POV Golf Outing: Rev. 1 Mod. 1

If anyone needs any more incentive to start their planning their trip to the Quicksilver Golf Course for the Pitt POV Open Golf Outing in April then take a look at this:

How cool is that?

I had a bunch made up, 14″ x 24″ and they are sturdy as hell and just waiting to go home with you… 

That’s only one of the many interesting yet surprisingly likable prizes to be awarded to those who cough up the big bucks and who can actually play a decent round of golf. 

Other prizes awarded will be top-shelf wines and fine delicacies from the nearest Kroger’s.152hooch

You know that this takes you right back to your days at Pitt – getting a drunk on in Oakland before you got to the real night parties where you could actually try to use one of our third-tier prizes (below).  780895252_6efe86dddb_b At least you hoped and really, really, wished you could finally use one before you passed out at 11:00.  Then you would wake up at 3:00 am and eat the first thing your hand would find in the fridge.

Well, all that and more are coming your way if you sign up to play… and don’t let it be said by anyone that the Pitt POV doesn’t know how to throw a party.

All this and a  freakin’ 20 ft flagpole to boot. I can’t wait! I’m also having a full-color, full-detail Styrofoam Heinz Field made by the finest old-country craftsmen in Blawnox.

Target Practice

It will have the football field cut out so that it fits right over a toilet bowl seat for all the POV’ers who keep bitchin about Pitt tearing down Pitt Stadium to use at their leisure (good for up to 250 lbs sitting weight).

The last place golfer gets to take the faux-stadium home at the end of the festivities to put in his Man Cave right between his Danny Marino helmet and his POV membership bracelet. Plastic bags will be provided for the trip home.

So, Rick Caldwell (Erie Express) and I am hard at work (Rick mostly) with this and will have something to present to you as soon as the Spring Game date is announced.

It’s going to be a blast guys.



52 thoughts on “POV Golf Outing: Rev. 1 Mod. 1

  1. Happy Anniversary Reed. Looking forward to the golf outing. Thanks again to Erie. I like the Partridge hire and more so the Fla conection. I believe he recruited one of my favorite LB’s…Clint “Jam” Session.


    1. Jeff – we need Pitt to set the date for the Spring Game. Once set, the golf outing will be the Friday before with a noon start.


  2. The wife gave me grief over the 3″ x 4″ PITT script magnet I put on the side of the stainless steel fridge Reed sent me. As much as I love the PITT car magnet she would shut me off permanently if we went anywhere with that on the side of our car. Of course there are plenty ways around that!


  3. That picture of the row of fortified wine reminds me of a wine and cheese mixers we had at the Phi Delt house with the gorgeous Kappa Kappa Gamma babes I drank everyone of the plus a few more.. once the buzz took over I started mixing Moghen David in the same glass with Ripple and Boone’s Farm… woke up the next day with flu-like symptoms and missed class for a week.. cured me from wine like corn silk cured me from wanting to smoke….
    EE ..hoping to make the golf trip pending date and possible conflict with Easter and opening day of trout season


  4. Ike… sounds like we need to have Mrs Ike join in the festivities to get to know the POVerts… once she does you could cover you love nest with a POV quilt… Happy Valentine’s Day to all .. Hope you all get ” a little” tonight!! 🍻 Cheers 🍻


  5. EE – Get me a Head count. I’m getting a box of Cubans for the event. Maybe 2 but have to see why guy in Miami first.


    1. UPitt – we are up to 30 golfers at the moment with NO date from Pitt for the Spring Game yet. I’ve reserved two Friday dates in April with a noon start –

      I may have a friend join us who once worked for Smug Stevie in the Pitt Athletic Dept – he could fill us with stories I’m sure. But, he is a die hard nd fan – imagine that profile in the Pitt AD offices – ugh! Must have been hired by a search firm…


        1. JoeL – I did not have you on my list, but I do now with a + 1.

          Which will we se e first – the announcement of the new AD or the Pitt Spring Game date?


  6. Yep, Buzz made the horrible over the back call on Atris and forced Young to make the biggest boneheaded play I’ve seen in a very long time. Genius he is! oh and add in Jeter’s ridiculous lob pass and bingo. Stallings is stupid again. Got ya.


