What Exactly is Same Old Pitt (and Do We Have It?)

“Now Sir! Time doth bring sad changes, for people often change and seldom do better”

When I was in my 20s there was a West Coast fusion band I loved named Tower of Power and one of their hit songs was titled “What is Hip?”   Here is the refrain from that…

“What is hip?
Tell me, tell me if you think you know
What is hip?
If you was really hip
The passing years would show
You into a hip trip
Maybe hipper than hip
But what is hip?”

The point is that being that “hip” is flexible, it differs and is unique to you.  You can be hip one day and things change and you are on the outside looking in. Unless you create your own style.  Then you are hipper than hip because you own it.

I immediately thought of that on Friday when I was reading the comments to that article written about the aftermath of the Bowl loss up in NYC. The phrase SOP or “Same Old Pitt” came up, as it regularly does, about a hundred times a day when talking about Pitt football

I wrote then that SOP ‘has no real definition and a thousand faces‘ because I think that it is one phrase we throw out, usually in dismay, as it is seen and processed through our own individual lens.  If those lenses are blue and gold then you most probably didn’t see much SOP over the course of the season that just ended.

However, the more pessimistic fans saw SOP under every bush and around every corner from September until last Wednesday.  It is a hard question and answers differ so let’s take a look at the Pitt football program itself before we start to try to pin an answer down.

When I look at Pitt football history I see four distinct eras.  The “Old Glory Days” which is pre-WWII and when we had giants like Jock Sutherland and Pop Warner striding around Oakland and winning national titles.  Eight of those to be exact.  For me, since I was a student at Pitt in the 1970s those day were to far removed for me to have any feelings for other than as a fan of Pitt history as I have always been.

But for my parents and grandparents, Pitt students and administrators all, those were their Glory Days and they never stopped talking about them so I grew up hearing every story and cliché there was about The Pitt Football Powerhouse in those days of my  youth.

For them as students in the 1920s to the 1940s “Same Old Pitt” was pretty freaking fantastic.  Take a look back at those days via this site.  We had eight straight years with eight or more wins which is quite the accomplishment considering they only played a nine game schedule.

Pitt’s second era , let’s call it Pitt’s ‘modern era’, was from the 1950 up to the 1970s.  There are a few of us older folks on here who have that time period as a basis for our ‘hands on’ Pitt experience.  That is when I was on-campus; Dan 72 and other readers also have that period as our student frame of reference. 

We saw and were close enough to the worst and the best of what ever happened in Pitt Stadium including the decade of 1965-1974 when we averaged only 2.8 wins per year.  I went to every home game from 1955 until 1978 and heard all about the dismal ’60s. Then Pitt turned things around and ramped the program up to give us those glorious winning seasons run under Johnny Majors.  He took us to the pinnacle of college ball with an undisputed national championship.

So of course we know first hand how wide and savage the swings of Pitt football can be.  But that was also a spoiling time for us because after we left school Pitt did something they didn’t normally do – they kept winning for another stretch of time.

With Coach Jackie Sherrill and Oakland’s own star QB Dan Marino and those great supporting casts they had, mostly from the local tri-state area and so were hometown favorites, Pitt ripped off a three-year 33-3 record and was on top of the world.  Now we had a “New Glory Days”.

Then came what I like to call the “Post-’80” past. I look at that as from when Foge Fazio was fired until when Walt Harris was hired to take the program over from a faltering Paul Hackett.  Pitt had  an average at best record during that period with an eight win season stuck in the middle of mostly four and five win years.

But that’s not so bad in comparison to the decade from Hackett’s arrival in 1990 until 1999 when Pitt averaged only 4.4 wins per year; another mediocre at best time in Pitt history.  We’ve had our share of those, haven’t we?

But since we are discussing the ‘Same Old Pitt’ syndrome now we have to have a firm time span to use as a reference for us to look back from today and so I think 1997-2016, those 20 years, is a good basis for that.

It has been a weird 20 years for sure. Some of you younger readers on here went to school back then; we have commenters who were students during the totally ridiculous and in my opinion embarrassing “Back to the Future” or  the “Majors II” years when we had 3, 3, 2 and 4 wins.  That sucked for sure and I feel for you guys.

But we have also seen some pretty interesting and sometimes amazing stuff happen with the program from our last five real head coaches. That’s right, five working head coaches in the last 20 years beginning with Walt Harris followed by Dave Wannstedt, Todd Graham, Paul Chryst and now Pat Narduzzi.

That change-over is part of why I think it is hard to get a true handle on what SOP actually means because the main circumstances of Pitt football kept morphing so much. Which ironically created its own SOP conditions regarding staff stability – there was none.  It wasn’t just the HCs who changed places, it was the accompanying seven or eight staff and position coaches also.

Throw in two separate Chancellors and what will soon be a total three different Athletic Directors and you see that when the ground kept shifting under Pitt’s feet its hard to get a purchase and move forward.

In the paragraph above I count what had to be least 70 different personnel changes over that 20 years. I’m not talking about minor actors like departmental staff positions but people who had worked directly with the players themselves or were responsible for plans, programs and policies that directly impacted the players and the football program.

I’m not a college football historian but I’d like to know if any other D1 program ever had to deal with such constantly changing circumstance that Pitt has had to contend with especially in the past six years.

Yet through all of that we didn’t see the team or the program tank as we had seen Pitt do in those time periods directly before the Harris hire.  We fans currently think things are not up to par, have been mostly negative and worse of all it has been SOP!  But aside from a singular two win season in 1997 we have had only five seasons where we won less than 6 games in twenty years – those were with a minimum of five wins. 

Get that?  Aside from one really bad year the worst of it was five wins per season.

Folks – there are many, many programs who slide well below the .500 mark with none of those negative factors Pitt had to deal with.  Some programs have prolonged losing seasons.  Some powerhouse programs dip below the break even line with no external factors pressing on them at all. 

For example Texas just had two 5 win seasons in the last two years. Michigan had 3, 5 and 5 wins seasons in the last nine years. Stanford had 1, 4 and 5 wins in that same period.  It has happened all over college ball with programs great and small – yet not with Pitt in a long time.

Remember that lead-in quote from above ‘… for people often change and seldom do better”  Well, that’s what happened to those big dog programs.  They changed and quickly and not for the better. 

Yet Pitt has a few 6 and 7 win seasons lately and we fans are tearing our hair out thinking that how bad that is and that nothing can be done to make things better.  I do find it funny that the coach we all point to for having the winningest seasons in the last 20 years, Dave Wannstedt with his 9, 10 and 8 win years also had our last stretch of 5 win years.

Things were bad then for Pitt, but under the same coach things changed and we got better.  Thus is life in sports.

So while we may be pointing to this year’s second consecutive eight win season and cry “Same Old Pitt” that isn’t entirely true. Yes, there may be a semblance of SOP because we didn’t progress in the number of wins from one year to the other.  And it may be SOP because we lost a second bowl game we should have won; of course Lady Justice has the PSU and Clemson games on the other side of her scales in that regard.  But really this version of SOP ain’t all that bad recent history-wise.

That’s the more macro view. Let’s put a larger magnification lens in our Pitt glasses and look at this last season in particular.

Two things jump out right away when I think about 2016.  We had an eight game winning season and we set historical records on offense.  Those are two damn good things to have accomplished my friends. I think it is safe to say that ending up 10th nationally in scoring 41 points a game is a real accomplishment.

This comes on the heels of these last three offenses we had with two different OCs:

2105 – 28.2 ppg (68th)

2104 – 31.8 ppg (46th)

2103 – 26.3 ppg (80th)

I’d say there was positive change there and a pretty dramatic one at that.  Hell, even the ‘dropped like a rock’ defense we had wasn’t SOP – it was worse.

I am not the biggest Pat Narduzzi fanatic.  I think he was a good hire and has done a good job but I haven’t been over the moon about his actually game day coaching at all.  I wrote in the preseason that I wanted to see one more thing out of him; something that he didn’t get done in 2015 and that was to win a ‘big’ conference game.

Well he did that in beating #2  and possible National Champs Clemson on their home turf.  That wasn’t SOP.  Yes, we have had dramatic wins in the recent past.  2007’s 13-9 win over WVU comes to mind as does our 41-38 five TD pass win over ND back in 2004.  But those were high points in a season with no other big wins.  Narduzzi beat Clemson and also beat arch-rival Penn State earlier in the year and that wasn’t SOP either.

One of my benchmarks of a good head coach is how he handles the players off the field and how well they respond to his personal leadership efforts.  Coach Narduzzi has had a solid 18 months without a player arrest – that isn’t SOP, but is a great thing to have accomplished. 

Narduzzi also kisses his players on the face on national TV.  That isn’t SOP but it got the job done when needed.

So through my lens I think this has been a darn good year in a lot of respects.  If I had to say we saw SOP in any way I’d say that it was that we couldn’t capitalize on our great offense to win 10 or 11 regular season games because our defense dragged us down so badly. It truly was horrid.

Maybe that act of not being able to completely fulfill promises, in this case the promise of having a better defense then we did in 2015, is somewhat SOP and kept a good season from being a great one.  Just as we couldn’t close the deals earlier in the decade by not being able to hold leads against Cincinnati and UCONN with those losses costing us conference championships – this season we couldn’t stop anyone’s passing game enough to win a conference championship either.

Oh – here’s the last bit of that song…

As you striving to find the right road
There’s one thing you should know
What’s hip today
Might become passe


384 thoughts on “What Exactly is Same Old Pitt (and Do We Have It?)

