The Pitt POV Rules Of Engagement

The PITT POV Rules of Engagement

  1. I love engaging with the Pitt sports fans community via The Pitt POV, and I invite you to leave your comments as much as you want.
  2. I ask that you keep your comments respectful, on-topic, and  free of inappropriate language.  Civility is a must on here and that is etched in stone
  3. I reserve the right to delete your comments. No comments are moderated and go through an approval queue before they are posted at this time. Please don’t make me do that.
  4. I will endeavor to acknowledge and correct any mistakes in my posts as soon as possible.  I will only edit your comments for reading clarity.
  5. ALL CAPS means that you’re yelling.
  6. Post only one or two links in your comments. The video rule is only one video per comment.
  7. Practice respectful disagreement, not personal attacks.
  8. Try to post something that adds value to an ongoing conversation. If you are posting “off-topic” make that clear in the first sentence.
  9. Ignore trolls – if it gets bad enough I’ll take care of them. Someone from another school who makes valid points is NOT a troll.  All fans are welcome on the POV.
  10. To avoid redundancy, read previous comments before posting your own.
  11. It’s not all about you, or me, so let’s avoid making every comment a testimony as to how awesome we are.
  12. Finally, you are a very welcomed guest on the Pitt POV; please keep this in mind when commenting.

29 thoughts on “The Pitt POV Rules Of Engagement

  1. I want to go into a post office and find Herman’s ugly mugshot nailed to the wall.
    Turning a once proud program into a rock-bottom shit-fire.
    Undermining a buyout of Pitt’s winningest hoops coach.

    And Gallagher allowed this ass to continue on the payroll after he announced his departure to be six-hours from his octogenarian momma?


  2. Fair rules but you have to take into account some posters on this blog are really old and repeating themselves over and over is just second nature.


  3. Reed
    Stuck in Ny.
    Have not read in a while. I hope you never stop the p0v, but if you do you owe no money back.
    God bless everyone


  4. As our WQED friend and neighbor MR Fred Rodgers used to sing 🎶 “I like the way you are..exactly and precisely 🎶
    UPitt … I don’t even recognize you by your post… is that you buddy or could this be “invasion of the body snatchers..
    I recognize most of your personalities by your written word… too much PC and this site could be a zombie apocalypse


  5. Reed

    Love the POV. I have actually taken breaks from this site because of the non-stop negativity. Funny to read people saying they are taking a break because they can’t be negative, LOL.

    Keep up the good work.

    With Clark leaving the basketball program, does that open another scholarship? Pitt needs all the new blood it can get.


    1. They are now at the 13 schollie limit. There was one unused schollie plus 6 leaving (4 seniors, Kithcart and Clark) = 7 new commits … plus 6 holdovers (Luther, Manigault, Milligan, Johnson, Nix and Wilson)

      However, wouldn’t surprise me if they keep recruiting …. and maybe someone like Manigault or Wilson is shown the door


  6. Notrocket – I love the constant euphoria you bring and gallons of Kool Aid you consume. I’m not a Sheep like you buddy. Go wear your Herman “Noise” shirt to work today.


  7. Talk about an PITT administration screw-up…HOLDING THE SPRING GAME ON EASTER WEEK-END…MOE-RONS!!! Feel better now that I got that out of my system…
    would love to be there for the golf tournament but Easter week-end family duties beckon…


    1. RE: spring game date.

      As you know everyone who was conceived within 100 miles of Pittsburgh can’t leave the area and if they do they look for every excuse to come back. Ergo having the Spring Game on Easter weekend makes perfect sense. I’m sure the inbred athletic department saw this as a wonderful way to capture folks as they return to the spawning grounds.


  8. I’m also out family wise that weekend but will make a donation to the group.

    Sadly, this was the only weekend I couldn’t do it. It is amazing to me they pick this weekend.


    1. Upitt, get Baker Concrete to sponsor a hole or do it yourself, since you want to drop a donation on POV. H ow about asking Reed prepare your sign with a big a$$ mugshot of you sporting a full teeth $hit eating grin for us golfers to admire. Then we could move it to front & center of the tee box and start a 2 dollar pool for the first golfer who can drive their ball through your central incisors! Not really. I’m just pissed that you’re backing out of the weekend. I was looking forward to teaching you how to lose money at the craps table at the Rivers Casino. I get it though Upitt, family comes first.


        1. If it’s MY hole in one then I’m all in on that. Been playing golf for over 50 years and still waiting for my first one!


  9. Not sure who travels back to Pittsburgh from Easter. Christmas maybe but not Easter that is immediate family time where one lives.


  10. First off – you know we write a lot of edgy stuff on here and I have never once censored or blocked anybody.

    I have edited some comments to take the worst of the profanity out. The only real rule I had until now was no politics. The above are ‘rules’ in that they make the reading and commenting on here easier and better for everyone but a few of us… and I am an offender also.

    Look – You don’t spend as many years on ships with all-male crews and not swear like a sailor and I do the same. It is in my DNA now. However, I also re-read everything I write so I give myself a chance to soften my language on here.

