Take Semi-Ownership of this Blog

(This is a repeat of a comment I made on the last thread – take it seriously)

Honest to God folks – why in the world should I have to be the one to censor other adults? That is the ultimate act of telling me you have no regard for the time and effort, and costs, that it takes me to run this website and provide content for you.

Then on top of all that you guys act like children and turn me into a friggin’ Hall Monitor and make me come on this site for the rest of the day, like I have nothing else to do after writing for 3-4 hours in the morning, to check and make sure no one is offending anyone else with their crude language and negativity.

Forget the idea that heavy swearing makes your point any more valid – it doesn’t the way we’ve seen it.  Crude does not equal smart.

How about this – ACT YOUR DAMN AGE!!!

I’m serious. I meet you guys in person, talk with you on the phone, exchange emails with you and I’m always damned impressed at the caliber of people I come in contact with that way… then you get on here and comment and are a different type all together.

It isn’t just UPitt either – the level of discourse is getting to be exactly want we all don’t want on here. I want this to be better than even the Blather was as far as civility and intelligent discussions go. If I don’t get that then what do I do?

I could delete the articles themselves – that’s sticking a sharp stick in my own eye after the hard work I do.

I could censor each comment – again, doing that makes me work at the computer way more than I am willing to do in my retirement years.

I could ban people – but I’m a liberal type that believes people have things to say and contribute.

Look, now especially, my “No Politics” rule is more important than ever because we all want somewhere we can go to get away from all the madness, mudslinging and crap that is in the news everyday now. I want that and you want that.

I refuse to drag that mess into my running of this blog.

I won’t censor but will advise. If that doesn’t work then I’ll do something else.

I try to remind all of you commenters that you are but one component of the whole here. We have thousands of readers per day and now I’m getting comments through the WordPress email system from those silent readers telling me that will leave the site if things don’t change.

But I will say this right now.

The minute the website and blog becomes a burden rather than a joy I will shut it down and immediately pay back all contributions.

Please don’t test that because the way I’ve been feeling after reading this tread of comments I’m starting to entertain those thoughts pretty seriously.

Grow up and censor yourself. Unless you have Written Tourette’s syndrome where a mental illness forces you to swear in public – and some people do have that – then you clean up your own acts.

You’ve officially pissed me off but good.

118 thoughts on “Take Semi-Ownership of this Blog

  1. Reed, this is your blog and you have every right to run it as you wish. I take no issue with you censoring obscene language.

    On the other hand, I would take issue if you would censor a post because it contradicts your opinion. I’m happy to say that I have seen no evidence of this nor would I expect it from you.


  2. Thanks Reed, we now have been properly admonished. The way that should never have happened. Let’s continue to move forward from here all.

    Another thing: Reed has worked hard on the round-table discussions. Hope some others step it up and join in on PITT football stuff talk. Of course I would love to hear from Brian, PittMan4Ever, and PIttPT again as well. The more the better. Lock some of these guys down for tomorrow night Reed. Lots of snow coming and what else is there to do?… now calm down…… ike



  3. I will not utter Kevin Stallings or any of his 43 Nick Names again.

    I will not point out the money Barnes stole from Pitt and completely called we Pitt fans “Noise” after being on a job 6 months. I also will not call him names because that is frowned upon by our sensitive readers.

    I will not point out Baseball, Soccer, Woman’s Hoops all are terrible and have bad coaches.

    I will not point out Narduzzi’s DC wouldn’t be offered the same role at Cannon McMillan.

    I won’t put out that the embarrassment that is Pitt Athletics will make the only coach doing well Narduzzi leave when a real athletic department comes calling.

    Upitt is taking a breather on all above.

    Herman Herman Herman Herman – There out of my system.


  4. Reed – Use the Blather rules of engagement and let the posters police themselves. Anytime something gets our of hand over there, and a poster invariable posts the rules as a reminder of proper discourse, civility generally returns.

    Add a link to the rules on the home page so it’s easy access for posters who think the discussion is getting out of control.

    You shouldn’t have to take on that responsibility. You have loyal enough readers who will do it for you.


    1. You’ve got to be kidding. The Blather right now has been completely overrun by hostility and negativity. Have you been over there lately?


