POV Sunday Podcast: 2016 Season Wrap-Up

Now that the 2016 football season is over we can talk about the ups and downs, good and bad, positive and negatives and who did well and who fell short of what we expected of them.  I’ll have a few controversial thoughts about this team and I’m sure we will have time to talk about it, but I’ll try not to repeat too much of what we’ve already written and discussed.

It is 60 minutes long but it’s Sunday and what else do you have to do?  Especially because it’s cloudy and cold in Pittsburgh.

Something not covered in the podcast; below is the 2017 recruiting class listing as it stand this morning (from Rivals.com). 



 I have to say that I’m not overly impressed with the class so far. I see some solid performers there who may turn out to be very good ones; DB Ford is one as are RB Sibley, LB Cam Bright, TE Reeves … and obviously there are starters in that group since there basically has to be.  But we need to have more sure bets in the pipeline to grow better as a team; one four-star recruit is just not enough.

Now will see what this next week or two brings in before the kids sign on the dotted line on LOI day but if we don’t land some big fish soon I think we are two recruiting classes behind being able to have a real championship caliber team.

Enjoy and I’ll have some more articles up this week – I’m trying to get back to one a day.


112 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast: 2016 Season Wrap-Up

  1. The overated WPIAL gave us Bisno, Johnson, Bookser, Orndoff and Parrish on our offensive line. Price and Jarrett on the defensive line. Boyd, Hamlin, Whitehead, Paris Ford. Conner from Erie. Many important pieces of our success.


  2. If you look outside wpial, you will find 4 stars. I’m not saying ignore the wpial but if we are overdependent on it, you will fail. Pitt needs to be more than a regional player. They need to be East Coast. And yes – it is over-rated compared to the quality you will find in other states. wpial = slow


  3. Sorry, this belonged on BB POST. Please be careful about optimism over Stallings recruiting class. Rating based more on quantity than quality. Time will tell.


  4. PSN reported late this morning that Rivals just raised Charles Reeves from 3 star to 4 star. That at least gives us two 4 stars and here’s hoping they both perform like 5 stars at Pitt


  5. I certainly agree we need to recruit nationally. But important to keep our share of the home town kids at home. If WPIAL is so overated why is ND who can recruit anywhere taking all these kids from the WPIAL?

    Jurkovec may be the best QB to come out of the WPIAL since Marino.


  6. important to build a wall like wanny said. but also important to reach outside WPA. There will always be kids in wpial infatuated with tOSU, Michigan or the Domers. Domers can and will always pick off a kid or two. but if you want to be a hometown hero and make some noise, local kids need to stay home. Few have gone on and done great things elsewhere. The few you know are generally HOF’s though.


  7. Dixon was smart enough to leave. His career is now re-energized. The expectations and bar set very low at TCU. Plus TCU is doing whatever they can to help him succeed. Now what is Pitt doing?
    1. Hired a re-tread who is on the decline
    2. Hired an AD that never had any intention on staying and probably soon realized the toxic culture would work against his success
    3. Seems ambivalent towards the fast declining attendance numbers at the Pete and lack of enthusiasm by the fans
    4. Seems to accept mediocrity once again
    5. SOP

    Now a real AD (Tressell) can change this. A leader that can stand up to the BOT. A leader that can purge the toxic culture. A leader that can partner with Gallagher.

    But Pitt will hire a search firm and pick an inexperienced, gutless candidate to lead Pitt towards endless mediocrity.

    Times like this I just want to say F U Pitt.


  8. Glad we have such a Athletic Guru leading us again in the Pharmacy School Guy. LOL.

    You called Stallings a retread. That would mean he actually did something in his career. He is a neverbeeen. Worse than a retread and looks like he should star in a AARP Ad.


  9. In recent years the WPIAL has really put some quality players out there. I agree that the quantity may be down a little but over-all I think WPA is still a fertile ground for high school players and for coaches to recruit from.

    The podcast was fun to listen to again, it’s become a nice Sunday morning addition to my old time habit of reading the Sunday paper.