  1. Reed, FYI
    Saw the Stones in Cleveland’s Municiple Stadium in 75 or 76(?) with over 80,000 other people. Tower of Power was one of the front bands! (Along with J. Geils and a couple other bands also). It was an all day event and quite memorable.


  2. Reed, I agree wholeheartedly. While we are were disappointed by the bowl game performance, I believe we will continue to improve and become an annual competitor for the Coastal title which IMO is a realistic goal.

    It is likely that the final poll will reveal two Top 10 teams we beat, and a 3rd we lost in the final minute at their place. And if you look at how the teams fared that we played this year, you can’t help but notice that we played a pretty difficult schedule. Last time I checked, our SOS was 15 … not bad considering that there are 128 teams.

    While we’ll always have doubters and cynics posting on this site …. I choose to see the glass half full, and the water level rising right now. And really don’t much care about the ones who always point to the dark side.


  3. Santan III …. the original Santana band (Woodstock era) with Neil Shon (soon to be Journey guitarist) and Tower of Power horn section. Great album!


  4. Off topic I know but did Jordan Whitehead play on Wednesday?
    Did Maurice French play ? At CB? Did Wirginis get any tackles (don’t remember seeing him at all)?
    How many really bad snaps did Officer make this year–I count 4? What is typical for a season?


  5. Whiteheaad and Ffrench did not play. Didn’t read anything about injury or suspension on French; pre-game pictures showed Whitehead in removable cast.

    I would think 4 bad snaps over a season is not that bad IMO


  6. SOP only existed this year by having an excellent OC only to lose him after 1 year …Good Lord can’t we have some stability where we are shining for a few years…SOP existed in the wrong hire for an AD …SOP didn’t exist during any of the games (12) which I watched this year
    All I can think about today is the November evening when we were walking back from Memorial Stadium after laying 43 points on Clemson…We were # 1 in Clemsonville and it felt like #1 in the Land…we had a great year of entertainment and the page has turned…Welcome 2017…We will still be rooting for our school through all the ups and downs


  7. So Pitt beats Clemson 43-42 and Clemson humiliates THE Ohio State 31-0. So PittPovites/ Blatherites, here is how close you came to having a non-SOP team this year: Pitt heavily, heavily recruited New Castle (and native Pennsylvanian; not Ohioan) Malik Hooker in the class of 2014 and lost him to Ohio State and their recruiter Luke Fickell. Say he stays home and replaces Webb in Pitt’s starting lineup. Last year Pitt went after cornerback Kareem Felder of Baltimore but also lost him to Ohio State. Though a true Freshman, this 4 star recruit would have passed up either Maddox or Lewis in the starting line-up, if our Defensive coaches have a pulse.

    Same old Pitt would have been remedied not in the September through November playing period, but in the February signing period. And the two named players above could have been playing Clemson in the ACC title game with a chance for the final 4. I’ll bet the house that Pitt gives Clemson a better game than the Buckeyes.


  8. we could have had a DB of Detrick Henry and J Whitehead at CB, and Montae Nicholson and Hooker at safety. But we recruited the hell out of Donovan Jeter of Beaver Falls and Wade at Clairton, and didn’t get them either. Face it … as long as we get 20 – 30,000 empty seats (at Heinz or OCS) … we are not going to clean up our backyard.

    You may have noticed a new recruiting emphasis in Florida, DC area as well as New Jersey and Ohio …. places where there are more quality recruits than Western PA.


  9. No doubt recruiting is the key to success.

    Very enjoyable read, Reed. Maybe unfair but SOP is every time something goes wrong at Pitt. So impossible to totally eliminate.

    But eight wins is better than six, so things are looking better.

    It is all in your perspective, although my first game included Paul Martha, I really didn’t start paying attention till Hart and De Pasqua and I remember thinking high shool football is better and more exciting than Pitt. The fans were certainly more engaged at high school games.

    I was still on campus as a grad student when Majors and Dorsett changed everything. Also Billy Knight got everyones attention too.

    Cas Myslinki never got the celebrity he deserved.

    College sports has changed immensely since then. It is all about money now. TV revenue, shoe and clothing endorsements and deep pocketed boosters.

    It has been a roller coaster ride, hopefully Pitt is on the rise.


  10. Pitt DB recruit Paris Ford played a very good UA all-star game today. He made numerous pass break-ups and big hit tackles. He looked like he could start at Pitt right away.

    Never once did I hear psu DB recruit Wade’s name called. Non-factor in the game?

    Pitt RB recruit Todd Sibley looked really good as well.

    No new Pat Signals from the game…


  11. Buzz Ridl was an agent of change. In the 60s and early 70s, Duquesne and Red Manning ruled city basketball. But with the help of Billy Knight, Pitt BB became every bit the equal of Duquesne (even with Norm Nixon) …. and when the Big East came calling a few years later, they chose Pitt over Duquesne. Not so sure it would have happened had it nor been for Ridl.


  12. I also didn’t agree with the negativity directed at Officer. That last snap was too early and Peterman wasn’t looking. Our O-line was a key to our offensive strength and Officer was solid? Centers don’t play mistake free more than anyone else. We’ll see how Dintino does if he is the new guy and Officer is moved to guard. Hopefully some of the young guys will be ready for the following year.


  13. Knight Penn Hills, Martin Baldwin, Richards SoHills(?), Bolla Canevin, Starr Shadyside Acadmeny

    6th man Waggoner (Beaver Falls) only outside was walk-on Willy Kelly (from Philly or Baltimore?)

    Hard to believe that team finished in Top 10 (25-4)


  14. So, no news on the OC hire, yet. Could it be that Duzz’s guy still has a game or more left to play?

    If college, of course it would be one game left. If an NFL assistant, today and posssible playoffs.

    Who’s left in college – I’ll eliminate Clemson and bama, just because…

    Iowa – Greg Davis is 65 yrs old and worked for Jackie Sherril at one point – Nah
    Florida – Doug Nussmeier is a former Michigan State QB coach – Maybe
    W.Michigan – Kirk Ciarrocca is a Temple grad and former Delaware OC who coached Flacco – Maybe
    Wisconsin – Joe Rudolph grew up in Belle Vernon, PA and left to play FB at Wisky – had his chance – Nah
    USC – Tee Martin is a former Tenn QB and at the top of many lists as a future HC – Nah
    psu – Joe Moorehead grew up in Pittsburgh and was a Pitt grad assistant – tainted by the hated pedo enablers – Nah
    Auburn – two young Co-OC’s in Rhett Lashlee (Ark. grad) and Kodi Burns (Auburn grad) – Maybe Rhett
    Oklahoma – Lincoln Riley is a TX Tech grad – Nah

    NFL – two offensive assistance that played QB at Pitt – Alex Van Pelt (career stats leader) and Luke Getsy – Maybe Van Pelt

    4 – Maybe candidates – Nussmeier, Ciarrocca, Lashlee and Van Pelt

    I’d skip the FL OC, but I can wait for any of the other three…


  15. SOP would mean no ACC titles or even a chance to play in a title game. Tier 2 bowl games and losses to mediocre teams. No big wins against elite teams on the national stage. Losing to the Pedos and Hoopies. I do see that Pitt football appears to have turned the corner. Stability will now be key.

    I’m not sold on Stallings yet but time will tell. The ACC conference in both football and basketball is a killer. Need to be able to recruit elite athletes and sell them on Pitt and the program.

    Biggest question will be the new AD. He alone will determine SOP. A truly great AD can transform the culture. SOP is a mindset…a losers mentality. He can make SOP anonymous with winning national championships and a commitment to excellence.


  16. SOP is hiring a transient for AD, a relative no-name (except for perhaps EJ).

    SOP is hiring an offensive coordinator who is on par with Conklin.

    SOP is getting bypassed, yet again, in the bowl selection process.

    SOP is allowing the local media to worship the Nits while they dump on us.

    SOP is allowing the Rooneys to dictate the field preparation, logo’s, etc.

    SOP is allowing the Pirates to force us to play big games based upon their schedule.

    SOP is playing Thursday night home games and showing the stadium 20% full.

    SOP is employing an arrogant ass for an AD, who treats the paying fans like dirt.

    What else have I missed, fella’s?


  17. For me SOP on game day was the Northwestern game. Tripping at the goal line, Conner stopped for no gain at the one, Orndoff dropping a sure TD and so on. Guys who have made plays all year doing once in a lifetime mistakes in the same game.

    away from the field. Barnes was a bad hire and Salem getting the job would be SOP.

    If we had won the Northwestern game I was prepared to say that SOP was almost out the door, now we will see who they hire for OC.


  18. SOP is seldom if ever showing up for bowl games and ending the season with a bad loss thereby leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Pitt fans for 9 months while screwing up the perception of recruits right before LOI Day.

    Wash, rinse, repeat….


  19. Nice piece, Reed. It sure has been nice to mix in some anti-SOP moments this year. I mean, where would we be right now if the PSU, Clemson, and GT closing moments went the other way?


  20. imo, SOP has nothing to do with PITT directly itself. It’s all about the PITT fans…. Had to get this in tonight and hopefully I’ll bore you all tomorrow with more. I’m just so freaking tired tonight from this long long holiday season…ike


  21. wwb, you failed to mention Buzz Ridle’s secret weapon: Tiger Paul! The most enfamous Pitt bb fan in the history of the school!!!!
    May Buzz and Tiger RIP


  22. Regarding our last 40-50 years. We only got some dramatic action from the Muckety Mucks when Pitt reached Rock Bottom.

    The mediocrity of 5 or 6 wins and an occasional 8 or even 9 over the last 16 years has caused Pitt to just keep chugging along the same pathway. Nowadays a successful season to them is a bowl season which can be reached with the mediocrity of 6-6 and even worse….5-7.