  5. ….and now for something completely different just for a second. Washington DC’s QB Kevin Doyle, who many think is better or as good as the Pine-Richland’s QB, Phil Jurkevic is planning on coming up to PITT’s spring practice so he can spend a lot of time with Shawn Watson. Remember Watson and Doyle know each other well from Doyle being recruited by Watson @ Indiana. Many have been talking about Doyle for years…. so take that for what it’s worth. …. ike



    1. Ike, take it for what it’s worth that Watson has also offered 4 additional QB’s scholarships since being hired at Pitt. Now we all know Pitt is not going to use 5 scholarships at the QB position come next years signing day. Doyle may be on the outside looking in if 1 or 2 of the others offered accept before he makes a decision.


      1. jrn, Yes you’re correct. … but PITT has offered the other QB’s to put pressure on Doyle to poop or get off the pot. They want a commitment sooner than later. It’s what I read anyways… ike


        1. Pappy,

          PITT will only take one QB this year. Doyle gave them a timeline and then they offered 3 other QBs…..not so sure PITT feels very confident against Michigan State and Ole Miss. Justvthe same, Doyle has PITT connections.


      2. I’ll let this board in on something. You are correct, they are trying to pressure Doyle into committing but it is not because of what you think. Canada (LSU) is interested in Doyle and HCPN is pulling out all the recruiting moves to get his QB locked up.


  6. There is no reason to drum up old rivalries on this board. Reed is providing a good forum and content….if you need to talk politics or sling mud….there are other places to do it.


    1. I’m not sure what you missed Upitt. You certainly have been VERY VULGAR in most of your comments to this site IMHO.


  7. I don’t think there is any rivalry stuff going on and certainly not politics. More like sewage talk that’s not necessary.


  8. Conjunto, I hear you may have some exciting news possible coming out of PITT this week? Can you elaborate a little more?? ike


  9. Sorry that some people are giving you a hard time. It is easy to hide behind a screen name. I am a proud Pitt alum and look forward to reading and hearing you every day, even if I don’t reply often. You are right I read this to get away from the crazy world and talk about and root for our school.


  10. Reed, well said. When I go on many other sports blogs (and political) I am saddened by the level of discourse. It happens here at times as well. I know we are all not Pitt Grads, but it does make me wonder at times did some of us graduate? I think the best thing you said is act your age. We can have arguments and discourse while being respectful to one another. While funny at times I am not a big fan of the nicknames, it reminds me a lot of high school behavior.

    It is the internet, and we all believe in “Freedom of Speech” but I would like to think we can post in a fairly professional manner representative of our solid Pitt educations. I much prefer to read thoughtful analysis, than name calling and excessive profanity.

    Once again, thank you Reed for the forum and especially the no politics rule.

    I am afraid however that at times you will have to be the referee and arbiter of good taste. While the internet gives us the freedom to share our opinions, it also gives us the freedom to share our poor judgement, and bad manners.


  11. Changing the subject, Curley and .Schultz pleaded guilty today! They did NOT want to go to trial. As I have always said, they ALL knew, including .Joe. What sad,sad people.


    1. big news, JoeKnew. We all knew they were guilty but it was getting to the point where I actually thought they were going to walk.


  12. UPitt – those issues you listed are exactly the things you should talk about on here. We need your dissenting views – we just need them presented in a different way.

    And truly – you must see some good things about Pitt and our sports teams sometimes.


    1. I understand Reed. I just get mad and take it personally that these people are not held accountable.

      I think we can win 9 games in Football. If we had a Defense 11


      1. UPitt…I have a feeling that you can remain the most entertaining poster on this site. Your insight and humor go well beyond the vulgarities. Keep the hits coming….


  13. Here is the link to a news article about Tim Curly and Gary Schultz pleading guilty to a misdemeanor.


    Former Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and former senior vice president Gary Schultz pleaded guilty Monday to endangering the welfare of children in the alleged Jerry Sandusky cover-up case.

    Curley and Schultz entered their pleas in morning proceedings before Senior Judge John Boccabella. The agreement sets up the possibility that they will testify for the prosecution at next week’s scheduled trial of the only remaining defendant in the case, former Penn State president Graham Spanier.

    They each pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count that carries a maximum possible penalty of a $10,000 fine and five years in prison. The judge said there was no agreement on the sentence they will receive.

    “There is no provision of the agreement that would limit my ability to impose sentence as I see fit,” Boccabella said.

    Now something to look at here is that this judge was retired and brought in specifically to handle this trial – from which we can infer there would be no handcuffs on him professionally.


    After this I’d like to see Spanier up on Federal Human Rights charges.


  14. wwb remember glass houses, you constantly make snide references to politics and at certain people.
    It looks like Curley is free for Pitt AD. 🙂


  15. Is spewing hatred towards the Diary School to the East considered a political rant since they are a state government land grant institution? Also is “pissed” considered a cuss word? inquiring minds want to know?