  7. No – Buzz was masterful working the refs. After a 48 hour turnaround from an emotional OT win he got maximum effort from 7 kids with his 2cd best player/ best rebounder out for the year. He used his timeouts at the right time. He coached a great game. Credit given where credit due

    I don’t hold refs accountable – bad calls happen all game long. A well coached team shrugs them off. A well ccoached team doesn’t toss the ball around the perimeter and settle for a low percentage 3 with a minute left and down by only one. They get their best inside scorer the ball in a position to make a high percentage shot or draw a foul from a gassed opponent.

    A well coached team finds a way to hold on to second half leads. This is not the only game it has happened in. They blew leads in Novbember and December and got away with it against crappy foes. The have blown 3 2cd half leads in the ACC – didderence between being 6-6 and 3-10. This is a trend this season – a systemic problem. The coach needed to rectify this by COACHING in December and didn’t.

    Lost season. Lost fanbase. Looking forward to August.



  8. first off, Artis < misspelled
    second, Buzz did coach a great game, he mostly does.
    seniors shouldn’t make mistakes like they did tonight
    Maybe Stalling’s isn’t the best coach PITT could have hired but it’s the negativity and bullying that’s total bull-crap.
    I can’t believe all the Jamie worshipers have their heads so far up their butts they can’t see what’s happened here. Dixon gave up!!
    I really liked Jamie but his time to go was 3 years ago.


  9. Dan 72 – Noted – I’m going to try to play golf this Saturday to block the opportunity to watch an awful BB team, if nothing else.


  10. Looks like I’m in for the golf outing if the dates are either the 15th or 22nd weekends . Most likely bringing another guest, maybe two if my Son can get a day off from work. Looking forward to it.


    1. I’ve got you down for 2 or 3 – we can adjust that later with the registration.

      Those two dates you noted are the weekends we are focusing on.


  11. OMG that pic of the ‘fine fruit wine’ is hilarious. MD 20/20 was given to all of us pledges to consume after of course being gently warmed in the sun to make it even worse. I am in for the golf outing as well. I have played Quicksilver many times. For that course my nick name should be Jose Marie Outofboundszo.


  12. For those interested PSN has a nice writeup on Charlie partridge today. I really believe Pitt struck gold on this hire. My concern is that he may be a one year and done DL coach as others are likely to come calling for his services.


  13. It seems all of a sudden Narduzzi has put together a solid coaching staff. With Canada gone and Conklin a little suspect I was thinking the football program was headed downhill. With CP now added there is some quality along with depth in the staff. I like Watson and his experience too. imo that’s what Pat needed the most.

    I keep saying it but I love the direction this program is headed.


    1. as I have been saying … if you go back two years ago when PN hired his original staff, he acknowledged that Conklin had very little experience for a DC. But he was hired because PN knew him and knew his defensive philosophies aligned with him .. and, more importantly, most of his coaching hires were people who were good recruiters (that was a prime criterion.) And Conklin, as well as Salem, have lived up to that thus far.


  14. Exactly wwb and now Pat is adding even more recruiting along with all important experience with another Defensive asst to soon be added. It’s a beautiful thing


  15. were you aware that Conklin was up for the Broyles award (as was Canada this year) while at FIU. This is from his Pitt bio:

    Conklin joined Pitt after building an impressive résumé as FIU’s defensive coordinator for two years (2013-14). In his final season, he was nominated for the prestigious Broyles Award after overseeing a unit that ranked first nationally in fumble recoveries (19), second in defensive touchdowns (six), fourth in turnovers gained (33), eighth in turnover margin (plus-11 overall; 0.92 margin per game) and 35th in total defense (363.8 yards per game).

    I will continue to say this ….

    — Pitt play a murderous schedule this year, facing a host of very good QBs and WRs, and

    — there simply was not much speed or athleticism in the LB or DB this year .. (especially with injuries to the only two DBs who can run)

    If the defensive production doesn’t improve by the end of the coming season, then it’s time for some changes


  16. Couldn’t bring myself to watch the BB game. But after the game I heard some remarks by Coach Stallings, who said that in the second half he kept asking the players “Are you tired?”, “Are you tired?.”

    Coach, no player is going to tell you he is tired knowing that if he does you will pull him out. If a player is playing like he’s tired, then treat him like he’s tired. Come on.

    Sounds like the golf outing is really shaping up to be a big-time event for the POVers…

    Go Pitt.


  17. I watched the whole game. I’ll say this – Artis cost them the game. He had several AWFUL turnovers in the 2nd half. Jeter had a big one or two as well. Stallings post-game remarks tell a lot. Some of these players are quitters. They played hard the first half and shots were going in. They faced a little adversity in the second half and they just crumbled. Very, very frustrating to watch – which is why no one actually shows up to the games. We haven’t hit bottom yet, but once we do, hopefully the rebound is quick. This season needs to end so that the roster turnover can start and hopefully the trouble within is removed from the team.