    It would have probably been better for us to swallow the pain of going 1-10 or 2-9 several seasons, to get the MM’s to do something more dramatic.


  23. Pitt’s 1974 starting basketball guard Tom Richards, went to Moon HS. I believe he led the WPIAL in scoring his senior season. Played against him a couple times, he would have been great with a 3 point line.


  24. Jack again,
    A video is worth a thousand words……….
    Enjoyed it immensely!

    To me, SOP is like being Charlie Brown. Lucy convinces you that she will hold the ball for you so you can kick it. You believe her yet once again and, yes, once again as you run mightily up to kick the ball……… she pulls it off the kicking pad.
    1000’s of Pitt fans swarmed into NYC to watch their Panthers win their ninth game of the season and be ranked inside the Top 20 over a 6-6 Big Joke team whose conference is getting eaten alive in bowl games. So what happens? Lucy pulls the ball which results in SOP, leaving thousands of Pitt fans frozen, frustrated, and feeling foolish for believing THIS TIME Lucy was going to let Charlie Brown kick the ball.
    To blame SOP on the fans is the same as saying the problem is not Lucy – it’s Charlie Brown.
    A realist is neither an optimist nor a pessimist. To blame the fan is simply unrealistic.


  25. To me, SOP has nothing to do with luck. It is a choice that is made that favors mediocrity or the perception of it; or, a choice made that is reminiscent of poor choices of the past.


  26. ~ exactly Pittman4ever. Pitt is lucky to have such a loyal core of supporters considering what they have put the fans/supporters thru over the last 33 years.


  27. To blame the fans is akin to blaming the soldiers in a war. They are not the ones who make the decisions that affect the whole outcome of things. They are just along for the ride.


  28. Just found the first evidence of a report for the Pitt AD search from a tweet on PSN –

    “If these names (3) are accurate, I like the non Pitt guy best. He’s a current AD. The other 2 (Pitt) are well known names”

    I know it is not “news”, but it helps the mind to speculate.


  29. @ GASMAN, when was the last time Pitt only put 13,000 butts in the yellow seats of Heinz Field for a football game? Which would be the 20% of which you speak of above?


  30. I find it ironic that Pittman4ever uses the “Peanuts” analogy to define SOP and substantiate that it remains because Pitt lost it’s bowl game.
    Instead I would counter that logic with the example of Pitt’s biggest win in years at Clemson that was in fact a long SUCCESSFUL FG kick by Blewitt in the most pressure packed environment in the ACC being Death Valley. Pretty funny stuff when right after that another poster is trying to deflect the shitty way people view their own team by saying “it ain’t us, it’s our school’s leadership”!

    Sorry, I think that Ike and Dr. Tom got it right, Pitt fans suck in supporting their team, jump ship every time things don’t go their way.


  31. SOP is losing to a 6-6 NU team in a bowl game that Pitt should have won. That marked the first loss in the HCPN era where his team did not win against a team they were supposed to beat.

    During that Pinstripe game, it was the first time in about 2 years I felt the SOP bug biting me. Not even during the UNC comeback, the VATech loss or the Miami beat down did I have to swat SOP away as the thought had vanished from my head.

    Apparently not…


  32. I’ve posted this before …. I have friends and a relative who are Pitt alums … and they all would rather pay a larger price to be at Heinz on a Sunday than a lesser cost on a Saturday. Playing in a pro city is a major obstacle, … and having substantial less alumni than many of the schools we compete against for elite recruits certainly doesn’t help either.

    We have major hurdles that the programs we aspire to be don’t have. Thus, SOP is part of the equation. We have to keep on plugging away … but at the same time, realize our constraints

    Maybe we can enjoy our progress a little more than continue to accentuate the negative. Hate to come off as a Pollyanna, but maybe we can at least appreciate the fact we are moving in the right direction. Joe Starkey, certainly no Pitt apologizer, just wrote a PG article about how entertaining Pitt FB was this year as well as pointing out the bad breaks we received in the bowl game. This is from someone more objective about Pitt than any of us here


  33. @ Anonymous, 20% capacity @ Heinz Field is more like 17,000+ but I get your point. Also if your the same guy, thanks for the shout out above.

    I haven’t posted on this thread before this simply because it is useless to argue a point that some have so entrenched in their psyche that they can’t see that Pitt’s football future is brighter than it’s recent past has been. With the BS that went down with the firing of Wanny, the hiring/firing of Haywood & Pederson still running things back then, I could easily have imagined him somehow fricken up the ACC invite Pitt got into the conference too. that sure would have been SOP, had it occurred. I could see us in the same boat as UCONN is right now if things had taken a different direction than they had. & UCONN did just rehire Edsall again, right, oh boy, mistake!?!?!

    It’s just human nature to focus on the negative. Two 8-5 seasons with Narduzzi’s team knocking off both the conference champs of the B1G & the ACC gets discounted by losing our most recent hard fought bowl game in NYC. That is so very, very much SOP, like I mentioned before, that’s a fan problem. Until people start appreciating the successes that Pitt has provided us, rather than dwelling on every inevitable failure that is just a matter of time before it occurs once again, those poor SOP fans will continue to be disappointed and frustrated, wallowing in their self imposed depression. That’s why the drug companies are getting rich producing antidepressant meds. Just human nature.

    For me, I’m going to enjoy watching the Rose Bowl today relishing the fact that irrespective of the outcome, that what Pitt did to the creppy valley inhabitants back in September kept them out of the National Championship hunt for 2016. Yep, I’m pretty satisfied with that, Hail to Pitt!


  34. A start to bears the SOP mold, wouldn’t it be nice to hire an AD who upon meeting them your first thought isn’t “What a douche”


  35. @Jackagain, thanks for the video above. Halarious if you’re not the guy driving the truck. It reminded me that I gotta go to the barber today, I need a little off the top.


  36. Pitt has a chancellor and support at high levels to be a good football program. Narduzzi has far more support than Pitt coaches have has in decades. The ACC as a conference is getting to be a significant conference in football. Not quite SEC but getting there with quality head coaches. That is the big change for Pitt. Pitt is getting a much bigger check from a conference that is on the come. That entry into the ACC put an end to the SOP mantra. Pitt is a real program in a real conference for the first time in Pitt’s history. Recruiting P Ford to Pitt is a big deal. It shows Pitt can once again bring in a stud ala Dorsett and begin the good times are coming for Pitt football. They got a QB who was a highly recruited QB from USC to sign up. Hang in there, good things are coming. .


  37. As Pitt fans we have been conditioned to relish the negatives because they have happened so often. Every time something negative happens many go to their default positions of “I told you so” or the rallying cry of SOP. It is a hard cycle to break free of.

    It is very frustrating that when you finally catch a break and get an OC that does a great job, he leaves after one year. It is very frustrating when we set a record for first half fumbles or for consecutive on side kicks.

    Our recent bowl record is mind numbingly frustrating with the unbelievable Houston collapse, the drubbing by Navy and the everything goes wrong Pinstripe bowl.

    Ending seasons on those foul notes makes it more difficult to be positive during the off season. It certainly has tarnished the last two eight win seasons. Especially the last one which was a no win situation, beat NW and everyone says ho hum that was expected.

    But look what Pitt did this year, knocked PSU out of the Playoff, and helped show the farce of the B1G and tOSU that was crushed by Clemson, a team we beat at their House. No we couldn’t catch a break vs NW, but we didn’t quit, and the guys we have coming back still have something to prove.

    Hopefully Narduzzi and Stallings can finish this recruiting season with some difference makers. We are getting much closer to the top than to the bottom.


  38. ^^ Nice Doc.

    Good article Reed and it surprised me a little. You went in a little different direction than I expected. I’ve really thought about this a little too much but since there is a new article I’m going to jump in.

    First off when I posted the phrase “SOP” is more on the PITT fans and not the football team itself, I only meant that it’s not a part of the culture of the football team. I’ve never heard a coach say after a loss and describe it as SOP, like this. “Yes we sure played like SOP out there today news media” This phrase is a fan generated description of their football team and university. So how has SOP become such a lighting rod between PITT fans?

    The biggest point that struck me about SOP is the generational factor that Reed points out. I don’t think it’s used by many PITT from the sixties, seventies, and early eighties. We watched the worst become the best and we have not forgotten. At the same time who can blame the PITT fans from the the nineties or even more recently for having a more a suspicious mind about the football program? I think a good part of SOP comes about from age and introduction to the PITT football program. but that not all of it..

    Generation = Flour

    We as fans are as individual as our fingerprints. Some of us are sweeter than others while some are more salty. Some are like butter, they lurk and come out from time to time to express their opinions but not rock the boat. Then there is the eggs. We all know them, constant negative Nancies. Don’t try and change their minds, it ain’t happening.

    Personalities = sugar, salt, butter and eggs. < you cream these together.

    We need some spice and it comes from messages boards, bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook people. We are the nation that likes to speak out while being heard by the masses. We try and be profound while we get things off our chests. and boy do we….and here is where SOP can get sour….

    PITT fans = spice.

    There you go fellows, we just made a SOP cake. Generation + Personalities + PITT fans = SOP .

    No sense denying it. SOP is all about the fans that love their school and or football team and we all see them in a different minds eye. I think I’ll lighten up on the family members that see things in a little different light that myself…..ike


  39. The one thing made clear in the Alabama and Clemson wins. You need big, strong, fast defensive linemen if you want to compete at the highest level.


  40. It’s one thing to accentuate the negative and it’s another thing to look at a football program realistically and see that there are both positive and negative associated with. To not do that is kind of ridiculous and it’s not honest or truthful.