    However and then I will let this go fore-ever. It caused me to go back and FINALLY re-watch the bowl game over again because I just don’t buy the theory that PITT was not ready to play that game.

    NW gets the opening kickoff and PITT stops them

    PITT gets the ball and drives down the field where Henderson is stopped for an 8yard loss followed by Orndorf dropping a pass. PITT kicks a field goal.

    NW is again stopped and has to punt.

    PITT takes the ball down to the 6 yard line where Canada calls for the tackle pass. Next play Conner runs up the middle to the 2 yard line followed by Aston slip down on 3rd and goal.

    NW gets a big run and takes the ball for a TD

    PITT gets the ball back and on 2 plays have the ball at the NW 8. After a 3 yard run Orndorf is called for illegal motion taking the ball to the 10 yard line where NP throws an interception on 2 and goal.

    This takes us to the 13:00 minute mark of the second quarter.

    I get it that we can all see things a little differently and depending on our own agenda’s maybe they become a little askew, this includes myself of course.

    I just didn’t see a team that was not ready to play that game. imo


  10. Watch the HUDL highlight video of Deslin Alexandre. What do you guys think? A Rivals 5.5? I don’t think PN thinks that rating is right.


  11. For you to run down UPitt
    Kevin Stalling
    * 3 x SEC Coach of the year
    * 455 wins 25th most active coaches
    * 9 x NCAA tourney. Final 8 2x
    * 3x Conf Champs
    * 8 NBA Draft picks

    Easy to hit a man when he’s down!


  12. Stallings did some very good things at Vandy. But I believe he’s past his peak. Thats why I am disappointed in the hiring. Pitt need a fresh face. A younger face with ties to East Coast cities. Take a flyer on a guy that is relentless at recruiting and plays an exciting brand both on O and D. The new AD will relieve Stallings in 2 years anyway.


  13. Dan72 – LOL

    He was SEac Coach of the Year in the 90’s. That was the worst conference in hoops then. That is like saying he is the prettiest of the fat girls. Made the tourney 9 times over 30 years and that is supposed to be a positive????? 30
    Years of coaching. That is SOP mediocre mindset. Who cant win 455 games over 30 years when you buy 15 a year against turd schools. He sucks. Sorry. If he was on your staff you would fire him. Actually you are smart enough you would never of hired him. Worst coach in D1. Down 30 3 games in a row. It is comical. All while Dixon is moving and shaking. Only Pitt.


  14. What the hell did he do at Vandy???? Worst Conf in Hoops and he was there forever. Gosh is the bar low for you folks. Please let me work for you.


  15. The Pete will be empty and laughing stock. New AD if they have balls will fire him at end of year. Again, if they have testicles.


  16. Ike – I was talking about the demeanor of the kids and staff on the sidelines. If you were there it was different than what was on TV – I watched the game in its entirety on ESPN DVR.

    As I said – that wasn’t just my thoughts as the game was being played but a topic of discussion. You would have thought after beating the #2 team in the country then going into a bowl game they would have been more excited – but it didn’t seem to be the case.

    The bottom line with that game is we should have put 21 points in the 1st quarter against that team… instead here is what we did.

    1st and 10 at PITT 42
    (12:52 - 1st) Nathan Peterman pass complete to Dontez Ford for 38 yds to the Nwest 20 for a 1ST down
    1st and 10 at NW 20
    (12:30 - 1st) Quadree Henderson run for a loss of 8 yards to the Nwest 28 Quadree Henderson fumbled, recovered by Pitt Quadree Henderson
    2nd and 18 at NW 28
    (12:13 - 1st) Nathan Peterman pass incomplete to Scott Orndoff
    3rd and 18 at NW 28
    (11:59 - 1st) Nathan Peterman pass incomplete to Dontez Ford
    4th and 18 at NW 28
    (11:53 - 1st) Chris Blewitt 46 Yd Field Goal

    Good God Ike – we went from the Pitt 44 to the NW 20 in one play then went backwards, fumbled, recovered, two incompletions and settled for 3 points.

