POV’s Sunday Podcast – Recruiting

Just a day after Mike Vukovcan announced his departure from KDKA and going all-in with Pittsburgh Sports News… and about five hours after I posted an article about it my daughter calls me up and says the Pitt POV’s Patreon donation site is online and ready to be activated.

Ironic, yes?

Please let me explain what our donation site and process is about and what it will do and not do. I did some rather extreme research in looking for a site that would be what I wanted to represent my intent to… hell, there’s no other way to say it… get money from you. 

First and foremost I want it to be very clear in its intent and that is as a donations sitenothing more than that.  It is not a subscription site regardless of their use of the word “subscribe” which I think is a poor choice of a word for them to use.

To me “subscribe“means you pay for something or you don’t get it.

The Pitt POV is not that and never, ever will be.  Let me make sure you understand that 100%. It will never cost you a penny to read and comment on here.  Maybe buying me a beer or two would be welcome though.  But never, ever money to read the blog.

What Patreon is though is more of a “continuing donation” site where, in essence, you pledge to contribute $X amount of money per month to support the costs associated with this blog. What ever you chose to donate will be recurring each month in other words.  So be careful to understand that before you hit the donation button.

Also, you can stop your donations at any time you feel like it. Please do so if the site falls below your standards of what you feel you can support. Which, should you choose to do so, is entirely up to you. 

Again, any amount you choose is fantastic and will go directly toward this website’s cost of sustenance.  Any Patreon contributions will also be separate from my own charitable donation promises I have made on the home page of the POV. 

Donations to those organizations will be from any paid advertising I have and will be always be supplemented out of my pocket – not yours through donations.

Now, since I’m doing this I feel the need to be more specific in why I’m doing it. For us older guys this isn’t so easy to do or talk about but for my daughter’s generation, the 20 and 30s year olds, it is the new norm and I myself even support some up and coming artists thru sites like this one I’m using.

Our Pitt POV blog started on June 23rd of last year.  In the time between then and December 31st I paid out over $6,000 dollars for the cost of this website to allow giving you the best writing and info I possibly can.  That means traveling to Fall Camp practices, to every home game, to the University of Virginia for our away game and to then NYC for the Pinstripe bowl.

In addition to the hotel stays (a total of 18 nights out-of-pocket) I had gas expenses for 12 round trips to Pittsburgh (@ 450 miles per – 5,400 miles total) and New York (@ 412 miles)  from home in Columbia, MD;  meals, highway tolls and miscellaneous expenses.

It also includes continuing subscriptions to media and recruiting sites, news services, and organizational membership fees and dues I hold for this effort.  That all adds up monthly also.

I never went into this amount of detail with you guys before because I really love doing this blog.  But the expenses for what I did in those six months to make it as good a site as possible really caught me by surprise.  Now, for the year 2017 I’ll have the NLOI Day Event and spring practice travels, the Spring game and hotel stays in addition to those trips listed above throughout the fall and football season. 

Throw in at least 20 hours of research and writing each week and that takes its toll on other things also.

So cry me a river, right?

Look, I truly hope you guys and gals feel like the Pitt POV is a worthwhile part of your everyday lives – it sure has become a big part of mine.  All of the feedback you have given me about the blog is positive – not always my writing or opinions, that would be insane and I’d have a heart attack,  but for the blog itself.

So all that said, by the time you read this the Pitt POV’s donation page on Patreon will be up and running.  Give what you will and you know I’ll appreciate it to no end. There are some prizes associated with various donation levels to boot.

But I am serious about this – if you ever come down to having only one “click” left before your computer shuts down and you have a choice between donating or commenting… then I want your comments on here and that won’t ever change.

Here is video of how the Patreon Donations work and why it was started.  Below are the steps to how you donate and become a patron:

Click on my Patreon Pitt POV Homepage and see the BIG RED BUTTON that labelled “Become a patron” in the top right corner. Hit that and decide at what level you want to support us on a monthly basis.  BTW – you cards will be charged in the beginning of the month. Here is the visual.


I’ll have an editor’s note at the bottom of each article posted for a while also (see below).

Editors Note:   If you enjoy what you read in the articles and the comment discussions on the POV then please consider being a supporting patron through our donation site on Patreon.

We have started to accept donations specifically to offset travel and associated expenses that this blog requires.  Click on the image below to get started and THANK YOU!


Note: if you prefer to donate by check just send me an email to rkohberger@gmail.com and I’ll give you my home address and please make the check out to “Reed Kohberger” and not Pitt POV.


98 thoughts on “POV’s Sunday Podcast – Recruiting

  1. Reed, I was happy to donate to your blog through the Patreon site. It was a little disquieting though at the point when “Stripe Inc.” shows up in the payment process. I get a text message subsequently from them with some cryptic numerical code to be utilized in future payments in some manner, that is unclear. Confusing at the least.