    1. Maybe check George Carlin’s list? I would drop the link but it just might be considered in poor taste and judgement??


      1. Poor taste, Yes. Poor judgement,,,,,,,,,,, well that depends on the judge and how many six packs the two of you have gone through?


  16. It took the Judicial Branch over 5 years….to give us ‘Misdemeanors’ against these 2 Devils ?

    Utterly disgraceful and indicative of the judicial lunacy going on around the entire country.


  17. Discourse has become more crass and vitriolic here and across “social” media with each passing day. That said:

    In my work environment, we use a great deal of “crude” language. However, it’s a small group of us with similar proclivities. This however, is a PUBLIC forum. Strafing “F” bombs is insulting, offensive and unnecessary.;
    This site is for Pitt “fans”- matriculating through our University is not a prerequisite for reading or posting.;
    I have no issue with the negativity from UPitt. In fact, I find it far less grating than the unfettered optimism shared by certain others– you know who you are.

    In the end, this is a great place for Panther fans to gather and engage. Let’s try to be civil.


    1. I am he of whim you refer to. No strafing necessary here. Rather, I prefer to utilize a smart bomb for this specific target so, permission to engage is granted!
      Engaged! fuuuuucckkkkk yooooouuuuu KABOOM!


  18. What’s going on …on this site. I don’t post here as much since it’s mostly football and it’s the offseason.
    Now we got ‘Rules of Engagement’. huh smh


  19. Forget football or basketball for a second. I thought John Boccabella played for the Montreal Expos in the 1970’s?

    Your choice on monitorization Reed as you own the joint. In my opinion which means nothing, I sometimes find humor in a foul mouthed tirade and some names that don’t really mean anything. Do I count George Carlin as a friend of mine, nope. Do I think some of his stuff was funny, yep. Did it make me write or talk that way, nope. Maybe I am just old and don’t really care how people talk or type. People don’t change, rules do. If the punctuation police come next, I am in deep trouble. When I start taking myself too seriously, it is time for me to do something else to pass the time. It’s getting as bad as Michigan giving comfort crayons out for anything that anyone might find offensive. Thanks cupcakes!


    1. Great post Huff and I do have the mouth of a sailor at times but I know when it’s frowned upon and I accept it on face value. Some people are way more sensitive than others.


      1. I was told on another major blog that the f word was ok when I reported it as todays generation uses it like we used oh gosh – but my opinion was not because I was not politically correct and I did not like Stallings; a longtime troll there kept reporting my posts because I used clean language yet dissed him, used actual factual links to prove my point…but this other prolific poster played mod and stalked me from thread to thread, reporting me constantly to the blog owner, until they got sick of it and admonshed me not him…he is still trolling there now.

        I understand Reed’s point but he also needs to be aware of who and where the complaints are coming from.

        I for one sometimes disagree with the opinions of UPitt and others here who use salty language, but they are some of the best and most entertaining posters on the board. When the language gets 2 salty I simply start to ignore their posts and move on to the next one. That is an adult behavior too. IMO without then this board dies in the long run.

        Thanks again for the blog Reed.


        1. I certainly do not disagree with you Tommy. I’m new to blogging and hope this is a small bump in the road. If we all agreed on the POV how freaking boring would that be?


    2. Get in line for that wrist slapping by the punctuation police. FRANKCAN would have been at the head of that line. May he Rest In Peace.


  20. Hi Reed

    I think there are computer programs that delete names of people and institutions from comments, maybe even phrases. They can be programmed to whatever you want. Of course there are always ways around the restrictions. We are Pitt sports, not politics.


  21. Reed I appreciate all your hard work for this blog. I totally agree on the language gets rather rough at times. We are supposedly all college graduates and should be able to express our words cleanly and intellectually Upitt you and I are the only ones who feel the baseball program in the tank. They load up on weak sisters like Siens and Grambling State for 7 victories and cupcake the Mac in between to go five hundred after getting drubbed in ACC every weak. They make big deal out of winning one game over Virginia ect but lose by ten in the other two games each. Time to look close at many spring sports. Also we all knew the psu. Boys are guilty. They played the time card. All will forget in time. Hang em all their guilty. Good prospects coming into town this weekend may be first commit. Raines from Alliquippa visited psu and going back March 25 H2P


  22. Friends of Pitt – I agree. WVU committed and got Mazey and he has done wonders for WVU. He came from TCU.

    Would love to catch a game with you one day and talk baseball.

