Pitt v Clemson BB Game Day Thread: Noon Start


OK Folks – Pitt basketball’s team sits at a not-so-great 12-8. But support it you must.  I don’t have to, but some of us on the POV do.The game starts at noon and will be on Root Sports TV and on 93.7 The Fan radio.

Here is the gist of the season so far at first glance.

Overall: 12-8 .600 W-L% (128th of 351)

Conference: 1-6, 14th in ACC

Coach: Kevin Stallings (12-8)

PS/G: 77.6 (89th of 351)

PA/G: 77.8 (297th of 351)

And here is some info to look at when watching and commenting:



Go to town on the comments and lighten up on UPitt – he’s tender just now.



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98 thoughts on “Pitt v Clemson BB Game Day Thread: Noon Start

  1. I think I read that the Clemson game today is going to be a “Blackout”. That Pitt will be handing out black tees to everybody.

    Which brings to mind an idea for the football games. Make every home game a “Mustard Out”. Hand out yellow tees. Then the TV crowd would think each game was a sellout! They couldn’t tell the fans from the empty seats.
    Much cheaper than buying giant tarps for the upper decks!


    1. Who is getting blocked on here? I’ve never banned anyone so every post should go through – except ones critical of me as I have a filter on those.

      Bought a great old oak desk – solid oak 6.5 ft by 30″ and built in 1906… for $40 nd am trying to get it into my 2nd floor office = my writing will be unstoppable.

      I’m putting some things in the mail on Monday – thanks everyone for your generous show of support.


  2. Savanna – I like that idea. Better yet, paint every few seats blue and gold and it would appear they are full. Or actually build a 45k stadium and tear down 1/3 of the slum that is Oakland housing.


  3. Apparently Ryan Luther must be the greatest 6th man in the country (sarcasm) because when he went down with his injury the wheels fell off of the Pitt bus! It is overly clear that we have NO ONE on the bench that can play D1 ball. What will happen if one of our 5 starters gets injured at this point? YIKES! We may have to forfeit the rest of the season!!!
    Very, very, very frustrating! Our roster is a joke……….but no one is laughing (accept maybe Jamie).
    We have to beat this other ACC bottom feeder today. Oy Vey!!!


  4. Wasn’t going to watch the game but I just had to tune in to see the horrible wardrobe malfunction by Stallings. Just atrocious. I have to ask though. Is that what a mock turtleneck looks like? His color coordination looks fine to me but I am certainly not the fashion guru as some of you.


  5. UPitt – you have to beat the worst to not be called the worst.

    Clemson on a 12 nothing run – on no!


  6. There is the blow-out we thought might happen.

    Pitt down double digits with less than 14 minutes left…


  7. Is Stallings mad at the refs or his players with that psycho look – eyes popping out, teeth gritted and his hair a mess.?


  8. Anybody hear the fans boo Stallings at the pre-game intro? Meyer at the PG tweeted it. Zeise called it “moronic” for people to boo a first year coach. Paul, he’s only in his first year at Pitt. He’s coached many years before this. Paul apparently angry that his unrelenting pumping of Stallings is not having the desired effect.


  9. Just got in from working in the yard. We’really down 4 with 1:55. Looks like neither team wants the other to become The Cellar Fellars!


  10. 3 missed 3’s in a row killed Pitt. Sadly we live & die by the 3 now. Can’t even make a layup….


  11. Serious question – how do we get rid of Stallings?

    With no AD, the administration will hide behind that fact and do nothing.


  12. I thought Stallings was an offensive coach …. and his top assistant was one of the best in teaching shooting. This team hasn’t shot well in 3 weeks, and we know it doesn’t defend or rebound


  13. Whew. I made the right call to work in the yard and miss most of this! 1:55 was about all I could stomach!

    I think we have the makings of a pretty decent team – once we learn to shoot, O-rebound, and do D. Shouldn’t take more than 3-4 years to do that!

