POV Sunday Podcast; Saturday Edition

As promised we rolled out the POV Round Table series last evening with a two-man show – myself and our long time commenter PittFan28 (Brian Ashcom).  The result was great and we had a good time talking about ourselves, our opinions of and our relationships with Pitt football.

Take a listen above – we came in just a bit over 35 minutes but truth be told we could have gone on for an hour at least.  I think the technical work is OK, I used Skype for the communications bit (I’ll reprint Skype instructions below) and then used a program called Audacity for the actual recording. 

You’ll hear that it came through pretty clearly but with some scratchy bits from Brian’s end, but nothing that really detracts from the content.

As we do this more often, and it was fun, we’ll smooth out any rough spots and with more callers I’ll do a lot less talking. 

Here is how I envision the POV regular season to shake out:

We’ll have the POV Round Table on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings; I’m leaning toward Tuesday, and I’d like to do it weekly.   Starting at 8:00pm worked well last evening as we were done with our daytime stuff and had settled in for the night.  Doing it on those days will set up a routine for when we get into the regular season.

Two guys talking was OK but I think we should have between 3-4 with myself as the moderator and then two or three callers.  I’ll work up a series of talking points for now until September then after the season starts we’ll discuss the previous week’s games while they are still fresh in our minds.

 What I envision is you all carrying the discussion load with talking point prompts from me.  If we do it that way our weekly Pitt POV lineup will look like this:

SaturdayGame Day ThreadYour continued take of the game in real-time and then your immediate post-game critique .

Sunday – POV Podcast Reed’s take on the game, the program in general and smaller discussion points.

MondayMonday Morning QB” –  with three positives and three negatives for comment discussion.

TuesdayFootball Bits and PiecesMiscellaneous ramblings about Pitt Football.

Wednesday POV Round Table DiscussionPosting of the previous evening’s recording session… 60 minutes of select commenters’ outlook on the previous Saturday’s game and of the season to date along with other varied and timely issues.

ThursdayKnow The Enemy”Scouting our week’s opponents strengths and weaknesses.  Commenters’ take on the opponent also.

FridayGame Outcome Predictions Thread Your thoughts on who, what, when, and why to come to an accurate prediction of what the coaches and players will do and the win/loss and score outcome.

How does all that sound?  As stated above once we get into the swing of the Round Table I’ll solicit more talking points from readers.  I am hoping that we’ll have a large pool of panel participants so we don’t have to use the same readers over and over again. 

I know you all get a bit tired of hearing and reading my opinions all the time and this will serve as a forum for us to hear what you all think and is done in your own voices.  Skype is really easy to use once you have done it once or twice.

I’ll be more than willing to help you set up and practice a few calls – even recording them and emailing them to you so you can here what you sound like in advance – just ask.

If you are really wary of Skype, although from what I understand it is a well protected venue, then I can look at joining a pay-per-call thing where I can call you on your telephone and you can participate that way.  But that will be pretty expensive I believe- I’ll do more research on that.

But Skype will be the main communications platform.

Note: here is a good Starters Guide for joining and using Skype and remember that all you need is the basic free part of it.

Football Stuff:

Here is the full ESPN article on Nate Peterman’s appearance on Jon Gruden’s “QB Camp”.


Here is ESPN’s take on Peterman: “Peterman is a transfer from Tennessee. Coach (Pat) Narduzzi at Pitt recruited Kirk Cousins to Michigan State and I heard he compares Peterman to Cousins. He’s a pocket-passer. They run a very creative offense at Pitt and this is the one guy who beat Clemson – and they did it on the road. He’s one of the most improved quarterbacks in the country this year.

But when it is written up in the USA Today sports page this is how Peterman is described:

Nathan Peterman, Pittsburgh;  “Peterman may very well get questions about Dobbs, who replaced him in Knoxville after he suffered a hand injury, forcing Peterman to transfer to Pitt. Gruden will also ask him about his mechanics, which may scare some teams off from taking in the early rounds.”

