Who Is the Beef and Where Will They Play?

After I posted the last article about our returning and new running backs and other ball carriers, because the WRs, QB and DBs got a lot of carries also,  a few commenters stated “running back is the least of our worries“.

Which I can understand given the fact that our defense was shredded like G. Gordon Lilly’s Iran-Contra papers.  Any real worries Pitt fans have to start in the defensive backfield then work forward to the linebackers then end up at the defensive line.

But that isn’t to say there are some real areas of concern on offense also. Here you see the two-deep we had penciled in on the OL at the end of last season. syr-ol

What is scary in reviewing that is all of the left side tackles and guards are now gone, and considering both LT Aaron Reese and LG Carson Baker were slotted to be probable ’17 starters, that is six combined years of returning experience we lost.

Take away Mike Grimm who was a 4* recruit and leaves us a dearth of experience to fill out this next season’s two-deep lineup.  That makes me worry because as much as we want to think our ball carriers are great and will produce well – they do so because the guys up front have been excellent at what they do.

Here are the departing and the returning Offensive Lineman we have coming out of 2016 and going into the 2017 season. 

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