    Jordano doesn’t have the baseball iq or recruiting ability to compete in ACC.


  23. Otis probably still lives in Nashville. I bet Barnes has 2 homes since Pitt bought one and probably is paying him through 2017.


  24. Kind of my point wwb. Posting is like football play calling. It’s all about time, place and circumstance. Stallings berating a player on national tv, not appropriate for any of the three. Upitt calling Stallings names in a post, fine. Do it to his face and there are probably other results (circumstance). Upitt or me or anyone else on here dropping a few expletives in a post, doesn’t bother me, but that’s me. I don’ t think people are hiding anonymously behind their computers. In fact, many know each other so anonymity is out.

    I took my last post and copied and pasted it in “Google Politeness Cupcake Translate” and it came out as follows: I remain indubitably flummoxed at the precarious generalizations leading to the auspiciousness reviews of our odoriferous skipper. Don’t ask me to translate it back, but I think I was trying to say our head basketball coach is not liked, by anyone, yet. I will NOT submit this to UPitt Translate…..he may get a demerit.

    I will be taking a “blog post” break and let the cupcakers who have never sworn or get offended by a swear word get their way for awhile! Ask my wife if she has ever heard me utter a swear word and she will tell you….never, except for the time I was on morphine, but I digress. Does it bother me to see or hear others do it, No. Why should it? Have I called people jackwagons on here for their respective positions on things, sure. Do I dislike them, no…they were just wrong in their opinion! LOL! Reed, not calling you a cupcake here. I am really not. This is yours. You are the employer and in the master/servant relationship, you make the rules. In life, I can’t make it through a day if I am controlled in what I think, hear, type, write or do, by anyone who thinks they are somehow (not you, I don’t think) better than I. Sorry. At some point, people are going to protest going to the bathroom in a perfectly peaceful and almost potable bowl of water. Think that’s outside the realm? Some people in this world probably wonder why we waste that water instead of drink it! Time, place and circumstance for everything. I am saving all my kids yellow and brown crayons so that I can “save the terlets” when the time comes too. Here’s hoping Pitt keeps recruiting well in the trenches!


  25. Great post Huff. Living in N. Carolina we are the epicenter of the TransBathroom police. Yes you must allow grown men in with little girls to pee with.

    I too am going to take a break from this blog….since I’m sure I just offended someone, (is one still allowed to describe someone(there I go again) somewhere at some point in time…be it in the past, present or future.


  26. 🙂 🙂 haha @ Reed this blog is great, Pitt People get heated!! It’s been a really, really trying B-Ball season!! Like the Northwestern Bowl game loss on a full-loop for the entire Winter and Spring!! 🙂 lol

    P.S. have you and @Upitt ever met face-to-face??? I feel like if you did you would laugh instead of being irriated lol I get his sense of humor 🙂 .


  27. @Reed how do we call-in to your podcasts btw?

    I’d love to get in on the action 🙂 and discuss some of these pertinent topics (PURE PITT SPORTS RELATED OF COURSE!! ) lol 🙂 .


  28. Pitt and Charlie Partridge very active in Ft Lauderdale over the weekend reports PSN, offering 3 players from the area. Like I previously posted, maybe Pitt should open up a branch campus in Florida and build an on campus stadium there.


  29. ^^ P.S. My Opinion On Politics — I love hearing everyone’s opinion! Everyone here is passionate and has their own very valid points!

    There is no SUM Right Answer lol — This Pitt B-Ball situation is just a Super Cluster-Fudge of a disappointment of course and of course Jamie Dixon’s HORRIFIC recruiting at least played a huge part in this, I will not budge on that — AND STILL I WANT TO HEAR EVERYONE’S OPINION ON HOW TO IMPROVE FROM HERE!




  30. There’s a piece on Max Browne in the Trib. I hope he does well this year. I like that Narduzzi is not writing off this year as a rebuilding year. He wants to win.

    4 Pitt wrestlers will be in the NCAA wrestling tournament this coming weekend. Tough year with the head coach thing. The two WPIAL Pitt kids could do pretty well in the tourney. Ohio State surprised PSU and won the Big 10 conference wrestling tourney a week or so ago.

    UPitt is usually correct on his assessment of Pitt athletics. The truth hurts.


  31. I agree on a branch campus. Southbeach (in Miami)Campus. I will work for free.

    My dear buddy Darkie, The security at Western Psych is sure lax. Buddy let me know next time you are out and I will get you primanti’s and a few beers before the white coats get your location from the ankle bracelet good buddy!