    Stats show we got beat by 26 in the paint. Indicates weak guard play, no 5, and poor O rebounds. Also, lousy D. But we all knew that already!


  14. One thing I didn’t see much of today was a good basketball IQ. It’s the one sport you need a sense of.


  15. Brown, Page and the likes back when Dixon was trying. There was a basketball team. Tough as nails and coach-able.


  16. Nate Peterman is starting for the north in the All-Star game… On DirecTV channel 212not bought so far a nice pass and a nice run


  17. Y hasn’t Herman shown his Mellon-head at any of the games?
    He still on the payroll?
    Pitt could have gotten more for their money if they’d have spent it on a dead whore.


  18. I thought we were heading down the path towards BC status, the last several years. But I had no idea it would happen this soon. This sudden. This team beat the first place team in the BigJoke and the 2nd place team in the ACC, just a few short weeks ago.

    Although I did post, that with no bench, this team might be worn out, worn down by mid Conference season.

    That actually started happening sooner, and then the only bench player who contributed (Luther) got injured.

    We are now worse than BC. Didn’t think that would occur to next season. Sad state of affairs with all the Loot $$…Pitt invested in the BBall program. And at the cost of our OCS.

    Clusterf*ck !


  19. Services for Pitt basketball will begin next Saturday at noon, closed casket due to the horror of the look of the program. We ask that you remember Pitt hoops when it was happy, losing at the buzzer to Villanova and having Kemba Walker break Gary McGhee’s ankles, than what Pitt had become later in life-a cellar dweller ACC team that lost at home by 55 points.
    In lieu of flowers, the 17 fans left in the Pete ask for donations for themselves to recover money wasted on season tickets.


  20. 1928 & 1930: National Champs – Helms Foundation
    1940: won first ever TV game vs Fordham
    1941: Final 4
    1974: Elite 8 Finished in Top 10
    1987-88; Big East Champs
    2001-11: Golden Era — Handful of BE Regular Season and Tourney Titles; Two No. 1 NCAA Seeds and 3rd in nation in total wins
    2016: RIP


  21. My apologies to everyone on this site. I touted Stallings as a smart floor coach and it turns out he is a mere instructor, not a head coach.

    He condescendingly talks down to his players … a no no in any sport and has driven apart this team.
    Luther missing is a huge loss but this season no longer has anything to do with wins and losses.

    Many on the Pitt sites played or coached basketball. Let me share 2 observations in today’s game which would get a HS coach fired.

    4x today, Cam J on two of them, actually gets the ball on a pass under the basket and he’s open. He puts the ball on the floor trying to create off a power dribble allowing the D time to react and stuff his attempt at a layup or dunk. GO STRAIGHT UP YOUNG MAN!

    The second problem I saw is team wide and is killing the offense. WHEN YOU HAVE THE BALL ON OFFENSE, YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR OPPONENT REACT! Fake a shot, fake a pass but don’t just pass the ball around the perimeter without making the defense react!

    This is why Pitt has to settle for off balance 3’s all the time.

    That we are midway thru the season and players are making these mistakes, is incredible.

    I’m done. So should be Stallings!


  22. @Dan Have the court acumen to realize that the opponent is reeling and fouling you every time you drive the lane, and drive the lane. Instead in the last 2 minutes Pitt settles for 3 low percentage 3 point jump shots. A timeout should have been called by the HC IMMEDIATELY after the first trey to remind the kids of that fact…that is what a real coach would have done.


  23. Since no one will be using the Pete for the foreseeable future, now would be a good time to tear it down and replace it with a domed stadium…With this BB product, we might be able to half fill the Fitz while the new BB/FB dome is under construction.


  24. There you go Frankie. I agree. Tear down the pete, the fitz and all the other waste of prime real estate over on that hill. Build a new PITT stadium with plenty of parking.

    What’s that you say?

