31 December 2016

Dear Pitt POV Readers and Friends,

As a new year begins I’d like to take a moment and share some of my thoughts with you regarding this website and your involvement in it.  If I may, let me take a minute and list the things that I wrote down as a mission guide for myself before I started this endeavor:

  1. Make it a place where Pitt Fans meet to discuss the Pitt football program and the University itself.
  2. Create an environment where the readers become commenters, the commenters become friends and the friends become family.
  3. Keep it a civil, clean, and well-respected place where everyone is entitled to their opinion, has a platform to share that opinion with others and can expect honest feedback.
  4. Integrate humor and teaching along with honest criticism into the discussion of the subject matter at hand.
  5. As the owner and writer I will keep an open mind to others’ thoughts and criticisms and use them to continually make this site better for everyone who comes to read and comment.

How have I done so far with that? Well, I hope.

My thanks to you all for helping to make this site the resounding success it has been so far.  It has taken off beyond what I envisioned when I started it.  We now have hundreds of thousands of readers, great commenters (you) and are getting more new readers and commenters, members of the “Pitt POV family” as it were, every single day. Growing by leaps and bounds…

I have had the best time imaginable over the last six months sparring with you all, trying to match wits with you –battles which I lost most times – and just waiting to see what you would say in response to an article.  To say I learned a lot from you is an understatement and I truly have to keep sharp to compete with all your fine intellects.

People always are asking me ‘Why do all that work for free?’ and the answer is a resounding “Because it gives people a break from the rest of their lives and because of the friends I have met doing it .  That’s what I wanted; someplace that when you come here everything else drops by the wayside if even for a short length of time.

I find that we have created a bit of an oasis in the hurly-burly media world of Twitter, message boards and short two-paragraph articles put out by some as news. This is a place of leisure where I can write a lengthy article (sometimes) and you can take your time reading it, digesting it and sharing your insights about it.

So, it’s a new year, with new adventures and we have a new season of Pitt football to talk about… and I’m glad as hell you are by my side for it.  I sincerely mean that. 

We’ll have a lot of fun and interesting times going forward.  The blog standards are in place with civil give and take being the order of the day and thank you all for adhering to that. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say how much they enjoy the tone on The Pitt POV and that it makes it that much easier to read.

Please notice the tag line in the site logo we use above; I say“We’re keeping our eyes on Pitt Football” because I look at us as a community of caring men and women who want the best for Pitt and will work to make that happen.

My full name is Reed Kohberger and my contact info is on the site.  Please use it even if you just want to shoot the breeze, bemoan a loss, celebrate a win or arrange to meet for a beer or three at a game.

Best to all, Reed



138 thoughts on “My Thanks for a Great POV Year!

  1. ike and Doc I hear what you two are saying. First there are problems with the defense which are undeniable – the solution players or scheme is yet to play out. I would not pay too much attention to post crushing. Pitt FB did great things in beating Peds and Clemson but came up short where we shouldnt have. This is what offseason is for – calming down and reflecting. Now a shot of that laughing gas Doc. 🙂


  2. Nemicolin is really,really nice. They are opening a new 18 this spring. That would be a great alternative, but maybe a little far. But with casino and Joe Hardys decadence, that might work. Hey, that’s who we should get as Pitts Daddywarbucks, if his kid doesn’t have control, Joe loves to spend cash. Joe Hardy field at 84 Lumber stadium in Oakland. Get on it Upitt!!


  3. OK, couple thoughts since I just put my pork in the oven….and no Upitt, it’s not what you think. I really meant my pork roast and sauerkraut.

    My above thoughts concerning the semi meltdown over a bowl loss to NW. I do get it to a degree and PITT missed opportunities all year long and that was frustrating. I am not denying that. It’s terms like, always, never, constantly, SOP, everything, nothing, impossible and on and on. When I really don’t think they are the correct description of this past PITT football season. That’s why I brought up the scenario of PITT never playing Clemson this year. I would include myself in the thinking that PITT could have never hung with Clemson at their place let alone win. But they did. PITT did beat psu this past year. One loss does not tear down these accomplishments. Same old PITT would have never been able to do the things that this years team has. I do get it, this season could have been so much more but it was still more than anyone one of us expected before the first game.

    rkb, that’s you big idea? and I had such high hopes from you.

    A few years ago I would have loved to join you fellows on the links. I’ve put away the clubs for good I fear. My body is just too dam broken down for any more comebacks. If I can talk one of my boys to drive me down I just might make an unannounced appearance. yes that is more of a threat then a promise.