    We just had a great 2016 season and that it was an exciting football year in that the games were close, they were fun to watch and even though we lost some that we should have won – we also won some we should have lost and that makes for an exciting time to be a fan.

    But you can’t look at Pitt football and be honest and not say that there’s some inherent problems in it. We have to work on those problems and I think that the Administration has to set their sights higher than they have been in the past 20 years.

    I agree with the above poster who said that the Administration has somewhat settled for mediocrity as long as we have a winning program and we don’t have problems off the field. A lot of programs would love to have that. It all depends if Pitt is still going to be one of those programs or not.

    The first thing they have to do in this day and age is to open up the pocketbook more than they have; it’s one thing to say you’re going to do it and it’s another thing altogether to actually do it.

    I think that it is not fair to point the fingers at the fans and say that that’s where SOP resides; the fans haven’t been the ones to lose the head coaches, the fans have been the ones to lose the coordinators, the fans haven’t been the ones to lose the athletic directors… that’s been the Pitt Administration, the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.

    As I said earlier that I’m drafting a formal letter to the administration and am including some of our readers comments about what administration can do to make the Pitt football program more palatable and more exciting for the fans. I don’t think the Fan Experience committee was being honest in its business with Scott Barnes.

    But I also believe that Pat Narduzzi has to hold some responsibility for reaching out to the fans and making the football program and the team more inclusive and that means being more forward with access in both the spring practices and the fall practices. It doesn’t have to be open practices, but we need to be able to allow the fans a better insight into what is driving the program and what the kids are all about.

    It is the height of arrogance to ask fans to donate their hard-earned money to the athletic department and then have no access whatsoever to the program or to have an athletic director who talks down his nose at those same fans at the very first opportunity he has in public.


  41. Just as a comparative POV, the “WTF happened” 2nd half that VT put on Arkansas & the total ass whipping OSU took from our own Conference Champs are two fine examples of bowl results that their fan bases Are more than just disenchanted with. However, come September though, there probably won’t be an empty seat for either team’s home opener. Just sayin. Fans support their team.


  42. pittman4ever – was at the same concert in Cleveland, great. My brother liked Tower of Power – I dont get jazzier than Van Morrison haha. Was there to see the greates rock and roll bad in the world, ever. J Geils with blue and white striped clothes and white piano blew me away. Poor Tower went on when it was like 95 degrees. it was 1975.

    Gasman nailed SOP but I will give my “hip” answer. Growing up the only such phrase that I was familiar with was SOS = Same Old Steelers. The Steelers were small time all the way, lousy scouting and coaching, cheap castoff players, lousy administration (Art Rooney was not the icon he became when he got TV money and turned the running of the team to others- nice enough guy), If there was a way to lose a game the Steelers found it. I was blissfully unaware of SOP until I discovered the Blather and you guys.

    However, as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote in defining hard core porn “I know it when I see it”. (He said it before you were born UPitt- haha) To me it is lousy administration not dedicated to winning and tying to find the cheapest way to do it. The selection of Barnes from the west who was arrogant and didn’t care and wouldn’t address things like the crummy field logs, end zones being satisfied to be treated like second class citizens nails it.

    Barnes followed the SOP administration of Cornhole; another arrogant ass who didn’t understand our history and tried to do it on the cheap. Until we select a dynamite AD like Cas Myslinski (so correct gc) and quit putting up with second class status at Ketchup and in the ACC we will not escape SOP. Teams win and lose but shitting the bed in every bowl game we are in is SOP. Acceptance of mediocrity is SOP, Oh heck go with Gasman’s list.


  43. Regarding loss of ADs, I’m taking a different stance than some on here. The loss of Barnes I’m just meh on& in fact this could be just another opportunity for Pitt to hire better. And the guy that Barnes replaced back in 2015, I helped that a$$hole pack his bags and paid for his ticket out of town.

    Let’s get this next hire right. Rumors of Tressel being on the short list keep circulating. I find that option intriguing.


  44. As a fan that began watching and attending in the late 90’s and early 00’s SOP to me is not capitalizing on the moment. Losing the Fiesta Bowl, losing the BE to UCONN and WVU and Cincy. The loss to Houston and then this year to UNC, VT, and NW. But it also IS the fans. The crowd against Duke was a total embarrassment to PN and the team, no excuse at all. Until fans show up and are consistent 50-55k each week Pitt will never take that next step. That leads me to the AD hire, SOP will be another AD like Pederson. If Pitt wants to take the next step–TRESSEL MUST BE AD. Otherwise we again miss on taking that next big step.


  45. Final thought on SOP, it was made up by fans to insult the PITT football program. It’s an ignorant phrase. Same people who changed the meaning of Yinzer from an affectionate term to a derogatory one. It’s what people do.

    The mindset by the administration has drastically changed since Nordy left.

    I was at the Stones concert as well.. sat on the third baseball dugout. Anyone remember the Geils bass player falling flat on his ass?

    Things are absolutely different down at the PITT southside football complex Losing monster head Barnes was a good thing…


  46. This from PSN –

    “People in Western Pa have known this for awhile but now people across the country are starting to know how good Pitt commit Paris Ford is. Rivals recruiting expert Adam Friedman listed Ford as one of the 12 best players at the UA All-American Game.”

    Not SOP –


  47. One thing that I will complain about is the often gloom & doom news coverage that the local media give to Pitt Panther sports. Reed & some others have thrown EJ Borghetti’s name out there for AD consideration. My biggest question is, since he is the “media relations” guy for Pitt, why is the relationship with the local media so often adversarial? That’s doing a good job with Pitt’s media relations?

    I’m not looking for “cheerleading” handouts from the local media guys but come on man, big time news from Pitt goes unreported locally more times than not.

    A fine example of this would be with Quadree Henderson’s accomplishments this season. He is only the 2nd player in Panther history to amass 2000+ all purpose yards in a season. Show me anywhere, the featured article from a Pittsburgh news source that highlights that major Pitt news item?

    BTW, the first Pitt guy to do that was Dorsett.


  48. The Media blessed the B10 and SEC as the best conferences in FB. It is all about TV audiences. They could care less if these conferences lose all their bowl games.

    As for SOP, maybe Success Over the Past is more appropriate. We have yet to come close to our previous 9 FB title because of various factors like, money, OCS, recruiting, coaches, emphasis on academics, city school, avoiding scandal, etc. Pick any you want.

    Happy 2017.


  49. Yes, PITT does get shafted by the local media. Everyone knows it to. But it’s PITT too many times getting the blame instead of the offending outlets.


  50. Leaving POV on a positive note today, which is my usual spin, whoever is doing the hands on UPMC LiveWire video productions have consistently knocked the ball out of the park with their content & editing all season long! Very professional and it represents our University admirably!


  51. You guys are funny. Do you realize that about a month ago “clemsoning” was still going strong by the tigers faithful! SOP is bashers being bashers. Nothing more.

    Clempson really had there comeback to national prominence only a short time ago in 2009, per Dabo.

    SOP is sophomoric. What happened last season or last game or last play has nothing to do with the next one. Move on.

    I might be grumpy today but will snap out of it when USC gets their win on.


  52. Upitt, I found a Pitt baseball brochure from 1980-81. Is that when you played? I can send it to you. It’s in great shape. Cool picture in the snow with baseball uniforms and coach Lewis.


  53. Ike – regarding Borghetti’s team at Pitt – he and they can do only so much. I am on their media email, tweet, text, hard copy mailing list and can tell you that I get one or two items per day from the media department with insights into what is happening with the Pitt football program.

    But if the local beat writers don’t want to run with something there is literally nothing EJ and his staff can do about it. That is all on the writers and editors of the dailies.

    Another thing to realize is that the mainstream media outlets, especially the papers, have writers that are constricted by print space and by how much they are getting ad revenue per word published. So whereas I can rip off 2000+ words on a subject the paper’s writers can’t do that because they aren’t getting paid to do that.

    Believe me – I have a good friend who is the Media Director for NYU’s athletic department – he’s married to a great friend of mine – and he speaks of Pitt’s media department efforts and results with very high praise. It is recognized across the nation as literally being one of the best.

    One other thing is that most fans don’t realize just how much media stuff is out there for the taking via the Pitt athletic department websites and especially Pitt LiveWire re pieces on YouTube. When you get 6 or 7 rather in-depth player interviews after practices and games – that is a ton of work.

    Here is just the December news pieces that are on Pitt’s website – remember that is with only one game played on the 28th.

    December 28, 2016 – No. 22 Pittsburgh Falls to Northwestern in the Pinstripe Bowl
    December 27, 2016 – Panthers Ring Opening Bell at New York Stock Exchange
    December 26, 2016 – Panthers Practice for Final Time as Bowl Game Nears
    December 25, 2016 – Pitt Football Visits 9/11 Memorial on Busy Christmas
    December 24, 2016 – Panthers Practice, Hold Holiday Dinner and Attend Comedy Show on Day Two in NYC
    December 23, 2016 – Pitt Arrives in New York City for New Era Pinstripe Bowl Trip
    December 16, 2016 – James Conner Wins Capital One Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award
    December 15, 2016 – Pitt Sells Out Initial New Era Pinstripe Bowl Ticket Allotment
    December 15, 2016 – Quadree Henderson Earns Consensus All-America Status
    December 14, 2016 – Coach Pat Narduzzi Announces Departure of Matt Canada
    December 13, 2016 – Three Panthers Named to AFCA All-America Team
    December 12, 2016 – Henderson, Johnson Garner More All-America Honors
    December 10, 2016 – James Conner Announces Decision to Enter NFL Draft
    December 9, 2016 – Brian O’Neill Wins the Piesman Trophy
    December 9, 2016 – Pitt Players Receive More All-America Accolades
    December 8, 2016 – Panthers Place Nine on 2016 Coaches All-ACC Team
    December 7, 2016 – Johnson, Henderson Named Sporting News All-Americans
    December 4, 2016 – Pitt Earns Invitation to New Era Pinstripe Bowl
    December 2, 2016 – Ejuan Price Named Finalist for Ted Hendricks Award

    As I said most Pitt fans don’t really know where to find most of the great info disseminated by Pitt and the above is a small example of it.

