Who is Your 2016 MVP? Seriously

Until I can get home and do up a podcast for today let’s chip in with our Pittsburgh Panthers Football MVP for 2016.  You can list one overall; one on offense and one on defense or anything your little heart desires.

Looking at the season objectively I feel the MVP has to come from the offensive side of the ball for obvious reasons.  One being we had no defense to speak of.  I think QBs are always the most important guy out there because it all starts with the snap and the ball being put into play.

Peterman had a great year as we talked about yesterday.  He didn’t light the world on fire from game one until game 13 but he got steadily better as the season unfolded and, perhaps most importantly, didn’t have many turnovers that kept us from scoring points. Seven INTs on the year is darn good especially stacked up against 237 TD passes.

But that’s the easy pick.  I supposed you could point to James Conner as the romantic choice given it was his comeback year but truth be told his production doesn’t jump off the page at you.

So I’ll go with a kid who was maddeningly inconsistent at times but made big plays when needed – WR Jester Weah.  Here is what he did this year:



2016 36 870 24.2 75 10
2015 0 2 0.0 2 0

You can see that when he touched the ball he did something with it.  That 24.2 average per catch is outstanding and he seemed to hook up on the deeper passes just when our offense needed a boost.

Ten TDs isn’t bad either (Boyd as comparison had six last year) and in the last two games of the regular season – versus Duke and SYR he had only six catches but they went for 194 yards and three TDs… that is an average of 32.3 yards per catch.  

In addition he gave us something that we had been sorely missing over the past few years and that is a legitimate and consistent deep threat.  I know Tyler Boyd put up some big yardage in his time here but he was much more of a possession receiver.

Boyd had 3,361 (!) yards while at Pitt but that came with 254 receptions and averaged out at 13.2 yards per which is about the median average for a good D1 WR.  24.2 is pretty much untouchable especially when it came on a goodly amount of receptions at 36.

Weah was a legit deep threat all year.  He had six plays of over 55 yards – 60, 55, 75, 56, 59 and 69 were his individual game bests and I might have missed one or two there.  That really opened up the short and intermediate passing routes and helped Peterman have that good passing year he had.  Peterman averaged almost 200 yards per game and these deep plays really helped with that.

Second on my list would have to be our Offensive Line collectively – Left Tackle specifically.  Our QB was only sacked 10 times all year and when that guy can remain upright good things can happen.

How about your choices and why?

86 thoughts on “Who is Your 2016 MVP? Seriously

  1. I have a different take, Matt Canada was the MVP he was innovative and pulled the strings by putting multiple individuals into positions were they could succeed.


  2. Similar to the Dallas Cowboys this year, how about the entire offensive line?

    But if I had to pick one, it would probably be Henderson.


  3. Looking forward into 2017 from the perspective of the MVP for 2016, I’d have to go with gc’s & DKF’s pick too, Henderson. Why,,,, leadership! That is what this team now lacks with the graduation of so many Seniors and Conner going pro. The void of leadership must be filled. From what I’ve seen of Quadree Henderson, he understands the responsibility that is being thrust upon him now with his dynamic performance and All American status garnered in 2016.

    MVP going forward if he is prepared to pick up the Pitt standard and carry it high into what possibly could be a breakout year for Narduzzi’s team if his underrated recruiting classes are ready to reload all of the positions up for grabs come Spring Ball.

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  4. My vote would be for QH, despite all the fumbles. Correct the fumble problem for next year and QH passes TD on the single season All-purpose yardage leader list. Being # 2 on that list in 2016 is not bad…

    As far as team leaders for 2017 – Mad Max was one of four USC team captains and I believe he will elevate to that status at Pitt in 2017. One of the three elder OLineman needs to lead (Bookser, Officer or O’Neill). On the D side – Wirginis and Whitehead.


  5. MVP is the player that contributed the most to winning this year’s games. Hands down it was Peterman. It was his above average Qb play that secured 8 wins.


  6. Interesting fact about Henderson in our two big wins.

    VS PSU Henderson ran for 58, received 47, and returned 96.

    VS Clemson he was pretty much shut out.

    So I switch to the O-line, which was the most consistent factor in all of our wins.

    But Peterman, Conner and Henderson definitely had individual game MVPs.


  7. Success begins and ends with line play (both sides). The DL was average at best. Best of the OL was Dorian Johnson, steady as a rock, game in, game out.


  8. As the Ole adage goes” There’s no I in Team.” 2016 was one of the best examples, offensively, out of the supporting cast of characters- a true team effort. So many significant contributions by so many throughout the season..Much easier to give out individual game balls than to point to one MVP… but if I had to I would make the dominant OL who could dominate both in the run and passing game!!! I expect more of the same success next year barring injuries… a crazy thought- how do you think Savage or even Tino would have performed behind that bunch of studs?