    Next trip couldn’t push it in from the 1 yard line:

    1st and 10 at NW 42

    (6:42 – 1st) Nathan Peterman pass complete to Aaron Mathews for 24 yds to the Nwest 18 for a 1ST down
    1st and 10 at NW 18

    (6:27 – 1st) James Conner run for 4 yds to the Nwest 14
    2nd and 6 at NW 14

    (5:57 – 1st) Darrin Hall run for 7 yds to the Nwest 7 for a 1ST down
    1st and Goal at NW 7

    (5:37 – 1st) Brian O’Neill pass incomplete to George Aston
    2nd and Goal at NW 7

    (5:14 – 1st) James Conner run for 4 yds to the Nwest 3
    3rd and Goal at NW 3

    (4:33 – 1st) George Aston run for 2 yds to the Nwest 1
    4th and Goal at NW 1

    (3:50 – 1st) James Conner run for no gain to the Nwest 1

    Yeah – NW did well, but their doing well meant Pitt, with the “best OL” and the “Best” RB and our most prolific offense ever didn’t get the job done.

    Next series we turn the ball over.

    Say what you will but those three starting series were some of the worse offensive football we played all year. All season we averaged 6.6 yards per play; in those three series we averaged 8.1 and came out with three points.

    Those injuries everyone points to didn’t happen before the game was played – they happened well into the game . They mattered buy if Pitt had been playing with the same energy we did in Death Valley we’d have had the game won in the first half before those kids went down.

    It was a showing of players and staff who were totally unprepared to play that bowl and came out against an opponent they thought they would walk over. You could see it from the stands very easily – those kids were flat, for whatever reason but i’ll look at the staff first with that, and stayed flat all game.

    You know what? Pitt lost that game for a lot of reasons but the reality is Northwestern didn’t beat us when we were at our best – they beat us because we played like crap almost the whole first half because we weren’t excited about playing ….

    Maybe they thought they deserved a better bowl or I don’t know what but seven 1st half series and a total of ten points from one of the best offenses we have ever had and one that average 40 ppg against opponents better than the Wildcats is horse dung production.

    BTW – screw your ‘agenda’ and mine also. When i write to you what i see and hear other media types say about Pitt football that isn’t my agenda – it is me sharing that info with you guys. The fact that you may not like that info is on you – not me.

    Christ Ike – just WTF do you think I drive 450 miles to attend every home game (and two away games to boot this season) and get media credentials to sit up in the press box. Hell, I could watch TV at home like 50% of {Pitt “fans” do and write articles… but I think you readers deserve more. Then I spend between 2-3 hours almost every day to get you guys the best i can get to you.

    That’s my goddamn agenda Ike – take a good look at yourself for yours.


  17. If there was a lack of urgency and intensity, that starts with the head coach who, interestingly, inserted the third team quarterback instead of the back up.
    What message does that send?
    Again, I worked…didn’t attend the game. But if I’d have spent my hard-earned to watch a coach half-ass it, I never would have dropped another nickel on Pitt sports.


  18. I expected more from Barnes with his BB background. But I am also in the camp no one really good was interested in taking the job after Dixon. Miller had no interest and that was the only hot name bantered around after Dixon.So unless a new AD can bring a significant name with him, can’t see Stallings gone unless that happens.


  19. And while I am at it, the demise of Pitt hoops has been understated.
    Barnes allows Jaimie to walk into TCU’s open arms at a discount while we sink into the abyss of the ACC.
    ‘Boy, I’d really like to stick around to see how all this plays out, but mom is sick, as is my daughter, and there aren’t any hospitals in western PA, so I’m moving seven hours away from both of them. And that $5M I eliminated from the buyout, consider that my parting gift. Ciao.’


  20. I appreciate your opinion and all those that were sitting up there with you. My point was in particular to how the first 18 minutes went down and I did not see a team that appeared flat at all. Not one bit. What I did see was some serious bad play calling by Canada. PITT should have been up 10-0 if not for a stupid tackle around pass and a slip down by Aston. Remember on 2nd down, Conner ran straight up the middle for 4 yards, then the slip. This after stopping NW on consecutive series.