    Maybe I should put some media links on my front page to help our readers out with this…
    December 1, 2016 – Brian O’Neill Selected as a Piesman Trophy Finalist
    December 1, 2016 – James Conner Named Winner Of ACC’s Brian Piccolo Award


  54. UPitt – go to a highly regarded ENT. Could be a virus in your inner ear canal, vestibular dysfunction, etc.My daughter has been struggling with both over the years.


  55. Thanks Reed lots of good stuff there. Hope I made myself clear above. I agree with you. PITT and EJ are in no way at fault in my eyes. Pro town with way too many psu people running the show. Even PITT’s own media station gives them the cold shoulder all things considered…ike


  56. The lack of media coverage can be improved with the right AD. Play off the synergy with UPMC and their targeted advertising $’s.

    You can also withhold funding with “The Fan” radio station and encourage better coverage.

    The Trib is struggling and won’t be in print going forward, just online. So target the P-G and connect a Pitt grad or two to apply for the sports news team.

    There are ways if you develop a plan and then implement that plan. Stevie didn’t and Barney never heard the “noise”, so he did not care one way or the other.

    Wisky up 14-0 on W.Mich – they were definitely ready to play this MAC team.


  57. Whatever SOP is or isn’t, let me share my holiday experience in Pittsburgh this year. My wife comes from a very large Catholic family. For example, my sister in law had 39 people for Christmas dinner, and we came in on the 26th! I was really excited to watch the bowl game in the Burg with Pittsburghers. (Please know that since 1968 I have either attended, watched, listened, or kept up with every Pitt football game – all of them!). So, now living in Texas I started asking my Pittsburgh brother in laws, nephews, nieces, and old friends to watch the Pinstripe Bowl with me. Guess what, NO ONE was interested! Not even a nephew and niece who were Pitt GRADUATES! So, I sat and watched the game by MYSELF until my brother in law came home from work and out of pity for me watched the disastrous 4th quarter. (Which cemented in his mind to not waste his time on Pitt :<( So, whatever SOP is or isn’t, too many people in Pittsburgh have concluded Pitt is not worth their time to watch.


  58. Indiana: Offensive coordinator Kevin Johns and tight ends / fullbacks coach James Patton will not return, according to multiple sources.

    Alabama: Lane Kiffin will not coach in the national championship game, instead fully moving into the FAU head coaching job. Steve Sarkisian will begin his new role as offensive coordinator in the national championship game.

    Baylor: Former Oregon offensive coordinator Matt Lubick has accepted the offensive coordinator job at Baylor. Lubick had been named Ole Miss wide receivers coach a week ago. Lubick spent the past four years at Oregon. Lubick and new Baylor co-offensive coordinator Jeff Nixon have worked for Chip Kelly.


  59. Utah: Eastern Washington offensive coordinator Troy Taylor has been named offensive coordinator at Utah. Taylor spent one year at EWU and was previously the co-head coach at Folsom High School (CA), where he coached Jake Browning. Taylor produced a top-10 offense in FCS last year. Utah offensive line coach Jim Harding has also been promoted to assistant head coach.


    Pittsburgh: no news on anything relating to Pitt’s hiring of an offensive coordinator to replace Matt Canada.


  60. You can put out lots of stuff, like Reed pointed out, but if it not picked up then that method is simply not effective. It isn’t working, so you have to try something different. To put out volumes that do not get the desired effect is failure, no matter how highly regarded the department is. Other measures must be taken, and if you say what can we do, they don’t run it, is silly. Your job is to get the message out, and if it isn’t you are NOT effective!


  61. ” However, come September though,there probably won’t be an empty seat for either team’s home opener. Just sayin. Fans support their team.”

    If you’re referring to Ohio State and you must be. They have had 6 decades of football excellence to build their fan base. Same thing, but to a lesser degree with Pedo State.

    From 1960 to 1976, Ohio State finished the season ranked in the Top 10…..11 times. Pitt 3 times

    From 1977 to 2000 Ohio State they finished in the Top 25 …. 17 times. Pitt 7 times.

    From 2000 to 2016 OSU finished in the Top 15 …. 12 times. Pitt once.

    Adding up those figures…..OSU has been a Top team for 40 of 56 years. Pitt 11 times.
    In that time period OSU has played in 26 Major Bowl Games (Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Cotton) Pitt 6.

    Do you think that might have something to do with them not having an empty seat ?


  62. SOP is alive and here is why. We have been without a OC for what 3 weeks? Lame Duck AD planning his reloction.

    If football was a priority a hire would be made and money wouldnt be an issue.

    I agree I want SOP
    dead believe me but our adminiatration is who keeps SOP alive and well.


  63. To go deeper down this route.

    Since 1950 Ohio State has had 3 losing seasons. lol 3 in 66 years.

    Pitt since 1950 has had 27 losing seasons. So about 41% of the last 66 years, Pitt has had losing seasons. People wonder why we have a small fan base. Get real !


  64. I can guarantee if Pitt only had 3 losing seasons in the last 66 years and finished 50 times in the Top 15, Top25, Pitt stadium would have been rebuilt to 70,000 capacity and a seat would NOT be had.


  65. UCLA: Michigan quarterbacks / wide receivers coach Jedd Fisch will be the new offensive coordinator at UCLA, according to Fox Sports. Fisch spent two years at Michigan and was previously the Jaguars offensive coordinator.


  66. That sums it up well Emel….and some local people only watch Pitt FB around the holidays in their bowl game. SOP is crapping the bed 3 straight times and our new coach being a terrible 0-2.

    Remember Houston? Remember Navy? Remember Northwestern? This team has Alzheimers….

    SOP has many phases….some have died and others are slowly dying, but losing bad in bowl games is still alive and well. I don’t mind losing a close game to a good team who had a few more breaks than us and we at least put in an effort and not embarrass ourselves in front of a national audience and thereby fueling pedo & hoopie fans to join in with the nation in laughing at all things Pitt.

    Should we win every bowl game? No
    Should we at least show up and try? Yes

    When Pitt coaches decide that the bowl game is important to the fans, the school and recruits and it not just a paid holiday as a reward for the players only, then we might just look decent in a bowl game for a change.

    Remember Narduzzi….the bowl game is the last game we remember for 9 months.


  67. As reported by me at 1:49pm and PSN at 2:04pm –

    “An interesting offensive coordinator just became available for Pitt. In a somewhat surprising move considering the success they’ve had on offense, Indiana has fired Kevin Johns. The Hoosiers have had one of the most prolific offenses in the Big 10 for the last 5 years.”


  68. An outside-the-box OC candidate from Central PA –

    Brandon Streeter
    I wanted to include one name that is very intriguing and IMO, would be a potential home run hire, despite not having any connections to Duzz. Brandon Streeter is currently the quarterbacks coach at Clemson, where he has mentored All-American Deshaun Watson the past couple of seasons. Watson is the first QB in FBS history to throw for 4,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in the same season, which he did last year in leading Clemson to the national championship game.

    Streeter is also the recruiting coordinator at Clemson, heading to Death Valley after serving as offensive coordinator for three seasons at FCS Richmond. Before that he was at Liberty. Both schools featured prolific offenses during his tenures there. Being a college football coach is in his blood, as his father has been leading Division III Gettysburg for the past 40 years.

    Streeter played his HS ball at Gettysburg High.

    He has deep roots with Clemson, as he was the starting QB there in the late nineties and served as a graduate assistant in the early 2000’s under current coach Dabo Sweeney. However, if he is looking to make a jump up to OC at the FBS level, it will probably happen sooner if he leaves, as co-offensive coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott have been in place for the past two seasons, having unprecedented success at the school. Again, he is an interesting candidate that is at least worth reaching out to. If Duzz wants to make a splash, it’s more likely to happen with a less established candidate, but one who has an impressive pedigree like Streeter has.


