POV’s Pitt-Duke BB Gameday Thread

OK my friends – have at it. We are in currently holding a seven game losing streak – all ACC opponents which makes it that much worse.

Here are our Pitt kid’s stats on the season thus far:


Enjoy the game if you can.

43 thoughts on “POV’s Pitt-Duke BB Gameday Thread

  1. We coulda shoulda woulda won our last game against NC.
    I always say there is no such thing as “a moral victory.” But with this team, losing by 2 @ NC was a moral victory.
    Right now I’d take another moral victory today at Duke.
    Sad for sure.


    1. Hell, I think the fact that we recruited a 6’10 center is a moral victory …. even if he can’t play offense. (actually I’m looking forward to see a center who can defend the basket area)


      1. Pulled this from PSN –

        It’s abit surprising considering the defensive line hasn’t been an issue the last two years. In fact, Sims helped coached Ejuan Price to All-American status.

        However, a couple of the Panthers prize defensive lineman didn’t really develop last year and Pitt has lost out on a few big defensive line targets the last couple of seasons.

        Where does Narduzzi go from here?

        A name that should get some consideration is former Pitt assistant Charlie Partridge. The 43-year old was fired as head coach at Florida Atlantic after three seasons (2014-16).

        Partridge is a very well thought of defensive line coach and a master recruiter, especially in the state of Florida. Partridge was a Pitt assistant under Walt Harris from 2003 till 2007 before moving to Wisconsin.

        Seems like an upgrade – let’s see if Pitt can finally make a hire for the betterment of the FB program.


  2. PITT is playing hard and I do see a difference in KS coaching. He’s coaching harder right now it seems. It’s easy to lose a team but not so easy to win them back over. Nice job.


  3. Stalling as I have said is a veteran coach who wasn’t happy with his seniors as to effort. He was going to throw them under the bus and rightfully so. You see the effort the last couple of games and maybe his message was a game changer. He deserves the opportunity to recruit and run his program.


  4. UPitt, John Wooden would win 2 games in the ACC with this clown collection……especially when they aren’t shooting well.


  5. Last 5 or 6 minutes to the end of the game is when coaching counts. 3 bad possessions where Pitt just went down and Artis or Young took horrible shots instead of setting a play.

    If a play was called but they are not listening to the coach they should have been benched – but how can you preach offensive freedom then punish kids for not playing disciplined basketball.

    Either bad communication technique or bad game planning.

    Mediocre coach mediocre results. We got what Barnes was paid for.

    Come on Fall.



  6. Pitt football recruit Gabe Houy of Upper St Clair had 28 pts and 20 rebounds its big win over Peters Twp. Both career highs.


  7. Have to wonder how much more of an impact Nix could have made if he got more time to hone his footwork in the early games. The guy has several shots including a hook…he has quick hands and understands how to position himself for rebounds and screens…his footwork sucks for an ACC caliber player and contributes to his slow reactions. But the guy has a heart bigger than his body, for sure.


      1. Actually he carries his weight fairly well…he hustles down the court, and fills the lane. I think 20 pounds off would be a good goal for next season. With just a bit more coaching he could be a poor man’s Gary McGhee next year.


    1. Makes me wonder about Milligan and Wilson too. If those guys had picked up consistent minutes at point during the non-con would the team be better off now? Stallings made some early season judgements on players like Nix, Wilson and Milligan and then claimed lack of depth when they hit conference play and the losses piled up.

      Wilson averaged nearly 11 minutes per game as a true freshman last year. He’s averaging less than 8 this season.


  8. JoeKnew, PSN is reporting that DL coach Sims was let go. They cite a possible replacement is Charlie Partridge who coached under Wanny here and then went to Wisconsin where he became DC under Bielema, and followed to Arkansas, Partridge is known for recruiting his native Florida (but not this is just speculation)


  9. It is unlikely that a reason is ever made public for a dismissal unless some kind of violation was committed and it became public


  10. I can’t remember, does anyone recall who the D Line coach was who helped coach Aaron Donald into a college and NFL star? Thanks.


  11. Brectenfeld didn’t come until 2012, AD’s last years. AD started at Pitt in 2010, his frosh year … was Gattuso DC/DL then? How about that old guy who is still associated with Pitt …. can’t remember.his name.


  12. I had a long talk with Breckterfield at the LOI Day event… Mostly about Taleni but also about the ’16 defense.

    Podcast will be up soon.

    Re: Sims firing. When something like that happens directly after a big public event where a lot of free booze is involved you tend to wonder if maybe some words were spoken that shouldn’t have been.

    I have no idea why Sims was let go but saying he didn’t develop some kids is strange when we just saw Taleni really do well last season.

    It is kind of funny that fans have been saying Paul Chryst left the defensive cupboard bare when Pat Narduzzi got here, and then other reports are that those same kids haven’t been developed properly which means that they must have had talent to be honed to start with.

    kind of hypocritical to me.


    1. just for the sake of argument … don’t you have to something to work with in order to develop them? I’m speaking specifically about speed and athleticism

      IMO the poor defense were a combinations of things … in no specific order

      — many 2 stars in LB/DB where Pitt was the only P5 offer (Wisconsin in Mitchell’s case). A walk-on even started at OLB
      — stubborness of coaching staff which focused on a particu;lar style of pass defense
      — extremely difficult schedule that included many QBs and WRs who are NFL caliber


  13. I don’t think we will ever know the reason or reasons behind the firing. Narduzzi just may not have been very happy with Sims recruiting efforts.


  14. Reed @ 8:20 am

    If Brecterfield, who was DL coach at Wisc past 2 years, was at Pitt’s LOI event and was aware of Pitt’s 2016 defense, then maybe he is going to be Sims’ replacement. Why else would he be there?


    1. wwb – just a guess, but I think Reed may have meant to say A. Donald instead of Breckerfield.

      AD was at the LOI, not to be confused with the Pitt Athletic Director, who was not present.


  15. Rumor is Sims violated University policy. Leave it at that. If he made a mistake in judgement, then hopefully he learns and moves on to another job. Have zero idea why the DL coach of Wisky is here and attending a Pitt function. Is he still the DL coach at Wisky? Partridge was far to vocal for HCPC to work with. .Narduzzi loves energy and getting the players jumping and intense.


  16. Interesting, So Breckerfield was or wasn’t there? There is a new rule pending approval that the football coaching staff will be increased by 1 very soon. Narduzz has already indicated that the new coach will be added to the defensive side of the ball. I have a hard time believing that Reed would confused a guy for AD for an enire long conversation. So I’m wondering if maybe Narduzzi is thinking of adding Breckerfield to their current staff and Sims must have pulled a real boner. Thus Charlie as well?? Pure speculation.


  17. No it was Inoke Breckterfeld because he and I talked about the Islands and him being Samoan and my wife being Hawaiian & Japanese and we talked about Pitt football. We talked about what I was like when he coached here at Pitt. We talked about five or 10 minutes so it was Ionke Brecterfield… no doubt about it.


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