POV Sunday Podcast: Feb 19th

Yesterday we talked a little about the 1st Glory Years in semi-modern Pitt football.  I had a blast researching and writing that.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow and Part 3 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In the podcast I read off of some interesting internet sites – one that I used regularly for statistical info.

This is the web-page for all the Pitt to NFL info I discussed.

This is the Congrove Computer Rankings (CCR128) that I referenced.  It is one of the more accurate ones I could find.

That prep school I couldn’t remember is Milford Academy in New Berlin, NY.  We had Aundre’ Wright, LeSean McCoy, Mark Gubiliato, KK Mosley-Smith, Jevonte’ Pitts, Todd Thomas, and lately Calvin Hamilton is on our roster.

When I say it is a football factory take a look at this list of scholarships gained to D1  & D2 schools.

I’m trying a Beta test of a teleconference call-in this week.  If you are interested in being part of weekly round table discussions, and you know you are, and then maybe a call-in show later on) then send me an email with your name, screen name and phone number so I get this ball rolling.

At first I’ll try a practice with one or two guys then we’ll roll out with four members; myself and three callers and go from there.

Looks like Skype Audio will be the one – its free and all the others seem to be subscription – which I’ll use as a last resort.




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  1. The 2014 Pitt offense averaged 32 points per game with Manassah Garner and Kevin Weatherspoon as our #2 and #3 leaders in receiving yards. The first question anyone should ask is, who they heck are these players. The second question is, we averaged 32 a game with Chad Voytik at QB. Chad Voytik? He stinks.

    Reed, you think our offense will be worse next year then in 2014 and average 28 points per game? Whoh nelly, I dont think so my friend.


  2. obviously imo, but………………

    I think PITT is very unique and I can’t emphasize that enough. Yes I understand that most people think their situation is special in someway or another, yet being not so far from NYC and (i hate to say it) Philly, PITT is a different animal than most schools. We are different and there is a special allure to Oakland and PITT. Geographic, medicine, a diverse population, Pittsburgh says welcome to all. Whatever it is, PITT has it.

    DW, did have a really tough time being a head coach in college first off. Shame when he had the coaching staff and the experience with his players in place a few screwed up. That was on dave for sure… but……. by that time, the marriage was over and steve undermined his entire authority, sabotaged is the word.

    I hear George Hill’s name mentioned again. Hill was possibly the number 1 recruit last year. He has a heart condition that may or maybe not being corrected by the wonderful PITT medical teams. Yet no word??

    Hamlin was more or less a non factor this past year. Why? The young man had groin/hernia problems starting with his senior year in high school and didn’t heal until surgery last year. He needs a break. I’m still very sure he’s a winner and will make your eyes pop out when you see him with full health.

    Can we forget the bowl game loss? One loss and the season was a disaster?? This past season will be talked about for years and years to come. Yes I wish PITT would have won. Do I have to even say that?

    Did I hear that right about Curtis Martins fumbles? Remarkable.. There is an unsung hero imo

    PITT is a so called sleeper team for next year.. Maybe a good idea to hold back on the labeling of them? As I alluded to earlier in post, PITT is very unique!! … ike



  3. Reed- Two thoughts for future columns

    1- Money – since PITT is state related, PITT doesn’t respond to requests by news organizations asking for data. But there is data – tax returns & info supplied to the NCAA on all athletic department revenue/expenses. I know it out there but coming from you it might have more impact on why PITT doesn’t spend the $$$.

    2- Info on away FB away games. Looking at schedule, So. Carolina has a bye week while PITT is playing at Duke. Thinking of going but it would be nice to get input on where to stay, parking, ease of access to stadium (roads,traffic), dining options, etc. You could do this for each away game & have those who been there give opinions.

    Just some ideas for the off season topics.


  4. Suggestions:

    Everyone loves trivia. ??? I have some ideas

    Ask opinions. I know, I need not apply.

    Where is “the steve” today ???

    Should Bigalow Blvd be shut down?