  69. For the record, I think the 2016 Pitt football program had about as much success that could reasonably be expected. Everyone can talk about winning the Coastal Division, but this is a program that never won a Big East Football Championship outright. Of course I would like to see better, but the realist in me thinks 8-4 is the ceiling for Pitt football. After years of being let down, I don’t attempt the kick when Lucy sets up the football. When it comes to Pitt football, I will have to observe actual success before I have any high expectations or thoughts of conference championships. With that said, “Same Old Pitt” is tough to explain in words, but it is sure easy to explain in the context of the team’s performance over the past 25 years:

    2016 – the fourth quarter of the UNC game;
    2015 – the Military Bowl against Navy;
    2014 – allowing 2 onside kick recoveries in the Houston comeback during the final 5 minutes of the Armed Forces Bowl….and a home loss to Akron;
    2012 – the missed 4th quarter field goal (from the right hash???) by Harper resulting in a heartbreaking road loss to #3 Notre Dame in the third overtime;
    2011 – the firing of Michael Haywood leading to the Todd Graham coaching experience….and the 4th quarter meltdown in the Iowa game;
    2010 – the 35-10 loss to WVU in the defacto Big East Championship game…AND the hiring of Michael Haywood;
    2009 – Cincinnati 45-44….and Andrew Janocko’s botched extra point hold that kept the Panthers on 44 and allowed Cincinnati to win by 1;
    2008 – the opening day loss to Bowling Green, and the 54-34 homecoming loss to Rutgers;
    2007 – the 48-45 Thursday night 2-overtime loss at home to Navy;
    2006 – UCONN’s backup QB DJ Hernandez (brother of murderer Aaron Hernandez) runs wild in the shotgun to defeat Pitt 46-45 in double overtime;
    2005 – the 16-10 loss to the Ohio Bobcats;
    2004 – Pitt takes a knee to kick a 1st half field goal, and loses on the road to UCONN in the Huskies first ever Big East game out of 1-AA;
    2003 – a ranked Pitt team loses to Toledo 35-31 in a night game at the Glass Bowl;
    2002 – a 24-17 loss in the Backyard Brawl after a valiant 7-point loss against the #1 ranked Miami Hurricanes;
    2001 – a 35-26 home loss to a South Florida team playing in its first D-1 football season;
    2000 – a 37-29 loss to Iowa St. in the Insight.com Bowl resulting in the Cyclones FIRST EVER bowl victory;
    1999 – after closing the final game at Pitt Stadium with a win against ND, Pitt falls to WVU 52-21;
    1998 – a 2-win season with losses to Temple and Rutgers – led by Pittsburgh native Mike McMahon;
    1997 – after defeating Miami on Thursday night in Walt Harris’ signature win, Pitt falls to Temple the following week, 17-13;
    1996 – In back to back weeks, Pitt loses to Ohio St. 72-0 and Miami 45-0. The five major opponents (WVU, Ohio St., Miami, Syracuse, and Notre Dame) outscore Pitt 266-13!!!;
    1995 – a 2-win season with a devastating 17-16 loss to Big East co-champ Miami Hurricanes on homecoming in which Pitt dominated the game, only to have the tide turned on a roughing the punter penalty that led to a 95-yard drive and the eventual winning score;
    1994 – With 24 seconds left in the game after Pitt took a 41-40 lead, WVU throws a 60-bomb behind the Pitt defensive back to defeat Pitt 47-41 in the Backyard Brawl;
    1993 – Back to the Future begins with a win at Southern Miss….but only 2 more that season as Pitt defeats doormats Rutgers and Temple;
    1992 – In the final contractual game against Penn St. (until 1997), the Paul Hackett era is stamped with a 57-13 to the Nits in a rainy Beaver Stadium; and
    1991 – The Paul Hackett led Panthers get out of the gate to a 5-0 start….only to fall flat on their face and finish with one (Rutgers) victory in the final 7 games and no bowl game.

    I’m sure there are many I missed, but those come to mind in reverse chronological order. That list is the best way I can describe SAME OLD PITT.


  70. Dallas Mike – unfortunately, I remember every one of those you have listed. Ugh!

    I want to believe there are brighter days ahead –

    JoeKnew – I left a message for the GM at Quicksilver today, to discuss the potential Spring POV golf outing.


  71. Jesus Mike – Elephant Brain.

    You should do a list of let downs for Basketball. Just as long. Thanks for dinner last night. We had a great time.


  72. Moose and his badgers hand W.Michigan their first loss of the season.

    Horrible post-game interview by Moose. Example – “you need a lot of guys to beat a good team.”

    Iowa losing badly to Florida (27-3) mid-4th qtr.


  73. Wisky couldn’t even cover the spread against a MAC team. That even worked out in favor of the Pedo’s.
    Not having to play the no win game against WMU.


  74. Emel – unfortunately, Pitt falls into the Big Joke category because we lost to a mid-level one in the Pinstripe “Bowel” movement.


  75. That’s pretty lame considering the game is in Tampa and Florida is one of the team.

    It’s not just Pitt, but our local media would have you believe it is ! Pedo lovers that they are.


  76. Yes you must Mike and don’t forget to leave out any positives along the way. SOP has morphed into statistics now. lol. You know the ones, the stats when tickled or tortured that will confess and tell the story you want them to. Statistics can be the worst liars known to mankind… No offense intended.


  77. Herbstreit and Fowler are talking like we should take pity on poor old pedo state because they looked the other way and were hit with sanctions that kept them from bowl games.


    They did show two highlights with Pitt sacking McSwirley.


  78. This isn’t good for Recruiting. Major Bowl 100k. I am 6-2 this week. I have PSU +7 and OU later tonight.

    We need PSU to be embarrassed. If not look for recruiting to lose many to PSU.


  79. Good Lord have I been sick of those abuse commercials on NFL Network. Every commercial Break. The photos of happy couple then sad and beat up. That is the worst because it plays 33 times a game.


  80. Jack – Played ball with my best friend from Blackhawk at Pitt. You hit up the Back Door Tavern or New Brighton Hot Dog Shop?


  81. Happened to see the
    Rose Bowl when Penn State and So. Cal the last time… main reason we were in California was to see the Tournament of Roses 🌹 Parade and at the
    Last minute my travel agent told me she could get tickets to the ball game…sat on the 10 yard line about 2/3’s the way up… highly recommmend the parade and the game… shuttled from out Anaheim hotel within walking diastace from Disneyland on buses to the parade then to the game…


  82. 1997- Pitt wins over #21 ranked Miami & #15 ranked VT, then the week after the VT win, Pitt goes into Morgantown and takes down the Mountains aineers in triple OT41-38.
    1999-Notre Dame comes to town and a 4-5 Pitt squad sends them home losers 37-27 in the last game ever to be played at Pitt Stadium.
    2000-Pitt knocks Off penn state 12-0, playing at 3 Rivers Stadium. The last game to be played between the rivals for 16 years. The day after Thanksgiving, the Panthers are guaranteed a postseason bowl game by beating West Virginia in the backyard brawl ending that season at 7-5. Their 1st. bowl appearance in 3 years.
    2001-Pitt puts together a 2nd consecutive winning season with bowl appearance beating North Carolina State in the Florida Citrus Bowl. That 7-5 season included a drubbing of a #12 VT team winning 38-7 & winning another Backyard Brawl in enemy territory, again!
    2002-Pitt puts together a 9 win season, beating VT yet again, this time in Blacksburg when VT is ranked third best team in the nation.
    Fitzgerald puts on a show at the Insight Bowl demonstrating to a national audience just how good of an NFL player he will be in the future.
    2003-Another winning season at 8-5, although
    a disappointing one, considering Pitt was ranked in the Top 10 preseason. The Panthers still manage to shock VT once more, this time when they were ranked #5 nationally in at 31-28 barn burner. Larry Fitzgerald gets the Biletnikoff Award before going off to a legendary career in the NFL.
    2004-Pitt puts together yet another winning season (this year without Fitzgerald) beating both a #24 ranked ND & a #21 ranked West Virginia in succeeding weeks.
    2007- 13-9 nuff said.
    2008-Another season that Pitt garners a national ranking after knocking off a trending South Florida #10 team 26-21 behind a fine effort by a RB nicknamed “Shady”. Later that season Pitt beat both ND & WVU to finish at 9-4.
    2009- Pitt completes their 1st 10 win season in years beating ND again then taking UNC right down to the wire in Charlotte in the Meineke Car Care bowl in an exciting 19-17 last minute win.
    2010-The $hit hits fan but somehow Pitt still manages to win their bowl game against Kentucky without a head coach and a cloudy future.
    2011- Fraud’s only year before jumping ship but still Pitt takes on #10 ranked South Florida on a nationally televised game and dismembers them 44-17 in spite of losing their star RB Ray Graham to a season ending knee injury.
    2012-Potato head Paul gets the HC call and promptly gets his ass handed to him in a season home opener against the mighty Penguins of YSU (you left that on off your SOP list Dallas Mike), then we get beat badly a 2nd week in a row on a Thursday night game by Cincinnati. Then without any reasonable explanation the Panthers destroy VT yet again. This year they are ranked #13 when we beat them 35-17. Just weird how we own Virginia Tech. Later in this same season we knock #19 Rutgers out of the Top 25 kicking their butts 27-3.
    2013-Loved beating a cocky ND team in a nationally televised Saturday night game where Aaron Donald gets to show just how much of a dominating player he is. We finish off the year with a great win over the MAC Champions with Voytik coming in for an injured Savage to save the game with a comeback win. Both Boyd & James Conner put in All American performances in this game.
    2014-Another great nationally televised Saturday night win for the Panthers. The victim this time Miami @ their place, winning 35-23. The end of the 🥔 Potato Head Paul era. & NEVER FORGET HOUSTON. Our next coach witnesses that debacle and realizes that SOP is not just some superstition invented by the fan base.
    2015-The beginning of the Narduzzi Era. In his 1st season he puts together a 8-5 season & comes in second place in the Coastal Division. Best win is the huge FG by Blewitt, a career long for him, at the end of the game to take down GT in their own house on a beautifully sunny afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia.
    2016-Another winning season, this year beating the hated Nitters & taking down the undefeated #2 Clemson Tigers on another game winning Blewitt FG in one of the toughest places to win a football game as a visiting team, DEATH VALLEY!

    So there you go Dallas Mike I can make a fucking list too! I like mine better. But I can appreciate where you’re coming from too, I just care not to not to.

    Hail to Pitt! And Hail to USC. Please kick penn state’s ass.


  83. UPitt, I went to NA when my parents lived in the North Hills and I bought a house near Cranberry Twp. 23 years ago. I’ve been to the Hot Dog Shop….done hopping bars though.


  84. Doc – I’m more impressed you put a Potato Emoji in that list!! Haha.

    I hope we have a lot more of the good lists than the bad. Admin needs to do their part and less DMOTC (Do More on The Cheap).

