Spring Events for Pitt POV’ers

At periodic intervals I will be posting info about opportunities for us readers and commenters to get together and meet each other face to face, have a drink or two, and wax poetic on detailed and serious Pitt Football issues.

Coming up in 2017’s Winter/Spring months so far we have two events:

First off – The Pitt recruiting class of 2017’s Pitt National Letter Of Intent Day (NLOI) that will held be at Heinz Field with free parking in the Gold Lot. (You can RSVP through the link above).

2017-loi-day-2I will be hosting a cocktail hour before the official start of the event.  Meet myself and other POV’ers at Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 between 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Possibly earlier depending how long my drive from MD takes.

At 5 o’clock we’ll mosey over to the North club at Heinz Field to do the football coaching staff ‘meet and greet’ that Pitt puts on before the more formal 6:00 pm talks and PowerPoint shows by the position coaches talking about the kids from the 2o17 recruiting class they will have under their care.  That lasts about an hour or so then… if we feel like it we can have another back at Bettis’ Grille.


Leave your wallets at home!  This day’s on me as a small way to say thank you all for what you all have done in helping this blog get off the ground over the past six months. I truly mean that.

Secondly – and if my ciphering is correct – we’ll meet up again during, or around, Pitt’s Spring Game day to host a Pitt POV golf tournament.

Our great friend and superb commenter Erie Express is arranging this outing and while we have some months to firm up the details we’d appreciate it if you contact him and let him know if you are interested…or of course you can get in touch with me at rkohberger@gmail.com at any time to discuss.
Image result for golfer old time blue and gold
Required colors on the links

Again – this is a preliminary golf outing date but will be a blast when it happens – there will be prizes for the golfers who partake in the day regardless if you suck at golf like I do.  Because the official Spring Game day hasn’t been announced I think we will target the 3rd Saturday in April as that is the constant date that has been used in the past.

This year that would be on April 15th… but again that hasn’t been confirmed by Pitt yet so keep a ‘save the date‘ for that but be flexible please.

Of course and in addition I’ll be driving up to the Southside a few times over March and April to attend some spring practices and will let you guys know when I do that is so we can have lunch, drinks, etc…

Depending on how these events go we’ll plan more – already I’ve committed to Pitt POV Tailgates (thanks Big B again for the POV flag!!) at the home games and we’ll have other events, such as away game trips,  as time rolls on.

Reed crookedly modelling the Pitt POV Tailgate flag



48 thoughts on “Spring Events for Pitt POV’ers

  1. Reed – Use my Points for Hotels. I can book for you. Any Hilton Property.

    I’m in on golf. Hope Im better by then. Catscan was good. Blood work good. She doens’t know what is wrong. Still Lightheaded and all the time and dizziness coms and goes.


  2. Is there contact info for Erie Express? Never been to a Pitt Spring game but wrapping it with a POV golf outing weekend just might be a good enough excuse for me to make the 10 hour road trip from Savannah to the Burgh a reality.


  3. UPitt, glad to see the positive results so far. But if vertigo, Quicksilver is not the course for you. LOL

    Reed, thanks so much for your efforts, generosity and participation …. although I won’t be able to attend. Very admiral … I mean admirable.


  4. For those who haven’t gone to a Spring Game – and really want to see what everyone talks about – then I suggest doing so. It is free, the parking is free and the drinks will be free – what else can beat that and then also seeing all the kids we’ll be discussing during the offseason (less the 2017 recruiting class that reports in the summer).

    Yes, it is a glorified scrimmage but I have driven up every year since 2004 and love going to it and talking shop with Pitt fans.

    If the golf outing is on a separate day then I’ll host a tailgate for the Spring Game.


  5. Wow..what a great looking……Flag!! 1st I have seen it Reed as it was shipped directly to you. I need to order a flag-pole..let me know if I should get 2- thanks to Lastrow we have a vendor..give me the order LCDR..

    I might come up for the golf outing pending the Pa 1st day of trout season…with ideas like these and follow -through the POV is putting flesh on the dry bones….

    UPitt ,great your CT is clear…nothing growing in your gord and that’s a great thing..need the ENT consult next …

    Bernie, the flag is truly excellent and the logo and colors really jump out at you. That photo really doesn’t do it much Justice and I appreciate everything you’ve done for this website especially you’re support with your great comments and in buying the flag and doing other things.

    Guess if we have a flag we should get a flagpole that attaches to a car… if you would do that I appreciate it and we’ll talk about the sharing the cost or whatever later on.

    Thanks again….Reed


  6. Reed,
    Thank you so much for all your personal input to the POV. It means a lot to old Piit farts like me living in Texas and other parts of the great US of A.!!!!!!


  7. Pitt. You are a strong and good man… and generous also so I’m sure you’ll be 100 percent soon.

    Check your email soon in regards to the Hilton offer and thanks…

    Coach Stallings sends his best also.


  8. another off-topic item worth noting: Pitt is currently ranked 23rd in wrestling but HC Jason Peters just got axed … his two assistants are taking over. Hanky panky?


  9. Based on the fact that Twyman tweeting that he isn’t announcing til signing day, could it be that it is someone else. Garbutt maybe?? I think we have a better chance with him than Proctor.