    Should PITT ever try and schedule psu again?

    How about WVU? ……… after the next schedule.

    Where do we all live? Everyone knows this is nowhere.

    All time favorite hangout in Oakland?

    Do you love your mother-in-law?

    Do you dress your dog up in PITT colors? I have a story about that.

    BTW , this is one idea that should be molded into one article. It may be fun??


  5. Ike, I’ve only read Hill’s name a couple times from one or two posters here. But I don’t recall reading anything about him being able to make a comeback from anywhere else. I certainly hope so, but I thought his condition was pretty much a career-ender

    Pitt-cocks, I can tell you that there are several places to stay in the Triangle area … maybe not in Durham but several in the area between Durham and Raliegh


  6. Ike, George Hill’s football playing days are over due to his cardiac diagnosis, thanks to Pitt’s medical screening, his life was probably saved. Could have been a tragedy instead if never diagnosed.

    Don’t worry about Hamlin. He’ll be a force to be reckoned with soon enough.

    The only bowl game we should never forget is Houston. Never forget Houston that was a patented SOP loss. A perfect signature Pitt loss.

    Now Zack Gilbert, another 2016 recruit, also diagnosed with a lesser cardiac issue, probably an arrhythmia of some type just might be able to get that under control and play football again. That would be fantastic since he’s a legacy player for us.


  7. Since Dantonio got a contract extension yesterday by the board of trustees while that school is going through a sex scandal, Dantonio wont be leaving Michigan State anytime soon. So the Duzz to Spartanville can be put to rest, not happening in a long time if ever.


  8. #1 wwb, cut and paste, you lost me there. I’m as dizzy as Upitt. 😦

    Thanks for the response on Hill…… Doc and wwb.

    About Hill? What I’m hearing is kinda brand new. I understand he has a serious heart condition and I realize the HIPPA laws. I heard a rumor rumbling out of Oakland that there is a slight chance of treatment.


    1. haven’t had either for a long while … still miss my dog. When I retire (hopefully) next year, it’s quite possible I will reacquire a dog.

      BTW … it’s HIPAA, not HIPPA. (I was on a UPMC HIPAA task force about 12-13 years ago so it is second nature for me to correct the common misspelling)


  9. wwb – been to UNC for a game but with two other couples (UNC/ SoCar). What I was thinking was for a Reed post to discuss. For first time travelers, there is apprehension on what to expect. Hoping a post would lead to discussion to alleviate concerns. I’m not talking just about Duke but all away games.

    For example, there was a brief discussion on where (city) to stay for the Klemptsum game. I gave my 2 cents. A week or so after the game , I believe Dr Tom mentioned that it took well over two hours to get to his motel in Greenville, SC. I could have told him that that was normal (unless he left in the middle of the 3’rd qtr).


  10. Pitt being classified as an ACC sleeper team in 2017 makes total sense to me. The upgrade in Pitt’s recruiting since 2014 has been dramatic. Although the “elite” athlete has been few in every class that Narduzzi has brought in, the overall quality of each class has improved.

    This is no where more apparent than just in reviewing the offer sheets of our current players in every class 2015, 16 & 17. Almost every recruit had multiple Power 5 offers extended to them, many with Top 10 type schools showing interest for their services.

    This improved recruiting will bear fruit this season while Pitt goes through a major transition of replacing starters from the HCPC era. The upside potential of these new guys is enormous.

    The proof of this will be seen within the first three games of the season. A 1-2 early season start spells a long learning curve for this young team and probably a mediocre 8-5 season for a third go round with Coach Duzz. However an OOC win against either PSU or OSU shows me that there has been a lot of coaching up of the inexperienced athletic talent behind the scenes over the last couple seasons. If that be the case, then the raw talent trumps experience and this ACC sleeper team wakes up to realize the potential that was just been beyond it’s grasp last season. In such a case, I could imagine an ACC Coastal Crown for the Panthers and a probable rematch of the takedown of the National Champions in Death Valley from 2016.