    We need a Damn OC named and AD so fat Herman can start his compound in Corvallis.


  85. Dr. Tom – great list – I remember all of yours too. Let’s keep it positive – got it!

    It’s expected that the new offensive coordinator will be in place in time for when the recruiting season resumes. The recruiting “Dead Period” ends next Wednesday, January 11th, with coaches able to make face-to-face contact with recruits starting Jan. 12th.

    Anyone know if Pitt is having a big recruiting weekend planned Jan. 13th? Since the offensive-coordinator-to-be is (probably) coaching for a college team he will not have to go through the NCAA recruiting protocol and testing and be immediately eligible to recruit.


  86. The Potato Emoji was exclusively done for you Upittbaseball. By the way I’m still waiting to collect on that dinner bet that I won from you. Whatever happened to your impending multiple visits to Savannah that you were anticipating?

    Bring your clubs when you show up, since I’m also looking forward to taking your money on the golf course too.
    GO TROJANS! 13-0


  87. We break ground in like 2 weeks. It got pushed out 2 months.

    You got dinner and wine of your choice! Fair is Fair!!

    Will ship them up they are currently in SFLA.

    PSU should run Barkley. Man are they crazy. Hope they lose but need to cover.


  88. So if PSU were to win, Pitt would have beaten two teams to finish in the top three.

    No I am not rooting for them, just looking at the bright side.


  89. gc, I like the way you think. Yeah let’s root for penn state. OMG, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. I guess not. Beat the living shit out of penn state!


  90. gc….a waste of time. Pedos are already saying they would kill us today and they lost only because they had linebackers hurt.

    Them winning after we lost is bad news going into LOI Day.


  91. OK, not sure what SOP is or if I subscribe to the notion but for me, I bought a hat at the Pinstripe Bowl to commerate the grand occasion (after all it was my first time at Yankee Stadium).

    Well I don’t plan to ever wear it….probably so I don’t have to defend the final outcome, you know, we lost our starting QB, RB, etc., etc.

    That’s what I think SOP means. Ugh!


  92. Emel, I graduated in 1967. I rented a couple places outside N. Park before I moved to Colorado in 1984.

    My buddy used to go to Marty’s. I went to Buddy’s Lounge, Kings Tavern, the Fox Trot and a few other dives. Used to like the N. Park Lounge for the food.


  93. Wow Buddy’s was right down the street from my house., My buddy was bartender at Fox Trot. We probably know eachother to see.


  94. Oh you went to the old NA on Cumberland Road. Yep North Park Lounge was another watering hole. And the place up on 19 by Cumberland, it became a real nice place in the early 2000’s.


  95. Yeah, I went to the old NA. That place used to be an Italian place that began with a D…I used to get Veal Parmigan on Thursday’s for $2.50. Homemade….

    It’s had a few owners since then with good food. Magoo’s was one of the names.


  96. No, he lived near Buddy’s up off Kuhmer Rd. I had a buddy name Eddie Hunter who was a steamfitter….he bartended at Buddy’s too.


  97. Yep there is some big payola trying to make the Pedo’s relevant nationally again. Pretty obvious with the Ohio Fake give-a-way.


  98. Dr. Tom and the Pitt Administration DOTC (Do it on the Cheap) be satisfied with the crumbs we get. Respect your cheery attitude Doc but I like to dream, wont ignore problems, and am a cynic without easy access to dental laughing gas. 🙂 In the spirit of the Christmas season for the Pitt Administration (Potter), Ir’s a Wonderful Life.

    Jimmy Stewart Tressel for AD if he thinks Stewart’s way.,The fans and major sports are not a lot of ‘sentimmental hogwash’
    27-14. Irks me when announcers are stupid enough to talk of how Ped State came back from sanctions, THE KIDS NEVER DID MORONS!! poor poor poor Ped State – let’s have a pity party.


  99. Playing Pedo State as the victim….is the ultimate in hypocrisy and the ultimate in delusion. Typical of the Lame Stream Meda.


  100. I kinda doubt we’ll hire Jim Tressel with the NCAA baggage he carries but with a new Chancellor who knows?

    The intent of the article was to get views on what SOP is, or isn’t, and if we even still have it – or ever had it.

    Case in point – Dr. Tom’s list and Mike’s list are probably highlights and low-lights that every college football program not named Alabama or OSU have in their history. I wonder if any school can’t take a look at their program and say Same Old WVU or Same Old Kentucky, etc…

    Real rabid fans are never satisfied overall and real cheerleading fans are never disappointed overall. I think that SOP depends on what your expectations are going forward and then if the team meets those expectations or not.

    But something I don’t really understand our the fans who call for 12-0 or 11-1 for the next season; get 8-5 and then say they aren’t disappointed. There is a disconnect there.

    For me I called for a 7 win season and we got 8 – so as far as wins themselves go I am satisfied. But when you break down the season and see what power we had on offense and how the defense dragged us down – then I’m disappointed that the defense couldn’t have been at least good enough to hold teams to under 30 points, which isn’t a high bar to meet, and had they done that we’d have 11 wins.

    So I suppose SOP can morph as things unfold.

    But really Same Old Pitt can also be seen as Same Old (Insert team’s Name Here) because 95% of the teams have fans that get disappointed and want things to play out differently.


  101. BTW – can we proof read our comments and take out any real vulgarities ourselves? That would be appreciated otherwise I’ll do some editing. I won’t change content but I’d rather not have to do anything.


  102. Win or lose, those Nitters will still be the same. A win will boost their arrogance off the charts. A loss will just be a temporary setback and they will come up with an excuse like the world was against them. I dont care for those sickos. I would love to kick them in the nuts again next year but they will just say we are not a rival and the game doesnt matter because we’re an ACC team from the ‘dirty’ city.


  103. UPMC needs to buy the 2 local rags and then fire all the Pedo Cultists. Then use their advertising clout to get favorable coverage from the local TV and radio networks.


  104. Proofreading is out of the question for me Reed. I’m an old message boarder and I’m use to hitting post and then re-reading for goofy mistakes then editing. Keeping out profanity is not a problem for me though….


  105. “It is the height of arrogance to ask fans to donate their hard-earned money to the athletic department and then have no access whatsoever to the program or to have an athletic director who talks down his nose at those same fans at the very first opportunity he has in public.”

    So true Reed

    I’ll also hold my tongue like Upitt until those apocalyptic things happen. Then all Hell will be unleashed.


  106. Reed, I agree that every team has “same old_______” references but in Pittsburgh it’s a play on the Same old Steelers (as someone posted earlier). For years they even started games with the same PLAY…Fran Rogel up the middle. I for one don’t believe in SOP. I believe we have had a lack of serious commitment to the major athletic programs over decades. That’s a lot of shit to overcome.


  107. My prediction & expectation for this season was 10-2. So I have a right to complain. When we lost to UNC, my loss total was met and then came VATech and the dreadful miami beat down.

    I never gave up nor abandoned the team as a fan. But, I can tell you, the NW (NU) loss in the Pinstripe brought back the SOP feeling. That was Duzz’s first loss to a team we should have beat.

    My wife and I were very glad we did not make the trip to NYC – we would have felt much worse.

    Honestly, next season we may win 4 or 5 games. I said to my wife, do I want to shell out all the money for tickets, donations, parking, meals & travel expenses? She says yes, and I’m on the fence.

    I think I need a new koolaid flavor…


  108. One additional point to note about OSU and Pitt comparatively is that OSU graduates about 16,000 potential football fans every year. Pitt graduates less than half of that. It’s a lot easier to fill a stadium when you graduate 100,000 people every 5 or 6 years. Something that takes Pitt 15 years.

    Also, @Ike, loved the Pitt cake metaphor. #butter


  109. Upittbaseball, this bud is for you: Here’s a question for you. You do or did, or you don’t or didn’t like.

    AD Steve Pederson…………………………….____
    AD Mark Nordenberg…………………………..____
    Coach Narduzzi…………………………………..____
    Coach Chryst……………………………………..____
    Coach Graham……………………………………____
    Coach Haymaker…………………………………____
    Coach Wanny……………………………………..____
    Coach Dixon……………………………………….____
    Coach Stallings…………………………………… NO!
    Coach Jordano…………………………………….____
    Fitzgerald Field House…………………………..____
    The Pete……………………………………………..____
    PITT Stadium………………………………………..____
    Heinz Field……………………………………………____
    The University of Pittsburgh…………………….____
    The state of Texas…………………………………………………..____

    Just trying to have fun with you and figure out if there is anything you like. Feel free to rip this comment up and throw it into the waste paper basket……..ike


  110. Well, I’m in for the duration for Pitt football no matter what especially now that I have this blog. I spend too much $$$ not to be all-in.

    I’ll make the 450 mile drives and buy the parking pass (and tickets for my broke friends sometimes) and now that we have flags we’ll tailgate also.

    SOP won’t stop me from doing anything because I get a kick out of each season no matter what. I honestly do. The crappy things that happen with Pitt interest and intrigue me as much as the great things that happen. They don’t make me feel as good, but they sure interest me.

    I still say that one of my favorite years was 2007 because of all the drama that went into the games and of course ending it with 13-9.

    Wins are great but that isn’t why I follow Pitt – I follow Pitt because I enjoy it. That is what true fans do. They don’t believe in My Little Pony nor do they think everything is in the crapper all the time. They look at the program, the principals involved, the dynamics and the way things set up and roll out and they discuss it to no end.


  111. Ike,

    Didnt like

    Pederson, Barnes, Nerdberg, Haywood, Graham,

    Was okay with Chryst but he was sloppy disheveled mess.

    Like parts of Narduzzi but wasnt a HC and is more talk than substance.