    No one go on my account!


  32. I like it when everyone “is themself ” and can speak their heart and mind.. to every thing ..turn- turn- turn… there is a season .. turn -turn- turn… a time to be joyous , a time to be pissed, a time to be posting, a time to be missed…I like it .. I love it.. I want some more of it…just like bantering in the local beer garden!


    1. Now I’m going to have that Frickin song in my head the rest of the night. Thanks Big B you dick. 😂😂😂😂


  33. Amazing, beating Pitt wasn’t enough to save Duquesne’s Bball coach’s job. Wonder if any coaches that Pitt beat are on the chopping block too? We need an AD to address this cluster ASAP! Hoping Pitt does the right thing and choose’s the best man available . We all know that at Pitt and generally in life that rarely happens.


  34. UPitt I’d love to talk Pitt baseball. I go to a few games every year. Usually try weekend series with good ACC teams. As far as recruiting for baseball it’s tough when on golf cart most of time and have a lot of BS on how we hang in there and won on Sunday. I also don’t get offended by languages but sometimes it’s needed to get a point across and sometimes maybe not in good taste. I am big football man and not basketball man so I do wish they were more competitive and hired young energetic coach like you guys all wanted. I’m getting snow blower gassed up we in northern Pa are to get 17 inches in next two days. H2P. The


  35. Guys – can someone go on the new “test recording” post and click on the video and tell me if it works?

    It is only 5 seconds long so don’t be surprised if it cuts out quickly… thanks.


  36. Long time reader and first time poster.
    Some things I think:

    Reed like your approach to blog writing especially looking beyond the x’s and o’s.

    I started watching Pitt football in 1966 and began with 3 consecutive 1 -9 seasons. I was still hooked then and continue to have the same love of Pitt football today.

    Caveat: I am a Penn State graduate. It was difficult when Pitt & Penn State played during the 70’s. As to the Sandusky scandal I am 100% for “Protecting our Children” and am ashamed and embarrassed at the Penn State administration and coaching organization. Today, I am not a fan of James Franklin – not my cup of tea.

    – Almost unbelievable recent history of coaching turnover, inept Athletic Directors & poor player conduct (Sports Illustrated).
    – I was very happy with HCPC and his ability to right the ship and he was an outstanding offensive guru.

    Narduzzi – I am thrilled with his attitude and the direction of Pitt football and the assistant coaches he has hired. Although I am perplexed by his being a defensive guru and being near the bottom in defensive performance. Hope what everyone is saying that it takes 3/4 years to fully implement Narduzzi’s defensive schemes and we turn it around.
    I was also hugely surprised with how good last year’s offense performed. Did anyone predict when Narduzzi signed on that we be an offensive powerhouse? Also, the “power of Narduzzi” was amazing that we did not lose any recruits while we were waiting for a new offensive coordinator to be hired. This reflects the trust the recruits, and their families, have in HCPN.

    On campus stadium is a pipe dream versus staying with a shared facility with the Pittsburgh Steelers. As stated before on POV winning is critical to a successful Pittsburgh team and correspondingly filling the stadium. (Look at the Pirates). Heinz field is exciting when it is full. Agree the stadium atmosphere could be improved.
    -Would love to see the uniforms be the retro Blue & Gold and stay that way. I want any football fan in the country to turn on the TV and say “that is a Pitt football game” i.e. national name recognition. This bouncing around form uniform to uniform I do not understand.

    Jamie Dixon – I loved him in the Big East, however, the switch to the ACC was his eventual downfall especially his inability to recruit.

    Stallings- Was not his fault Pitt signed him to a 6 year contract.
    – Pitt management struck out with the Barnes AD hire; I just went back and re-watched Barnes’s news conference announcing Stallings hire – that was my aha moment that Barnes was incompetent and arrogant.
    – Stallings definitely started behind the eight ball with no point guard, no center, and no bench. It was huge that there was no replacement for James Robinson – last year everything ran thru the point position.
    Pitt fans were railing against Dixon slog ball and Stallings tried to change tempo and moved Artis to point guard…… good attempt to “change the Pitt basketball style” but the experiment failed and there was no fall back plan by Stallings.

    Definitely not a fan of Stallings calling out his kids in public (press conferences), however, I was not against his comments to Ryan Luther)
    – I am OK with people who do not like Stallings but not a fan of juvenile statements calling Stallings every name in the book.
    My comments in response to Reed today talking about posters on the POV site:
    -Agree name calling by posters is childish.
    -UPittbaseball = Ultimate Negative Nancy Commentator
    Glad there are others out there like me who love to watch and talk Pitt sports.


