Now that the 2016 football season is over we can talk about the ups and downs, good and bad, positive and negatives and who did well and who fell short of what we expected of them.  I’ll have a few controversial thoughts about this team and I’m sure we will have time to talk about it, but I’ll try not to repeat too much of what we’ve already written and discussed.

It is 60 minutes long but it’s Sunday and what else do you have to do?  Especially because it’s cloudy and cold in Pittsburgh.

Something not covered in the podcast; below is the 2017 recruiting class listing as it stand this morning (from 



 I have to say that I’m not overly impressed with the class so far. I see some solid performers there who may turn out to be very good ones; DB Ford is one as are RB Sibley, LB Cam Bright, TE Reeves … and obviously there are starters in that group since there basically has to be.  But we need to have more sure bets in the pipeline to grow better as a team; one four-star recruit is just not enough.

Now will see what this next week or two brings in before the kids sign on the dotted line on LOI day but if we don’t land some big fish soon I think we are two recruiting classes behind being able to have a real championship caliber team.

Enjoy and I’ll have some more articles up this week – I’m trying to get back to one a day.


112 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast: 2016 Season Wrap-Up

  1. Shame about Ibrahim, he actually returned the last pooch kickoff by NW and really looked like he had been slowed by that knee injury. Good luck to Rachid and Alex.


  2. So it looks like Ollie is staying. I am hoping he spends the off season in the weight room and becomes our power back next year. Need someone with Aston that can bruise their way in the endzone like Conner.


  3. Back to the pinstripe.
    The team played like they got screwed by acc.
    A crap bowl
    vs a crapy team
    on a crap day
    with shitty weather
    on a shit field
    ACC teams that were not ranked got sun and good opponents.
    They are kids and they know they got jobbed and went through the motions.
    N.B playing Dinucci was the right move. Giving reps to a guy leaving waste of time


  4. gc – Rachid did make an impact in an indirect way – he was Conner’s roommate throughout their college careers – through good times and bad. From what I hear he was a great friend and confidant to James. Those types are priceless.


  5. The first I heard about the Pinstripe pre-game warm-ups was that Pitt was on the field only 75 minutes before game time. Now, it is barely a half hour. Which is accurate? In two more weeks, is it going to change to Pitt players lacing up as they lined up for the opening kickoff?

    I don’t think it was over an hour – I got to the press box an hour before the game and the NW players were out there drilling and Pitt wasn’t. I saw Pitt come out about 30 or so minutes early and then stay until the game started. That isn’t the key issue though and we’ve talked enough about it – the fans that were threer felt one thing – the TV viewers obviously felt something different.

    BTW IKE – The tennor in the press box at home games most definitely isn’t SOP that I’ve noticed – some newspaper reporters themselves can’t seem to give credit much though.


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