POV Tuesday Night Round Table Call-in

OK folks, let’s try this Round Table Call-In again for tonight at 8:00 pm. I will start my end of the meeting at 7:30 that way I get the meeting’s ID number early so I can post it on here for you to use – it will be posted at the top of this article and in the comments section.

Ike and I had a great 50 minute discussion last week but we really need 3 or 4 guys to make it work well.

I’ll record the audio part of the discussion and post it tomorrow.  Please don’t worry about what your voice sounds like after recording.  Honestly, I’ve noticed everyone’s voice sounds better when it is recorded than in real life.

Again – I have subscribed to Bluejeans.com for our teleconference platform.  It is as easy as pie to either login with the URL I’ll provide at 7:30 or so… or you can call-in with your phones to the bluejeans phone number then enter this meeting’s unique ID code.

All a caller has to do is dial the websites regular phone number and then enter a 10 digit “Meeting’s unique ID code” and the screen will ask you what name you want to use then Hey Presto!  you are in the discussion group.

You can also get into the discussion just by clicking on a link and a unique call-in code I will provide you via email or via the POV comments section…

Here is the Bluejeans.com front page and at the top you will see a bar that looks like this over toward the right side:

You’ll click on the “Join Meeting” box and that will start you into the below process.

Before you do that I will have sent an email, text or posted the meeting’s ID number. An example of this is if you’re using your computer I will post  this link:

https:/bluejeans.com/5713314009 (that last number was our session’s unique ID # from last week – it changes with every meeting).

Do that and you are in Bluejeans.  Truly is as easy as pie…  Then:

The screen above will appear  and in a caller’s case you would click on the bottom circle on the left – “Enter meeting ID”.

After that you should see the screen below.

I put a red dot next to the “Camera on” question because if you don’t want to be seen by others you will click ‘off’I put a green dot next to “Microphone on” because you need to keep that ‘on‘ if you want to talk to the group.bj3

If you don’t want to be heard but want to listen-in real-time I believe you can click the microphone ‘off’ and still hear the session as it is playing out – but then you can join in the discussion at any time by clicking your mic back to ‘on’…  haven’t tested that yet.

Here is a link to their video tutorials.

You guys don’t have to download the Bluejeans.com app if you don’t want to – you can get into the meeting by the above steps.  But the Bluejeans rep I talked to said that if someone is going to be doing it all the time then the app is easier.

See you at 8:00 tonight.  If we get more than 3 or 4 callers we’ll see how we handle it.  I’ll have some standard questions for everyone then we’ll discuss the last week’s articles in more detail and, of course, anything you all want to talk about also.

Thanks – Reed


20 thoughts on “POV Tuesday Night Round Table Call-in

  1. BigB, The meeting codes changes with each new meeting. Reed will post the number when he signs in. Type in that number and look for join meeting or join as guest. No need to download a thing, it’s cool.


  2. Reed, I can’t believe you scheduled the Round Table Call In right in the middle of the Pitt basketball game with Georgia Tech tonight. You should know that all Pitt fans will be glued to the TV set to watch our “highly rated” basketball team in the ACC playoffs this evening.


  3. Anyone think the hiring of Partridge puts Conklin on a shorter leash?

    No way Aston should be moved to tight end. He already has perfected his own mini jet sweep in the red-zone. Remember, Watson is known for NOT using TE’s as much as some other coaches.

    This years recruiting class is rated fairly good but take into consideration Browne and Clark. When was the last time PITT had two 5 stars coming into spring football? Reeves, Ford and Davis are also big time recruit. Reeves and Ford should also be 5 stars. imo

    Should we really expect too much this season with all the losses? The OOC is rated #1 toughest in the country by some. Is the ACC under-rated as a conference? I think it is…. by a lot.


  4. Hard to believe Conklin is on the hot seat running the Narduzzi defense. But then again it’s hard to believe Partridge would be content as a defensive line coach after being a head coach at his previous position.


  5. It will be very interesting to see how this Conklin/Partridge situation pans out.
    Personally, I haven’t seen much out of Conklin to this point except for recruiting Florida well. Apparently Partridge is one level above as a recruiter in Florida.


  6. Ike – I said in my article about Partridge something to the effect of “meet our new Defensive Coordinator”. Personally jrnpitt I can’t believe Narduzzi has stuck with Conklin this long.

    What really riles me is that we had a real chance at a magical season last year if we had even an average Pitt defense… I reviewed that schedule and still think the only game we would have lost for sure was the Miami game.


  7. Here is another bit about that “Living Book” deal in the Human Library – this was in our county’s supplement of the Baltimore Sun.


    For all Marylander’s in the group – it is this Saturday from 1-5pm at Miller Library in Howard county – they had 15 or so “living Books” (I’m just one of them” and some people have pretty amazing back stories you can talk to them about.

    My part is at the end and the Pitt POV even got a sort of a mention… and I have to honestly say that writing for you all and then interacting like we do has done wonders for my problems – no bullshitting there either. Thanks for that.


  8. BTW – didn’t even think to check the BB schedule. Anyone think we have a chance in the game – maybe one of the callers can keep us informed during the roundtable.


  9. Ya, Believe it or not I think they’ll win tonight! Someone said this is the easiest path to a conference title game Pitt has ever had, and I agree. GT, UVA, and ND. All teams they actually match up well against. Just can’t wait to see how KS screws the pooch on this one. Now I am taking their word these are the matchups,lol.


  10. ……I guess a lot of it depends on if the coach lets his 2 best players play. Which seems unbelievable as I was typing it!


  11. OK Guys – in the meeting now. Here are the codes to get in:

    By Computer: https://bluejeans.com/5713314009

    By Phone: Call 408-740-7256 – then enter meeting ID number: 956162# (don’t forget the pound sign at the end. That should get you into the roundtable.

    If you don’t want to be heard but want to listen-in real-time I believe you can click your microphone box ‘off’ and still hear the session as it is playing out – but then you can join in the discussion at any time by clicking your mic back to ‘on’… haven’t tested that yet.

    I’ll leave my end of the Video on but you can choose to do that or just use the ‘audio’ part.

    See you whenever you feel like joining….


  12. OK – we just recorded 45+ minutes with myself, Ike, Pittman4ever and PittPT. I have to say the recording volume isn’t what i hoped – I think I screwed it up but if you turn up the volume you can hear the other guys. my voice is loud but the guys had some great things to say so please stick with it.

    We’ll do this again next Tuesday evening and I’ll practice this during the week to get out a better more level playback .


  13. Thank goodness I’m hard to hear. I already know I’m hard to listen to. What a pleasure to share with Reed, pittman4ever and Pittpt! Great time tonite. Others now need to join in.


  14. Reed, not sure if it was a factor or not but I was on my cell phone and had it on speakerphone. But guys it was easy as pie and a blast!


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