Should Narduzzi Play Three Card Monte Again?

One of the things we have learned about Pat Narduzzi in his two years as the head coach of the Panthers is that he holds no strong loyalties to players who were recruited before he got here.  There is nothing wrong with that because any new boss brings in different ideas and attitudes to the program he’s been hired into.  Narduzzi is no different and truth be told those personnel moves have benefited the team in real positive ways.

We see he loves to get upperclassmen to fill gaps in what he perceives to be problems in his two-deep lineups. It is not just upperclassmen he wants and so he’s persuaded DE Dewayne Hendrix and TE Chris Clark to come onboard after only a year or two at their original schools.

In addition to those two he grabbed QB Nate Peterman in a move that was one of the best decisions I have seen a Pitt HC ever make,  then went out and convinced QB Max Browne to finish his playing days as the presumptive starter for this upcoming season.  Manny Stocker was brought in as a back-up QB last season also.

So he’s not hesitant to shuffle the player deck, splay the cards out and move them around.

Now we are hearing drumbeats along the Monongahela that his old school’s Middle Linebacker Jon Reschke has left the MSU Spartans and might have cast an eye toward reuniting with his old Defensive Coordinator.  Huh, right at a position of need also given the experience, or lack of it, we have at the LB position on the roster now (see yesterday’s article).

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