Pitt v Clemson BB Game Day Thread: Noon Start


OK Folks – Pitt basketball’s team sits at a not-so-great 12-8. But support it you must.  I don’t have to, but some of us on the POV do.The game starts at noon and will be on Root Sports TV and on 93.7 The Fan radio.

Here is the gist of the season so far at first glance.

Overall: 12-8 .600 W-L% (128th of 351)

Conference: 1-6, 14th in ACC

Coach: Kevin Stallings (12-8)

PS/G: 77.6 (89th of 351)

PA/G: 77.8 (297th of 351)

And here is some info to look at when watching and commenting:



Go to town on the comments and lighten up on UPitt – he’s tender just now.



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98 thoughts on “Pitt v Clemson BB Game Day Thread: Noon Start

  1. I think I read that the Clemson game today is going to be a “Blackout”. That Pitt will be handing out black tees to everybody.

    Which brings to mind an idea for the football games. Make every home game a “Mustard Out”. Hand out yellow tees. Then the TV crowd would think each game was a sellout! They couldn’t tell the fans from the empty seats.
    Much cheaper than buying giant tarps for the upper decks!


    1. Who is getting blocked on here? I’ve never banned anyone so every post should go through – except ones critical of me as I have a filter on those.

      Bought a great old oak desk – solid oak 6.5 ft by 30″ and built in 1906… for $40 nd am trying to get it into my 2nd floor office = my writing will be unstoppable.

      I’m putting some things in the mail on Monday – thanks everyone for your generous show of support.


  2. Savanna – I like that idea. Better yet, paint every few seats blue and gold and it would appear they are full. Or actually build a 45k stadium and tear down 1/3 of the slum that is Oakland housing.


  3. Apparently Ryan Luther must be the greatest 6th man in the country (sarcasm) because when he went down with his injury the wheels fell off of the Pitt bus! It is overly clear that we have NO ONE on the bench that can play D1 ball. What will happen if one of our 5 starters gets injured at this point? YIKES! We may have to forfeit the rest of the season!!!
    Very, very, very frustrating! Our roster is a joke……….but no one is laughing (accept maybe Jamie).
    We have to beat this other ACC bottom feeder today. Oy Vey!!!


  4. Wasn’t going to watch the game but I just had to tune in to see the horrible wardrobe malfunction by Stallings. Just atrocious. I have to ask though. Is that what a mock turtleneck looks like? His color coordination looks fine to me but I am certainly not the fashion guru as some of you.


  5. Anybody hear the fans boo Stallings at the pre-game intro? Meyer at the PG tweeted it. Zeise called it “moronic” for people to boo a first year coach. Paul, he’s only in his first year at Pitt. He’s coached many years before this. Paul apparently angry that his unrelenting pumping of Stallings is not having the desired effect.


  6. Just got in from working in the yard. We’really down 4 with 1:55. Looks like neither team wants the other to become The Cellar Fellars!


  7. Serious question – how do we get rid of Stallings?

    With no AD, the administration will hide behind that fact and do nothing.


  8. I thought Stallings was an offensive coach …. and his top assistant was one of the best in teaching shooting. This team hasn’t shot well in 3 weeks, and we know it doesn’t defend or rebound


  9. Whew. I made the right call to work in the yard and miss most of this! 1:55 was about all I could stomach!

    I think we have the makings of a pretty decent team – once we learn to shoot, O-rebound, and do D. Shouldn’t take more than 3-4 years to do that!

    Stats show we got beat by 26 in the paint. Indicates weak guard play, no 5, and poor O rebounds. Also, lousy D. But we all knew that already!


  10. Y hasn’t Herman shown his Mellon-head at any of the games?
    He still on the payroll?
    Pitt could have gotten more for their money if they’d have spent it on a dead whore.


  11. I thought we were heading down the path towards BC status, the last several years. But I had no idea it would happen this soon. This sudden. This team beat the first place team in the BigJoke and the 2nd place team in the ACC, just a few short weeks ago.

    Although I did post, that with no bench, this team might be worn out, worn down by mid Conference season.

    That actually started happening sooner, and then the only bench player who contributed (Luther) got injured.

    We are now worse than BC. Didn’t think that would occur to next season. Sad state of affairs with all the Loot $$…Pitt invested in the BBall program. And at the cost of our OCS.

    Clusterf*ck !


  12. Services for Pitt basketball will begin next Saturday at noon, closed casket due to the horror of the look of the program. We ask that you remember Pitt hoops when it was happy, losing at the buzzer to Villanova and having Kemba Walker break Gary McGhee’s ankles, than what Pitt had become later in life-a cellar dweller ACC team that lost at home by 55 points.
    In lieu of flowers, the 17 fans left in the Pete ask for donations for themselves to recover money wasted on season tickets.


  13. 1928 & 1930: National Champs – Helms Foundation
    1940: won first ever TV game vs Fordham
    1941: Final 4
    1974: Elite 8 Finished in Top 10
    1987-88; Big East Champs
    2001-11: Golden Era — Handful of BE Regular Season and Tourney Titles; Two No. 1 NCAA Seeds and 3rd in nation in total wins
    2016: RIP


  14. My apologies to everyone on this site. I touted Stallings as a smart floor coach and it turns out he is a mere instructor, not a head coach.

    He condescendingly talks down to his players … a no no in any sport and has driven apart this team.
    Luther missing is a huge loss but this season no longer has anything to do with wins and losses.

    Many on the Pitt sites played or coached basketball. Let me share 2 observations in today’s game which would get a HS coach fired.

    4x today, Cam J on two of them, actually gets the ball on a pass under the basket and he’s open. He puts the ball on the floor trying to create off a power dribble allowing the D time to react and stuff his attempt at a layup or dunk. GO STRAIGHT UP YOUNG MAN!

    The second problem I saw is team wide and is killing the offense. WHEN YOU HAVE THE BALL ON OFFENSE, YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR OPPONENT REACT! Fake a shot, fake a pass but don’t just pass the ball around the perimeter without making the defense react!

    This is why Pitt has to settle for off balance 3’s all the time.

    That we are midway thru the season and players are making these mistakes, is incredible.

    I’m done. So should be Stallings!


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