    Where will the intramural’s play? Ship them over to CMU or a high school stadium where they belong
    Where will the baseball/softball teams play? Ship them downtown to PNC park
    Where will the basketball teams play. Ship them to Pittsburgh Paints Arena.

    Not fair you say? Tell that to the PITT football team…That’s what’s being done to them!


  25. @ ike your post is what the kids nowadays call SAVAGE lol.

    Can’t tear down the Peterson Events Center! In-itself it is a top 15 Quality College Basketball and on-campus Event venue in the country lol.

    The problem was Jamie Dixon’s recruiting to Pitt. Dixon created a Toxic-Mess where he recruited almost all Zero Talent players who were guys only he could coach in his system (almost the whole team) and then the lone two talented guys in Artis and Young — Zero Character, Zero Leaership guys, where Dixon at least could try and force his way into their heads and try and force them to adhere to him.

    Stallings is right to call out Young and Artis, and to call out the lack of talent on the team trying to compete in the ACC. The problem is Stallings can’t recruit, so everything is just getting worse. If Stallings was a Sean Miller and was bringing in a Top 100 7-footer, and four more top 100 recruits with multiple potential one-and-dones for next year — then Stallings could talk all the trash he wants on his current team.

    But Stallings can’t recruit 😦 😦 and even in the best, best case scenario in his Pitt career if after 5 years with all his players on the floor and his best potential for success — Pitt is a mid-teir ACC team that looks exactly like his Vanderbilt teams.

    #HorrificHire + #EffYouBarnesScott Barnes FAILED Pitt


  26. ^^^ If we could go back in time — a real Pitt hero would go back and keep this moment from every happening. Send back a Terminator or something to take out Barnes so he cannot make this hire lol.

    0ne of Scott Barnes asinine, totally-False claims about his hire @ 3:00 —- “Kevin is counted among the very best in the Nation at formulating an offense around the talent that he has, and maximizing that.” 😦 😦 😦 HAHAHA *just horrible. Horrible, horrible, Freak-Show horrible.


  27. Gotcha DK, just trying to make a point. Everyone else plays on campus and the football team pays for it, literally AND figuratively


  28. It’s being reported that Billy Napier will become the OC of Arizona State. Scratch another off the list. I hope Pitt wasn’t çompeting for him. I’d really hate to think we lost out to that jagoff, Fraud Graham !!!


  29. Confirming what others already know –

    Arizona State: Alabama wide receivers coach Billy Napier will join the Arizona State staff as offensive coordinator, according to AL.com. Napier has been at Alabama since 2013 and was the offensive coordinator at Clemson from 2009-10.

    Two big loses for Pitt today – BB to Clemscum and FB to Fraud Graham (and ASU).

    You snooze, you lose and you wait, too late.


  30. UPitt – I’d prefer the QB coach at Clemson, Brandon Streeter. Played HS ball at Gettysburg – PA guy who was a QB at Clemson with numerous coaching successes.


  31. EE – He won’t leave for Pitt. Step down and the money would be lateral move.

    Salem is coming I feel it. Announcement soon. Plan all along.


  32. Hire a Trestle now! Damnit! Make Salem the OC. You’re going to do it anyhow. Get it over with. I can live with Salem if you hire Trestle.


  33. Tear down the Pete and build a domed stadium. Then, rebuild a duplicate of the Fieldhouse! It will be perfect for the solid 3000 fans we will have left for basketball!

    Ok I’m putting down the scotch!


  34. EE – He makes 275k. He is in line for the OC Job at Clemson if he stays the course and loyal. They will lose their OC’s soon.


    1. Pitt can afford to pay Streeter $600k to be the next OC with conditions. He uses the Canada playbook to structure his O and he agrees to stay for a minimum 2 years.

      For Streeter this could be a nice resume builder to a bigger job – his dad has been the HC at Gettysburg College for as long as I can remember, so Brandon probably has HC aspirations.

      I’m hopeful and trying to dream positively after the BB train wrecks we have witnessed in January.

