POV Sunday Podcast; 3/12

Note – I said “Reese” when I meant “Reeves” in talking about our young TEs for 2017.

Just How Bad Have Our Defenses Been?

As I said above I think it is funny that fans who pilloried Paul Chryst for in-staff hiring of Matt House as the DC and then hated House with a passion… while we gave up only 26.3 ppg in ’15 and 27.2 ppg in ’14.  In ’13 Chryst’s defense gave up 21… and that was without a real DC on board.

Let me go deeper – in 2014 we gave up 27.2 ppg against a strength of schedule rating of 3.49… compare that to last year’s giving up 35.2 ppg against a 3.51 SOS. So much for the “harder schedule” argument there.

Year Conf W L SOS PPG Nat’l Rank Coach DC
2016 ACC 8 5 3.51 35.2 106th Narduzzi  (8-5) Conklin
2015 ACC 8 5 3.78 26.1 54th Narduzzi  (8-5) Conklin
2014 ACC 6 7 0.97 26.3 59th Chryst      (6-7) House
2013 ACC 7 6 3.49 27.2 70th Chryst      (7-6) House
2102 BE 6 7 2.05 21.1 23rd Chryst      (6-7) None

Hell, we’d kill for that now… yet people still point to Matt House and laugh.

In Chryst’s three years we allowed an average of 25 ppg… in Narduzzi’s two years we have given up 31 on average… and six points is a big amount considering how close our losses have been over the last two years.


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29 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; 3/12

  1. Reed, 1st off, Pitt didn’t play in the ACC in 2012 and Rudolph was the DC

    But why do you continually ignore the caliber of offenses that Pitt played this past season compared to previous seasons. This past season they faced 9 WRs who were at the recent NFL combine … and that doesn’t account for all of them like Washington at OSU or DeSean Hamilton at PSU. In addition, they faced at least 5 or 6 QBs who will likely play in the NFL.

    And how were Pitt supposed to guard them …. with the large handful of two-star (MC-level) recruits left to them by the Chryst/House regime? Chryst/House acquired better talent at LB and DB than what the Narduzzi/Conklin were left with …. or doesn’t that matter?

    Partridge may become DC but Conklin isn’t getting fired … he is doing exactly what he was brought here to do …. recruit.


    1. Reed, I’m going to leave you with one stat which may really define the importance of quality of opponent’s offenses … and it has to do with your buddy, Paul Chryst. Chryst, who didn’t bring House with him to Wisc, had a defense this year that finished 7th in total defense. …. and FOURTH IN SCORING DEFENSE.

      This great Wisconsin 4th ranked defense gave up 38 points to PSU while the 106th ranked Pitt defense gave up 39.


      1. wwb – And our D mined HC beat psu, while the Whisky O minded HC lost to psu.

        Stats – what are they good for?


      1. The 2012 Pitt DC was Dave Huxtable who came here with PC from Wisconsin, then left after one year for North Carolina St. (don’t know why I wrote Rudolph)


  2. I’d shit can Conklin or turn him into a Recruiter vs. DC faster than Pappy Stallings can grab a pair of 10.5’s Rockports from the back room.

    Worst DC ever and he stunk at FIU.

    Nice Podcast Reed.
    Barnes is a Prick.


  3. A good QB and very good D will lead Pitt to the promised land. You just need 2-3 elites on each side of the ball and decent enough coaches to let the players play by putting them in the right positions at the right time to make a game changing play. Not rocket science.


  4. Pitt Baseball 2 runs in 27 innings against Lousiville and Herman extends the coach. Governors Cup. Hell we are probably below Tulane and American University.


  5. pitts d will be much better this year regardless of coach. how could it be worse. nard dog should be ashamed since d is his forte. dog is the one that allowed this mess to happen. blame him and not his cotton ninny shit head assistants.