  10. Most of us old farts reach a point in our life, usually in the mid-60’s when we can speak what we think for no fear of repercussions…UPitt got there by his mid-30’s..You rock (and sway)UPitt- you da man!!
    Count me out of golf if it’s Easter week-end but maybe we could look at possible Friday golf outings through-out the course of the season where ever our heroes may be playing.


  11. Pitt Completes 2018 and 2019 Football Non-Conference Slates

    PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football team’s 2018 and 2019 non-conference schedules have been finalized with a home-and-home agreement with the University of Central Florida.

    Pitt will play UCF in Orlando on Sept. 29, 2018. The Panthers will host the Knights at Heinz Field on Sept. 21, 2019.

    UCF has gone to bowls in four of the last five seasons. The Knights’ 2013 team went 12-1 and finished with a Top 10 Associated Press ranking.

    Pitt and UCF have played just once before, a 52-7 Panthers victory at the Florida Citrus Bowl stadium on October 13, 2006.

    Pitt’s complete non-conference dates and ACC opponents for 2018 and 2019 are as follows:


    Sept. 1 Albany

    Sept. 8 Penn State

    Sept. 29 at UCF

    Oct. 20 at Notre Dame

    ACC Home: Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Syracuse

    ACC Away: Miami, North Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest


    Aug. 31 Delaware

    Sept. 7 Ohio

    Sept. 14 at Penn State

    Sept. 21 UCF

    ACC Home: Miami, North Carolina, Virginia, Boston College

    ACC Away: Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Syracuse


  12. couple things here:

    Reed, No golf for me but the spring game is always a game time decision for me. I’ll let you know so you can bring more money just in case..

    Glad to hear you’re not in a body cast Upitt but I’ll need a heads up if you do an article on Barnes and Stallings. I may be out of the country that day…

    OT on the Steelers. J Edleman, when asked about A Browns video. “That’s how that team is run” Thanks Julian, you’re a bigger dope than Antonio. Steelers not happy!

    The cage match is off for now, Reed and I have agreed to smoke the peace pipe when we finally meet. We may need a nap and something to munch on after that smoke. <<A JOKE! The big guy and I have been buddies for years and my signature is to “not to take me seriously” (all the time) ….. ike



  13. Big B and Reed…I can bring my flagpole for use at the spring game tailgate so you can see the quality before purchasing one. Also to Erie…let me know how I can help at the golf outing. See some of you at the LOI event.


  14. POV Golf outing participants – Reed and I connected today – details are being worked out – stay tuned.

    Doc – we’d love to have you attend as our special guest.

    Lastrow – I have your contact information and will let you know when assistance is needed – much appreciated.

    UPitt – if you send me your BB article on Barney and Stallings, I will proof read and clean up the language as a volunteer effort. No charge…


  15. Reed…. if time permits, I will try and get a basketball article together this weekend.

    UPitt…. keep the faith, and keep listening to your docs. You’ll be better soon.

    ErieExpress…. count me in for a foursome for the POV Invitational.

    BigB…. nice work on the flag!!!


  16. Missing Wlat – I’ve got you down for a foursome. Check…

    Our count is up to 24 golfers, if all commenters who responded follow through.


  17. Missing WLAT – Thank You!

    ENT tomorrow in West Palm.

    I heard winning 4 some gets Dinocat Polos and a Kevin Stallings book on how to sell!!

    Shoes, Suits, Insurance and Vacuums.


  18. UPitt – stop UPselling the golf event.

    We are limited to 144 golfers unless we play two sessions (morning tee time and afternoon tee time).

    Though we can’t pull that off on Good Friday (4/15) at Quicksilver.



  19. Erie – This will be the best group of guys ever assembled! No bullshit there. Ha. If I am still duzzy by then Im drinking and blaming my golf game on being dizzy. We need a special guest. Let me make some calls.


  20. UPITT- good news!! And GREAT to hear some smart a$$ humor coming from you!! You had me scared there for a while. You may have dizzy spells, but, amazingly, your hand writing is still very clear! That’s gotta be a good sign!!

    Give those pretty nurses a pat on the Pau Pau for me!

    Make the docs keep looking till they find it!! And, get the heck well!


  21. OK POV’ers…, Erie (Rick Caldwell) and I are starting to finalize things and Rick will be the Point of Contact for attendees.

    His email address is:

    rcaldwell@whiteoakdisplay.com. …and please use it in context with the golf outing. From the looks of things getting in the list early May not be a bad 💡.

    My address is:


    We’ll keep everyone up to date as things unfold but also please tip your hat to Erie for stepping up big time. I’m getting excited as hell to meet everyone and just today visited some vendors and bought some nice Pitt POV prizes and gifts for LOI Day and the golf outing.

    Some proceeds after expenses will go to charity and that is a great idea by Erie also (my new best friend).

    Best to all and a football article is being drafted for tomorrow…


  22. Reed, et al, Im planning my work day to try to get to The Bettis grill for the POV pre-game for LOI day. I’m not a golfer but may try to make the Spring game tailgate. Thanks Reed, for giving us long suffering Pitt Fans añ opportunity to commiserate !


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