      Oh and the wrestling team lost to unranked unc to start the ACC title battle at 0-2. The article I read stated that Pitt is out of contention for the ACC regular season dual meet title.

      In other not so good news – Scott Barnes was spotted in Oregon at a local bank last week, cashing his Pitt AD check. More to come…(Pitt paychecks that is)


  35. Agree Dan 72 – but it won’t be Tressel cause he was rumored to be interested prior to hiring a search firm.

    Sir Patrick G has done a few things right, like firing Steve Peterson and hiring Pat Narduzzi.

    The wrongs are obvious right now, with Barney and Stallings.

    I’d say the new AD is more critically important than his two rights and probably will match or be worse than the two wrongs. It seems to be how Pitt has rolled in my brief 40 + year history with the university.


  36. What’s the story on the Pete? Only seats 12,500, right? No men’s NCAA tourney early rounds come there, right? Too small. The arena where the Pens play and where the Pitt-Duquesne game was played was used once, I think, for one of the NCAA men’s early rounds. Seating capacity was large enough. Women’s came once to the Pete. When this was built, Pitt men’s BB was on the rise. Maybe the capacity was set up for a more realistic demand for Pitt BB, like now? A money thing? One member of the Cleveland Cavaliers off-court personnel told me that the first floor box/loge seats, or whatever they are called, are at floor level or just below and do not allow unobstructed views of court action. Cavs used to play some pre-season games at the Pete and that is why I heard about the floor level box/loge seating. Don’t jump on me for this. I know many think the Pete is spectacular. Maybe it is. I saw one game there from the nose bleed section. Very nice arena but not the greatest I have been in. Seems to be on par seating wise with the Ohio U, Akron U, and Cleveland State college arenas I have been in. The Q in Cleveland is spectacular, but it is not a college arena.

    Is the Pete seating capacity the smallest in the ACC? Cleveland Sate University, not in Pitt’s class, has an arena that seats over 13,000.

    BTW, maybe the new OC hiring has to wait until Pitt gets a new AD.


  37. I can assure you that an OC can be hired without an AD in place. PN will have to have approval by Juhl and/or Gallagher.

    I admit the plot thickens … but once again, I will wait to see who is hired. FWIW, while there was not a whole lot of discussion … the Chaney hire two years ago was more highly praised on The Blather than was the Canada hire last year.


  38. Did Beatherd get injured yesterday? All I watched was the 1st quarter. I find it all that Peterman apparently played most of the game .. in an all-star game?


    BTW, not that Pitt needed another RB .. but it was down to Pitt and Toledo for Kareem Hunt 4 years ago. I know this because I live in the school district where he played … and followed him closely.


  39. Going into the BB game yesterday, Clemson was last in the ACC in rebounding margin according to the game announcers – Pitt was outrebounded by Clemson 36-34.

    The 1st half effort by Pitt was acceptable – we received a much worse effort in the 2nd half and lost. Clemson shot 53% from the field vs Pitt’s lousy 35%.

    Note to UPitt – as you search for the celebrity guest for our POV golf outing, please skip over HCKS and Barney (who should be off Pitt’s payroll anyways)


  40. Announced attendance for the Clemson BB game was 9828.

    I remember not too long ago that a Pitt BB game was a hot ticket that you were put onto a waiting list to get one.

    Oh, to reminisce.

    Worst college BB situation:
    Legendary coach ousted by new AD.
    New AD hires an undesirable with a long term contract.
    The undesirable new coach presents a bad product in his first half of a season.
    The new AD leaves the program for another school midway through the “undesirable” 1st season.

    Accountability – no where to be found in the athletic department.

    The above scenario is real and it is happening in Pittsburgh, PA.


  41. Who wouldnt want to coach at Pitt??? Only place you can have losing seasons and no pressure and extensions. Half the time there is no AD and media treats you with kid gloves. Dorks like Zeise who still defend the hire.


    1. I think Zeise is defending the program because he more or less has to …. being that he championed him so much in the pre-season.