    I know – you wouldn’t think so with some of the glaring errors I make in the articles but I actually do re-read everything. Even my comments. But if you listen to the podcasts I do you know I slip back into swearing all the time. I throw the F-Bomb out all the time.

    Hell, I get emails and sometimes comments asking me to ban this poster or that poster and I won’t do it. So this site isn’t ever going to be lily-white and I don’t want it to be. I want to hear what you want to say and vice versa – even I know I write stuff that 99% of you are going to hate.

    These rules don’t change this site – almost everyone of you adhere to them with self-censorship anyway. The level of intelligence on here is truly top shelf.

    The thing about redundancy is directed toward me – I have a hard time not letting arguments go. The one thing I should add to the “Rules” is “Agree to Disagree”.

    Enough said – I’ll try to link to this article on the front page.


  11. to take the edge off .. and for those stuck at home in a blizzard like I am, may I suggest TCM @ 1:30 today for the perfect movie short for this weather “The Fatal Glass of Beer”


  12. Embedded at the end of this post is a link to listen to Chris Peak’s podcast from PantherLair. He goes into a pre Spring camp ranking of confidence in each of the 10 positions on the team. I found it interesting that he left both special teams and the fullback position totally out of this analysis. When you consider that in so doing you completely ignore the contributions of Quadree Henderson as our home run returner and George Aston who was a main cog in this offense last season especially in short yardage situations near the endzone.

    The thing that Chris repeats time after time in this podcast is the lack of experience at multiple spots going forward. Question marks all over the place. DE, LB, CB, DL, even at RB, the leap of faith has to be made if you want to be optimistic, since one has to assume that the personal in waiting are going to be up to the task of replacing the veteran players who are now gone. Just like Reed, Chris Peak recognizes the potential of the upcoming talent pool, especially the RS freshmen now competing for playing time from Narduzzi’s full 2016 recruiting class, but he wants to SEE IT FIRST, before he believes.

    Even though Pitt football isn’t there yet, with the elite programs, where they simply reload their ranks with underclassmen when the dozen or so veteran players go off to seek their fortunes in the NFL Combines, Pitt is on the “verge” of appearing to reload their roster for 2017. Why do I get this impression? Well the main reason is simply because Narduzzi has brought in a better pool of talent over the last couple of recruiting classes than HCPC ever did, with the exception of the quality of his OL recruits. So when you give a faster, taller, more athletic newbie a chance to play at a position that has been held down by an experienced veteran with inferior athletic attributes, the sum total of that transition could be considered a lateral trade of exchanging experience with better athletic potential.

    This is why I feel that our current worry of how do we compensate for the horrendous defensive secondary statistics produced in 2016, will take care of itself, in time. Narduzzi recruited just as well last year at the defensive secondary position in 2016 as HCPC did at the OL position during his time at Pitt. And as Chris mentions in his podcast, his confidence in our OL for 2017 is high because of both the returning experience already there plus the talented reserves ready to get their starting opportunities themselves. Thanks Paul.

    That is where Narduzzi is right now with multiple spots on his team, minus the elite talent currently NOT possessed by the experienced veterans that return. A fine example of this is at CB with Maddox being the best CB on the team when you consider experience. In this case, Maddox starts next season, no doubt in my mind. However when you look at the potential of the guys behind him, I could easily imagine a 6’3″ guy like Miller getting matched up against a tall opposing WR at some point in the season in exchange for Maddox sitting down, simply because, in such a situation, height trumps experience. And if such an opportunity is fully taken advantage of, then all of a sudden your veteran migit CB gets less and less playing time in favor of the underclassman who is just more endowed with both talent and physical attributes. That’s where this team is right now.

    So is it unbridled optimism to anticipate guys like Hendrix, Pine, Camp, JonesII, Ford, Clark, Browne, Hamlin, Sibley, Davis, Weaver, Wheeler, etc. to come in and perform at such a level to make us forget about star players like Jarret, Peterman, Price and Conner? Well, just remember that last year that all of the hand wringing then was focused around how in the world would Tyler Boyd’s numbers be replaced going into 2016, it’s Chis Peak’s position of supreme confidence now in 2017!?

    It’s a situation that Pitt fans just have to get used to, better players with higher ceilings coming into the program than the guys already starting. It’s actually a good problem to have if you want to see your program ascend to the next level. I see that potential and simply expect it to be realized on the field of play when these young guys get their chances. We’ll see soon enough, the YSU game will be upon us before we know it.


  13. Upitt

    I drink the koolaid sometimes, as long as it has vodka in it. I stated when KS was hired, if he doesn’t make the tournament he should be fired. Still think he should be shit canned. The new AD will give him next year though.

    Also agree that it is insane that they haven’t named an AD.

    Pitt blew the hiring of Barnes and KS. Dixon screwed the program getting two players in three classes that will be here next year. This years team had Young, that was pretty much it. A bad chain of events no doubt.

    See, that was negative.


  14. These rumours keep leaking that Tressel is the next AD and KS is being bought out. Pitt better find the source of these leaks or the ship is going down. But I’d take a sunken ship if those leaks were true.


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