POV’s NLOI Day Festivities Roll Call

Let’s get together and celebrate our new 2017 class of young men who have decided to become Pitt’s latest football student/athletes.  First on February 1st we’ll break bread and drink mead (drinks on Reed – no exceptions!) at Bettis’ Grille  I’ll be there at 3:30 then we’ll go over to the North Club at around 5:00 pm for the event…  and to ask the coaching staff the hard questions.

I’ll pay $20 to anyone not named Reed who asks Narduzzi face-to-face why Qadree Ollison didn’t get hardly any playing time this season. (I’ve tried and got a deflection par excellence).

Thanks for responding and I hope you all can make it… it may be crowded so again – look for a 6’6″ guy with a mustache and a blue Coast Guard ball cap.






134 thoughts on “POV’s NLOI Day Festivities Roll Call

  1. I’m disappointed that Reed wasn’t picked for the AD search committee. I’m serious. He’d give the committee a different perspective and, with his experience, I bet he “reads” people pretty well.

    I like Tim Salem but do not want to see him be the OC, or the co-OC. Give him a raise for his good work.

    Go Pitt.


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