POV Round Table Call-in #1

Folks – here is the 1st POV Round Table Call-In and it was a great discussion.  Ike, Pittman4ever, PittPT and myself yakked for about 45 minutes and had a great time.

I have to apologize for the recording.  I didn’t do it correctly and my voice is strong but you have to turn the volume pretty far up to hear the other guys.  Sorry about that – but it is worth listening to and we’ll have the bugs worked out by next Tuesday.

As Lynyrd Skynyrd sang in Sweet Home Alabama“Turn it up!’

POV Tuesday Night Round Table Call-in

OK folks, let’s try this Round Table Call-In again for tonight at 8:00 pm. I will start my end of the meeting at 7:30 that way I get the meeting’s ID number early so I can post it on here for you to use – it will be posted at the top of this article and in the comments section.

Ike and I had a great 50 minute discussion last week but we really need 3 or 4 guys to make it work well.

I’ll record the audio part of the discussion and post it tomorrow.  Please don’t worry about what your voice sounds like after recording.  Honestly, I’ve noticed everyone’s voice sounds better when it is recorded than in real life.

Again – I have subscribed to Bluejeans.com for our teleconference platform.  It is as easy as pie to either login with the URL I’ll provide at 7:30 or so… or you can call-in with your phones to the bluejeans phone number then enter this meeting’s unique ID code.

All a caller has to do is dial the websites regular phone number and then enter a 10 digit “Meeting’s unique ID code” and the screen will ask you what name you want to use then Hey Presto!  you are in the discussion group.

You can also get into the discussion just by clicking on a link and a unique call-in code I will provide you via email or via the POV comments section…

Here is the Bluejeans.com front page and at the top you will see a bar that looks like this over toward the right side:

You’ll click on the “Join Meeting” box and that will start you into the below process.

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