Hmmm… an agenda there maybe?  For more local reportage here is the Trib’s DiPaola on the subject.

One last Peterman bit… He’s the next dak Prescott!

Here is a short clip for Gruden’s 2016 talk with Dak Prescott, the Mississippi State QB so you can see what Peteman will be doing – each QB show is about 26 minutes long and well done.

Pittsburgh Sports News has a piece on Pitt’s hosting HS juniors on-campus today for its 2nd “Junior Day



30 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; Saturday Edition

  1. Agenda sounds great. Why is it every athlete has to be the next …. why cant Nate Peterman just be the next Nate Peterman. Hope the Steelers draft him but they wont, probably will sign Hackenburg as free agent. So another Steeler Markice Pouncey goes to trial, this is why I stick to college and Pitt.


  2. Nice shot at me there PittPT, we all have agenda’s in one form or another I guess. 🙂 lol

    Reed, I called you back last night from my computer which was not my cell number. I was wondering if you received any phone calls from an area code # 724? I called you on 2 different #’s. I think I may have figured it out??? … but I was trying to that without a microphone. Now that’s how smart I am.

    Really enjoyed the podcast via Skype this morning and it should be a big success. Brian was awesome as well.


  3. Rough way to end the half. Pitt started playing hesitantly, reminiscent of the Dixon days, instead of playing with confidence and being more assertive.

    They sure better come out on fire to start the second half, or this game will soon get out of hand.


  4. Today Pitt showed its true colors. Players are gutless, leaderless and selfish. Coach is clueless. Pitt ran into a team with a far superior coach and players that knew how to play as a team and had high basketball IQ’s. Thats the brutal truth. No sugar coating this hot mess. KS must be fired. Where the hell is the new AD?

    My solution: fire KS before the CBI. Go 1 full year with walk ons. Hire a coach approved solely by the new AD so he is 100% accountable. New coach has high ceiling and excellent recruiters. Pitt shows new coach the money on recruiting budget. No cheating. But knows how to play in the gray.

    And Free O dogs and fries at home games for that first year transition. Maybe we average 8k since who can pass up the ‘O’ freebies.

    Year 2, you grab some elites that are 4 and 5 stars. You win 20 games. Go to the tourney.

    Year 3, you grab more elites, players know your system. more experienced. Catch some breaks. You win 26 games. Go to Elite 8.

    Year 4, recruit one stud one and done. play who you got. Win 30 games and make the Final 4.

    KS in Year 2 – 12 wins
    KS in Year 3 – 14 wins
    KS in Year 4 – 15 wins
    KS in Year 5 – 17 wins; CBI
    KS in Year 6 – 13 wins

    Pitt basketball by KS’s Year 3…IRRELEVANT
    Attendance – half capacity
    Brand Damage – Irreparable


  5. Whether Stallings is present next year or not, we will be below .500.
    Painful to watch.
    Why was Jaimie forced out again?
    And why was buyout reduced so Herman could use pal’s search firm?
    Sorry, I perseverate at times.
    And feel free to disagree, but mediocrity in the ACC with a big win now and again sure beats this.


  6. Dixon hit his ceiling and a change was good for him. The new coach was supposed to have a higher ceiling. KS has a much lower ceiling and was only hired due to cronyism and desperation. I would have kept Dixon if known this. We have become BC…but worse. If KS stays, the Pitt basketball brand will take decades to recover. This program does not deserve any support. Boycott. The only message fans can send.


  7. Reed – I offered before but Bluejeans is a great alternative to Skype. It’s web based and your callers don’t need an account – they can join as guests – thus eliminating some of the security concerns. They just click the link you provide and they’re in. It also allows you to record and has excellent video capabilities. You would be the only one required to have an account.

    Feel free to reach out to me the back half of this upcoming week and I’ll set up a call with it for the two of us. It’s an end of fiscal year for me so Monday and Tuesday will be difficult.


