If You See a Prius Flipped Over…

in the Heinz Field parking lot before a game that will be mine.

Why flipped over do you ask?  Because our own MVPOV’er Commenter and Crazy Supporter of the blog, Bernie Blystone (alias “BigB“) has just had delivered to my house a gift that will keep giving.

Hernias that is.  I came home from the gym to see a huge box leaning up against the side of my house.  When I opened it – it must have weighed 100 lbs – I found a Submarine’s Periscope inside.

No, really, it could have been one, it is that big.  But it is a… drum roll please… a 20 ft telescoping solid 4″ diameter aluminum flagpole and with a heavy-ass base that goes under your car wheel when you are using it.


This bastard pole is so big when I opened it the top was at my house’s roof height. Honest to God it is the Mother of all flagpoles and at 7ft when ‘flaccid’ it will just barely fit into my car for the trip to Pittsburgh for the tailgates and games.

14344182_1059748660809022_3057754327215469805_nHere the cool part – aside from the Partying Panther’s boss RV at the games (>) which is an icon of Pitt football itself, we’ll have the most visible thing around.

It fits right in – I’m 6’6″ tall, have a big nose and sport a 20′ flagpole… well, you can guess the rest.

I can’t wait my friends – it is shaping up to be an awesome Pitt POV Season and thanks to all for making it happen.

Here’s what the flags will look like:



78 thoughts on “If You See a Prius Flipped Over…

  1. Reed,   I am continually getting a message that indicates the Security Certificate does not match the web site.   It is making it very difficult to use the POV.   Any suggestions on what I can do to quit getting the Security Alert?   Jack Campbell


  2. Reed, yes I’ve had some problems from the onset of my arrival. Security issues that the site hasn’t been something or other. Next time I get it I’ll copy and paste. I also get a regular “long running script message. I don’t know jack about computers and just figured it was my own doing and it probably is.


  3. couple more things.

    More importantly I wanted to thank BigB for his generosity. Wow, thanks really cool. I’m very thankful to be a small part of such a fine group of guys and gals…..and great PITT fans!!

    The message I just had at the top right on my page (not the site page) when I come onto POV is “Connection is not secure” Like I said, I’m really a caveman when it comes to cpu’s. btw, I use firefox with this site with wordpress. No problems anywhere else.

    Reed, don’t tell me you worry about flipping over considering your size. The way I look at it is, the flagpole will act like a buoy while balancing you keeping you rock steady on your voyages to and fro from the Burgh.


  4. Way to go Bernie… That’s the one I got. It’s a beast and will outlast all of us. Thanks for your generosity to the cause.


  5. THANK YOU BIG B, gonna get one of those for my house. Thank you very much.
    I got that message a few times at work but I can still get on, havent seen it recently but did get a general warning at work(lunrelated) that we work for a public entity blah blah LOL – Big Bro is watching.
    Does that telescoping pole come with a little blue pill for Reed? 🙂



  6. Reed I use same set up with the flag on telescope pole. When under tire it never will blow over or away. I also have set under a big cooler and it withstood all winds. Congratulations your getting into the real tailgating haha. I had no security issues pop up but I’m on iPad.


  7. POVerts, we need a plan to develop and fund tailgating… funds for beverages or snacks etc…. I have been blessed to have known Tom Bailey owner of the Panther Party bus 🚌 and is always well- stocked .. donated to the cause last year…We need a war chest


  8. Reed, 2 things.
    a) I am now also getting the same security pop up which continues to hassle me as I read.
    b) Reed, what exactly does it take to get your pole to go from 6′ to 20′? Any help would be appreciated.


  9. BigB posted:

    “POVerts, we need a plan to develop and fund tailgating… funds for beverages or snacks etc…. I have been blessed to have known Tom Bailey owner of the Panther Party bus 🚌 and is always well- stocked .. donated to the cause last year…We need a war chest”

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Yes Big Bernie. I won’t make it to the spring game (i don’t think) but I do plan on being at some games next year. Count me in on supporting the funding of excess partying, purging and otherwise…hell raising! .. ike



  10. I’m in Reno, NV today and I can’t believe this town has internet. I feel like Im in 1977 and Travolta is looking for me in a Monte Carlo. Lake Tahoe is God’s Country though.


  11. UPitt …travel south of Reno- Carson City to Genoa Nevada (not that far) there you will discover ” the oldest thirst parlor in Nevada” Inside this old western relic hands a dusty bra once worn by Raquel Welch… story goes Raquel entered the Genoa saloon on afternoon after filming a western. A tradition of the saloon was to get drunken damsel’s to take off there brassieres and the bartender would hang them from the ceiling for all to enjoy (like Captain Tony’s in Key West) of course when Ms Welch comes in for a chilly it wasn’t long before the locals started badgering her to remove
    the piece of lingerie that housed the most precious tatas on the planet… Raquel looked around the saloon eyeing the hundred of bras dangling from every beam, deer and moose antler.. then she looked at the POVerts seated with there suds and said “I will boys ” The room became silent and hearts races with anticipation. “With one stipulation”, she added ” as the crowd wondered “what is it “to themselves. Raquel in all her beautiful glory said” Take all the other women’s apparel down and you can hoist mine!!” Today, UPitt you can sit in a real relic Cowbow thirst parlor and have a beer and shot with the Raquel’s bra the only one on display.. all the others were taken down and placed on an old safe still in the saloon.. the end.