  9. Someone mentioned Canada earlier as the MVP – he is not a player, but his replacement will definitely be valuable to success in 2017.

    Michigan: NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweets, “Jim Harbaugh has been telling recruits for a few days that (OC Pep Hamilton is) joining the staff.”

    Pittsburgh: 12 degree temperature, feels like minus 1.


  10. Offense – Nate Peterman.
    Defense – Quadree Henderson (any thing that kept the ball away from the defense and put points on the board was a defensive plus). Picking only from defensive players Ejuan Price.


  11. gc Obviously not the 70s game we lost to Miami the year before the Super Bowl when we lost on a fake punt. 🙂 In my 20’s my friends and I would take a TV up to a buddys country house in Slippery Rock and watch Super Bowls out doors, by a bonfire, with plenty of alcohol to give it “real” football experience – much, much alcohol was involved. Today i will be with my alcohol indoors.


  12. Beyond the obvious good choices, I’d put a plug in for George Aston. He was big in our big win against PSUX and at Clemson. Helped set a good tone on offense as a bit of a smash mouth guy.


  13. Most Valuable players:

    Offense………………………Nate Peterman
    Defense……………………..Ejuan Price
    Special teams…………….Chris Blewit
    Freshmen…………………..Aaron Matthews
    Most valuable person……Matt Canada

                                    Over-all MVP.................Nate Peterman!


  14. Coastal Carolina: Sources tell FootballScoop Charleston Southern head coach Jamey Chadwell will be the new offensive coordinator at Coastal Carolina for Joe Moglia’s program.


  15. Cal: Sources tell FootballScoop Cal has decided to part ways with Sonny Dykes. Bruce Feldman was first to report the news. We are told offensive coordinator Jake Spavital will serve as interim head coach.

    Pitt: Should consider Sonny Dykes for their vacant offensive coordinator position.


  16. Nate. The QB makes the offense run. But Pitt did have a very good line this year.
    Non-MVP: the ENTIRE Pitt D and coaching staff. They should ALL be fired.


  17. Have to go with one of our All-Americans. And that’s gotta be Little Q…. who had the huge punt return against the Pedo’s of 84 yards to the Pedo State 10 yd line, which lead to the TD (42 pts) that beat them. We most likely lose that game without that play. Q also rushed the ball for 58 yards on only 4 carries (a 14.5 avg) and led Pitt WR’s in yards…. avg’g 15.7 ypc.

    Q was phenomenal the next week in Stillwater, rushing for 95 yards on only 7 carries (13.6 avg) and 2 TD’s including a 50 yard run in the late 3rd Q to tie the game 38-38.

    The next week at Chapel Hill, Little Q led the team in rushing with 107 yards on only 9 carries (12 yd avg)
    At Virginia Q, had a 93 yard Kick Return TD when Pitt trailed 7-14.
    At Miami he had a 100 yard Kickoff Return TD to tie the game 7-7. Also avg’d 7.6 yards per rush.

    A lot of these teams like Clemson kicked the ball out of the endzone the whole game to avoid having to defend Henderson, which resulted in Pitt getting the ball at the 25 yd line.

    Henderson scored 2 ways against Duke. A 65 yard Punt Return TD and a 52 yard rushing TD.
    Finished the regular season with a 66 yard rushing TD against Syracuse and 103 total rushing yards. Got to be a first for Pitt, a WR with two 100 yard rushing games,

    Little Q….#1 in the Nation in Combined Kick Returns with near 2100 yards.

    #11 in the Nation in All Purpose Yards.

    #1 in the Nation(solely) in Kickoff Returns for TD’s.

    Tough decision with all the Offensive stars, but I gotta go with Quadree Henderson. The Mighty Little Q


  18. Nate was a very close 2nd, maybe we should have co-MVP’s. Henderson and Peterman, PItt Co-MVP’s.

    Cause we saw that Pitt didn’t really have much on the order of a backup QB.


  19. Saw that EE…..Ketchup Bottle Field undergoes a transformation every season after the last Pitt home game.

    They get rid of the circa 1940’s diagonal lines in the one endzone and paint them nicely with Steelers.

    Temple shares Lincoln Field with the Eagles, yet Lincoln Field has the Temple name in the endzones and their logo….. huge at the 50 yard line. This is just another effort to make look Pitt look small by the Pedo protectors, who always draft Pedo players, and have marginal at best NFL Pedo players on their roster.


