POV LOI Day Meet Follow-up

First off let me thank my some of my Pitt Panthers Phanatics Friends ( a great Pitt football group on Facebook) for including me in their LOI Day evening:  Frostee Da Komen, Kevin Dell and his wife, Chris Lotz, Eric Garver, Bill Schenk, Corey , Ron , Alonzo, Jeff , Gabby, and others who I would recognize in a crowd but can’t remember a name to save my life. Great times with you all and thanks for not breaking the bank at the Bettis Bar.

Can’t forget the unofficial Pitt Football historian Bob Jeffery of Facebook’s Real Pitt Football Talk.  He is a font of knowledge when it comes to anything related to the Pitt program.

Now you guys need to get onto the actual articles themselves on the POV Blog and comment on there.

Polls lie.

Ours said 14 people would attend the Pre-Pitt LOI event frolic at Bettis’ and nine of us actually did – but then again they were the eight smartest and probably the most handsome of all our commenters… I’m excluded from that high company.

We had a real blast though.  I got to Bettis around 3:30 or so and the staff there was nice enough to throw together a couple of tables in the back room for us.  Drinks were on The POV and the great football conversations was carried by everyone. 

I got out of the evening with a bar tab of only $147 which included some food also – my money was used BTW; not donated.  Not too bad a hit considering I opened up the potential drinkers pool when I saw my non-POV friends at the bar when I walked in.

Actually we spent about half the time talking about Narduzzi and the administration; if Conklin should have been fired, who the QB of the future is, etc… and then the rest of the time talked about the other POV commenters.

And Yes, UPitt’s name came up a lot, so did wwb and Darkie’s along with most of you guys..  The consensus there is that while UPitt’s the most negative Pitt fan on the face of the earth he also is correct most of the time. BTW group he’s also one of the most generous.

Here are my five best friends on POV right now:

Broke Reed, Ray, Tom, Francis, Mark K. and Mark L.

Mark Kerestan (Pittpt) – we’ve heard his guitar playing on the POV; Ray H. (Raypgh), Larry C. (PittLC), Richard T., Tom and Mark Lacko – brothers who look like they could play in Pitt’s defensive backfield right now, Fran Lokar (lastrowofsection4) and my older friend Bill Hale.pov-tattoo

Here is another shot of a special thing… try to figure it out (I just got it so it will clear up soon…).

Not the best photo but I’ll send the artwork to anyone else who wants to have the coolest thing ever inked onto their body for the rest of their lives.  Hell, it might outlive your Pitt fandom depending on how well the team does next season.

OK – onto the next “BIG EVENT“.  The 1st Annual POV Golf Tournament will be held on the same weekend as the Pitt Spring Game and that looks like it will be the weekend of April 22nd – which is one week after Easter.

Rick Caldwell (Erie Express) is really working hard to get things arranged so when he comes out with the particulars and details please get with him early and often. Image result for ugly steel trophiesI can’t wait and my wife is taking a heavy welding class and will make the POV trophy in time for the golf outing.

I’m thinking she can do this one pretty easily but we’ll know a couple of gear teeth out to show how out-of-sync most of our commenters are (actually I like that and would have it as a sculpture in my home office).

I’ll have a Pitt-Duke Gameday Thread up by noon…


32 thoughts on “POV LOI Day Meet Follow-up

  1. Reed great pictures of your gathering at sighting day. I appreciate all your time and effort to put this all together. I hope your golf outing goes well I do enjoy reading all the ideas and thoughts posted. Some are even rational and sound H2P


  2. PS that’s signing day. I won’t be at golf outing since I’m an old man and only drive ball about 280 yards now instead if 325. I do plan on going to spring game. I also saw last nite where 2018 recruit Pitt offered from Erie Pa committed to psu yesterday. Too bad he’s big tough hitting linebacker. Have great day watching Pitt beat Duke H2P


  3. I think James Franklin is kicking our ass the whole length of the PA turnpike when it come to recruiting local blue-chip players.

    That is what happens when the football team is well-ranked at the end of the season. We blew a great opportunity to be that – 9 wins and probably #15 ranked had we won that bowl game.


    1. Can’t expect Narduzzi to out-recruit Franklin his second time around, especially when PSU plays in the Rose Bowl and we lose to Northwestern by 7. The best we can expect is to pull up close to even in 2-3 years.

      Every area in PA, including half of the Pittsburgh area, grows up rooting for PSU, not Pitt.


  4. EE, Glad Karl and you could connect for the POV golf outing at QS. If we need anything extra or whatever, let me know and I will talk to him. That time of year the course should be in great shape, and I will be on Jonseys back(greens keeper) to make sure all is great! I will attend and maybe bring a couple friends. Are we playing with our own groups or will there be a blind drawing to see who plays with the goat?