  12. I believe since his firing had nothing to do with his production as a defensive line coach either as alluded to by DiPaola, recruiting or playing on the field by his kids.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was a personal thing, Narduzzi has a quick trigger on a lot of different things and it could be that this was one of the times when he just decided to let someone go. It wasn’t it first time it’s happened Voytik, Chaney and some other players.. when their time is up their time is up and we are never going to get an explanation from the head coach on why he does anything… so let the speculation begin.

    Narduzzi is the boss so he has authority in personnel decisions and could have a very good reason for the dismissal.

    But when we have a position coach who was responsible for the only bright spot in our defense last year and he gets fired it tends to make me believe it had nothing to do with football itself.


  13. Taking a break from writing today… Have to practice my short story reading as I’ll be doing a production, if you want to call it that, reading of a short story *”When You Go Chasing Rabbits” which is a funny kind of a love story about a guy looking up his third grade crush on the internet and ask her out on a date 45 years later.

    I’ll be doing it at the Howard County Central Library in Columbia, Maryland at 7 o’clock tonight… it will be about a half an hour long and another guy is going to be doing another short story himself.

    It’s a lot of fun so if you live in the area and want to come by please do… it’ll be a kick and we can talk about Pitt football afterwards.


    1. FWIW, I saw Hot Tuna 3 times (former Airplane lead and bass guitarists) … once at Rex Theatre on South Side, the last time in 2015 at Kent Stage, Kent, OH. That was the last concert I attended.


  14. Back to serious issues … the DL coach search. From PSN today:

    Pittsburgh Sports Now believes that former Pitt assistant Charlie Partridge is serious candidate for the position.

    Partridge was an assistant under Walt Harris and is considered one of the top recruiters of the state of Florida. While with Pitt, Partridge was the primary recruiter of Jabaal Sheard and Greg Romeus. He also helped close the deal on both H.B. Blades and Clint Sessions.

    If Partridge is Pat Narduzzi’s choice it would strengthen Pitt’s recruiting in the state of Florida. The team of Josh Conklin, Tim Salem and Rob Harley with Partridge would be strong.


  15. Sounds good to me about the DL coach, hope its true. IMO PN has decided to go South big time and according to UPitt 2 stars in Fla are actually 4 stars elsewhere.
    Maybe chasing Rabbits, Grace Slick, and the drug messages “one pill makes you large and one makes you tall “maybe that explains Reed meeting Brecterfield – it was Avonte Maddox, he just looked big. 🙂


  16. from today’s ESPN Acc blog:

    Which incoming ACC freshmen will make major contributions for their team in 2017? The ACC blog picks the recruit most likely to make the biggest impact for each team.

    Team: Pittsburgh

    Recruit: Paris Ford, No. 4 ATH, No. 68 in the ESPN

    Stars: Four

    Why he will make an impact: Few programs were as bad as Pittsburgh defending the pass last season as they were 127th in yards allowed per game. Five teams threw for at least 400 yards against Pittsburgh, despite having one of the country’s better pass rushers in Ejuan Price. Pat Narduzzi is one of the best defensive minds, but there just wasn’t enough talent in the secondary to work with in 2016. Ford, who lives near Pittsburgh, will have an opportunity to see the field early on his career, teaming with junior Jordan Whitehead to make the secondary at least respectable. Defensive coordinator Josh Conklin told reporters Ford has the necessary confidence to play in the secondary, and he will make the defensive backs group better the moment he steps on campus. At 6-foot-1, Ford has solid size for a defensive back. It’s important for Pitt’s recruiting that it signs the local stars and they turn into solid players in order to help keep future Western Pennsylvania players from leaving the area.

    Coach’s quote: “I think we’re getting a very physical football player, a very emotional football player,” Narduzzi told a Pittsburgh radio station. “I always tell our guys it’s a game of emotion, you better be cranked up to play a game and have your mind right in that aspect, and he brings that. Obviously, he’s got the athletic ability. He’s got a lot of knowledge. He’s a football player. Talking to his coach, he coached a lot of guys in the secondary when he got there, fundamentally as far as what to do. So he’s a special, special kid and we can’t wait to get our hands on him here and coach him up.”


  17. wwb, Maybe Pitt should play all its home games in Florida. Then we could follow a different zip code for its prime recruiting area going forward.