    Like Gallagher Pittsburgh and some things about Texas. Cheap Cost of Living.

    Stallings hire is a joke.


  112. Bernie – Only difference is we played a bowl game no one cared about nationally while this is a National TV Major bowl. Thank Barnes. He probably was happy and accepted it before his interview started.


  113. I almost wish they would do away with the targeting rule because they are not consistent with their calls. I saw targeting on a game on Friday and they didn’t call it either.


  114. No Gasman, it’s just more proof what a killer schedule of offensive teams we played. OK St, Ga Tech, Miami, Clemson and Va Tech scored over 30 points in their bowls … and could have score more if needed. (VT scored 35 in 2nd half!) PSU will likely go over 50.

    And all against good competition ….. much better defenses than Pitt


  115. With the b****ing we did about Pitt’s defense this year, have you noticed that PSU has dropped 49 on #9 ranked USC in less than 3 full quarters? Took then 4 qtrs to get 39 against Pitt.


  116. Dion – This is a very different team we played in september. I bet they are favored by -16 against us next year. They lose 5 players and one is a long snapper. Not good.


  117. I hope I’m wrong but I can see this good recruit you guys think is good flipping especially with Wade working on him. ESPN is making PSU sound like the most exciting program in the US.


  118. Wow! Dairy college had possession by pinning it to the ground? The ground had 1/2 the possession.

    Refereeing is terrible. I also agree with Erie that the dairy college TE pushed off on his TD catch. I also agree that the first long TD catch was not in possession either. Turning this scam off! This must have been the ACC crew we got a few times.


  119. Gas – 😂😂😂

    How he got off is beyond me.

    Jennifer Garner and her Dad commercial make me shake my head.

    That is a catch.


  120. UPITT, You are may be right about next year, but my remarks are about this past football year. We were playing the second game of the season with a brand new OC, no Tyler Boyd, a still healing Conner, and injured defensive players from game 1. Next year is next year, but if you are giving me Pitt and 16 points, I’ll take them. By the way what did you predict for the outcome of the 2016 PSU game?


  121. Dion – I thought a PSU victory. I was wrong.

    I agree it was a great game. Boyd was actually a negative as used by Chubbs. We were way more balanced using more than 1 WR this year.


  122. Peterman passed for 80 yards vs PSU … he got much better as the year went on. PSU is now one of the best teams around .. but so is Clemson.


  123. I think watching PSU last several games you really appreciate job Canada did. PSU linebackers are slow laterally, which is why sweeps worked. Missing lb is physical but still not great laterally. Played us with 60 percent JC, and NP on a leash. Better comparison is how we lost 5 games. Also, how you think they’d do without Barkley and McSorley?


  124. Hackenburg should of been benched his entire time as PSU. He was tall that was it. You you’re with the Jets Coach said about him the other day? So he couldn’t hit the ocean with a throw.


  125. Worst part is the incessant holier-than-thou Nitter nation.
    TV stations.
    Losers, most of whom never went to school there.


  126. After watching all the games I don’t know weather to give credit for beating two really,really good teams or giving crap for loosing to other,poorer teams? Guess the team was much better than expected, but played to level of competition.


  127. Remember how upset we were when Miles Sanders went to PSU. Now after playing all game, PSU reverts to a beat up and tired Barkley to run back kickoffs then play tailback! If Sanders was all that and a bag of chips he would have been in there to spell Barkley at tailback as well as a kick returner.


  128. September 10, 2016 and January 2, 2017 were great entertainment days for this Pitt fan.

    That USC freshman is gooood! Really gooood!


  129. Ok upitt I will agree to that.
    Wwb–need speed that is why PN recruiting Fla and D.C. Area is a good thing instead of solely focusing on WPA.


  130. Holy cow, that sure was a neat win by USC! By golly, I sure was happy that those darn Nitters got their bum bums paddled by those Son of a gun Trojans!


  131. On Facebook the nitters were doing their “We are…” stuff with 2 minutes left.

    How about “We are – DEFEATED!”

    Many nitters were talking about how they were better than Washington – well, USC beat you both. So SHUT UP!

    Oh and Pitt beat you too!


  132. OJ didn’t do it.
    All a scam.
    Just like Joe knew.
    Peachy Paterno for one and all.
    Let’s put the statue in the library, for Joe cared about education like no other man since Socrates.


  133. Robert Foster comes home and joins Weah with Brown and Clark to average 50 points a game at Pitt, coach says defense, we don’t need no stinkin defense.


  134. Now I dont think this loss will sway any recruits. Nor do I think a win would have either. But we got bragging rights in the State. I do think a healthy Pitt would have beaten USC. If Pitt’s O would just play more ball control, our D would be on the field as much. Cant tell you how much a fast scoring O does disservice to a D. Thats why I’m not sad to see Canada leave. More ball control is the answer. Less gimmicks and smoke and mirrors. The big play still exists with remaining and incoming talent on the O. But you dont have to go for the home run on every series.


  135. Why didn’t McSorearm swing for the fences when he threw his interceptions. Players take on the persona of their coach. Their coach is a poor winner and a sore loser!

    Dairy College choked on a rose pedal. Their db’s couldn’t turn their heads either. I have figured it out. On Xbox, you don’t turn your head while trying to defend. As such, no player ever learns to turn his head.

    Glad you all covered!


  136. Need to get that OC hired to get to workon the newterminology for the 4 th time in the last 4 yrs or 3 times in 3 years excluding Joe Rudolph.. road trip to State College will be here before yinz know it!


  137. Would you come home and use a year to get in position to get drafted by getting a chance to play or stay at Bama , get an NC ring, and no realistic shot at draft?


  138. I think Franklinstein ran a hot hand.
    His true coaching g will come out sooner rather than later.
    He was, remember, on the Nitter hot seat.
    Urban and the boys will eat his lunch next year.


  139. Better D line next year will also take pressure off the corners. Better corners will prevent the big play. Better linebackers can win games. Steelers formula. I’m confident that Nard Dog will figure it out with his own players. Our O doesnt need to score 35 points a game to have the team win.

    I do believe we have a good chance in Creepy Valley next year against the Pedos.


  140. I believe that Pitt will make a good choice for AD and OC. This Pedo loss has me encouraged. The stars have aligned for Pitt.


  141. FWIW, Mike Caprara is part of a group of CFB players being honored at the Sugar Bowl for their off-the-field work. Don’t know if it will be on TV


  142. One thing I will take from that game, no wonder the qb transferred to Pitt. That said, not many are better than that kid, so maybe our transfer is pretty good, just not in that rarified class?


  143. As many comment on was there a coaching change with this being the new guys qb. We have been fortunate with Savage and NP. Of course not every 5 star QB works out – Anthony ‘Dumber than a Box of Rocks; Morrelli.


  144. For 350K a month, Michael ‘ the perv’ Jackson would still be alive.
    Why did that whack hire a cardiologist?
    Would have given half that dough to Pitt so they could have hired Lynn Swann for AD.
    Hope Randy Juhle reaches out to him.
    All he can do is hang up.


  145. Kinda ironic that the pedos lost the same way they lost to Pitt…by trying another long bomb pass. They try that play more than the Steelers….


  146. TX – me too. In fact, this year we went into Death Valley and beat the #2 team in the country, they were undefeated and may win the NC next week.

    So, creepy valley next year will be about keeping your pants on, playing Pitt’s brand of FB and smashing the nitters in the mouth.



  147. No doubt Canada’s creativity confused PSU for the first half which was just enough. We will always be in his debt for that.

    Allowed PSU to get screwed by the selection committee. And revealed the hypocrisy and ended the mystique of tOSU.

    New OC can catch lightning in a bottle again.


  148. Watching Auburn vs Oklahoma – Auburn has Co-OC’s – one is an Auburn alumni and the other played for Arkansas.

    Maybe we don’t have a new OC yet cause he’s still coaching…


  149. I think PSU coach lost this game. Only needed a field goal, lets the clock run down, has QB throwing deep and has 2 timeouts.

    Steelers need to get USC QB (RS Freshman).


  150. Does anybody else get mad when an announcer mentions that Oklahoma QB “White” that somehow beat Larry Fitzgerald out for the Heisman?

    Miles Sanders lost his first year of eligibility sitting behind Barkley. He will sit again next year barring injury. He was passed up for 2nd string RB in tonight’s game.

    McSorearm is like Dave Kingman. Swing for the fences, but strikes out a lot more than hits. Would have been a good punt if they woulda tackled him. Blewitt would have split the uprights too!!


  151. That clown White couldn’t carry Larry’s jock….a complete disgrace he won.

    We lose a lot of players to graduation but for the most part it will be addition by subtraction. Narduzzi didn’t want to burn red shirts.


  152. One final comment, the media hype over the best division in college football, you know, the BiG east, went 0 for, yep, not a single bowl win, what a joke!


  153. Agreed. Just read biggy big10 east went 0-5 in bowls. The east has scheduled three crew puffs and then heats up Maryland, Rutgers, Indiana and MSU and you have at a minimum, 8 wins.

    Saw Robert Foster sitting next to the water tank, passing time with a GA during last game. He isn’t even playing special teams. He will get his second ring however.


  154. Auburn going down…..all we need now is for one more SEC team to go down to put the ACC fully in the drivers seat. If we had won our bowl game this would be the best bowl year ever.


  155. Huff, you don’t think Clemson can beat Bama? They have the linemen to do it. Bama beats everyone else because they can dominate at the line of scrimmage.


  156. @Jackagain January 2, 2017 at 11:38

    Caption for the caricatures?
    Perform evil, hear no evil, look past any evil.

    Any other ideas?


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