    You have continually pick pick picked on Narduzzi the entire season. So I guess it’s my agenda to call what I see as unfair. You can’t even give the current O-line coach any dues. You point out that last year Boyd ran many end around sweeps. Who was the OC and who was the O-line coach? Chaney and Peterson, Peterson being the constant. Johnson and Bizz were big time recruits and they were both only jr’s when Peterson took over. The offensive line was impressive this year and that was thanks to the 2 year O-line coach for PITT.

    You seem a little hot under the collar there Reed. I’m not going to get all bothered and use the Lords name in vain but that’s just how I feel. I happen to be 61 years old and have certainly been a PITT fan as long as you and know how to watch a football game either live or in person as a do buy season tickets. I can also listen and learn another’s opinion and take from it what I feel is fair. You guys up in the booth with all your SOP is something I do not agree with no matter how upset you get with me. I also know why you drive the miles you do. You love PITT football, it’s just imo you have become very critical this past year. ….ike

    btw, I don’t and won’t proof read any of my posts for grammar and spelling. I’m moving on.


  21. Ike – the team was not ready to play in NYC by the fact that the skilled players did not execute when they were called on – re-read your post of the drives up to the 13:00 mark. This team was NOT ready. The injuries were not a factor at that point yet…

    I agree with Reed and so do many, many Pitt fans. The Pinstripe was a BAD loss to a team we should have beat. This team left an undesirable pile on the front porch.


  22. C’mon Pitt stopped itself on its 1st 3 series of the bowl game.

    The 8 yard loss on the very 1st series was a botched handoff between Peterman and Henderson with no NW player within 5 yards of them.

    If you want to blame a coach, then blame Canada on the 2nd series when he called for an OT pass.. Still, Pitt should have easily scored on the following play, but the usually reliable Ashton tripped on the 3 yard line … again with no other NW player near him.

    Then, on the 3rd series, the senior TE commits a false start penalty followed by an interception thrown near the goal line by the senior QB.

    These plays were botched by Peterman, Henderson, Orndoff and Ashton …. guys who have produced all year. For anyone to imply that the coaches were at fault here is unconscionable,


  23. PITT stopped NW first two drives…They were ready
    PITT took the ball on offense 3 straight times deep into NW territory. They were ready

    I have never said that the game was not a horrible loss. Orndorf wasn’t ready to play and a few others. Penalties, fumbles and dumb interceptions are not necessarily the coaches fault.

    We can all have our own opinions. PITT stunk most of the game and I think some of that may have been due to their own fault as players and OC. I will admit he may have taken the game for granted with his dumb early play calling.


  24. I don’t hear any mention of coaches except Ike and gc. The players were not focused, thus not ready.

    Ike – I’ll give you that the D made 2 stops at the beginning – maybe they were ready. But they still gave up 30+ points and allowed a RB to rush for 224 yards –


  25. A comedy of errors prevented a Pitt win in that bowl game. It was classic Pitt pitting and SOP. It also soured an otherwise very good season. Its culture and mindset. Thats at the very TOP. If Gallagher is really serious about his front porch, I ask him to do something about it. I continue to see that ratty Hoopie couch and strewn bottles of IC Light. But he’s an academic and bureaucrat so WTH does he know about sports and running a university.


  26. Imagine if we had competent professionals in our AD Dept.

    I’d do the job at a discount and in 3-5 years we would be top 25 in hoops and football and a few others. Top facilities and not play bitch to everyone. Media, BOT, Steelers, PSU, Our Chancellor.


  27. Pitt’s leaders are frauds. That’s the problem. All talk and no action, no results, accept mediocrity at its finest. You want to show me you’re serious BOT and Gallagher? Screw these damn search committees. Find another B-ball coach. Pony up the money to keep Nard Dog and find an excellent OC. Fund a feasibility study for an OCS or MMPC. Hire Tressell immediately. But they are all jagoffs so we now what will happen…SOP.