  18. POVerts… appreciate the thanks … but thanks to each and everyone of you… we share a common bond and whether we agree or disagree all contribute to make this a “Go to” place.. we need to give a shout out to Lastrowofsection- it was his idea to have aPOV battleflag flying or hanging where we could hook up… flagpole for tailgate came to mind, again Lastrow was Johnny on the spot with the vendor and Shazam…I ordered 2- Reed’s is much longer than mine!
    Gotta golf tournament in the works…spring game… tailgates to be planned… lots of fun times and at the age of 65 I hope I still have a lot of ” fun tickets” to burn


  19. What a strange thing. I have to keep reminding you guys that I’m not a reporter, I don’t break news – I comment on it…. But it would be hilarious if Inoke (we are now on first name basis) did get the job back.


  20. ^^^ Separated at birth Damn It !!!

    Penny Semaia must have thought that was the strangest conversation he ever had… although he did say he had never been to Hawaii but I figured he was just drunk as hell and blocked out those bad memories…


  21. First I was laughing my ass off and now I’m kicking myself in the butt. We all should have known it was Penny. His seats were a few rows down from mine and would see him all the time. Yes Reed, you are half vindicated. I just wonder who he thought he was talking to?


  22. This is Reed –

    Hey – I’m down at the library about to deliver the best most dramatic short story reading of all time and what do I see… Not one of you SOBs.

    I actually have a funny story about a Samoan when I was living in Hawai’i… we’ll its about as funny as a story that ends with a crushed sinus can be…. A pack of cigarettes ended my Coast Guard Diving career. It’ll sound better, and hurt less to remember, after a few beers…

    Thank God Penny didn’t have a wife there – that was part of the story above also.

    I’m putting up a different type article tomorrow… and one that I’ll want your feedback on.


  23. Reed, for future reference …..

    this Andrew McCuthceon, not Larry Fitz

    this is Mark Cuban, and not Coach Joe Rudolph

    and believe it or not, this is not wwb


  24. True story. I happened upon this big dude (who happened to be black) and I said to him. hey I know you. He stuck out this gigantic paw to shake and said “Nice to meet you I’m Lawrence Taylor” I smiled and said. “ah bullshcitt, you’re Sam Clancy” His wife and all three of us burst out laughing.


  25. Hey wwb, I take back that I went to an Airplane concert, it was Starship.

    #1 concert I remember? Lou Reed at the Stanley. Freaky…. and fantastic.

    On campus kind of, Roxy Music at CMU gym and Quicksilver somewhere down there I can’t remember. (not counting the mosque)


    1. my top 5:

      Allmam Brothers at Palumbo Center – 1989
      Blind Boys of Alabama w/ Robert Randolph at 3 Rivers Arts Festival – 2002
      Clapton at Civic Arena – 1992
      Delaware Destroyers at Cleveland Public Hall circa 1983
      Tie: Southside Johnny & Asbury Jukes at Tomorrow Club, Youngstown circa 1979,
      Doc & Merle Watson Stanley Theater late 70s
      Weather Report, Tomorrow Club mid 70s


  26. Hey, now I’m wondering if that flipped over car at the top of the blog might just be Reed’s Prius when he was trying to drive home after the LOI Event??????


  27. My favorite concert of all time was The Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers with opening act Doug Sham in RFK Stadium on 1973. Just awesome and went on for about 8 hours.

    I had a part-time job backstage at the Syria Mosque helping set up and break down the dressing room bars that the bands wanted catered in their contracts. Met a ton of star musicians – spent about 2 hours with Jackson Brown and his kid one day during sound checks… most times I’d set up and leave, maybe watch the show for free and then clean up afterward- I was a bartender at the Encore in Shadyside at the same time.

    The only band that pissed me off was Lynyrd Skynyrd who required 12 bottles of Jack Daniels – they drank 6 or 7 and threw the others against a brick wall before leaving the venue. I had to work like hell to clean that up and get the smell out of the room.


    1. Reed, I wanted to attend that concert at RFK but the Allman Brothers were playing at 3 Rivers a couple weeks after that (Boz Scaggs opening) .. and I settled for that.

      Just a few weeks before that concert you saw, ‘The concert at Watkins Glen” with the Allman Bros, The Dead and the Band attracted over 600,000 .. which stood for decades as the largest paid crowd for any show.


      1. FWIW, my favorite Southern band not named the Allman Brothers was Marshall Tucker (and not Lynyrd Skynyrd) … and even prefer Little Feat, Tom Petty and ZZ Top and others over LS.


    2. Well, my most memorable was actually in your hometown, Reed. Columbia MD. Iron Butterfly, with the opening act by Country Joe and the Fish. It was a great concert. But, the memories relate more to the girl with me that night.



  28. What’s strange to me here is that many of us were running all over Oakland doing the same things at the same time. So I’ll apologize up front if I ever stepped out of line with any of you.

    My very first concert was ELP at the Civic Arena. The Stones were just in town a month or so beforehand and Deep Purple was playing around the same time. Most of the concerts I’ve read about on here attended by you all I was at or considered going to. Money wasn’t flowing like wine in those days. Although the wine was.


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