    Now wouldn’t that be something!? Pitt going something like 10-2 up against Clemson for a chance to win the Conference and be considered for a playoff berth for the NC!?

    I’m giggling myself over such an outlandish proposition, but seriously, how many of you would have exclaimed unmitigated BS optimism last August to the idea of Pitt being victorious over both PSU & Clemson last year? See, maybe not so outlandish after all?

    I’m telling you, Narduzzi has this team seeing this very vision that I describe above clearly established in their minds. These kids are not encumbered by the years of SOP failures that us old time fans remember that taint our optimism for this team’s potential.

    We have the troops right now to be a force to be reckoned with. Sure, we need to be lucky, the newbies need to play beyond their experience and the injury bug needs to stay away. But if all of these things fall right for Pitt, this year could be something special.

    You heard it here first. H2P!


  11. Now that’s my kind of post Doc. I know I’m sure believing what you’re selling. Like you, I see all kinds of reasons to be optimistic. I also agree the recruiting has reach a higher level the past 2/3 years. PITT now has a better athlete to work with, generally speaking.

    The one thing I look back on from last year is what some of our amateur prognosticators felt they would be satisfied with as a final record. I think PITT met most of the wish list with the wins but at the end of the season it seemed that so many were disappointed. I still haven’t gotten that?

    Too early to tell right now and I am of the thought that it could be more difficult for PITT to put 8 regular season wins together…. but I always judge a team and their season in how that came to that point instead of just looking at the results as a whole.


  12. JD ‏@Sta7ic 11 Apr 2016
    @IAmSpilly “we’re gonna build an on campus stadium. It’s gonna have big stands, big walls, great field, & we’re gonna make PSU pay for it!”


  13. Ike, don’t you adjust expectations as time progresses?

    That’s what I think Pitt fans did in ’16.

    After all once we beat PSU and Clemson I think most felt we would get that 9th win, and when we didn’t and came out of NYC with a loss it was disappointing. ..


  14. Yes I do Reed, it was kind of tongue in cheek and I thought you were on family business today.. 🙂

    That said though. When we change our expectations what does that mean? Well, if the expectations go up, shouldn’t we all be happy? Chew on that one.


  15. My point is that all was not lost with the disappointing defeat to NW. but I will say, I’m agreeing more with you about what could have been. Lost opportunity? Yeah but the injuries and bad luck caught up with PITT that game, not for the lack of coaching and preparations. imo.


  16. Reed has an Ike and Dark Knight alert on his phone.
    The NW game was too typical of what Pitt does in bowl games. NW came to play, we did not. it is a yearly disgrace and there are no excuses. Makes me think of the historical piece on why Pitt voted down the Rose Bowl. – no swag, Speaking of that article when will PN be writing his first outlook on the season ahead like Jock? maybe Reed could be his ghost writer.


    1. Once AGAIN, NW went three and out its first two offensive series while Pitt drove for a FG on 1st series and then went to goal line its second series .. and should have scored had Aston not tripped at 2 yard line without any defender around him. Then even on its 3rd series, Pitt made a long drive but was intercepted near the goal line.

      Pitt made more mistakes … but don’t say they didn’t come to play. They clearly did.

      Even with the mistakes above, they were only down by 4 at halftime. And with all the big injuries before the end of the 3rd quarter .. they still were only outscored by 3 in the 2nd half.


  17. Podcast ideas

    Pitt football predictions for next year
    Pitt 2 deep depth chart
    Pitt freshmen impact players
    Pitt breakout players
    Pitt progression or regression on offense and defense
    If Pitt wins 10 games, where Reed takes Pitt POV supporters to celebrate


  18. No,all was not lost with 8wins. For Pitt that is . A good season. My point is that Pitt should be wanting more if it is there for the taking.

    rkb makes a good point that good teams win bowl games because that is what gives you that last boost going into the final polls,last month of recruiting and off season.

    I will disagree that our team was ready to play either bowl game. Sadly that is the case more often or not with Pitt over the recent past.

