POV Round Table Call-in #1

Folks – here is the 1st POV Round Table Call-In and it was a great discussion.  Ike, Pittman4ever, PittPT and myself yakked for about 45 minutes and had a great time.

I have to apologize for the recording.  I didn’t do it correctly and my voice is strong but you have to turn the volume pretty far up to hear the other guys.  Sorry about that – but it is worth listening to and we’ll have the bugs worked out by next Tuesday.

As Lynyrd Skynyrd sang in Sweet Home Alabama“Turn it up!’

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  1. Instructions on the album jacket of ‘James Gang Rides Again’ … “Made loud to be played loud”


  2. I know some guys are strictly football or basketball, but holding your coffee clutch during an ACC tourney game seems in poor form. It also seems that POV has become mostly football and Pitt Blather has become mostly basketball and that is a good thing.

    The sad thing is that things are so bad with basketball, most of the comments are harsh, even with a win.

    I have been criticized for saying Pitt Fans are Fair Weather, but it sure seems that way to me and this is a major problem if we want to be Great Again (sorry for that) in either sport.


  3. There’s a slight debate about what the problem is with this past PITT BB season. I don’t particularly care for HCKS and can see how he acts and coaches and it’s not my style at all…. but..”the players”…. After watching for only a few minutes of the opening of last nights game, I could see a team that hustled and played hard. You have to asked yourself why don’t these kids play like that all the time. You can almost put your finger on it when these guys play hard. It’s obvious to the eyes. But when they miss a shot or throw a bad pass there heads go directly to the floor. Jeter looks like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at times, where is he for large chunks of time during a game? Maybe it is Stallings fault that these kids are lazy and don’t go all out all the time but I know myself and I don’t know how to NOT hustle and play hard.. Looks like we may see a good effort tonite…. well at least until the chips are down and then …pffffft..


  4. Ike,
    …….or maybe Dr. Jeter and Mr. “Hide” (LOL)

    Different topic: We all had a great time (Reed, Ike, PT, and myself) doing the round table last. It’s a real male bonding experience (not quite a “kumbaya” but close). It’s not hard to get on ‘bluejean’ and Reed is doing a great job getting the kinks out (that’s out of the system, not out of us old farts). So, like an old commercial all I can say is “try it – you’ll like it.”


  5. For all you Stalling haters here’s a quote from Troy Simmons, the new JC PITT recruit who grew up in the Hill District.
    + = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    “I was talking with Coach Stallings Saturday night and he said we need leadership. He said that he doesn’t need anymore players that feel they’re greater than the team. He needs someone that’s going to come in and bring the team together as one.”
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    The guy needs a chance to coach his own team before we can paint such an awful picture of him…. He isn’t going anywhere anyways.

    I sure hope some others jump on the round-table bandwagon. It’s a real hoot and I now feel like Pittman4ever and PittPT are my ole time buddies. Reed not so much….. jus kidding stretch…. ike



  6. Listen, I wasn’t a KS hater until about 10 days ago …. but after I read one more piece about him dumping on his players after a loss, then I have had it. He has openly complained after every loss for two months now … it’s always the player’s fault .. and not his. And he reiterated that in DiPaola’s article yesterday.

    I have a major issue with a college coach making the big $$ dumping on his players. He’s the coach, and if they are not performing, then he must share the blame because it is his job to improve their performance. That’s what a coach does; that’s part of making the big $$ … not throwing his players under the bus. Especially considering the suspicious way he was hired.


  7. wwb I’ve made myself clear on this issue as well. I don’t care either way about Stalling’s. I don’t like him all that much but I do feel he hasn’t been given a chance. As far as dumping on his player’s? I don’t like that either but about those players? I don’t give them a pass as well. The Rescke kid did less (imo) then these kids do quitting on their team. It’s blatantly obvious when watching them. Their like PennDot workers. They work when they feel like it. (you gotta love unions)


    1. I’m not absolving the players although I do see them giving good effort much of the time. But, again, it’s up to the coach to get the players to perform better, and with the possible exception of Nix, I can’t name one player who has shown improvement as the season has progressed .. not one.


  8. wwb, you should jump in on the round table discussions. I’ve double and triple checked Bluejeans and it’s totally safe. My computer tells me so. You would be a great guest along with some of these other blog stars!! Speak your POV mind!!


  9. Reed. Ben Stern has a message for you
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Sure hope this link works…


    1. Ben Stern is live at PPG Paints Arena next Tuesday night so guess I won’t make the next Round Table Call either


  10. I get what Stallings is saying about leadership, it is important. This team’s leader for three years was JR, before that Patterson. This year it should have been Young or Artis, most likely Artis since he was made the “Point Guard”, something new and foreign to him. Shouldn’t the coach not bear a large part of the responsibility in explaining to Artis that this is a large part of the job? Isn’t that something he should have worked on prior to regular season play? But don’t expect too much from a guy that hasn’t had that responsibility before, and supplement that leadership from the bench.