    Reed, this forum you have brought to us all is really something special. No blowing smoke about it. I’m impressed. Very interested to hear and see what of any changes that may be in store for us all. btw I miss those podcasts…


  4. Just throwing this out for something to possibly discuss.
    Question: If so many POVers want Jim Tressel for our AD, why wouldn’t they also want Dave Wannstaint????
    Wanny IS a “Pitt man” (isn’t this our #1 criteria?)
    Whanny was a winner, was he not? Who would be more appreciative and loyal to Pitt????
    Just say’n and just ask’n. Is wanting Wanny as logical as wanting Tressel as our AD? Why or why not?


  5. Like some others who comment on (or just read) this blog, this is huge part of how I stay connected to the Pitt family–University, friends, fans, fellow alumni. When Chas was unresponsive at the Blather for so long, I was a bit in panic mode because Cardiac Hill just doesn’t cut it, in my opinion. The group of people that comment on the Blather, and now POV, are like no others and I was sad at the prospect of losing contact with this family. Thank you Reed for starting this web site this year. It has been a huge success by all accounts and I hope you are able to continue this for many years to come. Happy New Year POVers!

    Hail to the Pitt Family!


  6. Thank you Reed for creating the Pitt POV. I enjoy reading and learning about Pitt from everyone. I was watching the Michigan game this weekend and I noticed they were using the newspaper headline about the polio vaccine. I was born in 1951 in western PA and I remember the March of Dimes cards we filled out for grade school. I always thought the vaccine was developed at Pitt. So I just checked Wikipedia and learned some things about polio.


    On April 12, 1955, Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr., of the University of Michigan, the monitor of the test results, “declared the vaccine to be safe and effective.” The announcement was made at the University of Michigan, exactly 10 years to the day after the death of President Roosevelt.

    By 1947, Salk decided to find an institution where he could direct his own laboratory. After three institutions turned him down, he received from William McEllroy, the dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, an offer which included a promise that he would run his own lab. He accepted, and in the fall of that year, left Michigan and relocated to Pennsylvania. The promise, though, was not quite what he expected. After Salk arrived at Pittsburgh, “he discovered that he had been relegated to cramped, unequipped quarters in the basement of the old Municipal Hospital,” writes Bookchin. As time went on, however, Salk began securing grants from the Mellon family and was able to build a working virology laboratory, where he continued his research on flu vaccines.[15]

    He was later approached by the director of research at the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and asked whether he would like to participate in the foundation’s polio project which had earlier been established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the time thought to be a victim of polio himself. Salk quickly accepted the offer, saying he “would be happy to work on this important project.”[15]

    Once again, Happy New Year!

    Everybody should be thankful for the medical, vision, and dental care we have received in our lives. I didn’t know Salk had worked at Michigan prior to working at Pitt. Any readers older than me may remember friends afflicted with polio.


  7. Wanny burnt bridges when he told his recruits not to go to Pitt.

    Tressel is also a University President with lots of contacts, much more skilled administratively.


  8. Ike, sorry to hear about your golf game, I am having back surgery in February, hoping to play by summer.

    Tentatively interested in the POV Invitational.


  9. In addition to Tressel actually having administrativery experience , he won in the college game at a much higher level than Wanny. No comparison …


  10. In addition to Tressel actually having administrative experience , he won in the college game at a much higher level than Wanny. No comparison …


  11. Butler ranked #13 in Hoops. The money we spend. The arena we built, etc is an embarrassment. Gallagher????? Stallings will
    Not get you there. You already effed up the AD search. Plus not doubling Canadas money before schools came calling. Be Proactive!!!!


  12. Upiit, maybe pointing fingers at the wrong people here? This crap with both programs are on the shoulders of the previous administration. Stalling’s needs a chance and Dixon really needed to be be gone a few years ago. Things were bass ackwards with Nordenberg.

    gc, good luck with the back surgery, that can be tricky. As far my golf game goes?? No big loss at all. I just loved to be outdoors in the mornings listening to the birds and viewing the scenery.


  13. Canada and lack of increasing his salary and extending him is on Barnes. Oh he was busy interviewing on our dime.

    Dixon should of been shown the door. No doubt or take less money. So……. I’m okay with that but to replace him with a bum is rediculous. It is like selling a BMW with low miles and reliable for a Yugo with 310k miles and rusty with a flat tire.


  14. Western Kentucky: Sources tell FootballScoop Mount Union offensive coordinator Geoff Dartt will join Mike Sanford’s staff, coaching the offensive line. In Dartt’s five seasons at The Mount, the Purple Raiders won the D-III National Championship 17 times (well, not really; but doesn’t it feel that way). Prior to returning to his alma mater as a coach, Dartt coached offensive line, tackles & tight ends for four seasons at Wheaton College.

