My Thanks for a Great POV Year!

31 December 2016

Dear Pitt POV Readers and Friends,

As a new year begins I’d like to take a moment and share some of my thoughts with you regarding this website and your involvement in it.  If I may, let me take a minute and list the things that I wrote down as a mission guide for myself before I started this endeavor:

  1. Make it a place where Pitt Fans meet to discuss the Pitt football program and the University itself.
  2. Create an environment where the readers become commenters, the commenters become friends and the friends become family.
  3. Keep it a civil, clean, and well-respected place where everyone is entitled to their opinion, has a platform to share that opinion with others and can expect honest feedback.
  4. Integrate humor and teaching along with honest criticism into the discussion of the subject matter at hand.
  5. As the owner and writer I will keep an open mind to others’ thoughts and criticisms and use them to continually make this site better for everyone who comes to read and comment.

How have I done so far with that? Well, I hope.

My thanks to you all for helping to make this site the resounding success it has been so far.  It has taken off beyond what I envisioned when I started it.  We now have hundreds of thousands of readers, great commenters (you) and are getting more new readers and commenters, members of the “Pitt POV family” as it were, every single day. Growing by leaps and bounds…

I have had the best time imaginable over the last six months sparring with you all, trying to match wits with you –battles which I lost most times – and just waiting to see what you would say in response to an article.  To say I learned a lot from you is an understatement and I truly have to keep sharp to compete with all your fine intellects.

People always are asking me ‘Why do all that work for free?’ and the answer is a resounding “Because it gives people a break from the rest of their lives and because of the friends I have met doing it .  That’s what I wanted; someplace that when you come here everything else drops by the wayside if even for a short length of time.

I find that we have created a bit of an oasis in the hurly-burly media world of Twitter, message boards and short two-paragraph articles put out by some as news. This is a place of leisure where I can write a lengthy article (sometimes) and you can take your time reading it, digesting it and sharing your insights about it.

So, it’s a new year, with new adventures and we have a new season of Pitt football to talk about… and I’m glad as hell you are by my side for it.  I sincerely mean that. 

We’ll have a lot of fun and interesting times going forward.  The blog standards are in place with civil give and take being the order of the day and thank you all for adhering to that. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say how much they enjoy the tone on The Pitt POV and that it makes it that much easier to read.

Please notice the tag line in the site logo we use above; I say“We’re keeping our eyes on Pitt Football” because I look at us as a community of caring men and women who want the best for Pitt and will work to make that happen.

My full name is Reed Kohberger and my contact info is on the site.  Please use it even if you just want to shoot the breeze, bemoan a loss, celebrate a win or arrange to meet for a beer or three at a game.

Best to all, Reed



138 thoughts on “My Thanks for a Great POV Year!

  1. Reed – Thank You! The site and many readers helped make things a tad easier dealing with the loss of my monther. I consider many of you guys as friends.


  2. Thanks to all from a long time reader who has recently dipped his toe into participation. I’m fortunate to have found a friendly place full of knowledgeable and passionate fans. Happy 2017! The Pursuit continues!


  3. Reed.. love you brother for creating this Happy Room where we can get away from the outside world and hang out..and thanks to all of you who post and for readers who don’t post consider joining in… great bunch of folks on here who love our Panthers… Happy New Year and Hail to PITT in 2017


  4. Happy New Year to all—bold prediction our next bowl game will be south of The Mason Dixon Line!! Thanks Reed for the POV and here’s to our next AD James Tressel!! H2P!!


  5. Reed a sincere thanks for all you do. I feel I have made many friends whom I have not yet met, except of course HUFF whom I found out through posts the other day is a childhood neighbor and friend. I will be heading south next year to my first away game ever – thinking V Tech next year and UNC the year after. Thanks also for putting up with us, especially me when I go on a rant. You da rock.
    John I become more convinced that it will take 10 wins to head south of the Mason Dixon to a bowl, hope I’m wrong.
    Dr. Tom keep up the optimism – I never figured you for a fan of scantily clad ladies, glad you are. Thanks!!
    Hail to Pitt and Happy New Year to all.
    ps did anyone see the closeup of Sarkesian picking his nose and chowing down? Gotta take wins vs Bama anyway you can. Ha ha.


  6. Why do I get the feeling none of those Crimsonettes have the SAT’s to get into Pitt?
    Solution: time to ask Gallagher for a waiver.
    Bring in some 5-stars while he’s at it.
    While I want the best academically for our student athletes, I realize I am in the minority when I say: I don’t go to no games to watch anybody study.


  7. To Reed and all POVer’s,
    A heart felt “Blessed New Year” for 2017 to all my Pitt brethren worldwide!
    Reed, thanks for providing a safe harbor to express the joys of victory and the agony of defeat (ala Pinstripe Bowl). Happy New Year!


  8. Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere yet this year so I’ll post now before the curtain comes down on 2016

    2016 is the 50th anniversary of Dave Hart’s FIRST 1-9 season.

    Makes 8-4 feel pretty respectable. Things could be – and have been – a lot worse.

    Not a frequent poster but I check in often. I really appreciate all the effort that Reed puts into this and the dialog that follows.

    Happy New Year and Hail to Pitt!


  9. I love seeing that trash Meyer getting trounced. He loved running up the score against us in the bowl game while at Utah. I’ll never forget him and his QB Alex Smith laughing about it on the sideline. A real piece of trash IMO…

    At least the ACC is beating the Big Joke (except for us of course).

    Clemson should take Watson out soon though.


  10. Big just like sec
    Have a bunch of shitty teams with high pre season rank
    Play nobody in non conf
    Have fake ranked teams to inflate rankings
    Every year


  11. LOL wbb….that constant crap last night had me sick. They must have mentioned in literally 20 tomes.

    Meanwhile we were without Whitehead, our NT, QB & Conner and no one said a thing about it.


  12. Remember the Pedo’s whole season was predicated on a flukey win over Ohio Fake. And then the bogus rise in the ranking from #22 to #12 based on beating Purdue and some other bigjoke lightweight.


  13. To be clear
    The fake ranked team in conference play each other even though they suck.
    Teams like Pitt have to go 5 and 0 to even get ranked.
    Then you lose 1 and never see the top 25 again.


  14. Happy New Year to all. Many thanks to Reed for this forum and his insights. Many thanks to all posters and everyone’s opinions. I wish the new AD could pick a few characters from this site and Blather for fan committees. Or just read these boards. Pitt would have you think that running an athletic department is rocket science. I don’t think anyone posting is a rocket scientist and there are plenty of good ideas that Pitt should at least entertain. God Bless y’all.


  15. That’s how it works Kman. They want the name teams in these games for the TV ratings. It’s been fixed like that for decades. The same with the BB tournament. That’s why they have pre-season polls.


  16. Man…..this is helping sooth the wounds seeing Meyer and his fakes getting trounced and shutout. Alabama is sweating right about now…they should have lost last year to Clemson.


  17. They think they’re winners…and they still love the pedos too. I’d like to see the Steelers take Jarret late in the draft and move Hargraves to DT. Of course senile Rooney hates all things Pitt….especially our players.


  18. TX_Panther I agree with your recent post and I wish everyone a Happy New Year too! I’ve watched a lot of football and these announcers do get on my nerves. I know I’m not on TV, but they make mistakes and twists things to make certain teams look better. Earlier tonight somebody said that Boulware wasn’t recruited very heavily; so I checked ESPN’s free site and he was their 2nd highest recruit in 2013. Attaching the link:


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