panthers.

    You can read the rest here at DK Pittsburgh Sports.com


  26. anyone watching the Louisville BB game with the dirt-bag Pitino? He wears a flower on his lapel, like Archie Bunker once said to Edith about wearing false eyelashes. “it’s like putting lipstick on a bowling ball”


  27. Ike – I edited your comment above due to the professional courtesy of having the readers directed to the original site for that site’s attribution and revenues. So I linked it to DK’s website after a ‘teaser’ 1st paragraph or two.

    Everyone: I will quote other article but I always shoot for less than 1/3 text being quoted. I always attribute both the author and the website if possible and I always include a link.

    Except for things that come to me via email from Pitt – that is given to me as a writer with media credentials and is specifically meant to be disbursed in full by this blog.


  28. Reed, the part I wanted to copy was only one paragraph concerning Jimmy Morrisey and the whole article was transferred. All the other stuff you already gave us.


  29. One other thing with readers bringing ‘breaking’ stories or other site’s stuff in their comments on here – you can do it if you like and if you adhere to the guidelines above… but just so you know some of these comments have knocked an article I was writing, or even had finished writing, out of being posted the next day.

    Do what you really want to of course but if you are wondering then sometimes waiting a day might benefit both of us – if I post something not associated then by all means make a comment and put it up.

    Again, you guys are great and it truly is no big thing so do what you want – but if in doubt maybe wait a day.


  30. If I have offended you by reporting that AD candidates were being interviewed this week which is now in a PG article or on other rare occasions I get “breaking” news I for one will no longer do so. We are, contrary to popular belief, not prescient, if I used that word correctly.
    wwb the PG Id’d for candidates but I wont comment on or link should Reed unbeknownst to us be preparing an article. Joe I agree as to mid-level quality We appreciate the great amount of effort you put forth Reed but with all due respect the above post was more chilling speech than encouraging it.


  31. ps Reed , one final thing your rules of engagement were very good and I intend on using them to guide my postings. One thing I wished to add is when people used quotation marks such as in “breaking” above and by a few others it is considered in the word of non-fictional writing to me at best immature. Not bragging but I have been published in many places and that is simply the way it is. Just trying to constructively add to your talents. HAIL TO PITT.


  32. Rkb,

    Fwiw, I heard the same thing last week but thought it was further along. If someone takes umbrage at you giving info, then that is on them. This is an open forum. I am attacked all the time on other sites for giving info…..I never understood why.


  33. FWIW, I link or cite my references especially if I used word for word or cut and pasted from other sources…. that also was the rule set by Chas for Pit Blather. However, there have been times when I already formed an opinion of a person or situation that had been reinforced elsewhere in the media where I don’t bother to reference., if I post in my own words It’s a thin line

    The prediction of the first commit was an easy conjecture. There were 2 visitors to spring practice during the day, a Pat Signal was out, and one of the visitors had already denied he wasn’t the one.

    But here’s the rub …. legit media like Pantherlair had (I’m sure) came to the same conclusion, but wouldn’t dare publish it until they receive official word. Chris Peak posted it on his twitter account well over an hour after I posted it above. Now, I don’t matter at all to media, I’m just an anonymous poster ,,,, however, they may object to someone who has their own Pitt blog and is widely read and derives some revenue, since they are somewhat a competitor.


  34. I know FAU’s AD. If we are looking at his level we should hire EJ. EJ is a step up to this guy.

    The kid from FAU they hired is a BS role. I can recruit Florida better than that jabroni. He isn’t a Florida recruiter. SMH. He is a favor for Partridge. If you know SFLA then you would know this kid can’t recruit in Dade County.


  35. Sorry My guy is no longer AD there I just checked and he was 250% than Wang Chun. What a f ing joke this program is. Heather from Easter Michigan so Doris can have a girlfriend. Im embarrassed for Gallagher and for his 54 person search committee of puppets and HDR who is a f ing joke in the recruiting world. Zero talent there. I wouldnt hire wang chun at Carlow.


  36. If I am EJ I’m on the next flight out of town and taking my services elsewhere. These candidates are who MTSU or Fairleigh dickinson interviews. This is worse than Herman and his concubine of wives.


  37. Back to Jimmy Morrissey, the walk-on O-Lineman. rs/freshman from Huntington Pa. He took some snaps at center first day of practice. Apparently he has been a favorite with the offensive coaches since last year now. Adding much needed depth at that position.. That’s all.


  38. Can we hope that after putting out this list of candidates Tressel gets hired because there were no other viable options?


  39. wbb – you are correct – unless it is on their free site I don’t take info from any Recruiting Sites(Scouts, ESPN, Rivals, 24-7) and post it on here. Free stuff is open game and as long as it is attributed and – as I said above – I just use a bit and then link to the full article then it is OK.

    In essence what I am doing then is driving revenue their way with more people reading their articles.

    I take attributions and links very seriously and when I screw up I get in touch with the sites and let them know. But my intent is to use other’s articles as springboards for more detailed discussions on the POV.

    Believe me – other sites won’t ever complain when as many readers as we have on here have and use links to their pages which have their advertising on them… readers which may never have seen their stuff in the 1st place.

    Now, that is very interesting in as I have seen way out of the ordinary stuff in the media that I researched out of nowhere and it has been repeated off this blog (or the Blather) almost word for word without attribution. Some coincidences are too slim to be reasonable.

    However, if they were to attribute The Pitt POV or even the Pitt Blather it would go against their interests and then it ‘legitimizes’ these private blogs… and the POV and the Blather are indeed private in that we are solely owned and operated by one person.

    I’ve had some interesting conversations about this various subject with many of the beat writers and have asked them to get in touch with me immediately if I post something that was proprietary.

    Again, if I have a subscription to sites – which i have for many – then i may get ideas from reading them. Even then i try to say something to the effect that “I saw an article on Rivals the other day that was discussing…”.

    I’m in this for fun and like I said you all are welcome to post what you want – i just might edit it to meet the criteria I talked about.


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