  6. I’ll combine responses. Pitt needs leadership in the form of a proven fund raiser, respected academician and a respected sports figure as their new AD. I can only hope that the big news this week is about Jim Tressel. It makes too much sense. This is a guy that wants to go out ob top in the sportsworld. Remember, he didn’t get in trouble for tattoo’s. His trouble began when he tried to cover it up. So I ask each of you, including the Chancellor. Who has never lied and tried to cover it up? That’s right, nobody. If Pitt wants athletic respect across the united states immediately, we make the deal

    Some mentioned Archie Miller going to OSU. That is not going to happen. The buyout on Thad Matta is $9M which is too steep that they aren’t entertaining it…now. next year it drops to $6M which is more doable. It’s financial. You need to look at how much ticket revenue decreases and put that into the equation. For example, if ticket revenue only declines by $3M next year, you take that and try to figure out how much there is in decline if you bring in “X” as head coach. Crunch the numbers and buyouts become more doable. My decision on whether to keep the coach or not is not whether I like Stallings or not. I don’t personally know him. I know what product he put on the floor and I know what I watched as he berated a player on national tv like a Bobby Knight. That is not what I want as a university representative, sorry.

    Pat Bostick is not even close to the right answer as an AD in waiting. Sorry. He does not have the qualities listed in paragraph one above, yet. Not even close. For years I have been a proponent of EJ going into an AD position at a smaller school and learning for about 5 years and then come back, hopefully when Tressel leaves. Same for Bostick.

    Matt House got promoted to DC at Kentucky. Will see how he fairs under a better defensive head coach. Not bringing in an AD of the caliber of Tressel is a disservice to all of our coaching staffs. They all need to respect the person, not be forced to respect the person. There just aren’t that many people that demand the respect that Tressel does.

    As far as swearing on here goes….to me it is just typed words for emphasis. It is hard to communicate via typed words so I get why many do it. I am fine with it cupcakes.


  7. I like cupcakes. I swear when I want emphasis. I want Pitt to Phuckin hire Tressell. I want Pitt to Phuckin fire KS. I want Patty to Phuckin support Nard Dog since FOOTBALL pays the bills. What the Phuck is so hard to understand??? Fishing holes people!!! Unless your BoT and Chancellor are Nitters and Pedo lovers in disguise. Seriously one has to question how the BoT could be so wrong so many times when it comes to Pitt athletics. Poopy Pants must have many subversives in the BoT working against the greater good for Pitt.


  8. The BoT must be abolished. The BoT is the swamp. The BoT does not have Pitt’s best interests at heart concerning athletics. The BoT is comprised of Nitters and Pedo lovers. The BoT is….


  9. Where did my joke’s go Reed? They were clean!

    By the way, I’m filling out my braket and can’t find Pitt on here???? Oh that’s right we are vcoached by Geritol Stallings.


  10. Some people are never happy. It doesn’t matter who we have coaching…they’ll be bashed ala skunkhead. Remember? Now he walks on water. Hypocrites. How about some hope and optimism for the future?! Otherwise, what’s the point? Seriously, name-calling is for middle school girls.


  11. Dixon did stink at Pitt his last 2-3 years. He is doing wonders at TCU. Stallings is a disaster and if Pitt is patient he will set the program back 5 years mark my words. Firing Dixon which is exactly what Herman did and pushed him out but to not replace him with someone better is a joke. Dixon was a B. Stallings a F. Be happy with him if you like. Not me.


    1. Dixon can still quote; he just couldn’t recruit, or hire a good recruiter, once he left the BE.

      I’ll give Stallings this …. at least he hired a couple of good recruiters with connections with in the ACC area. The class coming in has a chance of being very good, but if not, it still is better than anything Dixon brought in the last 3 years.


  12. His class stinks. The local kid with 4 high schools in 4 years makes Chris Clark tenure look impressive.

    Ron Cook made Rockports a fool in the media today because he is a joke.


  13. Somewhat off topic, but interesting article in the PG a few days ago about the abuse of pain meds in Pro Football, with some references to the college game. Any way you look at it, another black eye and major reason parents won’t let their kids play this game in the future.