  8. –Nice job by Reed and Brian on the podcast.

    –While the BB season has been a big downer, and while I would prefer an “up and coming” young coach, I’d like to see the class that Stallings brings in and how they look next season before writing him off completely. Even with this motley crew – with no point guard and no center – they were not that far from making the tourney, IMHO…

    –Reed, here’s something to ponder. George Aston was a critical part of the offense last season. I think you said he came out of no where, which I kind of get since he was a walk-on, but he actually showed himself in the previous year to be a really excellent blocker. Anyway, my point is, assuming the new OC keeps GA in his role, who the heck do we have to back-up George Aston? Last year we had Parrish. I don’t see anyone with GA’s body-type and skill set, unless they convert Ollison into that role, but Ollison would have to improve his blocking and pass catching skills.

    Anyway, I didn’t see Pitt bring in any recruits who look like the next George Aston, so what’s the deal?

    Go Pitt.


  9. If you guys don’t like Rosey Nix you have no heart but this young man sure does.

    Agree that the PITT BB team will suffer another bad season next year but I don’t agree the cupboard is bare. Good recruiting class coming in next year with some size and pt guards. Manigaut and Kithcart will be better with another year or two.

    If Stallings goes I won’t be upset at all.


  10. Reed – can we plan for Wed, Thur or Friday? I’m in software sales and Tuesday is my end of fiscal year. May be difficult to break free that day.


  11. Reed gets lots of credit here concerning Peterman, you were all over his prospects at the beginning of this year. Boy did he deliver. I was surprised a bit.

    TT’s idea sounds great, the podcast was really fun to listen to the next day but would even be more fun live.

    The draft may be far out from today but the combine begins in 2 days.

    David Green picked up a PITT offer a few days ago. He’s going to be really good to possibly great. He was PCC’s best player last year imo.


  12. BTW, Played Quicksilver a couple times this week. Course was in surprisingly good shape considering. Shot my usual 90 each day, and listened to my playing partner bitch about the length and toughness of the place, but he is a Nitter so what would you expect!


  13. Joe – I hope to be there this week myself. I’m heading that way on business…

    I played with a client and shot 89 on his home course this past week. Hope your 90 beat the nitter.

    All POV golfers – keep an eye out for the Spring POV Golf Outing details to surface sometime this week.


  14. Oh, ya, there is a big detour. Will take an additional 15-20 min to get there. Ask Carl for a slightly quicker route. Road to reopen mid April. And ya, the Nitter went 92-93.
    Rick, if you haven’t played before, make sure you are below the hole on the first four holes. Even though the greens are really slow now you don’t want hole high or above on those.


  15. from ESPN ACC blog … makes sense to me

    Projected W-L: The Panthers lose a lot of important pieces, especially on offense, and the schedule is among the toughest in the country. The defense should eventually get better under Pat Narduzzi, but the unit doesn’t have the benefit of playing Oklahoma State and Penn State later in the season. The same goes for an offense breaking in a transfer quarterback and new offensive coordinator. A third straight 8-4 regular season is a safe wager.


  16. wwb agree, hope Ok State and Peds are rusty at beginning of year.
    Just got a chance to hear Podcast, great job by both. Two thumbs up.


  17. I wasn’t a fan of the Stallings hire, but to be fair this team had no point guard and no center and was going to be a seven-man rotation. The top two bench guys got hurt (Clark and Luther) and the seniors in a few games failed to do what was needed to win.

    ND — couldn’t secure a rebound and Cam missed 3 of 4 FTs late in the game.
    NC State — blew a lead on the road.
    Clemson — winnable home game and fell flat on their faces.
    VTech — huge lead and senior helps the downfall with a SEVEN-point play.
    Wake — shot like 16 percent in the second half. Missed layups, open looks. The shooting guard missed FIVE foul shots.

    I’m looking forward to next season. The staff is searching everywhere for players and still might sign two of the three from Simons, the Canadian kid and Diong.


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