      I cannot see Stallings getting fired … although if Pitt loses the rest of their games(or close to it), .. who knows? While I did not appreciate the way Stallings was hired, I have contended that he came into a mess and deserves a chance to prove himself here …. but my support is certainly waning with each pathetic performance.


  42. So much for the theory that you have to wait til after LOI day to announce your OC, ASU didn’t seem concerned or the media was more motivated there to break the story.


  43. Here’s a scenario to ponder …. Pitt indeed had an understanding with Napier but Fraud, whose program had greatly underachieved the past 2 years (while Pitt’s is progressing), offered Napier more money while he had ASU pay out Napier’s buyout clause to show how much he wanted him … just to make Pitt look bad.

    I have no proof nor do I really believe this … but until a hire is announced, I might as well enter the speculation market too.


    1. If that scenario did indeed play out, it would be another example of Pitt not having the balls to do what was necessary to get the job done.. in essence a repeat of not locking up Canada before the other programs came a calling. Offerman money after the LSU offer is a cheap move like the Pirates often pull, to save face, while knowing the offer won’t be accepted. I hope we are pleasantly surprised when the OC is named. Anything less is SOP.


  44. Wbb – history dicates Future. This fucksock doesnt deserve another game let alone season. God are we conditioned to accept slop on our plate and like it. He sucked at Vandy. He sucks now. He will suck in the future. Nothing is changing. If you girlfirend has a fat ass at 20 guess what that ass is getting fatter at 30.


    1. I’ll have you know that my girlfriend did have a skinnier ass when she turned 30 … then dumped my ass because she was able to do so much better


  45. Upitt, you know you could be disparaging a lot of your buddies relatives?? Maybe you should qualify your last post as saying they do not necessarily have to be bald? 🙂


  46. Pulled this stat from ESPN –

    Louisville ranks last in the ACC in 3pt% at 33% — but shoot 43% in the 1st game and 55% in the 2nd game vs Pittsburgh.

    All totaled in the 2 games – the Cards shot 18-36 from 3pt land or 50% for a team that doesn’t even come close to that % in it’s other ACC games.


  47. Ike- No disrepect to those hardworking folks. My point is Stallings should be there vs stealing 75k a game acting as a coch at Pitt.


  48. I am not concerned about the OC candidly. I am more concerned with the direction of our overall athletic programs. Given the current landscape of the NCAA, Pitt is positioned to make a huge jump in all sports. Why? The NCAA is not punishing for recruiting violations because they have no power to do so in the current environment. Find me a school that has or is being punished in that area! It just isn’t happening. He’ll, even the teams that have fake majors (unc,Syracuse, etc.), aren’t getting jammed up.

    It is a time to take huge strides. I support Tressel as AD. Our current Administration doesn’t understand how much he wants to succeed at a P5 school and do it the right way. What are we waiting for? Committees in higher ed fail! I know this because I still sit on several, every time a VP is hired at a P5 school. It is frustrating and the Alpha always influences the rest of the group anyway. It also allows everyone to point fingers at each other when a hire goes wrong. That is higher ed in a nutshell.

    I would relish a 5 minute call with Gallagher to get us going in the right direction. We are not far off directionally. Administration just needs to understand how athletics plays with future giving. We seem to miss that. Hubris at the Pitt Administration, has been the major risk factor for years. Decision in gout of fear instead of strength leads to failure.


  49. Donna Briscoe Someshitorother did a great job tanking Pitt athletics in the mid to late 80’s believing Pitt athletes should have the same admission standards as the Ivy’s.
    I say lower the standards.
    This is entertainment. Do I give a rat’s ass about the SAT scores of Vicki Secret models?
    Get Tressel – which they undoubtedly won’t.
    They will get a Herman retread, with a lot of talk and game-excitement-committees as he/she scans the want ads for a job closer to mom and home.
    And as for giving Slumpy a six year contract…unforgivable!


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