    1. OK Piitsportsfan, you got me with that post. I’ll admit, you sure do present as a Pitt fan with that insightful post. Could you change you blog name however, considering the that fact that you’re a penn state grad after all,,,, to something more appropriate. Like maybe “psuTrojanHorse”? Just a suggestion.


  37. ^^ You’re welcome PiitSportsFan… 🙂 ….. sounds like you have a bunch of stories to tell. Don’t hold back, you should share them with everyone. ike



  38. Here is that article on Max Browne referenced above:


    Farrell said Browne’s teammates will enjoy sharing a huddle with their new quarterback.

    “He’s a high-character kid, a kid who’s going to be a leader that a lot of kids gravitate toward,” Farrell said. “Not a rah-rah type of kid, but just a likeable kid who will go out of his way for everybody.”

    Will he ultimately succeed?

    “I think he’ll be moderately successful,” Farrell said. “He’s following in some big footsteps (Peterman).

    “Do I think he’s going to come in and have a tremendous year and be a 35-touchdown, eight-interception guy? That’s hard for me to say. But I think they’re going to run the ball and put him in a position to succeed.”

    That last paragraph is right on the mark. We’ll probably see the same 63% / 37% run heavy split like last season.


  39. And many SUCKS to you PiitSportsFan. 🙂

    Pitt and Penn State are like oil and water. Piss and Vinegar. Not sure how you can root for both. It must cause many sleepless nights. Who do you root for when the two schools play one another? Do you change jerseys each quarter?


  40. There is nothing wrong with profanity on a sport blog or even vicious personal attacks by anonymous 40 year old 13 year olds on 49 year old 13 year olds provided the culture of the blog allows for that. What is not OK is a few people thinking they are special and can behave like 13 year olds on a blog whose culture disallows that kind of language and personal disrespect. PittPOV has its own culture. It’s not prissy at all. Someone is free to use profanity but that freedom does not mean there will not be opprobrium to the person who thinks he is special and deviates from the culture. This is obvious because the profanity does not catch on. It is rebuked by others simply not using the same language or personal attacks. I think it unfair that Reed be thrust into the role of censor or policeman. We all need to do that work as we have been doing.


  41. Welcome to postings Piitguy. I’m really not negative Piit guy. The Program just gives an endless supply of negative storylines. .


  42. Jesus – Are you guys honeslty still upset I say the F word sometimes. . ??? You talk about me like I have leopardsy. I need a break apparantly since I make everyones lives so miserable. Enjoy your koolaid and puppies and being up Stallings ass.


  43. My screen name on another message board I’ve belonged to for years is waltspappy and I’ve not hidden that fact from anyone. I swear up a storm and act like a total jerk-off. I piss people off almost everyday and I do it on purpose. It’s bedlam and also a release for me in some strange sort of way. I have fun doing it.

    On the POV however, I find it a refreshing relief from the same old I’m use to. If swearing wasn’t so frowned upon here I would be the swear king. (move over Upitt)…. I just don’t find it so hard to substitute freaking for the other F word. Upitt an all the others, you guys are the kind of posters that makes the PITT sports world go around and appreciated by everyone. (almost)


  44. UPitt… you need to calm down. Do you think you’re the only one who feels repeatedly let down by Pitt’s total disdain for any athletic success? Can you name another power-5 university who doesn’t have one sports program in the top-4 of their conference final standings (wrestling doesn’t count – not fully subscribed)? That is Pitt. And no amount of cussing or ranting is going to change any of it.

    The way I look at it – the basketball program just returned to its historical mean of success (or lack thereof) as part of an athletic department which is DEFINED by it’s total lack of success.

    That said… if they let Narduzzi do his thing and hire his people and leave him the f’ alone… I am more than willing to overlook the fact that the university’s tennis team practices in a facility near Oakmont Country Club…. I guess.


  45. So are we going to drop the F-Bomb repeatedly to make our point or not? Maybe if everyone of us do it, it will become the norm. Then I guess everyone is happy? 😦


  46. Wow. 😳

    Took some time off from the POV during an inept basketball season and come back to a blog that has been sent into a “time-out”.

    UPitt keep the comments coming! Would much rather have yours than any political garbage (both sides of the isle) on here any day. Livens it up and the banter usually puts a smile on my face.

    Bring on spring ball…PLEASE! (Yes I was yelling).



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