  2. Just got a big recruit – DT Kam Carter


    From PGH Sports News

    “4-star defensive tackle Kam Carter (East Mississippi Community College) gave a verbal commitment to Pitt prior to leaving his official visit. Carter becomes Pitt’s 22nd recruit in the Class of 2017 and the first defensive tackle.

    Carter (6-4, 300 lbs) fills a need spot for Josh Conklin’s defense and is a player that can possibly step right in and play because of the graduation of seniors Shakir Soto and Tyrique Jarrett. Carter will now be in completion for playing time with Amir Watts, Jeremiah Taleni, Mike Herndon and Keyshon Camp.

    Carter was former commitment of James Franklin and Penn State back in 2015 but was removed from the roster. This will make the second game of Pitt’s upcoming season a real meaningful one for Carter.”

    Read the rest at the link above – Pittsburgh Sports Now gets the breaking news better than anyone else.


  3. Great pick-up at a much needed position … as long as he behaves.

    Reed, hate to be that guy … but post your address and I will send you a check. The reason for my extended absence from this site last month was that both my home and work computers were compromised .. and I am not taking any chances. My friend and co-workers believe I’m overreacting … but so be it.


  4. Been following you for years and Pitt football since marching in the Pitt Band (1992-96. I don’t post, but read and follow religiously…you have my pledge and support!

    Well, now you can help our discussions with your comments – new thoughts and ideas welcome… and thanks for being in the band. Practices in the summer and fall must have been brutal.


  5. Can I just mail you a check Big guy? Throw up your address and it will leave Texas in AM.

    I like Atlanta and Steeelers.

    I think Steelers win by 10. This isn’t the same old pats and we hit Brady early and often and late! I bet Dupree makes. A point to hit him late. He gets hit he throws INT’s


  6. Altomike… love the PITT band…thanks for chirping in… we are all brothers on here … let’s get the chant back in the Victory Song… need to get on Patrick Gallagher to have the song restored… da.. da..da.. da. dada Fight Pitt Fight…
    Hope the DT recruit realizes he has been given a 2nd chance…


  7. Yep, Kam Carter was one of those “homeruns” that I mentioned on our previous recruiting thread. A good get at at position of need DT. Carter was a solid 4🌟coming out of high school. Went to Penn State but got kicked off the team. I have no idea why? Does anybody out there know why he was kicked off?
    Hail to Pitt!


  8. Interesting tweet by our newest BIG guy –

    His reference to “haters” has me fired up for the psu game already.

    Crush the nitters in Creepy Valley!


  9. Reed get my email from your list and mail me your address I will help your blog just have issues with my computer. I’ll mail you a check also. Carter a big plus now we seal the deal with Procter and twyman. H2P


  10. Reed, you can pick him up and take him to the spring scrimmage

    Kam Carter? I’ll take him to Bettis’s to drink with us before going over to Heinz for his official public Pitt debut. That will start his career off with us in fine shape.


  11. Maybe he wasnt fond of the Creamery. I hear they run you out of town in Creepy Valley for saying anything negative about it. Its a holy relic or shrine much like Joe Pa’s grave.


  12. Oregon: Co-offensive coordinator / tight ends coach David Reaves has been placed on administrative leave and “the process to terminate his employment with cause has commenced” following an DUI arrest on Saturday night.


  13. gc….that’s incredible.. hope the Black n Gold rock… I am sitting here with my Buffalo Bills fans who always become Steeler fans in the playoffs


  14. John +1 (Brady throw’s 5 yard passes and our DB’s play zone and off the ball 10 yards. Idiots.

    Maybe Todd Haley is the OC and he can keep his office in Southside.

    I hope someone knocks out Brady.

    Total Embarrassment. Tomlin needs to go.

    If Belicheck coaches us we win 5 SB’s in last 15 years. We always have better talent. SMH


  15. I’ve never seen a team out-coached this bad in my life and I’m 67 years old. They used a cover 2 zone instead of press coverage and rushed 3 guys most of the time. They brought no pressure up the middle.

    Houston played better with half the good players we have. The Steelers have no clue how to beat NE. The only way they can get to a Super Bowl is if someone else beats them. If I owned the Steelers with this great assembled team I’d fire Tomlin and bring in a staff with a clue.

    If the Steelers played NE 50 times in the playoffs they’d lose 50 times.


  16. I think this is shaping up as a solid recruiting class. It may not be exciting but I think it’s pretty balanced and most of the guys should be solid contributors. I think Cam Bright and Paris Ford will be big time defensive playmakers, as will Michael Smith and Charles Reeves on offense. Hopefully they can land a couple more 4 stars to close it out.


  17. Thank God for Pitt POV, LOI day, our transfer QB and DL, and all the young men who will compete and grow at The University of Pittsburgh. I’ll be dropping some ducats in the hopper, Reed.


  18. Reed, also send me an email with address to mail out a check. This is a small price to pay for daily entertainment.—On the recruiting front Pitt could use a couple of additional DT commits IMO. This is a position in dire need from where I sit


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