    Mount Union: Now on the clock for an offensive coordinator, as is Pitt.


  15. Hey EE, love the updates. You’re on the beam fellow.

    Marty is a great hire……………………..25 years ago. I think he would give Pat Narduzzi a spanking for last seasons defense.


  16. Pulled this from seccountry.com –

    The ACC has been the clear winner among all conferences thus far with eight victories in 11 tries, but the SEC can tie that wins mark provided Florida, Auburn and Alabama take care of business in the league’s remaining games.

    Meanwhile, the Big Ten has had an awful showing to this point, with only Northwestern and Minnesota securing wins. However, the conference has two of its 10-win teams playing on Jan. 2 (Penn State and Wisconsin) along with an Iowa team that finished its year on a three-game winning streak.

    The sad trombone award goes to the MAC, which will finish winless in this bowl season unless Western Michigan can upset the Badgers in the Cotton Bowl. Wisconsin is currently an 8.5-point favorite.


  17. Marty, unfortunately, has Alzheimer’s.

    And as for Wanny, I agree: he torched a big bridge when he called recruits, imploring to bail.


  18. I vote Charlotte! Emel Invitational. POV’ert Invitational. What bathrooms can we use though??

    I can get Kerry Earnhardt to play!


  19. Georgia State Panthers: GSU will turn to Shawn Elliott, the offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator at South Carolina the past seven seasons.

    Pittsburgh: The Pitt Panthers are still searching for Matt Canada’s replacement for the offensive coordinators position.


  20. I would hope that either Pitt has identified their OC and will announce this week , or is interviewing a short list this week with an announcement next week. We need a splash not a dud. Hopefully someone successful who Narduzzi has worked with before. That formula worked well with Canada!


  21. Wanny burned his bridges; Marino would stand a better chance but according to Reed Piit wants some kind of advanced degree – like Barnes.. The more of I think of it Tressel would not be so bad. On the other hand the same guy, Juhle, screwed the pooch the last time. Pick somebody from East of the Mississippi.


  22. Joe Hardy can’t help because his 84 lumber is now 42 lumber after divorce.

    Skunk Hair Sideline n nat at Herman Munster Field.

    To answer above, I would go Tressel over Wanny as AD although both would be outstanding figureheads. Tresses would win Administratively. Dare to dream fellas.

    @upitt – last year, I was the sole proponent of extending Narduzzi after week 6 and I was crushed on here. I am glad you have come around to my way of thinking. With Canada, he should have been extended after week 7 or 8 when it became clear he was gifted for our team. It’s all about making big deals at the right time. My motto has always been “anticipate and know your time, place and circumstance before others who want to beat you, figure the same thing out”


  23. How do you hire a HC from right down the road (Youngstown) and then hire an AD from the Pacific Northwest?
    Makes no sense.


  24. Think we’re setting ourselves up to be severely disappointed if we think Pitt is going to choose someone as large as life as Dave Wannstedt or Jim Tressel. Pitt just doesn’t do things like that.

    They are much more likely to pick someone, we’re going to say “WHO”…and have to do a Google search on,

    I mean that is our M.O. I would love for them to prove me wrong ! VeV


    UM, in partnership with Miami native Marcus Lemonis — the star of the CNBC show “The Profit’’ — announced the “Match Marcus” fundraising campaign “for student-athlete excellence” on Wednesday before the bowl game. Lemonis said he will match half of every donation up to $1 million, and that his “goal is to raise $3 million “for UM Athletics to invest in every area of the student-athlete experience.” Lemonis presented UM athletic director Blake James a check for $250,000 to initiate the giving at a Hurricane Club pregame celebration for the Russell Athletic Bowl. Lemonis is chairman and CEO of Camping World. -Susan Miller Degnan, Miami Herald.


  26. I spent 8 years learning while at Goldman Sachs. You don’t settle or freeze when an opportunity for greatness presents itself. You go all in after weighing risk strategically.

    One of the things that should give us an edge in our program is that we have had years and years of silence in athletics which has given us an opportunity to understand and enjoy the simplicity of our program and build with grit and determination, programs that will rise higher than anyone could ever imagine.

    I have been on here and the blather for six years. Now is the time to invest in our future and go all in with athletics. People are learning about Pitt because we beat number 2 and maybe number one. Clemson arrived on the scene in 2009. They too, were dormant for years. Commit to Pitt, Chancellor. The big fish are ready to work to prominence. Go get em.

    The top four got more national exposure in the last two weeks than Pitt or any other university received in the last two years combined, academically. Time, place and circumstance Mr. Gallagher.


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