    Team Chemistry is always important, this team playing together so long should have had a lot but had very little. Partly on the personality of the players but mostly on coaching. I don’t give Stallings much of a pass on this, it is his job to create the chemistry, not to blame the lack of it on the players.

    These guys always had that hang dog look when things didn’t go their way, good coaching would address that. Loved the way Blair always had a smile on his face, and Krauser and Wanamaker, just wanted to kick ass when the chips were down.

    The aspect of chemistry I do notice with this team is that when things are going well everyone plays better with more intensity. When things start turning south, everyones shot goes bad at the same time. The choke factor seems very catchy, bad shots poor shot selection, errant passes, no one seems to take charge.

    Young is as close as a go to guy that we have, but he has his periods when nothing goes right.

    A big part of the frustration is that this team is far better than its record, and there are plenty of reasons and blame to go around. However, part of coaching is to say the buck stops here. Many times I heard Jamie say in a post game interview, I have to do a better job. Stallings should take that to heart.


  11. Since Artis was new to the job, why didn’t Stallings call frequent time outs to tell Artis what he was doing well and what were his mistakes, giving him feedback to improve his play. Settle him down, make him think. Tell him what to look for. Correcting mistakes in real time.Making adjustments to the other team, that the players may not be able to do on their own. Take advantage of what your opponent is giving you.

    In football they review Polaroids of every series trying to see a weakness. Trying to find the play that works. making adjustments as you go. A coaches job is to make each player better and to make them work as a cohesive unit. I didn’t see much of either this year.


  12. gc – if I would have done my homework I wouldn’t have scheduled that call-in during the tourney game. “Poor form” is rather harsh though considering four of us put an hour aside to give you guys more football content. 🙂

    The POV is open to BB stuff, i just won’t write it. Anyone is free to do so and I have solicited BB articles many times. A couple of POV’ers have chipped in with that. I don’t go to the games and while I hope they would do well it just isn’t an interest of mine.

    On another note – am doing up an article on our 2017’s WRs today for tomorrow’s reading.


  13. The prediuce of some of the folks who message on these sights blather pov is really bad just remember 76% of football players and 83% of basketball players are not white yet we are the players for your so called teams quit showing us your true colors. We are Pitt


    1. I don’t know if I’m reading this comment correctly or not, or if I should be offended? …. but I think I am. I know I recognize the name though. It’s the same one most people use to hide behind….ike


  14. YAY!!! My nephew just got accepted to The University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering! So excited for the kid. Maybe he will have classes with the football recruit who wants ot be an engineer!


  15. Reed, you know I appreciate everything you do for Pitt Fans.

    Sorry if I was harsh, but Pitt Fans need to support each other, there aren’t enough of us.

    It has been a bad year for Pitt BBall and really tough when the POV isn’t aware of an ACC Tourney Game.

    I do think your talk format is cool and hope to join in at some point.

    Don’t expect you to write BBall stuff or even do game day threads, we have Chas and Pitt Blather, which has taken a hit since you left. You know it is pretty much the same guys on both sites.


  16. We are stuck with KS so I wish him well, but the fact remains as follows:

    1) I don’t believe he was near the best candidate Pitt could have hired, yet he was the only one that was interviewed.

    2) He is a miserable human being
    — I thought that when I had heard interviews while he was HC at Vandy
    — this was reinforced when he didn’t release Jeter to Pitt
    — this was reinforced by his yelling at his player (caught in public) “I’m going to f…ing kill you”. (What happens if a college player yells the same to his coach?)
    — this was reinforced when he continuously bellyached about his players this season while accepting little or no blame

    This guy should have never been hired at Pitt or any other respectable D1 program. I honestly believe that it was just too much of a contrast for the players of having been recruited by and played for a really decent guy (JD), but then stuck with this SOB.

    Now, onto spring football!


  17. gc – as I said, I’ll put up all the BB stuff POV’ers want if they contribute it. But we do all know that Chas on the Blather is very interested in that – more so than FB which is one of the reasons I left there. I was doing all the FB writing for about the last two years so wanted to give people a place just for that.

    He also likes the conference details , administrative stuff, and isn’t all that opinionated (but by no means is he a homer either). So there is room for both.

    I wasn’t upset with your post, just kind of pissed i forgot to check the BB schedule – but as I said I want the Tuesday evening Round tables to be a permanent part of the POV schedule – I think that will be the perfect time to vent during the regular season – so probably would have done the call-in anyway.


  18. BB team failed due to poor team play, no true guard or center and mostly poor coaching especially the failure to overcome the above


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