    1. I believe these turnovers can be a byproduct of being tired, and losing focus. I don’t believe Pitt substituted at all in the 2nd half. Maybe a 2 minute rest during from anywhere from the 12 minute mark to thru the 4 minute mark would have done the trick.


  18. Without real leaders playing on the BB team you just have a bunch of guys running around with a round 🏀 … need a cleansing enema with this team. No leaders on the court .. and not a lot of ” smarts.” I feel bad for Stallings and I now understand why there was a ” Jamie Sideline show” for the entire game….


  19. I turned the game on fairly late into the third quarter and I think I heard the announcer say that we had only attempted 3 foul shots up to that point… You think they would have come out more aggressive in the 2 me half with the big lead…


  20. VT scored SEVEN points while ONE second on the game clock elapsed. Must be some sort of record. And, of course, it happened against Pitt. At home.


    1. Right Pete, that would be your senior leadership right there. Young intentional fouls a VT player and allows him to score the basket. Thus 2 pts. Two free throws made thus 2 more pts. They get the ball because of the infraction and sink a 3 pt shot, thus 3 more pts, 7 pts later and PITT is down. Blaming Stallings is a cop out.

      I’ve said before on here that I quit watching PITT BB in earnest a couple years ago when it was obvious to me Jamie quit on the PITT BB program. How I liked him as the coach but his time had run out. Good luck to him but my focus is now on KS. Give the guy a chance, we have no other choice right now anyways.

      MM: do you remember the old Georgetown team? (I think it was them) a couple teams did this, where the players would raise the arms to indicate they were tiring out and wanted a breather. Players will come out of a game when they are tired if they know they will be right back in when they catch their breath. Which the PITT starters should know they will..


  21. Maybe Kithcart but you’re right. That’s was about it. Although VT wasn’t substituting much either. That game was lost on pure dumbness on the players part.


  22. From Blather: Pitt shot 16-33 in the first half, including 8-11 on 3s. In the first 7:32 of the second half they were 5-9 including 1-2 on 3s. The rest of the game they went 4-18.

    Either VT stepped up the defense, or Pitt became fatigued … probably both


  23. Thanks for the gift Reed, I will wear it proudly.Hoping to recover enough to be in the gallery for the golf event. Can’t wait to see the golf skills in this group.

    As far as players vs coaches, my answer would be all of the above. I really think we have to hit bottom and start over. Why wait till next near?

    Although it is hard to understand with two of Pitt’s all-time most prolific scorers, we are going to finish in the cellar.

    Maybe Reed ought to let Chas focus on BBall and keep the positive football vibes going here.


  24. @JoeL.U betcha…Was in the first pledge class back in 1970..the Phi Delts were kicked off campus and a group re-organized under as a local frat Gamma Tau Alpha,,I only heard rumors of what they did to kicked-off..something like ganging Dean Vernon Wormer’s wife!!! Crack-down on the frat houses in the 90’s moved most of them to the old Pitt FB practice field that sat below the Oakland Va and across the street from Pitt Stadium…that would have been a perfect place for a basketball arena..Hell- tear those frat and sorority row houses down and let them go back to keeping the neighborhoods an exciting place to live( toa,toga !), build a a re-Pete in their place, tear down the present Pete and replace it with a new PITT Stadium…Problem solved..after all. we are a football school.


  25. Guys ,if the date for the golf tournament is not Easter week-end, I will be coming up from Carolina to drink some liquor and hit a ball or 2 with yinz!


  26. Pulled this from ESPN’s ACC Rankings for the RB Position in 2017 –

    Runner-up: Pittsburgh. Like Florida State, the Panthers lose their workhorse and team leader in James Conner, whose inspirational story was impossible to ignore. But Pitt has talent, depth and experienced players returning at the position: 2015 ACC Rookie of the Year Qadree Ollison, Chawntez Moss and Darrin Hall. Add in two ESPN 300 running backs in A.J. Davis and Todd Sibley, and there’s every reason to believe the Panthers will excel at running the ball again.

    FL State was picked 1st (in case you were wondering)

    VA Tech was picked as “Achilles Heel” – in other words, their weakness on offense.

    SHOUT OUT TO QO – yeah!


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