  5. @Reed I agree, a top 20 ranking was there for the taking and a disastrous string on injuries in about 1 hour prevented that. I do like the focus on Ohio and Florida and expanding to the Carolinas and D.C. area though. Getting PA kids, especially from western PA though still needs to happen. Franklin did have a huge rebound after losing to us and then getting taken behind the woodshed by Michigan and you have to give him credit for that. Hopefully our schedule next year gives us a chance for 9 or 10 wins and that top 20 ranking, I feel it will.


  6. BTW, Yup, we are getting creamed for 2018 recruits by the school out east, but let’s just wait till the dust settles. I will go on record to say I am not thrilled with the new OC. But I do agree most hires tend to be friend driven.


  7. Glad you guys had a great time!

    I wish I was as creative and bi polar as Dark Knight so no we are not split personalities and the same person. (Last Thread)

    Big B – Thanks Brother

    My new name for this D+ “Consultant” is……………………….. “Silver Fox” hope it sticks. It is actually not even negative. What this guy did in Texas is a crime. You guys saying I hope he sticks around. Look at his tenure the last 3-4 jobs. 57 year old “Silver Fox” was at best a 5th choice. Someone get him some Miralax!


  8. If that picture if of the eight most handsomest posters then you will think I’m Adonis. 🙂 but there is no doubt that you guys are so much smarter..

    If a kid wants to go to psu that’s ok with me, only means he will need an all paid tutor/test taker, courtesy of jimmie “one finger” franklin


  9. I think we can call it official, Upitt is racist against upper middle age men. First with the bald head/shoe salesman and now with the grey hair/silver fox comments. These young whipper snappers today..you wait.. 🙂


  10. Great Group of Guys in that picture!!

    Heading to Waco and Austin!! Keep it close against Duke Pappy. Coach K is back I think.


  11. Wow, I thought that was a group of movie stars at Bettis’s!!!!!!
    (Didn’t Chilly Billy film “Night of the Living Dead in Pittsburgh?)
    Just kidding guys! It was great to put a friendly face with your names. #H2P.


    1. if you would take 79 North from Pgh to the Evans City exit, make a right to downtown Evans City … the graveyard where the zombies came from is just south of the downtown.

      I was one of the zombies and thought the make-up made me look better, so until this day, I still use it
      (just kidding)


  12. Upitt,
    You ever get to Houston? You could come and have dinner at our place. Live in Walden C.C. on Lake Houston. Always welcome.


  13. Nice to see the faces that go with the blog names. Hope to attend some day. Maybe better chance if we have a Southern edition of a Pitt Pov get-together, Reed, you are a giant among men.


  14. Reed, I reflect the opinions of the above about your efforts in bringing together the POVers.

    BTW, was there anything in the actual LOI event that you thought was noteworthy? Or just the usual coachspeak and hilights


  15. POVerts shaping up as a frat for we old guys … can we get busted for overage drinking?
    Thanks for sharing.. can’t wait to hook up with more of you guys at the game… the whole
    Purpose of getting the POV ” Battle Flag” was to lead
    Us to one another ..
    Reed and fellow POVerts- something very special is being created before our very eyes…
    Thanks to all who contribute
    their thoughts and time and
    Make the POV a great place to hangout!!!
    And a great bid shout out to Reed for giving birth to the POV.. love you buddy!


  16. PSN reporting via KDKA that Narduzzi fired DL coach Sims today. An interesting development and possibly more changes to come on the defensive side are in the offing.


  17. Surprised by Coach Sims being let go. Seems like a good guy and I thought the Dline played pretty well. I mean how about the 3rd down and 4th down stops at the end of the Clemson game…

    Hope he lands in a good place. Will miss his “He’s BIG and he’s FAST, and that’s the way we like’em!”

    Go Pitt


  18. Nice to meet 2buckchuck, PittPT and Reed at the NLOI day. Now if I could get work to leave me out earlier I could join the crew at Bettis. There were 4 guys sitting behind me booing PN – no Reed wasn’t one, , he was stoically observing. 🙂 🙂
    i think Sims being fired had primarily to do with lack of success in recruiting. The Charlie Partridge speculation is interesting in given his ties to Florida. PN is not putting his eggs in the local basket.


  19. Mark Lacko – I recognize him as he sits just a couple rows in front of me to my right across the aisle.

    Reed , you must have banged your head a few times while maneuvering around ships. 🙂


  20. Too funny Reed. Met the “daughter’ of Night of the Living Dead, when she was doing a theatre promo for the movie at the Regent Movie Theatre in East Liberty, when it was released in 1968.

    You said you dated her ? Too funny.


  21. Here’s a little movie history for our younger pov’erts. The movie that started the whole genre, that has become YUGE. Had it’s World Premier in a Downtown Pittsburgh Movie Theatre. The Fulton.


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