    What bothers me the most is how our defensive play was so poor in the last two bowls when we had so much time to prepare. Yes we had injuries but our defense was getting gashed before those happened.

    I think that because Pitt fans like Narduzzi personally we tend to overlook any shortcomings of his and the team.

    But that is what happens in college ball especially… when you have 105 kids on the roster and turnovers in coaching.


  19. Pitt was beating Northwestern in the 4th quarter. Then Peterman got injured. The last 3 possessions to end the game were turnovers, including 2 interceptions thrown by Ben Dinucci, one on the 3 yard line when we were about to score. I think everyone would agree that Dinucci will never play again at Pitt and Pitt had no QB when Peterman got hurt. Cant blame the Coach on that for prior coaches poor recruiting at QB. We were not going to burn macvitties redshirt for a bowl win.


  20. I get that Reed. It’s sinking into my head a little more now…. and there is no doubt that PITT was NOT ready to play in the Military Bowl two years ago. This past year, I really won’t concede that fact or thought. I’ve made my argument about how PITT started that game. PITT outplayed NW by far in the first quarter.

    rkb, I get the idea that I’m notorious. I’ve been involved with unions much of my life. I kinda needed that bad boy image. BUT….. In real life?? No one buys it. I’m a softie at heart.


  21. panther94 – Thanks for the link. Really nice place. Would love to stay there but my wife & I both smoke. Showed her the website & she said no.

    Does Duke put there official visit recruits there? They & parents would be wowed.


  22. Ike just kidding about your comment about Reed responding when he was supposed to be off with family.. First POVcast Reed interviews PN on defense?
    As to effort I suppose it is subjective but remember NW was what 6-6; it shouldn’t have been close. As I believe Emel pointed out at the time NW schedule and results were truly unimpressive I forget who posted on game day NW players came out early in street clothes just to take in the importance of the game and the surroundings, Pitt not. In my subjective opinion NW was tackling hard all day, Pitt not. IMO coasting to a close loss is not the same as putting in solid effort. As Pitt players would have said that day “whatever” 🙂
    Going back all the way to the 70’s when Pitt would give lackluster efforts against the Temples of football they have a tendency not to get up for games they think are beneath them. That is disturbing for a team that Reed pointed out is ranked typically as a 30 – 50 team. H2P


    1. there is no doubt Pitt should have won; they were better. I just contend the fact that it was the coaches faults. It was the players who made the mistakes … and especially the ones who were reliable all year. Aston, Peterman, QH, Orndoff, etc. They overcame the defense most of the year but the mistakes and injuries were a bit too much.

      Remember, not only was Conner, Johnson and Peterman hurt … Soto and Jarrett each played 2 series and Whitehead didn’t play at all


  23. rkb, I know you are a really good guy and I knew you were kidding.

    wwb, why can’t others understand this? The game fell to pieces but the team was ready to play from the start!!


  24. Are you a member of the BoT or Gallagher? If I believed in alternative facts and reality, I would say Pitt will chose an AD that will bring football, basketball and overall athletics into a new Golden Age. But this is Pitt we’re talking about with a piss poor track record, a bureaucratic structure and culture of mediocrity. So if that was directed at me ‘Anonymous’, stop hiding in the shadows and speak the truth based on precedence and facts. Talk is cheap. Its time Pitt rethinks how it runs its athletic side of the business. It starts with an AD that reports to an individual who is fully accountable and not body of Pedocrats.


  25. And my assertions are no worse than our President claiming there was a massacre at Bowling Green and Sweden last night.


  26. Tx, one thing I know is, you and I think very much alike…. and I’ve thought for a long while now that the BOT, has had their heads up their asses when it comes to PITT football. Yet, I’m not buying the Chancellor thought though. I really liked him at first but he is fading imo, but I’m still willing to wait on the ways things pan out the next year or two. Remember, steve had many years to ruin the football program and it may take a number of years to get the team back on track.