  28. Seriously we need more alum and fans of the ‘right’ mindset. We dont need to cheat and sanction child rape to be great. But we do need to start taking sports seriously. There is only so much us fans can do.


  29. If the Cowgirls win and Stillers lose, I will become unhinged for sure. Right now, my Pitt lifeline isnt looking too strong. Bad B-ball team, no OC and no AD. And pretty weak recruiting by Nard Dog thus far.


  30. Ike – see, that is you dragging the coaches in. Do they “control” these young men’s minds?

    Yes, they can amp them up with speeches and work on fundimentals in practice, but at the end of the day the player gets himself ready to play, both mentally and physically.


  31. Just watched Aaron Rodgers draw the cowgirls offsides – he was prepared to run the play through completion as was his receiver who ran the route and caught the TD.

    It’s called focus.


  32. TCU: Former Cal head coach Sonny Dykes will join the TCU staff in an undetermined role, according to 247Sports’ TCU site and ESPN. A full-time staff spot opened when Doug Meacham left for Kansas, but Arizona State offensive line coach Chris Thomsen is also joining the TCU staff.

    Memphis: Running backs / assistant head coach Darrell Dickey has been promoted to offensive coordinator, quarterbacks graduate assistant Kenny Dillingham has been promoted to quarterbacks / tight ends coach, and offensive line coach Ryan Silverfield has added the title of run game coordinator. Dickey was Memphis’ co-offensive coordinator from 2014-15 under Justin Fuente and was retained by Mike Norvell. Dillingham has been at Memphis for one year and previously worked with Norvell at Arizona State.

    Auburn: Former Oregon State HC Mark Helfrich is rumored to be ready to accept the Auburn offensive coordinator position according to AL.com.

    Pittsburgh: Staff assistant Landan Salem announced on Twitter that he is leaving the Pitt program for an upward career move. Rumor is the new position will be with the Arkansas State Red Wolves – not confirmed.


  33. I agree…focus. We need more focus at Pitt. I think Pitt’s been too focused on being mediocre though. Focused on Pitting. Focused on thinking we fans and alumni are deplorables. I think a regime change is in order. Not sure if Gallagher is any better than NerdBall at this point.


  34. I like cows and girls. Just not the combo. Things looking good thus far in Jerry World. I may not lose it after all. I’ve got my bar set up at here at home. No kids or wife at the moment. Only good beer and an entertaining game on TV. I’m in man heaven.


  35. I don’t enjoy singling out a player who tries hard but just can’t cut it so I won’t mention his name though I will mention that he was a LB and a senior. It was painfully obvious that he had no business being in that game except maybe as a ceremonial senior starter (not that the first minute of a game is not as important as the last). So the question is, why was he playing and getting beat so badly? Maybe there was no one else though Wirginis should have been capable of playing that position. I understand that Brightwell was not able to play for some unknown reason. And maybe there just was no one else. The fact of the matter is that if you have a seriously inadequate player at a LB position you are not going to stop the run. If the level of inadequacy rises to a certain point the offense is going to run you to death. We all saw that happen.


  36. Upitt lay off the fat girl references, you’re tarnishing some of my fondest memories as a young man. Say what you will but I never met a fat girl that was unappreciative.


  37. Expect a couple Pat Signals no later than Wednesday. Our new OC gets announced by the end of the week. And now that Upittbaseball has publicly admitted that he will work at a discount, he gets a serious interview early next week as our new AD.


  38. TX – ease up on Sir Patrick G for the moment. He did deliver Duzz and eliminated Smug Steve.

    I’ll give him a pass on the Barney hire, who then delivered his famous “search firm Stallings”.

    The new AD will be looked on as a second chance to show the loyal Pitt fan that he, Sir Patrick G, is serious about the front porch.

    The clock is ticking though…

    Why does Tressel seem like such an easy, great and logical choice to me? Was the rumor that Tressel was interested in Pitt really false?

    Lucy, hold the ball, I’m ready to kick off now…


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