Ike vs Reed – Cage Match

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I think I can keep him off me with the long-arm jab but if he gets me in a bear hug it may be lights out for Reed.

But he’s a gentleman and I’m not so I’m going for a kick in his nuts right after the whistle to begin.Β  I’ll have the 3 minutes it takes for him to walk over to my side of the cage to think about just how to properly time it.

30 thoughts on “Ike vs Reed – Cage Match

  1. My money is on the salty seaman! Huge reach advantage and Ike probably can’t reach Reeds glass chin and jaw. However, Ike could rough up Reeds knee caps………


  2. Doc – I think Reed may be like Sybil and created Ike as a split personality.

    Or is it Ike Turner?

    I’m dizzy on a damn plane and Turbulence is bad. 16 days. I got about 50% better then regressed.



  3. Dark – how about one video per article. Seriously, it gets old having to scroll down through all your posts to see what someone else says.

    Again – I can delete them and I don’t want to, but I think the consensus among readers is that you need to roll it back some.


  4. Oh my gosh I just saw this. Years ago we were more like ally’s but man, the ole seaman has been pushing it. I’m rocking and rolling it at 5’10” 205, which means more like 210lbs. 2 conditions, #1. Narduzzi is the referee and #2. We wear sumo wrestling garb. I think that should squash this rumor. BTW Reed, is BG68 still your trainer? ………ike/PITTwasreadytoplay

    I still consider us friends and allies and I hope you do also


  5. Narduzzi ref and now Dark likely jumping in from the sideline to pummel Reed…my money’s on Ike +2 to win. If Narduzzi doesn’t hate Reed, he doesn’t read here.


  6. You guys are going to make me pick out quotes from other articles that I’ve written praising Narduzzi (King Pat) and the job that he’s done here since he’s been hired and I’ll put those into a piece and post it.

    But I think you guys gloss over those and go right for the negative stuff that I might say about him as if that is the only type of opinions I have about him personally.

    But the bottom line is that I respect his position, I respect the job he has to do and I think he’s done a pretty good one… but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to point out things that I think are not up to standard or not the way I feel they should be done or that other Pitt fans think they should be done.

    Lots of you may not be on Facebook but I get a surprisingly high number of private messages on there from other Pitt fans who read the articles I post up on Facebook and send me PM’s that agree with the things that I feel and think about narduzzi and his coaching staff.

    But you guys don’t see that and I think that you assume that I’m just lone voice out in the wilderness that is bitching and moaning about Pat Narduzzi all the time and it just isn’t true.

    And let’s be honest here, if I wasn’t contrary to some opinions other people have even if they are the majority of the fans then you guys wouldn’t be reading what I was writing and it wouldn’t be as much fun for discussion in the comments like we do have.

    I don’t purposely go on a negative slant just to engender discussion but I also don’t hesitate to say what I think. That’s pretty obvious and sometimes what I think is not as pleasant as other people might want to hear.


  7. Guys, Ike and I are old message board friends who wrote back about 10 years ago we used to. Discussed football on the Scout site “Inside the Huddle”message board and the Rivals free site also.

    So we’ve been friends for about 10 years sometimes it might get a bit strained… I hope not, but I think it does but regardless he knows his football and he has his ideas and I respect the hell out of him.

    A funny thing is that we have never met in person though. I’ve had a nice time with his son but that was it.


  8. So Reed, you’re luring me out to give me a good swift kick in the nuts huh? I’m in for season tickets again next year and a good time at the PITT POV tailgate. See you all there…ike



  9. I didn’t say “swift” kick in the nuts, it may take me three minutes just to get my leg up and swinging in the first place… more than enough time for you to jab me in the eye or something.


  10. Thanks for the compliment friend but why does the ninja look like a little girl? πŸ™‚ I remember most of the time we spent on the old message boards we almost always agreed and since then, the PITT football program went through hell to get back on track to even having a chance to succeed. I really think Gallagher is the key in all my optimism. Finally a chancellor who gets the importance of a fielding a competitive football team. Narduzzi is only going into his third year as a major college head coach and he does need to learn to adapt a lot more imo.

    Meanwhile my skirmishing days are past me now after a few serious health issues that we are getting straightened out, I hope. Problem is I still like to tangle so I do it on PITT message/blogs/magazine sites.

    I really thought I would bump into you last year but you were on the move it seemed down at the Clark bar i believe. I like to stay at the Hyatt, it’s right near all the hangouts although last year I was up at the Spring-Hill a couple times and that’s far from everyone..MBFF=message board friends forever. < Does that sound too… you know,….gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that………….ike lol



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