  20. Emil, surface in Philly is tooltip different allowing easy change. Shitty grass at Heinz is the major reason. Unless Steelers increase size of their logo at midfield it’s not happening.
    Talk about dumb, what was Ben doing in there that late? These coaches are stubborn indeed.


  21. The endzones should be a relative easy change, since they don’t get much wear at all.

    And that begs the question, why do they not use what Lincoln Financial uses ? Agree about wth Big Ben was doing in their, almost got injured on that funky pass attempt that was picked.


  22. Ketchup Bottle Field is the Front Stoop/Stairs of the Front Porch of the University. Seen by the most people
    across the Nation and specifically in Pitt’s recruiting region.

    Me if I’m the Chancellor, that Field is going to look pristine and exceptional.


  23. It was bad enough that Ben was in the game. It was terrible and stupid to have him drop back in a pocket to even attempt a pass. We should have been running. It’s not like he already messed up his knee recently!! Good grief. I don’t like Tomlin.

    The logo in GB is terrible because nobody wanted to go paint it with a windchill of negative 20.

    The quiet period is where coaches can’t reach out. The players can call coaches as far as I know.

    West Mich copyrighted row the boat which would have served him well in the 10k lake state.

    My most vitrioled player is Tino.

    My MVP, because he just showed up and worked every day as a panther is Dorian Johnson. Tough with an OL pick. Peterman MVP jr as he most positively impacted the season for us.


  24. Robert Morris University: head football coach John Banaszak announced the hiring of Mike Miller as offensive coordinator this past week.

    Miller, a Pittsburgh native who owns 13 years of experience on National Football League offensive staffs, returned to the place where his coaching career began as a graduate assistant on Joe Walton’s 1997 staff.

    Miller most recently coached in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals where he served as a wide receivers coach (2007-08) and then passing game coordinator (2009-10) before being promoted to offensive coordinator (2011-12). Miller’s unit of receivers was key in the Cardinals reaching Super Bowl XLIII, the organization’s first appearance in the Super Bowl. In that 2008 season, Miller helped three different receivers surpass 1,000 receiving yards, marking only the fifth time in NFL history that a team achieved that feat. One of those receivers was former Pitt star and NFL All-Pro Larry Fitzgerald.


  25. With the Packers about to defeat the Giants, do we continue to wait for our OC introduction or is he coaching in the NC game tomorrow night?

    I believe it will be Alex Van Pelt and Duzz is not in a hurry because Tim Salem is his offensive recruiting ace, who he will promote to co-OC & TE coach with Van Pelt assuming co-OC & QB coaching duties.

    Just my opinion…


  26. Defense: Soto…gained weight, never bitched about changing position, clogged the middle, and was a man’s man without the notoriety.

    Offense: Peterman…should have been given the green light to chuck the rock earlier in the season.

    And, Big B, thanks for the maneuvers…knew about them. Next time vertigo hits.


  27. ^^^ @ Erie Express I absolutely agree Alex Van Pelt (Pitt Legacy 🙂 ) is the new Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach with Tim Salem getting a nice pay bump for his excellent recruiting (crushing it in Florida and being #1 to go get Max Browne). I think Alex Van Pelt and Pat Narduzzi are 100% decided on this —- but at this rate it may be over a month til any announcement is official as Alex Van Pelt has Aaron Rodgers playing the best NFL QB play in the history of football right now.



    —- Alex Van Pelt coming Home to be offensive coordinator AND QB coach is just too good to be true. Instead of “Same Old Pitt” — It “New”, incredibly-lucky, perfect-timing, Serendipitous Pitt 🙂 🙂 .

    Max Browne is an NFL Starter level physical talent and I think Thomas MacVittie can be every bit as good for Pitt as Marcus Marriota was in college. —- Has anyone seen what Alex Van Pelt has helped do with Aaron Rodgers these last 8 weeks in Green Bay?? Excellent.


  28. EE 557 watched Steeler game and field lines etc looked great. This is why I go on rants on this issue. No diagonal end zone lines. Hope our AD makes either Steelers or SEA give us equal treatment.


  29. Emel thanks for the pics on field. On Saturdays it looks lousy for Pitt and Sunday just like today. Even when Steelers dont play on Sundays we get the junior high look. I remember Majors 1.0 saying he paid attention to all details. This makes our program look rinky dink every time we are on TV.


  30. EE Big Ben always plays the martyr, Bradshaw woulda spit on any injury, didnt wear gloves even though he was from the South. The 70s when men were men. On a more serious note I did not see Ben take a hit that would lead to a walking boot. Heck maybe he wears all the time. 🙂


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