    Complete hypocrisy that they drug test for marijuana, but give out handfuls of Vicodin and shoot-up guys with Toradol, (one I never heard of) which deadens pain for three or four hours or the length of the game.

    When you add this to concussions, long term orthopedic injuries, it makes you wonder what parent would want their kid exposed to this when only a small handful make it to the big money.


  14. Upitt…do you like Stallings or not? 🙂

    Do you have to bash KS 20 times before leaving the house in the morning..sort of a obsessive compulsive disorder, LOL.

    Stallings class is better than anything Dixon was bringing in….thus the record the last few years. That is about all I can say good about the man at this point. Wouldn’t care if they shit canned him today.


  15. I agree with wbb, that stats only tell part of the story. We played against some really powerful offensive teams. I also think there is a correlation between teams that score a lot with those that give up a lot of points.

    This is not to say our defense didn’t stink, with the exception of Clemson and the first half vs PSU, it never really distinguished itself.

    It is the same argument with the basketball team. Is it the players or is it the coaching? No doubt in both cases it is both, but the question is how much? I think with the football team it is much more on the lack of skilled players. We had very few, looks like only one that will be drafted.

    I also wanted to mention that I am not as optimistic as Dr Tom about our defense this year (who is?)
    While there is some potential for improvement, there is a major lack of experience, which will be exploited by good offenses.


  16. This sums up Pitt basketball for the next two years…

    “… the effects of three recruiting classes that produced just two reliable contributors, guard Cameron Johnson and forward Ryan Luther, will be on full display.”

    …and the two left are just reliable starters. Certainly not great starters to build a team around. No wonder Dixon bolted. He knew what was coming.


    1. Now following the theme of this blog …. check out the football recruiting classes of 2013 and 2014, and note the lack of quality defensive recruits. As you said, it’s a combination of poor recruiting and poor coaching.


  17. Dixon may have beat Kansas with the Kansas star sitting out. Just heard that on selection show. Are there actual rumors that Stallings may be interested in moving on or did the POV start that rumor?

    @ GC – Ever the capitalist years ago, I hired an ex dairy college football player and nfl’er to boost sales! He was great for sales but I found out about 3 months in that he was addicted to pain pills. He told me that he got addicted whilst at the Dairy College (my word, not his). On the team plane after games, “they handed em out like candy”! Another reason that I truly hate that place. He is no longer with us and although he made a lot of wrong choices due to his addiction, when he was clean….and when he wasn’t, you could tell he was an honorable man that was taken advantage of by the school he chose and its head coach.


  18. Oh and I forgot to mention the use of steroids, human growth hormone and any other “performance enhancing drugs. Mike Ditka doesn’t even want his grandkids playing football.


  19. I know it is big money, tradition and all that, but I wonder when Universities are going to say we don’t want to be associated with it any more. There is always a level of risk in playing any sport but when do the risks become to great? Concussion, other chronic injuries, Pain med addiction, Steroid and Performance Enhancing Drug Abuse. All of these things have been covered up for years, they are now in the open.


  20. Much ado about nothing here today so I might as well add to it. Narduzzie seems bent on working to get his defense in place regardless of what it takes. Not a bad goal considering it is the best system out there when working right and about 80% of D1 college teams use it because it works. How much pain must we endure till it works and when will this be,and how much more do we need to recruit the right talent and do we have the right coordinator in place to make it work? None of us know and thats’ a fact jack. I just wish for it to start this year. Where is Paul Rhoades or the Fogester when you need them. Well unfortunately we all know where Foge is and he can”t help. It is a fact Chryst left us with a bare cupboard on defense so again let”s hope we start to see daylight this year. As for some of the other stuff I see on here,lighten up and enjoy life. You get that perspective at 78 when you made it through a coronary with a 19% survival rate and are not really sure you will see the next Pitt football season. H2P


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