  27. I give Gallagher the benefit of doubt. He says the right things but he did make a colossal mistake with the Barnes hiring. But again he’s reporting to a Board that I believe truly does not have Pitt’s best interests at heart when it comes to athletics. If you want Pitt to become excellent, you must truly drain the swamp. The swamp is the bureaucratic, insular and stagnant BoT. DC can burn. I want Oakland to be that shining city on the hill.


  28. Check out the mock NFL drafts…I am seeing Peterman as high as the second round with many having him go in the third


  29. Again I agree Tx. Barnes was a screw up but Gallagher was new and it actually had a good ring to it at first. However, Barnes did not answer the call.

    It may take the chancellor a little while longer but I think he is making headway with the trustees. What in my head makes me believe that the PITT people are starting to understand that major college football has great benefits attached I don’t know but I think they are or will start to understand.


  30. Can’t remember … was Barnes’ hiring solely by Gallagher, or was there a committee? If a committee recommended him, then Gallagher is hardly expert enough in this area to overrule.


  31. First the stagnation of Pitt sports was Smiling Steve’s fault, then it was the chancellor’s fault. Now it seems it is the Board of Trustees’ fault.

    Shit rolls uphill at Pitt.


  32. gc: This is very big news. The maps had Bigalow and 5th and Forbes all running parallel. I think that could be the old Mosque site?? but as usual, I’m confused.


    1. I think you are correct rather than confused. It is the block between the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial and Alumni Hall. That is where the Syria Mosque was.


  33. Grizzley1 posted: “First the stagnation of Pitt sports was Smiling Steve’s fault, then it was the chancellor’s fault. Now it seems it is the Board of Trustees’ fault.

    Shit rolls uphill at Pitt.”
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Seems as thought he poop is about to reach the top.


  34. Reed

    Doesn’t matter who Pitt hires for AD. Most of the people on here will complain about him/her and Upitt will come up with a crazy name to call him, LOL.


  35. Pitt went the correct route on the last hire. They picked an AD that had success at a major university. Too bad they picked a homesick grown man.

    David Heeke – Central Michigan
    Martin Jarmond – Ohio States 2nd in command

    I like Heeke. However, not sure he fits what Pitt needs to get done. The hire has to be based on Pitt’s weaknesses. Pick someone that has experience dealing with what Pitt struggles to get done. Raise money, engage SOP fans, alumni, experience in a similar market, hiring a basketball coach 🙂


  36. Notrocket….NOOOOOO!!! I can add more flavor if either are actually in the running. OMG NOOO!! I may have mentioned this before, NOOOOO!!!! Man i picked a bad week to stop sniffin glue if these names actually surface in the search committee! NOOOO! AD’s demand respect. For beginners, neither of the above candidates would demand respect when they came into a room….or a meeting.

    Barnes was not homesick. He lost a power struggle at the same time an opportunity came up to get close to home. Barnes knew he would play second fiddle to Narduzzi going forward at Pitt. In the AD world, you can’t have that. If it was between Urban and Gene Smith, Urban would be gone. It’s not about salary. It is about your rightful place in the pecking order. Urban is below Gene. Neither of our major sport coaches would fall below the folks mentioned. That is why you start with Tressel or someone of that pedigree. That wasn’t Barnes either, sorry.


  37. Knocked down from AD to President. Was the scapegoat at tOSU for minor transgressions relative what goes on today that is reported or not reported at universities…see Pedo State, Baylor and NC as shining examples.

    If the BoT and Chancellors knew anything or cared anything about athletics, Pitt would not have been handed Cornhole 2 and Barnes.

    I agree an AD must raise money, engage fans and make good coaching hires. Cornhole 2 alienated and created a poisoned culture. Barnes alienated many at his first presser and then hired a retread as B-ball coach.

    So I rest my case that the BoT doesnt care or doesnt get it. The BoT has single handily destroyed Pitt athletics over the past 30 years.


  38. BoT tells Chancellor what to do. Chancellor hires AD. AD hires Coaches. Coaches generate mediocrity. Fans become yellow seats. Rinse and Repeat.


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